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(en) Mexico: Comments on the Action Proposal by the Sixth Commission of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation [it,ca]

Date Tue, 6 Jun 2006 16:49:41 +0200 (CEST)

A Letter from Delegate Zero to Adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the
Lacandon Jungle and the Other Campaign
Comments on the Action Proposal by the Sixth Commission of the Zapatista
Army of National Liberation
By Subcomandante Marcos
(The Other Mexico
June 1, 2006)
May 30, 2006
To all adherents of the Sixth and the Other:
Compañeras and compañeros:
As you may already know, in the Assembly of May 29th we presented a
proposal for an Action Plan. Because of the weather and that some friends
from various states had to get going, we explained it only briefly there.
We think it, therefore, a good idea to explain the proposal in a bit more
detail, and so we send along here these thoughts. Alright, then.

We, as the Sixth Commission of the EZLN, appreciate that the mobilizations
of May 19th (decentralized) and the march of May 28th (a centralized
concentration) show that the Other Campaign has evolved from being just a
proposal to becoming a national organization with its own identity. In
particular, the May 19th mobilizations (and all those that took place all
over the country throughout the month of May) demonstrate that the Other
Campaign is not dependent on either the Sixth Commission or Subcomandante
Marcos. Those present for the National Assembly of Adherents of May 29th
[for those not present?the majority of adherents?and who have access to
alternative media, we recommend that you connect for example with Radio
Pacheco, Radio Sabotaje, Ke Huelga, Narco News, Indymedia, among others,
where surely they have the recordings of speeches and so forth of the
state delegates? reports] they were able to see that important things were
accomplished in states where the Sixth Commission hasn?t yet passed
through (the whole northern part of the country). They could also see that
there were plenty of actions that demonstrated ingenuity and creativity.
That confirmed what we had pointed out when we let everyone know that the
Sixth Commission (and not the Other Campaign, which is a coalition to
which we belong) was staying in one place to push for the freedom of the
prisoners. With or without the Sixth Commission, the Other Campaign
marches on. We could spend a lot of energy reflecting on whatever you like
regarding the Sup?s protagonism, devotee-ism, messianism, or other ?isms,
but the reality is that without him and without the EZLN, mobilizations
will happen, and successfully, all over the country. With everything going
against it, (a disinformation campaign in the media, poor or non-existent
organization, adverse public opinion, among other things) members of the
?Other? from different states of the Mexican Republic and from the ?Other?
on the Other Side, organized in their own way and on their own clock, in
just one week created a national mobilization with a common aim: freedom
for the prisoners of Atenco. All they had going for them was the
conviction of a just cause and the certainty of knowing themselves to be
part of a national movement?anti-capitalist and from the left. In
localities, sub-regions, regions, and states, adherents organized
themselves and completed their elemental duty, which we have as friends:
to support each other, mutually.

The May 28th? march in Mexico City was a NATIONAL concentration, and
fundamentally, of the ?Other.? The majority of those present were, and
are, members of the ?Other,? committed and raising the flag. Without
set-up transportation, without any support outside the ?Other,? against
the grain of disinformation, at their own expense, delegates of adherents
from all 32 of this country?s states and federal district came together to
one place and one time and with one mission: freedom for our imprisoned
All of this indicates (for the Zapatistas) that the ?Other? has passed
through, by its acts, the organizing stage. Although there are still some
important projects ahead regarding defining its profile, the ?Other?
already responds as a national organization (in all 32 states), with an
ethic (to not leave the fate of the imprisoned to chance), with high
morals (to super-impose our selves onto the terror that the governmental
action meant to impose in Atenco), and with our capacity to autonomously
and independently mobilize (through both decentralized and concentrated
demonstrations). We think there is a need to continue the discussion of
the six points and, at the same time, to go forward with the organization
of our activities (as our friends have demonstrated across the country).

The aggressive response by the political class overall and by the mighty
power of money against the ?Other? confirms that we are headed in the
right direction. Up above, they see us as the enemy, and that means that
our fundamental characteristics are clearly defined: anti-capitalist, from
below, to the left, and non-electoral.

As the Sixth Commission of EZLN, we thought this was going to take some
time. The aggressive governmental action against the ?Other? in Atenco
required us to choose between two options: to retreat or to respond in an
organized way. The ?Other? chose to respond, organized, and this afforded
us a profile that otherwise would have taken more time to establish. We
aren?t saying either way would have been better or worse, we?re only
pointing out that this is how it happened. Without leaders or heads, the
?Other? responded as a single body all across the national territory.

As the Sixth Commission of EZLN, we salute all members of the ?Other? in
Mexico and on the Other Side, and we express to you the honor and pride we
have to be your compañeros.

As the Sixth Commission of EZLN, we see that international support in the
fight for freedom and justice for the prisoners of Atenco is very
important. According to what we have been told by our friends in the
Intergalactic Commission, at least 124 actions in 52 cities in 24
countries of the world have taken place. On just the 28th of May, there
were demonstrations in cities such as Rome, Berlin, Toronto, Vancouver,
Havana, Buenos Aires, Mar de Plata, San Francisco, and in other places
that they will tell us of later. As the Sixth Commission of EZLN, we
salute the solidarity actions all over the world that are being made to
happen by men, women, children, and elders of different cultures, colors,
tongues, and ways of life, and we invite the whole ?Other? to learn about
these actions in the Zezta Internacional section of our web page. Based on
this evaluation, we are proposing to the entire ?Other? in Mexico and to
the ?Other? on the Other Side the following plan of action:

To maintain the goal of freeing the prisoners and start to move forward in
the organization and building of the ?Other? in localities (cities),
sub-regions (counties), regions (provinces), states, sectors, and zones;
and in this way, to go forward in the construction of the ?Other
Alternative? for the organization of those below and to the left.

To deepen the cultural front, the artistic front, and the communications
front in the fight for those imprisoned.

To create a National Commission of Liaison, provisional and with a single
marked and defined assignment. One or two people of every ?Other? work
organizing unity (for example like the sub-regions that organized
themselves for the visit of the Sixth Commission) to create a REGIONAL
proposal, and also in the sectors as follows local logic and dynamic.

By ?work organizing unity,? we understand it as a unity that through its
acts has come together for a purpose like the visit of the Sixth
Commission, or for the actions of May 19th, or to attend a march; or in
other words, that moment in which organizations, groups, collectives, and
individuals come together and agree to make an organized action happen.
What we mean are coordinations or commissions by city, county, state, or
sector. What we propose is that in every state, province, county, city, it
be decided with which part of the ?other? it is in their best interest to
stay in direct communication with, by coordination and actions of mutual

For example, perhaps the ?Others? in Quintana Roo, Yucatan, and Campeche
might decide to communicate and coordinate as a Peninsular Region since
they have similar kinds of issues. Other examples: Regarding the ?Other?
in Morelos, should they coordinate with the southerly states, the easterly
states, or the central states? Regarding the Huasteca Potosina Sub-region,
is it in their best interest to get together with San Luis Potosi on the
state level or with the other Huastecas? Should the Huicholes coordinate
with the Jalisco ?Other? or with the Durango ?Other? or with the Nayarit
?Other? or align themselves only when it is convenient (in time), in
support of themselves and each ?Other? group from all of the states in
which their territory stretches? We already saw on the tour, for example,
that in a certain part of Veracruz it made more sense to get together with
a certain part of Hidalgo than with the ?Other? of Veracruz. In the end,
what we want to say is that the ?Other? has no reason to subject itself to
geographical limits imposed from above, but instead for each to follow
their own historical orientation and organize that-a-way.

What we propose is that every ?Other? work organizing unity discuss and
propose with whom it would be in their best interest to create a Region,
in which to learn, share, coordinate, and make agreements. If this is
allright by everybody, then everybody would analyze, discuss, and come to
an agreement where it would be best, and they?d send one or two
commissioned people to get together with everybody else in this
?Provisional Commission of National Networking.?

The Provisional Commission of National Networking would then make a
national proposal of ?regionalizing? according to the proposals of each
group. So, all the commissioned people would get together and make the
proposal of a new ?Other? map and send it out all over to see what
everyone thinks. And after that the Commission of National Networking will
disappear, complying with its Provisional existence. This way, in sum, an
?Other? geography would be made, one from below and to the left.

To reaffirm the anti-capitalist and leftward character of the ?Other.? The
freedom of the imprisoned is right now the highest flag that the ?Other?
is flying, but the ?Other? is not a solidarity committee with political
prisoners but instead a national movement against the system that strips
us bare, exploits us, looks down on us, and holds us down.

To bust into the calendar of those up above with civil and peaceful
organization and demonstration. If those up above intend to pretend that
nothing is going on and have their ?holiday? without freeing our friends,
we will put ourselves on their calendar and schedule our demand for that
freedom there.

To put a definition forward in opposition to the electoral process: the
alternative isn?t to vote for one or the other or to not vote at all; the
alternative is to organize or not, below and to the left. This is to say
that we are not within in the electoral logic, but instead we are in that
of the construction of a movement that truly opposes the capitalist
system. For the above reasons, it is proposed:

Local decentralized demonstrations with defined purpose and action.- Art,
culture, and communication for the causes of freedom and justice of those
who fight for social causes. It is proposed that June 11th be the day that
everyone in their own places, in their own ways, does that.

Regional concentrated demonstrations.- State groups, regional groups,
sub-regional groups, and local groups, according to whatever agreement
they come to (in following with the proposal agreed upon in the Commission
of National Networking formed for that reason, if approved, of a
provisional nature.) In other words, get together to look at collective
problems and demands in order to analyze, discuss, and in some cases reach
agreements on co-ordinations, actions, and support. It is proposed that
Regional Concentrations take place the 24th and 25th of June (of course it
is understood that if this should happen before the Networking Commission
takes place, we already know the proposal.)

Sectorial demonstrations: Women, Other Loves, Students, Sex Workers, etc.
It is proposed that this should happen according to the agreements and
plans of these sectors.

National Concentrated Evaluation and Proposal Meetings: A Plenary of
Adherents. This was previously proposed for the 24th and 25th of June, and
now it is proposed for Friday, June 30th and Saturday, July 1st. At this
plenary, we would not only look at what is going on with the prisoners but
also at everything that pertains to the ?Other? in tune with the Sixth
Declaration of the Selva Lacandona, to recognize the construction and
struggle of a movement that is national, anti-capitalist, from below and
to the left.

National Mobilization: concentrated National Action, decentralized or
combined (a concentrated demonstration like that of the 28th, and
simultaneously, concentrations at the level of zone, state, region,
sub-region, or city.) This is proposed for July 2nd, 2006, the date of the
federal elections, and this is how we will present the Other Alternative
of organization and struggle for our people, being newly created off to
one side, beginning from July 3rd.

All other activities already on the program will not be re-scheduled or
changed up, and others can continue to happen within this calendar of

That?s all, friends. A big hug from all of us.

By the Sixth Commission of the EZLN.
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
México, May 30th, 2006.


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