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(en) Britain, Anarchist Federation Organise #67 - Open letter for the anarchist federation's 20th year

Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 08:32:40 +0200

The Anarchist Federation, formerly Anarchist Communist Federation, has now been going
20 years. We have written an open letter to enlist responses from people who we've
worked with over the last decade and other people who we know, including Organise!
readers. Get the knives (or fireworks) out!
The Anarchist Federation is marking its 20th year with an article in Organise!
magazine looking at the last decade and we'd like to enlist the help of groups and
individuals in and around the anarchist movement to make this an interactive piece!
A lot has happened within the anarchist movement in Britain in the last 10 years; the
dissolving and reemergence of Class War Federation, the end of Subversion and launch
of IWW UK. We changed our name from Anarchist Communist Federation, membership of the
new AF has grown, and anarchism in general has made a strong mark in the
environmental and wider anti-capitalist movements.

Amongst the anarchist movement's publications, Organise!, Direct Action and Black
Flag continue to come out in magazine format, whilst Freedom has been revamped back
to a fortnightly. The anarchist-influenced IWW is growing in numbers and offer a new
magazine Bread & Roses. Anarchist publishers like AK Press, Freedom and KSL are
producing excellent new written material. In 1998 the AF launched its monthly
agitational bulletin Resistance, and our groups and individuals produce several local
bulletins. We maintain a web-site and provide all our publications online for free.

In Britain (and also Ireland), the AF continues its participation in both community
and workplace struggles. We worked in Groundswell (along with local groups like
Haringay Solidarity) against the Job Seekers Allowance from 1996, and in 2006
continue to fight against repression within the Defy-ID network that is opposing
"identity cards and the database state". We have worked to oppose closures of
community facilities like swimming pools and local post offices. Some members work
within Antifa against fascist organising, whilst others continue to support anarchist
prisoners at home and abroad. We were also instrumental in setting up the Anarchist
Youth Network. We struggle in our own workplaces as we extend solidarity to those in
others. Amongst many workplace struggles we supported are the Liverpool Dockers and
Gate Gourmet workers, and we are stepping up our organising with other comrades
around the changes in schools and further/higher education.

The AF has continued to participate in the events of the anarchist and the wider
anti-capitalist movement; from anarchist Maydays and bookfairs to film fairs; at RTS
and Earth First! gatherings to those against the G8 (and earlier events like J18 and
N30). Some of us are involved with the growing number of Social Centres and have
supported the Rossport Solidarity Camp. We demonstrated and organised against the
hideous wars escalated or initiated by our politicians and armed forces in the
Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq. Whatever the Left said at the time, its past decade in
power has shown New Labour to be at least as bloodthirsty and repressive and
pro-business as the Tories were under Thatcher.

The AF has built up its international presence through joining the International of
Anarchist Federations (IFA-IAF) and in its current position as secretariat. Looking
west we encouraged the formation of NEFAC in the USA. Looking east we have
strengthened links with comrades in the former soviet bloc as they adjust to
capitalist realities inside (and outside) the borders of the expanded European Union.

Over the last decade, we have worked with comrades and friends to build
organizational capabilities that we hope will advance the anarchist communist
project.We'd like to do it much more, and better, in the future. If we missed you or
your group out from the above please note this short appeal was not intended to
include everyone we'd like to hear from!

The 3 Questions ...

* Q1. What are the best things the A(C)F has done and/or written (in Organise!
or elsewhere) since 1996?
* Q2. What else could we have done in the last decade that we didn't, or, did we
do (or write) something we shouldn't have?
* Q3. What should the AF prioritise in the next decade?

Additional comments are welcome.

The address for written replies is:
BM ANARFED, London, WC1N 3XX, England, UK.
Email: organise [at] afed.org.uk
Back issues of Organise! are online via Anarchist Federation website


The Anarchist Federation, October 2006
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