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(en) Turkey, Support Conscientious Objector Halil Savda - Ankara Anarchy Initiative Press statement (18.12.2006)

Date Sat, 23 Dec 2006 22:52:57 +0200

To the press and the public opinion, Militarism is at work again. The Board Member of the Istanbul Branch of Human Rights Association and the Conscientious Objector Halil Savda was arrested at çorlu, where he had gone to attend his trial. The justification for the arrest is the suspicion that he would escape. Actually, this is nothing but a cover that hides facts:
Halil is in the prison now, because he rejected an activity which crushes with his will and his conscience. They don't want him to be free, because he doesn't accepts to use violence, to kill people, to take a part within uniformity structure and more than that, because he knows that if not only himself but other people also reject this structure and other structures, another world is possible. Yes, it is true that conscientious objection is not an
individualistic "escape or pull through". Conscientious objection
is a social issue. Conscientious objectors work for raising the
awareness that forcing people to join an institution which
primarily aims to exercise violence systematically and
oppressively is unfair; and such an institution has no place in a
desirable and livable world. As Osman Murat ülke emphasizes,
conscientious objection is meaningful within social change and
thus, it is a collective struggle.

In fact, this political stance and stress of Consciousness
Objection is what the militarist state is afraid of.

And that is why Halil Savda was arrested. The evidence of this
fact is the justification for his arrest which is the suspicion
that he would escape; although he wasn't obliged to and he was
aware of the possibility of the apprehension. Moreover, this
justification is also the evidence that militarist state is unable
to deal with opponent reactions and started to show and absurd

However, even its absurdity implies direct threat to human life.
To be put in prison and to be forced to live as a fugitive, that
is, "civil death", is the most concrete example of it.

Although it has been guaranteed by several agreements which has
been signed by The Republic of Turkey also, those unfair
treatments of The Republic of Turkey indicates the malfunction of
the legal system.

Halil Savda was arrested on December 16, 2004 and subsequently
released on December 28, 2004. Then, 5th Army Corps Command çorlu
Military Court sentenced him to 3 months and 15 days of
imprisonment on the charge of "insistent disobedience" in
accordance with Article 87 of Military Criminal Code. On August
13, 2006 the 3rd Military Appeals Board annulled the local court's
verdict and ruled in favor of re-trial. Halil Savda was arrested
when he had gone the first trial of this court.

Because, he refused to accept the already given "quiet death"

Because, that is the most beneficial political strategy for state
to live conscientious objection down and to move it away public

And that is what Halil Savda don't want to let it happen.

We, who are aware of the fact that to live conscientious objection
down is a defense of militarist state structure, support Halil
Savda's conscious and right struggle.

We declare that we stand by repressed people and we call everyone
to keep their word of their altruism for the whole humanity.

Ankara Anarchy Initiative


Liberty to Halil Savda for our right for peace!

We feminists are aware that militarism doesnâ??t occupy our lives
with only guns, uniforms and military corporations. We are aware
that we are face to face with militarist structurings that is
shown us persistently by the military, which takes place in
government and politics as an important decision maker, by
creating a security paranoia with reaction and divisiveness threats.

We know that militarism not only stays in the security area but
also creates its own capital with firms such as OYAK, in this way
it strongly forms a system within the system. We see that areas
like education, health, prisons, bureaucracy ,which are seem as
they are not related to militarism, are entirely militarist
organizations and they convert an individual to a weak,
involuntary soldier by depressing him.

We know that it is expected from women who are kidnapped as
booties, assaulted, forced to prostitution in the war period to
become compradors for militarist structures to be formed and
maintained in the so- called peace period. We understand that
militarism, that is a violent, aggressive and masculine power
structuring, expects women to be a faithful fellow, a patriotic
mother, a modern woman, a professional nurse, an idealist teacher,
an assault victim who feels guilty, and a sentient girlfriend.

We are aware that all militarist structurings make efforts to
establish a continuous control over us including our bodies and
sexualities in order to militarize social life.

We are aware, we see, and we reject.

We reject to be executives of militarist violence and to be
respected and virtuous women who strengthen and support militarist

We know that â??Every Türk is born as a soldierâ?? creates
â??Every Kürt is born as a guerillaâ??, and we reject to be
imposed by this dilemma.

We know that a real peace atmosphere that is purified from racist,
patriarchal, heterosexist and militarist structures is possible
and we work for this.

Peace is a right. We want our right!

For our right for peace, we demand to end the oppressions over all
conscientious objectors who reject to be a soldier!

We want the right for conscientious objection as a step for the
formation of peace atmosphere.

IMMEDIATELY LIBERTY to conscientious objector Halil Savda!!!

Feminists from Ankara

ankaralifeministler@yahoo.com <mailto:ankaralifeministler@yahoo.com>

Conscientious Objector Halil Savda in Turkish military court on 22

Dear sisters and brothers,

This is an urgent action alert in support of a conscientious
objector who goes on trial before a military court in Turkey on 22

Please write letters supporting him. You may want to use the model
letter below as the basis or sign Payday's letter. More
information on www.refusingtokill.net <http://www.refusingtokill.net/>


President of Turkey Ahmet Necdet Sezer,

Commander of Turkish Armed Forces and Chief of General Staff Ya ar
Büyükanit, gnkur@tsk.mil.tr

Turkish Ambassador to the UK H.E. Mr Akin Alptuna,

Turkish Ambassador to the USA Dr. Osman Faruk Logoglu,

A list of all Turkish embassies (in Turkish and English) can be
found at http://www.mfa.gov.tr/MFA/Ministry/TurkishRepresentations/
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