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(en) Canada: Tadamon! Delegation to LEBANON 2006. Voices for Justice: from Montreal to Beirut

Date Mon, 5 Jun 2006 10:21:22 +0200 (CEST)

Tadamon! MONTREAL - Lebanon Delegation Summer 2006
Voices for Justice: from Montreal to Beirut....!
In July of 2006, Tadamon! [Solidarity! in Arabic], a Montreal-based
collective of social justice organizers & media activists, will be
sending a delegation to Lebanon. In the context of historic political
change taking place in Lebanon & throughout the Middle East region, this
delegation will develop connections between grassroots political
organizing for social & economic justice and independent media networks
in Beirut and Montreal.
----> Tadamon! Delegation Activities in Lebanon:
In Beirut, members of Tadamon! will be producing independent media reports
concerning the current political, social and economic situation in
Lebanon, for dissemination through alternative media networks in the
Middle East, North America and internationally.

Tadamon!'s reports will be published, broadcast and distributed through
CKUT Radio Montreal, the Electronic Intifada, the National Campus
Community Radio Association of Canada [NCRA], Free Speech Radio News of
Pacifica Radio, CitizenShift of the National Film Board of Canada, the
Rabble Podcast Network, the World Association of Community Radio
Broadcasters [AMARC] and the Independent Media Center of Beirut....

The Tadamon! delegation ALSO aims to meet and network with groups &
organizations in Lebanon involved in struggles for social and economic
justice, with the goal of establishing joint projects and campaigns
between Montreal & Beirut.

----> Tadamon!'s Political Orientation & Experience:

Tadamon!, through its organizing work both in Montreal & Beirut, aligns
itself with social justice movements in Lebanon, Canada and globally
which are anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian in orientation.

Participants of Tadamon!'s 2006 delegation to Lebanon are committed social
justice organizers & media activists based in Montreal. Collectively, the
Tadamon! delegation represents years of experience organizing in support
of immigrant & refugee quests for dignity in Canada, support work for
indigenous struggles for self-determination, the development of diverse
initiatives in solidarity with anti-colonial & anti-imperialist struggles
in other regions of the world, and work in support of queer & feminist

Tadamon!'s delegation members also have diverse & wide-ranging experience
in creating radio productions and writing for independent & major media
institutions both in Canada, North America & internationally.

[Previous reports produced by Tadamon! on Lebanon listed below.]

----> Tadamon! Delegation Political Focus:

The delegation takes place in the context of a re-colonization of the
Middle East region under the pretext of a 'War on Terror', driven largely
by an allegiance of North American state forces, in cooperation with some
economic & political leaders in the Middle East region.
Militarily-imposed political liberalism - 'democratization' - and ongoing
neo-liberal economic reforms - 'development' - are not only undermining
human rights & denying the self-determination of people in Lebanon, Iraq,
Palestine, Afghanistan & throughout the region, but are also undermining
people's ability to survive....

Tadamon!'s delegation will focus on three areas of struggle, each of which
presents opportunities to strengthen relations of solidarity between
people fighting for self-determination in Montreal & in Beirut:

* Economic Justice in Lebanon:

Tadamon!'s independent reporting in Lebanon will highlight grassroots
struggles for economic justice. The delegation will seek out groups and
individuals working for alternatives to the neo-liberal economic model
imposed on Lebanon throughout the post-civil war period.

The U.N. recently estimated that upwards of 40% of the Lebanese population
lives in poverty. Wealth disparity, poverty and economic exploitation are
increasing in Lebanon. Economic realities, which are a direct result of
neo-liberal economic policies pursued by current and past governments,
strikingly similar to the IMF / World Bank structural adjustment policies
which have gutted local and national economies throughout the global

* Lebanon & Migration:

Today, countless Lebanese are choosing to flee the increasingly difficult
economic & political situation, seeking opportunities in North America or
Western Europe. However, Lebanese & other migrants from the region are
faced by racism & increasingly oppressive immigration laws, which seek to
confine immigrants & refugees to a highly-exploited underclass of
society.... From the streets of Beirut to Montreal, Tadamon!'s delegation
will attempt to document elements of this reality.

The reality of forced migration is mirrored within the region, as people
flee war & poverty in search of survival, some arriving in Lebanon.
There, often divided by nationalisms & living in a precarious
underground, migrants compete with the existing underclass for jobs - as
house workers, street cleaners, or construction workers - in which basic
human dignity can seldom be salvaged. Tadamon!'s delegation will attempt
to connect with groups working in solidarity with migrant labour in

* Lebanon: Social Solidarity.

Even as the sectarian nature of Lebanon's political system is challenged
by voices calling for social solidarity across religious lines, dominant
political forces within the country continue to manipulate sectarian
divisions for political gain....

Tadamon! will network with activists within the country who articulate
ideals of social justice rooted in broad-based social solidarity and who
are promoting the full rights of all people, regardless of gender, sexual
orientation, national or regional identity, legal status or religious

----> Tadamon! Delegation: Call for Solidarity.

Tadamon! is calling for your political & financial support for the
delegation to Lebanon. ALSO, we are requesting ideas, comments and
suggestions for the delegation, so please get in touch....!

in Solidarity,
Tadamon! Montreal
tel. 00 514 690 8499

----> Details on financial support for the Tadamon! Montreal delegation:

Your financial support for the delegation is greatly appreciated! Please
write checks payable to 'Voices of Conscience' & write Tadamon! in the
memo line & mail them to the following address:

Tadamon! Montreal
C/O CKUT Radio Montreal
3647 University Street
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2B3, Canada

----> Accessing Tadamon!'s Independent Media Reports from Lebanon:

* Radio Reports: Reports, documentaries & feature produced by members of
the Tadamon! delegation will be regularly broadcast on CKUT Radio in
Montreal, at 90.3fm. These reports will also air on Radio TADAMON!, a
monthly radio program which airs the first Tuesday of the month between
5pm & 6pm. -

ALSO members of Tadamon! will be producing regular reports for Pacifica
Radio's Free Speech Radio News [FSRN], which is a daily news program
broadcast on over 90 public & community radio stations throughout North
America. -

* Electronic Intifada: Throughout the delegation members of Tadamon! will
be posting various written, audio & photographic reports online at the
Electronic Intifada website. - http://www.electronicintifada.net

* Podcasting: Tadamon! will be uploading audio reports as Podcasts to
Citizenshift, an online project of the National Film Board of Canada
online at: http://www.citizen.nfb.ca & the Rabble Podcast Network online
at: http://www.rabble.ca/rpn

* Announcement List: Tadamon! Montreal maintains an announcement email
list on which ALL reports, articles & radio reports prepared by the group
will be sent out. You can subscribe to the email list at:


----> Previous Media Reports from Lebanon by Tadamon! Members....

Radio Documentary: Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Lebanon / Syria: Border Lock Down....

Growing Grassroots in Beirut

>From Montreal to Ein el-Hilweh: Deportation, Destitution & Dignity

Ein el-Hilweh Refugee Camp: A Photo Essay

Burj el-Shemali Refugee Camp: A Photo Essay

----> TADAMON! Basis of Unity....

Tadamon! [Solidarity!, in Arabic] is a Montreal-based collective of
social-justice organizers & media activists, working to build
relationships of solidarity with grassroots political movements for
social and economic justice between Beirut & Montreal.

In the context of historic political changes taking place in Lebanon,
Tadamon! through it's political work, aims to support struggles for
social justice and human rights of ALL people living in Lebanon, through
direct coordination and organization between activists in Beirut &

In Montreal, Tadamon! aims to organize within the Lebanese Diaspora,
through popular education, cultural work and political action, which
address struggles facing the Lebanese community, such as immigration,
racism, poverty and labour rights.

Through organizing work both locally and internationally, Tadamon! aligns
itself with social justice movements in Lebanon, Canada and
internationally which are anti-capitalist & anti-authoritarian in nature.


Sender: Tadamon! <tadamon@resist.ca>

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