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(en) Anti-fascist chronicle from Russia

Date Sun, 05 Feb 2006 19:22:54 +0200

29th of October a concert of anti-fascist group Proverochnaya Lineyka from
Moscow was booked in Volzhk (East-side of the twin-city of
Volgograd-Volzhk). "Lineyka" could not make it to Volzhk, thus local groups
from Volzhk (Hypnoise and Resist No Exit) and neighboring Volgograd
(Bandzboyd, Datura) were going to play.
After concert, bands and audience moved together towards stop of a bus to
Volgograd, where they were ambushed by Nazis. Since punks were prepared to
fight back, they managed to defend themselves. Nazis were dispersed, one of
them died after two weeks in a hospital.

Next day Lineyka finally made it to twin city, and concert was to be
organized in side of Volgograd. After concert, 30-40 Nazis armed with
stones, knifes and bottles attacked people. Police failed to catch any of
them at the spot, anti-fascist patrols claim they had a slightly better
harvest. That evening, Nazi patrols were seen in last stops of all buses and
mini-buses to Volzhk direction, and there was a major Nazi convergence in
centre of the Volzhk as well.


15th of November fascist front organization Movement Against Illegal
Immigration (DPNI), excited of their recent success, wanted picket Peoples'
Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) with theme "Stop dark-skinned
rapists". Racist demonstration was inspired from an arrest of student from
Papua New-Guinea with charges of raping a Russian student earlier in the
autumn. Racist also wanted to revive reputation of RUDN dormitory to be a
hub of heroin trade in Moscow, which has not been the case in more than 10

Local police department (which had a month before dispersed a peaceful
picket of latin@ students for memory of a Peruvian student murdered by Nazis
in Voronezh) was willing to permit Nazi picket in distant Southern suburb of
Butovo, but fascists wanted to make it into RUDN. Eventually fascists
announced that picket will consist of one person, deputy of Zhirinovsky's
Liberal-Democratic Party (LDPR) Kuryanovich, famous for his (failed) legal
initiatives to limit access of immigrants of Kyrgyzhtan and Tadzhkistan to
Russia, as well as to deprive citizenship from Russian women who marry
foreigners. This is not first time LDPR has functioned as legal "roof" for
activities of DPNI, just as DPNI in its turn cooperates with outright
extremist groups openly condoning racist violence.

Eventually, up to thirty guys of "sporty outlook" showed up in front of the
main building of RUDN with flags of LDPR. Counter-action was prepared by a
previously unheard group "Front of Anti-Fascist Circus Stormers" (FACS).
Shouting "fascist eat some banana!" 6 "stormers" threw Kuryanovich with
banana, while rest of the racists were covered with aerosol cream.
Horrified, half of the racists made a quick retreat - anti-fascists had
trouble repelling the counter-attack of second half since they were laughing
themselves to death observing panic among vanguard of the white race, which
was "outnumbered" 6 against 30. Eventually police interfered, one
anti-fascist was arrested and illegal racist picket was dispersed. Despite
threats by Kuryanovich, anti-fascist was eventually not charged with

St. Petersburg

Meanwhile in St. Petersburg, most diverse political forces were quick to
make some PR on death of our fellow anarchist and anti-fascist Timur
Kacharava. 16th of November, wannabe "Orange revolutionary" organization
Oborona organized a concert with theme "We all are different" together with
self-declared "Social revolutionary - Maximalist" Pyotr Alekseyev Resistance
Movement (DSIPA). Concert was hosted by a deputy of St. Petersburg city Duma
Sergei Gulyayev, and began with a minute of silence to commemorate Timur
Kacharava. These poseurs were shameless enough to invite their political
allies, fascist and racist National-Bolshevik Party to the concert!
Eventually, some Nazbols were beaten up in metro station Chernyshevskaya
after concert - some Nazis want to keep their brown without red. One Nazbol,
one Stalinist and one Korean passer-by ended up to hospital. St. Petersburg
authorities were eager to stir up confusion, spreading disinformation that
attack was in fact organized by anti-fascists, who were revenging death of
Timur to fascist Nazbols. for reasons unknown, Russian authorities consider
crushing NBP with any price their current priority. City mayor Matvienko and
her allies have had some success in obscuring issues related to Timur's
murder in mainstream media. Meanwhile Nazbols are writing touching
testimonies in pages of Russian Indymedia, pleading their allegiance to
national-socialism and praying "right-wing Nazis" not to beat them up
anymore, as they are "neutral" in current street war between fascists and
antifa. All this schizophrenia would be quite fun, if these acts of
violence had not real human victims.

21st of November 600 people paid homage in St. Petersburg to Timur
Kacharava. Attendance was much beyond small anarchist and anti-fascist
circles, but almost everybody was respectful and did not raised symbols of
political parties or other authoritarian organizations. Only one moronic
liberal attempted to raise Russian tricolor and EU flags. Hundreds of
candles were lighted. One Nazi got beaten up.


Immigration became a hot topic in Moscow city Duma elections. Rodina
(Motherland) party, originally created by Kremlin to compete with communists
from votes of national-patriotic electorate, made an openly racist
television ad, promising to "clean Moscow from the garbage", pointing to
Caucasian immigrants. After complaint filed by LDPR (a party appealing to
same electorate), Motherland was disqualified from the elections due to this
racist ad, but eventually most of the parties ended up attempting to harvest
the anti-immigrant vote.

These tensions were also visible in the streets, for example for 27th of
November both Motherland-party and anti-fascist coalition of various
liberals had filed an appeal to march almost the same route. Eventually
mayor's office did not give either of them a right to march, but was willing
to accept a meeting instead. Motherland was happy with a meeting, but
liberals decided to illegally picket against city mayor - they were
discontent with the fact that DPNI and Eurasian Union had been given a
chance for a major fascist march 4th of November, whereas anti-fascist march
was banned by mayor's office.

It was obvious that much of the liberal organizing was a build-up for city
Duma elections, thus anarchists were wary of all these initiatives - and as
liberal showed their totally opportunistic face during the preparation
process, eventually only about 10 anarchists joined illegal demonstration in
opposite side of the City Duma, at statue of Moscow founder Yuri
Long-handed. Demonstration had however appeal beyond "usual suspects" of
liberal activists, and some 200 people showed up, which is not bad for an
illegal demonstration in Moscow. Authorities were present with three
busloads of OMON, and they began grabbing people to buses reserved for
arrests. In half hours, action was dispersed and some 75 people arrested.
Many of the arrested had to face misdemeanor charges for "participating to
illegal demonstration", and were sentenced to pay fines from 500 to 1000
rubles (15-30 euros).

Tyumen, Siberia

Same day, a solidarity action for free speech in Moscow was organized in
Tyumen of Siberia by initiative of local open publishing project
golosa.info, initiated by local anti-authoritarian communists, anarchists
and ecologists. 15 people gathered at Tyumen state university, and marched
by main streets distributing leaflets and stickers. Their mouths were taped,
and they carried placates with a text "Fascist power is shutting up our


23rd of November a memorial concert to Timur Kacharava was organized in
Volgograd, all proceedings from tickets were donated to pay hospital bill of
friend of Timur, Maksim Zgibay, who was seriously wounded by assailants who
murdered Timur.

St. Petersburg

3rd of December another anti-fascist demonstration to commemorate Timur
Kacharava was organized in Malaya Konyushennaya street of St. Petersburg,
this time it was a free stage for PR of political parties. Meeting was
called by some Trotskyites but liberals such as Oborona and Yabloko-party
were heavily present. One anarchist gave a speech as well, altogether some
300 people came.

Several Nazi scouts were observed during the demonstration, and eventually a
dozen of fighters from Nazi hooligan firm "Spruty" (Octopus) armed with
broken bottles and iron bars jumped on 10 anarchists in metro station
Gostiniy Dvor. Anarchist managed to retreat to a wagon, but two got minor
wounds from broken glass when Nazis trashed metro windows with chains and
shot pepper gas to wagon.

Syktyvkar, Komi Republic

4th of December fascist umbrella group "Union of National Revival" was to
demonstrate in central square of Syktyvkar at noon. 7 AM young anti-fascists
of Syktyvkar made anti-fascist drawings to snow around meeting place. City
employees were supportive, and promised not to clean snow before meeting.
Eventually fascist meeting was banned and some of their leaders got

St. Petersburg

5 persons suspected of murder of Timur Kacharava were arrested 6th of
December - according to mainstream media, 4 of them have confessed
participation to attack but denied to have caused mortal wounds. All
arrested are 16-18 years old. Apparently police had few leads until one of
the arrested gave detailed account on planning and execution of the murder
in Live Journal. This sounds pretty stupid thing even for a Nazi to do, but
if you think about it, what is the point of being a hero of the white race
if people do not know about it? Russian prison culture has a zero tolerance
to racism, so we hope these guys will sleep next couple of years in floor in
company of rats and cockroaches.

St. Petersburg authorities made some more arrests during December.

Reultevo, Moscow Region

10th of December a record-release party of punk band "Diagens" was planned
to take place in Moscow suburb of Reultevo. 20-30 Nazis from "Slavic Union"
decided to attack people going to concert with knives and iron bars. Soon
after doors were opened, Nazis made a charge against crowd outside,
eventually 6 punks had to be hospitalized, 5 of them stabbed and 2 with
serious wounds that had to be operated. Fortunately nobody died.
Anti-fascists claim to have caught 12 Nazis in the area the same evening.


18th of December liberal and human rights organizations finally managed to
get their march together - 1500-2000 people marched from Turgenyev square to
Lyubyanka. Unaligned anarchists and anti-fascists, Rainbow Keepers and
Autonomous Action tried to organize their own block to counter schizoid
liberal approach of combating fascism with patriotism - anarchist brought
banners "No-one is illegal" and "Our fatherland is the whole humanity" and
scanned "Fascism won't trespass!", "Down with fascism!", "World is colorful,
not brown!", "Down with all the suits of fascists, from doormats to rulers!"
"Antifa!" and others slogans. Unfortunately anarchists and internationalist
anti-fascists managed to only mobilize a block of 25 people.

After march, 20 Nazis armed with bottles managed to jump on some 10
anarchists. Luckily, none of the anarchists was seriously wounded, actually
person who got most baiting from Nazis was their own provocateur, whom they
mistakenly took as an anarchist.

In their internet discussion forums, Moscow Nazis claim that they have lost
4 in street fights during year 2005. We have not managed to find evidence
for this information, and take it with a grain of salt. However it does not
really matter what has happened or not, since this story has already become
a part of Nazi mythology, further justifying escalation of the violence.

St. Petersburg

24th of December, St. Petersburg Nazis murdered another African student -
Kanhem Leon from Cameroon had only spent 4 months in Russia. 27th of
December some 150 people gathered at Smolna to a somewhat spiritless
demonstration. Human rights activists, liberals, anarchists, anti-fascists
and African and few Asian students came - other migrant groups were absent.
Pro-Kremlin storm trooper organization "Nashi" came to pump up their fake
anti-fascist image with their own banner, trying to shout their own slogans
louder than other participators. This was first time activities of "Nashi"
have had anything to do with anti-fascism - with exception of a picket they
claimed to have organized in Moscow in prior to fascist march of November
4th, but which never took place. Until now, Nashi has been mostly busy with
cowardly attacks against NBP and young Stalinists under police cover. We
hope to find creative ways to disrupt Nashi poseurs if they show up to
discredit such meetings another time - although this may be difficult, since
Nashi has very powerful "friends".


11th of January anarchists, skinheads and "neformaly" of Rostov-na-Donu
organized an action in order to clean city from racist and fascist graffiti
and posters, some 40 people joined action. During action, anti-fascists
distributed leaflets and made anti-fascist graffiti - 3 regions the city
were completely cleaned from fascist propaganda.

compiled by editorial collective of www.avtonom.org
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