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(en) OAE-Greece, The fight is going on until the final victory!

Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 09:26:30 +0300

Our class action should not stop here
The movement’s transition from the defence in the attack is
feasible, if only the struggle is organised with class orientation.
The yesterday’s (note: the decision was in Tuesday, 13 June)
official decision, of the “New Democracy” government (N.D.) for “freezing”
the voting procedure of the proposed law about the third degree of education
(universities), should puzzle us. This speculation must lead the movement into
conclusions on the igniting of more mobilisations, the next interval, from better
positions. The movement’s transition from the defence in the attack is feasible,
if only the struggle is organised with class orientation.

We believe that the yesterday's decision was taken because of the
pressure of the student movement, but, much more, because of the
emerged immediate danger (from them): the connection of the
students’ movement with the workers, the unemployed and the
high school students.

N.D. in a direct collaboration with the leadership of PASOK, decided
to not risk the voting of the bill in the summer sections of the
Parliament because they would perceive a big arise by the society.

In Thursday, 8 June, in the Panhellenic demonstration in Athens,
there were lots of people who had not been terrorised by the
government’s commands to its repressive forces to strike them.
When the people take to the streets en masse understand their
power, they do not fear batons, tear gases and the state terrorism.
They learn from these state attacks, in order to pass later in the
counter-attack, using the class violence of the oppressed against the
violence of the sovereign classes.

In this big demonstration the blood of the fighting students who
were beaten by the N.D. government did not go lost. It constitutes an
experience for us in order to realise that we need organisation, for
both to be protected defensively by the official state gangs and also to
organise later our attack. Except from organisation, we need political
fermentation, in order to have movements with clear demands and
aims that will definitely resolve the problems, avoiding their

Beyond of the above, last week we saw clearly who are with the
students’ struggle and who not. The masks fell. The
worker’s leaders of GSEE (note: National Workers'
Confederation of Greece), taking directives from the headquarters of
PASOK and Giorgos Papandreou (note: the PASOK leader), did not
call a strike for support. This splitting and provocative attitude of the
bureaucrats of GSEE could not continued any longer. Our
estimation is that there was a collaboration, but also a pressure by
the bureaucracy of GSEE to the government to do a manoeuvre for
stopping this situation, because the workers would not be late to
reverse the bureaucrats’ attitude, prompting with their direct
action in strike with processes from the bottom. Such a situation,
surely would not make profits neither for PASOK - which for 2,5
years now as opposition, sees “from the bench” all the big
social mobilisations - nor for N.D. which wants to spread pessimism
in the society that nothing can change.

Thus, we can talk about an “underground” clear
collaboration between N.D. and PASOK, in the decision of this
manoeuvre, because there was fear of resurgence of the movement
which would be connected with the workers and been fermented
politically and with a class spirit by the General Assemblies would
dominate the streets and come in a frontal juxtaposition with the
laws for education and workplaces promoted in the Parliament.
However, this should not settle us. N.D. and PASOK will come back
with the same educational bill partially. Their programs are
identified, the interests they serve are the same.

We close with the characteristic words of the statement of OAE
(Local Collective of Patras) on 26 May: “Our class action should
not stop with the withdrawal of these laws which are just one step
outside of our door. It should be continued, extending it in all the
spectrum of the society, coiling together more and more people, up
to the final victory!”


P.A.(OAE-Grece) * Translation by international secretary of OAE.

Tabling! Games! Frisbee! Face Painting! Food and Drinks!

[This was a really fun event last year. it's also probably the largest
explicitly anarchist event in Pittsburgh. If you're an anarchist from
outside our city we'd love to have you stop down for the day. good
people, good food, good times. for anarchy's sake]

Anarchist Picnic
Sunday, July 2nd 1:00-6:00pm
Overlook Shelter, Schenley Park

Reclaim and celebrate the best aspects of U.S. heritage
Tabling! Games! Frisbee! Face Painting! Food and Drinks!

An Alternative Fourth of July event to celebrate the too often
forgotten history of people's struggles in the United States

Rain or shine (we have a pavilion) All ages welcome, kids extra

Preliminary Schedule:
1:00- 2:00pm Gathering and potluck
2:00- 2:30pm Opening welcome: July 4th and American Traditions,
Anarchism and radical movements
2:30pm Drawing for free raffle*
3:00-6:00pm games and general socializing: 3 legged race, Frisbee,
face painting, water balloon tosses/fights.
-there may be an anarchist procession/parade after the event. details
are still being worked out.

*Raffle prizes include Red and Black Flag, Fair Trade Coffee, Gift
Certificate to our local radical bookstore, along with a variety of
activist documentaries and paraphernalia, and more!

What you should bring: food or drink to share. We'll take care of
plates, cups, and silverware.
Where: Scheneley Park- Overlook Shelter is right past the entrance
to the ice skating rink on Overlook Drive)

No selling or distribution of state socialist materials please.

This picnic is organized by anarchist members of the Pittsburgh
Organizing Group.

Why an alternative Fourth of July celebration?

On the fourth of July weekend millions of people in the United
States gather for celebrations commemorating the struggle for
independence from British rule and in celebration of the United
States and its values.

The weekend is also a day used by dominant institutions of power,
from politicians to corporations to the mass media, to push a
particular idea of what the United States was, is, and should be. In
this narrative we are a nation of freedom and equality, where
opportunity abounds, and the highest pursuit of a nation of
consumers is to get ahead. With freedom at home we benevolently
seek to spread it abroad. It's a narrative that spins our values as
superior to others and where patriotism means allegiance to our
rulers; no matter what decisions or wars they might wage. This is
however, not the only story of the United States or its people. There
is also the uninterrupted and ongoing struggle of people's
movements against militarism and tyranny, against those who would
subjugate others lives for their benefit, who would exploit for profit
and plunder. This American tradition of resistance to oppression
and exploitation was forged by millions of acts of rebellion and resistance
to the prevailing order that have created an uninterrupted tradition of
struggling for the betterment of humanity. To reclaim the 4th of
July is to celebrate those aspects of United States History that are
libratory in nature, that show the common decency and incredible
courage of millions who've given their lives in the pursuit of true
freedom. To reclaim the day is not only a part of forging a collective
identify among ourselves, but also of forging an alternative narrative
to that with which we are constantly bombarded.
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