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(en) News from Lebanon : the Israeli attack - by ABCT - Al Badil al Chououii al taharruri

Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 10:54:43 +0300

The Lebanese and Palestinian peoples undergo the Israeli
aggression with the blessing of occidental powers. Alternative
Libertaire publishes the following article, written, one week after the
beginning of the Israelis operations against Lebanon, by our Lebanese
comrades from Al Badil al Chououii al taharruri (Libertarian
communist Alternative). We bring them all our support.
> Alternative libertaire, the 27th of july
One more time, Lebanon is deeply engaged in a war which nobody
can see the end. The 12th of july, the Lebanese Hezbollah, a political
and religious Shiite movement, has kidnaped two Israelis soldiers
behind the South Lebanon borderlines and has killed eight Israelis
soldiers. Israel did not need more than this in order to apply its attack
plan, that was prepared much more earlier, exactly in the same way
that in 1982, when Israel invaded Lebanon, using a shabby
assassination attempt against the Israel ambassador in London as a

But this time the Isba’s attack has an unmatched scale : nobody
has ever seen this in Lebanon. It is worse than a Lebanon invasion
because it is aerian and naval attacks everywhere in Lebanon. Fully
everywhere : the airport, the south suburbs districts of Beyrouth, a
Hezbollah’s bastion, the main roads that link the towns and
regions of the country, the ports, the residential disctricts, etc. The
aim is to totally paralyse the country and to spread the fear, wich
cannot be done without killing civilians, 180 today, eight days after the
war breakthrough. Many signs show that the conflict is not about to
end since the occidental countries are contacting the USA to ask the
Israelis ( !) to allow their citizens evacuation, which had not happened
with such a hurry even during the 1975 civilian war...

This attack must be analyzed with a wider view : for us, it arises in the
context of the American project for the Great Middle East. George W.
Bush wants to create a large aera that would be in favour with him,
including arabic countries and Israel, that would lead to the end, in a
way or another, to the Middle East conflict. Iran and Syria are opposed
to this project, wich is obviously a good thing. But the bad thing is that
those countries that support the Hezbollah and that fight the projects
of Bush and the Israeli government are totally reactionary countries.

In an other hand the Hezbollah (God’s party !!) is a party that,
despite all it has done in order to drive Israel from the South Lebanon
and despite the great number of martyrs sent to achieve their religious
duty, a one-way ticket to the paradise of honey and women, has not
satisfied the Lebanese expectations since many years. The «
God’s party » is under Iranian rule and is clearly and obstinately
against freedom. That is simple : it is not possible to live in the
Hezbollah’s suburbs. In the villages where it
is preponderant, one is advised to put down the music volume and not
to set songs that make the belly dancing. The « God’s party »
was a party of resistance and sacrifice, now it is an unbearable party :
women are more or less forced to dress in dark black, alcohol sale is
forbidden, indirect support to Syria (corruption, Syrian take-over of all
the Lebanese institutions, etc..).

That is the way the Hezbollah has created a strong popular reaction
against itself. Since a few months, the Lebanese political leaders have
been meeting at the Parliament (Meetings for a national conversation)
in order to find a solution to the crucial problems of the countries,
including the Hezbollah’s weapons. As a matter of fact the
Hezollah refuses to leave its weapons to the Lebanese army and then
forms a state inside the state.
And this is with a big arrogance that the Hezbollah’s chief,
Hassan Nasralla, sends violent and medieval menaces (cut the head,
the arms...) against those who would try to take its weapons. But it has
not done anything against Israel for years, except reclaiming the
Cheeba’s farms. The Hezbollah scares because of its fanatism but
also because of the popularity it can get in some sectors of the Israeli
society, that comes from its promotion of the «homeland’s
martyrs ». Because Syria and Iran (particularly the Iranian
financing), there would be no Hezbollah.

Since the humiliating retreat from Syria and Lebanon, two great
political trends have constituated : the 14th of march one (date of the
huge demonstration that took place after the prime minister Rafic
Hariri’s assassination), and that of the 8th of march, the
pro-Syria, which has been rejoined by the general Aoun christian
trend, since one has promised him the presidence of the Republic. We
believe that the 14th of march trend constitutes a relatively
«revolutionnary » trend, as the 8th of march one is only composed
with Syrian tutelage corrupters and dark Lebanese past
nostalgic persons. The Lebanese communist party behaviour provokes
uproar. With a few persons, in their majority nostalgic of the arabic
nasserism, it has constituted a third meaningless and very weak trend.
A split arised (communist’s Intifada), which Al Badil is close to.

Finally, one more time, the political position we have to take facing
these events has to be clear, beyond the Israeli
attacks’denunciation. We say no to the Hezbollah as a
reactionary, religious and pro-Iran party ; no to the Bush, Blair and
Chirac’s project, who consider those attacks as disproportionate
(Lebanon destruction in order to take back the soldiers), but also as a
legitime autodefence from Israel ; no to the UN’s Security
Council’s behaviour, shy and ambiguous ; no to the Lebanese
governement which is incapable, weak, contradictory, that wastes its
time begging
for help, counting casualties and looking in the direction of the
international law courts.

A great meeting for a new left-wing trend, that began to become real
with the 14th of march trend, is the only way, for us, to head toward
that situation. Waiting for this we must find food and especially
medicament for about one million of Lebanese persons that have been
displaced since the beginning of the war. Waiting for this forces are
necessary to
intervene in favour of an indispensable ceasefire, that can be obtained
only after pressures on the both belligerents who everybody now shout
at : we don’t like you.

Al Badil al Chououii al taharruri (Communist libertarian alternative),

Lebanon, 17th of july 2006. onical if one has not the right and the
possibility to live in a different regime, collectivist, mutualist,
individualist--as one wishes, always on condition that there is no
oppression or exploitation of others.” (1984, p. 103)
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