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(en) Greece, Athens, Antiauthoritarian Movement - THEY ARE LYING!

Date Sat, 04 Feb 2006 15:20:55 +0200

Once more the state and its television communicating vessels
launch a new witch-hunt against political spaces and social fighters.
In an era which is characterised by an institutional decay of the civil
life, a para-judicatory network that controls through corruption
courtroom proceedings, and the arbitrary kidnappings of suspect
immigrants by "anti"terrorist squads and not-so-secret agents, the
state and its mouthpieces attempt to redirect the attention of the
public opinion away from the root of the social problems and towards
a general and abstract threat which is labelled
anarchist-antiauthoritarian space. The authority is accumulating its
violence even further from any past experience: Guandanamo, Abu
Ghraib, intergovernmental pacts, secret prisons of CIA in countries
of the ex-eastern bloc are just a few characteristics of their modern
"lawful" world.

They attempt through a conscious plan to present the
anarchists-antiauthoritarians as dangerous chthonic powers who live
in the depths of Exarchia and who prepare and arm themselves with
the only goal to threat the security of the citizens. Of course they are
lying! Because, in which other way could they suppress the truth
that Exarchia is one of the most balanced, both socially and
politically, areas of Athens, where for example a woman can walk
around alone without the fear of being threatened and where political
and economical refugees can find shelter.

So this which they display as "the threat of Exarchia" is nothing
more than a hilarious ideologism of terror which promotes the
insecurity in order to justify the continuously intensified policestate,
the adductions and the need for more policing. Our social and
political space, through its 30 years presence and its multiform
action, is not at all a threat for society, but it is a threat for authority
and its supporters, something which is well known to the rulers. In
an era that the impact of the antiauthoritarian theory is growing
stronger, the state and its institutions are trying to display and
present the anarchist social fighters as some unknown invisible
powers who threaten the order and security of the citizens. Of course
the reality is completely different. The anarchists-antiauthoritarians
carry out a well-known struggle together with society and inside
society towards the social liberation. The
anarchists-antiauthoritarians are known for their continuous
anti-institutional action with the goal of defending the social rights
and in no case at all they are unknown or mysterious powers as the
authority claims. They are the usual suspects for their passion for
freedom and for a world without social and economical inequalities.
That's why they are considered suspects and dangerous for the
ruling class.

We are not shocked by the robbery of a bank as we are shocked by
the big and everyday robbery which the bank system is doing against
the workers and the weaker social classes, through the strategy of
super-lending and through the confiscations.
Furthermore, the question which was laid down by Bertol't Breht is
still today diachronically current and it should be a matter of
consideration to everyone: "Who is the bigger criminal: He who robs
a bank or he who founds one?" We wish fast recovery to the
wounded G. Dimitraki and we believe that the doctors of the State
Hospital will do their duty and they will not yield to pressures.

Let it be known well to all the masters that the attempted policy of
terrorism as well as the creation of a climate of social insecurity with
the target to exposure the antiauthoritarian space will not pass. The
society knows well that it is threatened only by the authority and its
rotten network of institutions. The Antiauthoritarian Movement calls
every active citizen not to allow to pass the new frame-up against the
antiauthoritarian space as a whole and the three imprisoned social
fighters Aspiotis, Kalaitzidis. Karasarinis who are charged with
forged accusations according to the terrorlaw. As in the case of the 3
imprisoned social fighters, in the today's case it is repeated the same
terror-scenario, which as it is falling apart about the case of the 3 it
will fall apart as well.





Athens, 19/01/2006
Antiauthoritarian Movement (Assembly of Athens)
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