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(en) International appeal: STOP THE GENOCIDE!! [pt]

Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 19:21:22 +0300

STOP THE GENOCIDE!! There is no excuse for the slaughter of civilians!
We know there is no worse enemy of the people than US imperialism and its
government. Nevertheless, they are not alone: too many States are tolerant of
the Zionist war crimes in this so-called campaign to "free Israeli prisoners".
The forces that dominate the mass media, as always, present the State of Israel
as the victim that is being forced to defend itself from Hezbollah and Hamas.
This position is not the result of any sympathy towards the Israeli civilian
population. Rather, it is in sympathy with the Zionist power, which is
interested in making the leap forward to full war, as in 1982.
The reason now is that they cannot avoid the international legitimization of
the government of the Palestinian Authority that persists in not yielding on
questions of principle, such as the territories occupied since '67 and the
Palestinian expulsions, with the consequent expropriation of their homes and
land in the years after 1948 during each crisis or war, leading to the
existence of a Palestinian "Diaspora".

The official Arab position still requires that in order for there to be a full
and lasting peace in the region, Israel must accept having to give back the
territories it occupied in 1967, minus all settlements, and acknowledging the
right of return or indemnity for those situations where return is no longer
possible for the Palestinians concerned and their descendants, who were
expelled or forced into exile as a result of the persecution they were
subjected to. As Olmert is, in diplomatic terms, increasingly isolated, the
only possible way out (apart from the obvious one, that is to say whereby the
Israeli State abides by international law and submits to UN resolutions!) for
him and his Zionist gang is to provoke a war which in turn can provoke a reflex
from his friend Bush to "fly to the aid of a threatened ally", also
neutralising those - at home or abroad - who defend a negotiated peace

The unmasking of the pseudo-response in military terms, supposedly to "free"
hostages (something that cannot be achieved using military means but only
through negotiations, if one is serious about saving their lives), exposes the
fact that it is merely a pretext to set into motion plans which have long been
maturing in the secrecy of military offices. The attacks against Beirut, Tyre,
etc., have so far caused destruction ONLY among civilians. The claim of the
Israeli commander-in-chief that the political-military structure of Hezbollah
has been significantly affected is one those lies that end up passing for truth
if repeated often enough.

Katyusha missiles cannot be fired without immediate localization of their
launch point by US spy satellites, which then transmit the data instantly to
Israeli headquarters. The fact that Hezbollah missiles have been firing for
more than 10 days without being immediately targeted and silenced shows beyond
any doubt that the Zionists' purpose in this war is NOT to save the lives of
their own civilian population but, on the contrary, to use such missile attacks
to "justify" both the atrocities and a lasting occupation of a part of Lebanon.
It is the most complete barbarity one can imagine.

Power in Israel is in the hands of a Zionist military hierarchy that uses
various schemes to provoke an inevitable reaction on the other side. The
present crisis was provoked by the kidnapping of two Palestinian civilians in
June, followed by the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier, the latter event being
widely publicized in the media, unlike the former.

Zionist invasions of Gaza were then carried out with the aim of killing Hamas
leaders and destroying the Palestinian Authority's infrastructure in Gaza,
making it totally impossible for Hamas to keep the unilateral truce that had
been in place since their victory in the elections, a period of 17 months.

It should be recalled that Sharon used similar tactics when he sabotaged peace
efforts by going to the "Moshe sanctuaries", a holy place for Muslims, in order
to provoke the wrath of Palestinians and Arabs, and marking the starting point
of the Second Intifada.

The true power is held not by Olmert but by the military caste. The civilian
politicians of either the "left" or right are just straw men who follow the
orders of these who hold military power, the true basis of Zionism.

The explicit approval of the slaughter by the USA, with the EU shamefully
following in its footsteps, showed itself in a crystal clear light when
Condoleezza Rice said last week, on Friday 21st July, that a ceasefire was not
to be reached immediately. As we know, only the US would have the real power to
stop the Zionist military machine from smashing civilians in Lebanon, something
they are doing with the perfectly false pretext that they are destroying
"Hezbollah strongholds".

So what are the goals of the Zionists' American bosses?

- To deflect attention from the defeat in the Iraqi invasion, which gets worse
each day and from which there will be no way for them to get out "with their
heads held high".

- To provide a pretext with which to attack Iran, currently the greatest threat
to their total hegemony in the Middle East, which the Bush empire has not yet
given up on in spite of the bad turn of events in Iraq or in Afghanistan.

- To strengthen the most reactionary militarism in the Zionist State, rendering
less likely a lasting peace with the Palestinian and Arab world. The USA, in
fact, needs an expansionist Israel, able to act as the vanguard of strategic US
interests in the Middle East. An Israeli State committed to a peace policy and
to normal relations with its neighbours would not be in tune with Bush's policy
and the interests he represents.

Secondly, the USA is once again showing that it alone makes decisions regarding
the "new world order", and that the UN, Russia and the EU are just secondary
actors with regard to any possible solution to the Palestinian problem.

The only chance to avoid a widening of the conflict with very serious
consequences in human losses, in the destruction of structures in poor
countries and an increase in instability in all the countries of the region and
a probable increase in desperate and blind acts of retaliation against civilian
populations is a united mobilisation at the grassroots level of all workers, of
all the left, to erect a barrier to this MILITARIST ADVENTURE of a
super-national force, led by the US, that intends to "make war on terror" in
the name of the values of "democracy and freedom", but which in reality will
only ensure profits for the arms industry, the great oil giants (even richer
thanks to the increased in oil prices), and allow the continuing destruction of
every social and political conquest of the working classes, a mass to be
exploited increasiongly by large capital.

First signatures:

António Alves,
Daniel Silva,
Flávio Gonçalves,
Fernando Martins,
Manuel Baptista,
Miguel Negrão,
Pedro Alves,
Pier Francesco Zarcone.

Please join the appeal by sending your name and e-mail address to to

Luta Social - Colectivo anti-autoritário de luta de classes

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