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(en) US, Chicago, Finding our roots - Event - April 28- 30th mayday 2007 conference on anarchist theory (chicagoland)

Date Sun, 24 Dec 2006 12:32:57 +0200

The first meeting will be Dec. 29th at 5:30 at Mercury Café (1505 W. Chicago Ave call or email me if you'd like to help.
What is it? --- This is a proposal for all interested in organizing a conference for may 1st 2007 in the Chicagoland area.
Why should we discuss theory? --- Within the last several years, Chicagoland anarchist and radicals have become disconnected, disorganized, and there appears to be lack of critical theory. The lack of theory has led towards a situation in which possible alternatives and plans for restructuring society have been neglected.
Is it necessary for the radical community to understand our roots, and continue the struggle?
Yes it is. With the war in Iraq, plans by 2016 to have security cameras on every corner of Chicago, Cops in military fatigues on the south side, and massacres in Oaxaca, and as always workers being used at their jobs, it is essential to resist and discuss a viable solution to hierarchy. We all must be able to discuss how Chicago would operate with maximum participation of the people. This is only possible if we understand our mistakes and learn from the past. Though several collectives are organized.
How is Anarchism perceived within the general public?
Anarchism as a movement has lost appeal to working people. Instead of involving community members, the movement is largely youth oriented, and organized largely through cultural events. As revolutionaries we are isolated, and intimidating to fellow workers. Lack of solidarity, respect and support for each others projects directly brought projects such as Arsenal, A-zone, black flag, clamor, and impact press to an end.
How will this conference by effective?
This conference will be the first of a series. The first conference is centered on theory. The goal is to allow participants to hear speakers on a wide variety of radical ideology, and events. After the presenter, participants will be able to debate the theory they just heard. This will create its own agenda which will keep discussion focused as possible. Also the event will serve as a way to bring people together, share stories, exchange information, and most important discuss revolution and how to make it possible.
Possible topics include:

* A history of anarchism in Chicago
* Emma goldman/ Alexander berkman
* The I.W.W
* 5 waves of Anarchism
* big A, little a
* Paris Commune
* Mutualism & Proudhon
* Basic Bakunin
* Insurrectionary/Nihilist
* Green Anarchism
* Post left Anarchism
* situationist
* Libertarian Communism
* Syndicalism
* Spanish Civil War
* Individualist
* Radical feminism
* Radical mysticism
* Anarchism and the Americas (Ricardo Flores Magon and Oaxaca)
* Anarchism and the black revolution

Other activities:

* Skits- participants act out what they hate the most about Anarchism
* Prisoner support box and letter writing.
* A May 1st soap box action. (reading of may 1st speeches in public places.

Funding - To raise funding for speakers, several events will be planned before finding our roots. Several collective members are interested in a day long discussion of anarcha feminism. This will cover more information, and be more specific.

A second conference (from the bottom up) in late July can be on community organizing. This would allow for radicals who hopefully understand anarchism in theory, here stories of successful community organizing, and develop models towards organizing communities. Isn't this the idea?

Possible workshops include

* Community outreach
* How Aldermen offices work
* how to fundraise
* grant writing
* media
* coalition building,
* anti oppression
* security culture
* Black Panthers
* Food not bombs
* Free store/ infoshop
* Community radio
* Zapatistas and general assemblies.
* Decision Making
* Out Reach

The third conference would be around labor day or spring break weekend and would cover direct action. This would be a time to learn techniques in the streets, and in our communities. Direct action training will be important for those who wish to organize or participate during the RNC in Minneapolis in 2008.

Possible topics include:

* Research into newest weapons
* Surveillance
* National Guard civil disturbance techniques
* Fire team maneuvers
* Non violent direct action techniques
* Padded blocks and how to defend yourself
* Lockboxes, barricades and tripods
* Affinity groups
* Property destruction
* Art and Media
* How to organize a demo
* Know your rights
* Street medics
* Logistics-(signal and communication)
* Recon
* Basic self defense

Interested in helping?
If you are interested in presenting a workshop there is plenty of time to prepare. If you've never done a workshop there will be several working groups formed to help out.

The first meeting will be Dec. 29th at 5:30 at Mercury Café (1505 W. Chicago Ave)

Logistics - We will need plenty of help with housing, food, venue, help picking up speakers, possible music event, greeting, and outreach.

Do you want to table? Feel free to send an email

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