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(en) Spain, Against the generalised chaos in the Middle East, develop the camp of the workers !

Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 10:19:28 +0300

Bombing in Lebanon, invasion of Gaza, firing of rockets into Haifa
and the north of Israel, chaos in Iraq, threats of war with Iran...
The massive bombings and the ground invasion by Israel of Lebanon
are a new stage towards a generalised chaos in the Middle East,
adding new deaths, new suffering and new destruction in an area
already touched by the chaos of the sectarian civil war in Iraq, the
bombings and bloody military interventions in the Gaza Strip and
increasingly inhumane blockades in the West Bank.

On both the Israeli side and that of the Hezbollah militia, the leaders
speak of "defending their populations". But the Israeli military
interventions, far from guaranteeing the safety of the people of the
country, have only led to more rockets raining down on the towns and
villages of the North, in particular in Haifa, where eight railworkers
were killed. As for Hezbollah, its capture of Israeli soldiers has served
as an excuse for the colonial forces of Israel to launch a destructive
and murderous frenzy against the whole Lebanese population.

This new military escalation in the area must be seen in the context of
the total chaos of sectarian war and occupation which bloodies Iraq,
the Afghan morass under its occupying forces, and the current conflict
between Iran and USA over the question of nuclear power.

Beyond the current atrocity of these wars, we are right to fear that the
whole region may be sucked in, with, possibly, the military
intervention of Syria, even of Iran, or the transformation of the
Iran/USA conflict by their proxies (Hezbollah and Hamas on one
side/Israel on the other) into open war, with, once again, massacres,
bombings and suffering for millions of human beings.

In this bloody military escalation, between on the one side the
imperialist forces of the USA and Israel and on the other side the
reactionary militias of political Islam, the workers, and more generally
the people of the area, have nothing to gain but everything to lose.

The generalised chaos of civil war between rival armed bands, the
application of a constitution based on the sharia with the blessing of
the White House and the other occupation troops in Iraq, the
maintenance of cruel practices like stoning and locking up of women
under the burqa in Afghanistan, not to speak of the racist
discrimination and daily vexations at the check-points in the Occupied
Palestinian Territories, clearly demonstrate that a victory of the
imperialist troops does not bring the least improvement with regard to
the most basic human rights. In the same way, the pressures of
different political Islamist gangs, whether to impose the veil on
women, or to install a veritable sexist apartheid and deny fundamental
human rights to the populations under their yoke, remind us that these
are not any kind of liberation forces, but just armed gangs seeking to
replace one oppression by another.

This military escalation in the Middle East only serves the ruling
classes and the leaders of the armed gangs. In Israel, touched by a
social crisis (20% of the population live below the poverty line), the
ruling class seeks by the military escalation in Lebanon and Palestine,
among other things, to avoid an explosion of workers’ struggles.
In the same way, for the reactionary gangs of Hamas and Hezbollah,
this war is a blessing, justifying the existence of their militias and
increasing their grip on the population. As for Iran, the conflict with
the USA is a gift fallen from heaven to defuse the recent rise of
workers’ and feminist struggles.

Just as we firmly denounce this military escalation, calling for an
immediate cease-fire, and an end to the bombings, and withdrawal of
Israeli troops from Lebanon and the Occupied Palestinian Territories,
we believe, as internationalist workers, that one of our urgent tasks is
to support the development of a third camp - the camp of the workers
- in the Middle East, at one and the same time against imperialist
domination and against Islamist oppression. We reaffirm our total
solidarity with the organisations that fight, in the Middle East, like us
in Europe and elsewhere in the world, for workers’ interests, for
complete equality between all the peoples of the region, for
women’s emancipation against reactionary traditions and religious
currents, for secularism and, beyond that, for the creation of another
future free from wars, atrocities, racism, sexism and capitalist

Union Locale CNT de Besançon and Syndicat CNT interco 39

Thank to the comrades from Worker's Liberty (Britain) for the
Read the text in french
Our statement "Against the generalised chaos in the Middle East, develop
the camp of the workers!" (about the war in Liban, Palestine and in the
middle-east // made by the CNT local Union of Besançon and the CNT Union
of Jura) can be read in english on our website :


And in french there :

Internationalist greetings,
Pascal (France)
If other organisations, structures or unions are agree with this text and
want to sign it with us, you can reach us at this adress.
publié par UL CNT Besançon
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