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(en) Britain, Anarchist Federation Organise #66 - Editorial

Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 13:29:35 +0300

ORGANISE! for revolutionary anarchism £1.50 (Free to Prisoners) Spring 2006
Organise! readers please note: there are no pictures in this version, but these
are available in the printed or PDF download versions.
CONTENTS - http://www.libcom.org/hosted/af/org/issue66/index.html
* EDITORIAL: 20 years of the Anarchist (Communist) Federation
* VENEZUELA 2006: Anarchism against all odds - by Comisión de
Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA)
support, and to learn from prisoners
of the new Bill and tactics against it
* ROSSPORT SOLIDARITY CAMP: Grassroots anti-capitalism in the west
of Ireland - analysis of a community struggle
* A NEW WORLD IN OUR HEARTS: Spanish Revolution 1936 - 70th anniversary article
Struggle - and find out who's been asking us on to TV
with IWW member from Mountain Justice Summer
* CULTURE: Ramón Acín Aquilué - Spanish anarchist militant, libertarian
teacher, writer and artist
* REVIEWS: 4 KSL pamphlets - with Brazilian and Greek themes, plus a
nice plug for Kate Sharpley Library
* OBITUARY: Paul Avrich - historian of the anarchist movement
* REVOLUTIONARY PORTRAITS: Tom Bell, Louisa Sarah Bevington - our series
on anarchist lives continues

EDITORIAL: 20 years of the Anarchist (Communist) Federation

The Anarchist Federation is now in its 20th year and we are
especially pleased to bring you the first of this year's Organise!
magazine. Thanks to all those who have read and contributed to the
paper, and supported the press fund.

The end of our second decade coincides with a number of other
important anniversaries: the General Strike in Britain 1926, the high
point of the Spanish Revolution in 1936 and the Hungarian
Revolution against the 'Soviet' invasion of 1956. We will keep the
full celebrations for next issue with articles on Hungary and the
General Strike. For this issue we offer a piece about the legacy of
Spain in the 1930s, one of the most important examples of the
influence of anarchist ideas and action in living memory. We also
provide a host of revolutionary portraits, pamphlet reviews and sadly,
further obituaries, of both lesser and more well-known anarchist

But Organise! is not only about the old - in this issue we report and
analyse a vibrant community campaign against an oil pipeline in
Rossport on the West coast of Ireland, and interview an IWW
member about opposition to 'mountain top removal' strip-mining in
West Virginia, USA. We also reproduce an interview with the
Venezuelan anarchists who are attempting to come to terms with the
Chavez 'revolution' which is becoming more and more statist and
militaristic by the minute. There too, indigenous communities are
coming to further realise the reality of state dependence on the
profits of powerful multinational mining companies like
Anglo-Amercian (Tarmac in UK). This environmental destruction is
being continued and promoted by the leftist Chavista regime just as
before under the right-wing. At government level, money always
talks, whatever the colour of the flag.

In Britain, as western warmongering continues in the Middle East,
our freedom to speak out and act against our increasingly
authoritarian state has been weakened by new laws, bans, and the
looming threat of a national identity scheme. Anarchists need to do
more to help make the ID scheme into Labour's 'Poll Tax', and to
this end we provide both analysis and some thoughts for action.
Likely imposition of more nuclear power and weapons will require
additional efforts by our movement, and this is sure to be a
newsworthy issue in the coming year. But as our article on the
media and academia will assert, we will have to be careful not to be
sucked into struggling through second-hand propaganda and
spectacular stunts. As the state gets more oppressive, neither must
we forget the prisoners who are fighting the system from within their
cages, and we print an impassioned call for more prisoner support.

As we write this editorial, widespread protests and other
anti-government activities have continued in France against the
'Anglo-Saxon' (read Thatcherite) austerity measures which are
threatening the livelihoods of young workers, now the government
has proposed to allow companies to sack you after 2 years for no
reason, if you are under 26. The fight is on within Europe to protect
past gains, whilst we must ensure solidarity with migrant workers
who are being exploited by the current economic system, and
highlight the class war over dangerous racist and religious
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