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(en) Greece, Thessaloniki: March against the war in Middle East.

Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 19:52:37 +0300

On Tuesday 18/07/06 an antiwar march took place in Thessaloniki. In the march
there were organisation and parties of the left and passed through the USA
consulate and finished in front of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace. In the
end of the march an antiauthoritarian bloc was formed, even if there was not
such a call from before. The following chants were heard:
“Let our rage become the graveyard of all states! War against the war of the bosses!”
“In Palestine and Lebanon the lies are over! In the whole world the states are
made of blood!”
“No soldier never and ever, we don¢t fight for the bosses!”
“Nations, states and religions have bloodstained the whole world!” . . . e.t.c.


After the fall of the regimes of Eastern Europe and the final
degradation of the USSR, humanity came in front of a new status
where we began to live and we still live under the “New Order
Era” which was imposed by victorious empire of the “Cold
War Era”. The New Order that was imposed by the United States
of America demands the total subordination both on a
state-government level and especially on a social level, turning the
citizens into obedient subjects. The New Order demands “earth
and water” (1*) and on the same time is changing the economy
even of the Western Countries, and finally is creating a global
mercenary army.

The american dominance achieved to transform the dogma of
“development through the marginal conflict”, which was their
doctrine during the Cold War Era, into a continuous for 16 years
Undeclared World War, which is carried out under the pretence of
international terrorism, thus demanding the social consent from the
populations of the west. In other words, they want the people to be
their accomplices in the policies of the NATO coalition sovereigns.

This Undeclared World War is taking characteristics either of
international sanctions (embargo, external control of national
programs, integration in the “axis of evil”), or of military
intervention against the states that “hide and help the international
terrorism”, or action against organised groups that commit acts of
“terrorism”, or even military action against whole societies and

It is quite interesting that in the frame of promoting the interests of the
empire, everyone can observe that very often and very easily the allies
are turned into enemies and the enemies into allies, always according
to the present situation and not on the basis their real characteristics.
Such occasions are Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, the Muzahentin and
the Taliban, who used to bear the title of the “freedom
fighters” some years ago. It is crystal clear that the resurrection of
the extreme islamism (fundamentalism) is the work of the USA.

What is happening now in Palestine and Lebanon is the continuity of
the policies of the New Order, which is imposed by the bosses of the
planet. We enter in a situation where we cannot foresee its end, but
the only thing we can surely foretell is that the people will pay dearly,
both the people of the west and the people of the east. We have seen
such consequences before with the attacks in USA on the 11th of
September, the attacks in Madrid on the 11th of March, and the
attacks in the metro of London.

The antiwar movement, which was developed against the war in Iraq,
was not able to develop the required resistances against the policies of
the global dominance, and that¢s why it was not able to stop the war.
The only thing which was expressed by the antiwar movement was an
abstract “stop the war” without any kind of criticism to the
roots that give birth to the war. We must avoid the mistakes of the
past, we must learn from these mistakes, and we must move forward
by building an antiwar movement that will not only question the war,
but it must move to a direct confrontation with the foundations and
the structures of the system of the New Order which gives birth to the



Antiauthoritarian Movement - Assembly of Thessaloniki
Str. Makrigianni 17
(*1) Speaking of “earth and water” we mean “total obedience”. It¢s an
expression taken from ancient greek history, when the Persian Empire
invaded Greece and the Persian king Darius demanded “earth and water”
before any invasion, as a sign of unconditional surrender and slavery.
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