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(en) Britain Anarchist Federation North, Who we are and more

Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 15:15:55 +0300

Who we are --- We are a regional grouping of the Anarchist Federation, an
organisation of class struggle anarchists in England, Scotland, Wales and
Ireland. By bringing together northern anarchist communists, we hope to be
able to support each other and further the growth of our movement and spread
of anarchist ideas. We have groups in Manchester, Sheffield and LIverpool,
with members in other towns including Bradford, Newcastle, Preston and Nottingham.
We aim to be part of the movement to abolish capitalism and all oppression
and to create a free communist society. This is anarchist communism.
We see today's society as being divided into two main opposing camps: the
ruling class, which controls all the power and wealth, and the working class,
which the rulers exploit to maintain this. By racism, sexism and other forms
of oppression, as well as war and environmental destruction, the rulers
weaken and divide us. Only the direct action of working class people can
defeat these attacks and ultimately overthrow capitalism.

As the capitalist system rules the whole world, its destruction must be
complete and world wide. We reject attempts to reform it, such as
working through parliament and national liberation movements, as they
fail to challenge capitalism itself. Unions also work as part of the
capitalist system, so although workers struggle within them, they will
be unable to bring about capitalism's destruction unless they go beyond
these limits.

Organisation is vital if we're to beat the bosses, so we work for a united
anarchist movement and are affiliated to the International of Anarchist
Federations. For a detailed description of our politics, read our Aims
and Principles http://af-north.org/principles.htm or one of the pamphlets on
this site. http://af-north.org/afpamphlets/afpamphlets.htm

For regular anarchist radio check out the link below:
Listen to the broadcast on the 26th June. Defy ID and No2ID members discussing
the campaign against ID Cards. This is an MP3. http://af-north.org/all%20fm.mp3
It's 53mb and covers a 2 hour broadcast. Download here. http://af-north.org/all%20fm.mp3

New on this site

On Academies - one example of a struggle against the move to change
schools into academies.

The first issue of the International of Anarchist Federations magazine,
Anarkista Debato. It is available as a 5mb download. It is a pdf file,
which will need Acrobat Reader to view.

Anarchist Federation T Shirts - No war But the Class War, Say No to ID Cards

NEW online - our 1989 pamphlet (no longer available in print):

DEFENDING ANONYMITY Anarchist Federation - Thoughts for struggle against ID.
A new pamphlet from the AF. A pdf file for download. This is the second
edition and is a major rewrite of our free pamphlet.

Young People and the Nazis, the Edelweiss Pirates. During the Second World
War many young people in Germany became increasingly hostile to the Nazis
authoritarian rule. This article, originally puiblished in Organise,
provides an introduction to their story and an inspiration to us all.

Resistance Summer Special: produced for the summer festival season, 2006.
Features -Sonic Warfare Against Youth, Kazaa Closes, Anarchist FAQ, Army
desertions, Boycott Starbuck. Avaialbale as a pdf file.

LASTEST ISSUE: Resistance Issue 86 PDF - July/August 2006 - Trade union
strikes, John Reid new Home Secretary, Armchair cops, Left-wing in South
America, Russia G8, ASDA depot action, Jerry Springer Opera, General
Strike 1926, plus the usual activist's events diary, industrial frontline
news, and prisoner support news. Read HTML version.

Resistance Issue 85 PDF - June 2006 - Industrial action in France & Britain
and in Higher Education, ID databases, Police Brutality in Mexico, BNP
'gains', plus the usual activist's events diary, industrial frontline news,
and prisoner support news. Read HTML version.

Resistance: Issue 84 PDF - May 2006 - Asylum, NCADC, ID Cards, Rossport,
Teachers Strikes, Pensions strikes.

CURRENT ISSUE: Organise! Issue #66 (Spring/Summer 2006) free PDF download
with articles on ID cards Act, Spanish revolution 70th anniversary &
artist Ramón Acín Aquilué, Environmental struggles in West Ireland & USA,
Venezuelan interview, Anarchists and Media, Prisoner Support, plus the
usual book & pamphlet reviews, and revolutionary portraits (biographies).
Read HTML version online

Organise 65 - the previous edition of our magazine. An International
special, focussing on the groups in the International Anarchist Federations..

We run a discussion board, open to all. Follow the link below.

Our Discussion Board.

For general news/discussion on whats happening in the North West, click
here, or on the logo below:

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