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(en) US, Tucson, Arizona, A U.S. Call-to-Action in Solidarity with Six Nations

Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 08:20:58 +0300

“It's obvious that the colonial way of doing things is a path of
destruction that will destroy the world for everyone.”
-Kahentinetha Horn, Mohawk Nation
For over a hundred days now there has been an active occupation against
a housing development, by Henco Ind., on indigenous Six Nations land in
Caledonia, southern Ontario, Canada. The tension on the blockades is
increasing and with that there is a growing threat of eviction by State
forces. U.S. agencies, both Border Patrol and (Alcohol, Tabacco & Firearms
Agents), have been observed in the area, collaborating with the Ontario
Provincial Police (OPP).

Until this point, there has been only a sparse showing of solidarity from
(the United States) side of the border. We need to change that.
A general call-to-action was sent out last month. It is still relevant,
but has not circulated much in the U.S. It was a request for people to:

-Go to the camp (direct support, supplies and international presence are

-Raise public awareness (teach-ins, video showings, posters, flyers, etc)

-Hold Solidarity Rallies (at Canadian consulates and U.S. federal buildings)

-Phone, fax and email involved parties (see link for details)

-Legal support (lawyers and paralegals, email: amadahy@rogers.com)

This email is adding a plan IN THE CASE OF EVICTION:

Spread the word throughout your local and regional networks, make
specific plans with your friends, collectives and affinity groups;
if this eviction occurs, THERE NEEDS TO BE A STRONG RESPONSE.

Following eviction, be prepared to act!

For more details and updates: http://www.sisis.nativeweb.org

This call-to-action is being circulated by the Dry River Anarchist
Collective from Tucson, Arizona.

The Canadian Embassy is in Washington, D.C. Consulates are located in
Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles,
Miami, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Seattle,
Anchorage, Houston, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Phoenix and San Diego.

For consulate addresses:

If there is no Canadian consulate where you live, U.S. Federal buildings
will suffice, as there has been documented evidence of U.S. collaboration
with the OPP.

Statements from...First Nations (in Canada):

“When a situation of ownership is challenged, their laws allow them to
continue to reap the benefits of our Land, destroy our environment, and
clearly ignore the truth of the Onkwehonweh, the real people, who hold
title to the Land. When challenged to provide the proof, they resort to
guns and army tanks. Canada has violated the Two Row Wampum Treaty.”

—Doreen Silversmith of Six Nations delivered this to the United Nations
Permanent Forum on Indigenous People on Monday, May 1st 2006.

“Today we are squeezed onto 5 % of our land base, while Canada’s largest
cities and towns are illegally sitting on our land. Besides the outright
theft, there are outstanding rents, leases and unfulfilled obligations
we have been fighting for in the last 200 years…”

—Kahentinetha Horn, Mohawk Nation News

“Canada is America’s largest trading partner and of vital economic
interest to every American… Think about the Mayan uprising of 1994,
multiply that by 10 and you have some idea of the economic impact of a
similar crisis in Canada. American multi-national corporations, financed
in the open market, with heavy investment in Canada, may not yet have
realized the danger.

“While Canada can laugh off the United Nations and weather international
shame, it cannot ignore or laugh off the economics of a national blockade
of rail lines that is potentially the result of the land dispute at Caledonia.

“In over 50 years of Liberal and Conservative federal governments, none
delivered on that commitment. Hence, there was direct action by Ojibway
Indians to occupy the land, with the resulting killing of Dudley George.
The same court injunctions issued by white courts and the public outcry
to march the police and army into battle are now occurring in Caledonia.

“As an elected Chief, I stand behind Mohawk people at Six Nations in the
use of direct action regardless of the consequences. My community spent
hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to settle a land claim from 103
years ago; we hold the record of the longest file in the Indian Claims
Commission process. We understand the need for direct action.

“To issue a call to our people not to attend the blockade and to question
their right to protest is nonsense. To blame our unarmed people for the
increase in tension is absolutely ridiculous.

“It has always been the whites who first bring guns and the threat of
violence into any confrontation. To declare that Dudley George got himself
killed because he grew tired of ineffectual politicians is historically

“Hope is the only medicine for angry youth who see no other way but to
take action. If it takes a national blockade to bring the world’s
attention to the issues in Canada, we should be prepared to take that

“It is no longer enough to make empty promises, or to take the word of a
government that will only delay settlement of long standing issues.
“Now is the time we must stand together and take whatever consequences
are necessary to ensure a chance for our future generations, in this, one
of the wealthiest nations in the world. It is time to force Canada to the
table and negotiate some real settlements of land claims instead of holding
out for more false hope promises while we collect our pay from the government.”

—Chief Terrance Nelson, elected chief of Roseau River Anishinabe First
Nation, spokesman for Anishinabe Warrior Society, excerpts from a
message, April 25, 2006

(This call-to-action is being circulated by the Dry River Anarchist
Collective from Tucson, Arizona).
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