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(en) Britain, Anarchist journal, Class War #90 I. (1/4)

Date Mon, 21 Aug 2006 14:15:41 +0300

Editorial --- Power to the People?
Power is an independent inquiry into Britain's democracy established and
funded by the Joseph Rowntree Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust
Ltd. It was set up to determine why British people have become increasingly
disengaged from formal democratic politics, and how to reverse this trend.
It set about resolving three main issues; The survival of Britain's
democracy when politicians are perceived to be uncaring and unlistening. The
revival of politics when party political support is diminishing. Increasing
voter turnout despite the common feeling that elections are a charade.
It is, to all intents and purposes, a report that attempts to formulate
the revival of the legitimacy of the status quo, not to revolutionise
the distribution of political power. They comment, 'The British
parliamentary system of elected representation and considerable
executive power was built in an era of very limited educational
provision and in which deference and rigid hierarchy and static social
relations were taken for granted. This explains why so many British
citizens now no longer feel formal democracy offers them the
influence, equality and respect they believe is their due.'
The power commissioners want us to become re-engaged with
formal democracy. They feel this would:
Give legitimacy to government. Decreasing electorate turnout
weakens the mandate of the elected party. In the last election, more
people refrained from voting than voted Labour. And the Prime
Minister, Tony Blair, who rules by virtual presidential power, only
received some 24,000 votes himself.
Improve political equality. Many people feel totally disenfranchised,
their views are not represented.
Improve effective communication between the governed and the
governors. (Actually when I have bothered to vote in the past I've
voted to be represented, not governed - a naive disappointment
Representation does not occur, which in turn leads to being
Improve the calibre of political recruit.
Prevent the rise undemocratic forces.
Prevent governmental authoritarianism.
However, for all this pro-governmental tosh, it did come up with
some interesting reasons for Britain's mainstream political malaise.
Contrary to the assumptions of political analysts, the public are not
apathetic. There is massive involvement in pressure politics, e.g.
signing petitions, supporting consumer boycotts, and joining
campaign groups. It's formal politics that turn people off. Electoral
turnout has declined for general elections since 1997, and has been
low for other elections for many years. Political party membership is
diminishing, and MPs, MEPs and councillors are distrusted.
People are not sick of formal British politics because they are
apathetic, negative or inadequate human beings. They feel that they
are ignored and powerless, and that party politics restricts their
British parliamentary democracy doesn't work, other than to advance
corporate exploitation. The ballot box offered by parliamentarians in
any guise is no means for change. The reinvigoration of the status
quo, as recommended in the Power Report, is not going to work,
other than to delude the electorate.
Time for riot and revolution?

Back by popular demand its your?. Page Three Hospitalised Copper
Cor What an Eiffel!
You sexy French thing you! Its Vive la France this issue, and that
especially applies to this uniform wearing Gallic beauty. He was
strutting his naughty stuff down by the Seine, only to find Jacques
Chirac's proposed labour laws driving French workers insane! Oh la

Insert picture (already sent)
Caption: Oui, Oui, Oui!

Flaming Hell What a Scorcher!
The most popular chant from the French mob of stone throwing
youths is 'police everywhere, justice nowhere'. We at Class War
could not agree more and take our hats off to the brave class warriors
across the channel as they do battle with the police and state.
The riots we saw on our TV screens last year were the result of
police racism and fragmentation in the inner cities. The new wave
of riots are a direct response to the government's attempt to make it
easier to sack young workers - but the French working class are
having none of it! This is a great opportunity to link the riots of the
inner city with the trade union movement and radicalise a whole new
generation of the French working class and that seems to be just
what is happening - fantastique!
Despite encouragement from the Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy
(France's no. 1 pig) the cops got a nightly battering with the number
of injured approaching 500! After one of the recent riots Monsieur
Sarkozy took officers for cocktails and canap? to lift their spirits. The
French youth have taken to giving the hated CRS some (Molotov)
cocktails of their own! One officer was reported as appealing for
calm complaining that he too was opposed to the new laws! What
can we say - thick as pig shit!
Whilst last years riots could be portrayed by the French government
as about racial disharmony and tension, the proposed labour laws
took on French youth in its entirety, with no exceptions. It was a bit
like the introduction of the Poll Tax in the UK, when Mrs Thatcher
made the fatal mistake of taking on the entire working class at the
same time. She lost, and when the French rioting continued into
April, President Chirac realised he was going to lose too, and he
announced the scrapping of his proposals. So much for "peaceful
protest" being the only type of protest that works!
The coming weeks and months however will determine whether the
French government really has climbed down, or if they are merely
looking to buy to time before launching a further assault. Either way,
working class youth in France appear to be up to the challenge!

If They Had Brains They Would Be Dangerous
Welcome to Class War's regular round up from behind the thick
blue line.

Lets start with Hampshire Constabulary, where an unnamed officer
reported he had lost his utility belt, handcuffs and CS spray on the
ferry from the Isle of Wight. The crossing was delayed for 50
minutes, and two further crossings cancelled as a full search was
launched. Eventually someone had the brains to look at the island's
Newport police station, where the bungling bobby had left them!

Merseyside - Hello to the hard working staff and officers at Eaton
Road police station in West Derby. When a one-man riot attacked
the station last November, some 20 windows, four cars and several
doors were smashed up. Sadly the station was unmanned at the
time, and as officers had forgot to set the burglar alarm, the police
were only alerted when a neighbour phoned them! Commented
Chief Superintendent Andy Ward "It is unusual for police premises
to be targeted in this way??"

SO14 (Metropolitan Police) One specialist armed protection officer
whose star is not in the ascendancy is PC James Steel. Guarding the
royal family can be pretty boring, so rather than sit about Balmoral
twiddling his truncheon, PC Steel decided to nip to nearby Ballater
for some shopping. Sadly his fellow officers were not informed of his
urgent trip for shortbread and postcards, and sounded the alarm that
he was missing, presumed kidnapped!
Rather than share his shortbread, on his return PC Steels's superiors
ordered him back to London. Some people have no sense of

Bedfordshire - All police forces recognise the importance of
technology when monitoring suspects. This principle was certainly
adopted by Bedfordshire officer Calvin McCann, who placed a
miniature surveillance camera in the bedroom of his female
neighbour. McCann, who pleaded not guilty to charges of
voyeurism, resigned from the force after being jailed for six months.

Our winners this week are the dog loving officers of Lancashire
Constabulary, sadly facing legal action from a PC Anthony Eccles of
Merseyside police. PC Eccles was pursuing three suspects when a
Lancashire dog handler joined the chase. Seeing a heroic struggle
between the forces of law and order and criminality, the Lancashire
police canine had no hesitation in savaging PC Eccles! All this
whilst his handler attempted to regain control of his police van,
which was rolling forward as he had forgotten to engage the
handbrake. Keystone coppery at its finest!

On the Rack?
Although it is nearly forgotten, the Automobile Association was
originally formed to protect drivers from police speed patrols. Sadly
things now seem to have turned full circle, with both the AA and the
RAC working, not for the public, but against them on behalf of the
In Northamptonshire the RAC are currently taking part in a pilot
exercise where patrol crews who do not have a call out go to high
crime areas, and report any crimes occurring to the police. If deemed
a success, the pilot will be spread nationwide. When asked if they
planned to follow suit, the AA stated that its staff already "regularly
help the police".
Given the amount motorists pay in road tax, insurance and speeding
fines, for very little return, both the AA and RACs members would
be better served by organisations that represented their interests,
rather than playing cops and robbers.
Perhaps its time the AA went back to its roots?

You Fat Bastard!
You have to admire the nerve, if not the diet, of fast food addict
George Jolicoeur. Weighing in at a mere 21 stone, George's scam
was to go into fast food restaurants pretending to be a police officer.
He would then order a series of milkshakes, claiming they were for
colleagues. He would return to the restaurants later, claiming that
hairs had been found in the drinks, and demanding a refund.
His scam apparently worked "hundreds of times" before his eventual
arrest. Class War passes no comment, except to wonder why it took
so long for anyone to think there could be something wrong with a
21 stone policeman demanding free milkshakes!

Testing Times
Education Secretary Ruth 'Opus Dei' Kelly wishes to see the
introduction of drugs testing in schools. Class War offers Ms Kelly a
deal - introduce random drug testing for 5 years in the House of
Commons, and we will support its introduction in schools.

Doing the Business

Class War Bonfire Night Party - London Fields, Hackney.

5th of November 2005 saw London Class War hold it's first ever
bonfire party. Being a Class War 'do' we didn't feel quite right
burning Guy Fawkes (the only honest man to enter Parliament) so
we burnt Margaret (hurry up and die) Thatcher instead! Revelers got
in the party mood by fetching their own politicians to throw onto the
fire as well as enjoying fireworks and carry out's from the local off
Never one's to disappoint the boys in blue turned up to try to put a
dampener on things. They questioned one of the Class War
organisers under the Terrorism Act to which they got the reply "I
think your about 400 years too late" and "What next you gonna ban
The crowds of people gathering must have made the filth a little
twitchy as they retreated to watch from afar. The fire was quickly
built with some huge logs courtesy of Hackney Council and it wasn't
long before Thatcher and the rest were burned at the stake!
With such an enjoyable and successful night had by well over 100
people London Class War hopes to repeat this event again this year -
see you there!

Supporting the French Rioters - 10 November
A bakers dozen turned up to picket
the French embassy in support of the rioters that shook urban
France to its core last winter. Activists were met by at least 70 of the
Met's Territorial Support Group and Forward
Intelligence Team cops. Who said there's never one around when
you need one!
This made doing anything more than handing out a few
leaflets extremely difficult, so it was decided rather
than sit about waiting for the police numbers (and
harrasment) to increase, to pay a visit to nearby
Harrods, in case any members of the French ruling
class were to be found inside.
This caused panic amongst the police, who seemed to
assume criminal intent (entering Harrods is not a
criminal offence, although we are sure a few members
of the royal family wish it was!) Cue more police overkill, two arrests
for nothing, and
a tactical retreat to a nearby hostelry.
Antifa Mobilisation, London 23 February
One of the new developments on the far-right is the support fascists
are getting from those around specific music and counter-cultural
scenes. The skinheads of the past are now sometimes being replaced
by followers of black metal, darkwave, neo-folk and even some
Goths. Perhaps Sally Webster in Coronation Street really should be
worried about Rosie!
Antifa got a good contingent together to oppose a gig by Grand
Belial's Key, scheduled for Slimelight in Islington. On the day, the
owners pulled the gig, leaving the men in black to find a new venue
at very short notice.
This message did not seem to reach a few gormless concert goers,
who were chased around Islington for their trouble. We suspect the
exercise, and the fresh air, will do them good!

Anti-War March, London March 18
The most noticeable thing about the anti-war movement in Britain,
as "led" by the Stop the War Coalition, is that every event has got
smaller and smaller since the peak of 15 February 2003. All this
despite the fact that opposition to the war is stronger than ever, and
Blair appears to lack any exit strategy from Iraq.
This march perhaps more than any other, showed why the STWC
has led the anti-war movement into decline. Firstly the event
proposed nothing new other than marching from A to B - if that
tactic worked, it would have stopped the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
People can of course see this, and so stay away in significant
Secondly to appeal to the "Muslim community" (a community
seemingly without any divisions of race, gender, class or politics
according to the organisers spin) the reasons behind the war are
portrayed dishonestly. A war for oil and US domination is instead
portrayed solely as a war against Muslims. This is doubly disastrous
as it plays into the hands of those Islamist organisations in Britain
who wish to organise Muslims solely around religion and identity
politics, and who have exactly the same message - that the invasion
of Iraq is only about attacking Islam. Again, those who disagree with
the STWC "analysis" again stay away.
Thirdly the march mobilised around the slogan "defend the Muslim
community". Given that Londoners have suffered grievously in the
past year due to the actions of Islamist terrorists, this is not a
straightforward line to sell to the general public. "No to racism and
terrorism" would be a far simpler slogan, but getting a sustained
condemnation of terrorism out of STWC is as likely as getting Bin
Laden to shave for his next video.
Given all this nonsense Class War gave the march a miss, save for a
quick scout about at the start of the route, and a good drinking
session at a nearby pub. A special mention however must go to the
Westminster Council "Heritage Wardens" who patrolled Parliament
Square before the march moved off, making sure no items were sold
from the many stalls that were set up, and ran to get a policeman if
they suspected a pound coin had so much as changed hands. It is
good to know we are paying our council tax for such a valuable

Wandering down to Trafalgar Square to leaflet the end of the march,
we found that STWC had another surprise for us. One of the
speakers on the platform was Hassan Zargani of the Al-Sadr
Movement in Iraq. Who he? Their Islamist beliefs have not stopped
them taking a seat in the proposed Iraqi government. So much for
opposing the occupation of Iraq! Armed members of this movement
carried out a vicious attack on students in Basra on 15 March 2004.
The victims included female students who were targeted with
inhuman brutality for not observing Islamic rules (as interpreted by
the Al-Sadr Movement, of course). There were many casualties,
including a female student who was seriously injured. The attack
was strongly condemned throughout Iraq, and students organised
demonstrations and a protest strike. Don't expect to read that in
Socialist Worker.
That the British state (continuously denounced as racist and
Islamophobic by the likes of STWC) lets scumbags like Zargani into
the UK, shows it is either a lot more tolerant than people think, or
that it is content to give idiots like the STWC enough rope to hang
themselves with.

Here is the text of the leaflet Class War members distributed at the
Victory to the Iraqi workers! Down with the 'resistance'!
The war in Iraq shows no sign of ending. Whilst Bush and Blair gear
up for a further bloody assault, this time on Iran's 'Mad Mullahs' (a
war that will be paid for in the blood of thousands of ordinary
working class people, Iranian and American), the ordinary people of
Iraq are the bloody playthings of western generals and religious
There is no answer for the workers of Iraq from the fundamentalists
and nationalists of the 'Resistance' who butcher men, women and
children in the name of 'Allah' or 'nation'.
Neither do the puppets that dance Bush's tune in the palaces of
Baghdad offer any solution for the people of Iraq - there can be no
free workers movement under the bayonets of the United States
Marine Corps.
The Working Class has no country! The main enemy is always at
The war abroad is mirrored with the war at home. The cops who
murdered Jean Charles De Menezes are still out there, guns in hand,
waiting for the next poor lad to walk into their sights, meanwhile the
tube workers who risked their lives to save those caught in the 7/7
bombings are forced to strike to defend safety whilst the bosses and
the press drag their names through the mud.
The so-called left in Britain, who lead the STWC, hide their timidity
at home with their bloodthirstiness abroad, giving full support to the
religious maniacs and Ba'athist (pro Saddam) fascists that dominate
the 'resistance' in Iraq. In doing so they reveal their contempt for the
Iraqi working class in its struggle to emerge from both Saddam's
dictatorship and US occupation. Here they show their contempt for
us too; for the British working class, the answer is 'Pussy' George
Galloway, for the Iraqi working class it's a Jihadist suicide bomb.
It is no solution to cheer the killing of US and UK working class
youth who have been fooled into joining up. Stupidity and poverty
are not deserving of a death sentence! We want those kids home
where the real war is?.. the class war.

"There are few people I have had to deal with in 30 years in public
life I trust as totally as I do him. He not only has my confidence, he
is the best news that London policing has got".
London mayor "Red" Ken Livingstone, discussing the Chief
Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair (Evening
Standard, 24/8/05) We wonder if the family of Jean Charles de
Menezes agree?

"He is a very well-spoken young man and very many adults,
including police officers, may from time to time use similar
Kent County Council community officer Bill Butler, quoted in the
East Kent Mercury, 2/3/06. He was discussing the case of Deal
teenager Kurt Walker, who has refused to pay an on the spot fine of
?80, issued by a policewoman who allegedly heard him swear. One
law for them?

"Tony resigned after making a serious error of judgment in speaking
to a non-member about matters which could be misconstrued and
which could thereby possibly have caused embarrassment to the
BNP Organisers Bulletin, January 18 2006, announcing the
resignation of former BNP Group Development Officer Tony
Lecomber. His crime? Approaching Liverpool gangster Joey Owens,
suggesting a Cabinet Minister should be shot if Nick Griffin were
jailed for inciting racial hatred.
Given Lecomber was once jailed for just 3 years for trying to bomb
political opponents, the fact he is yet to be arrested for incitement to
murder in this case comes as no surprise.

"The officers wore public protection equipment because we didn't
know what was going to happen at the time"
Chief Inspector Bob Strong, discussing the policing operation at the
Arsenal versus Cardiff FA Cup tie, to the Islington Tribune (13/1/06)
Extensive research by Class War eventually revealed that public
protection equipment is more commonly known as riot gear!

"The Iraq Freedom Congress strives to establish the sovereignty of
the people of Iraq. The only way out of this abyss is to mobilise
people to take the country, to whatever extent possible, out of the
sphere of control of both the US occupiers and the Islamic currents"
Statement by the Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC) distributed in
London at the anti-war march on 18 March 2006. Sadly, such views
were not heard from the platform, as neither the Stop the War
Coalition nor the Muslim Association of Britain would allow any
speeches critical of the "resistance" in Iraq.

"Some of Chiang Mai's tourist policemen can hardly walk, and some
could not run. Few can speak any Thai apart from ordering a beer"
A letter in Thai newspaper The Nation (8/3/06) following the
recruitment of Westerners resident in Thailand to the Royal Thai

"The law, in our experience, has also displayed a complete disregard
for such illegal hunting, with police forces the length and breadth of
the country failing to enforce the Act"
The Hunt Saboteurs Association breaks the shocking news that the
police are not neutral, to a stunned membership, April 2006.

The Long War
It's official, 'Pinky and the Brain' are the policy strategists for the
New American Century. They are, of course, planning world
domination. However, this is a strange description. There are many
in the White House and the Pentagon who fit Pinky's character, but
apart from Condaleeza Rice who is a perfect lookalike for the Brain,
not too many have any (brains that is)
America is fighting what it now calls a 'long global war,' it is no
longer merely the 'war on terror.' This is an even more ominous
proposition than before. The USA has given itself the right to fight a
perpetual global war of military, economic and cultural domination.
You might say that it has always done this, albeit covertly or even
deceptively, but now it has openly outlined its vision of domination
in 'The 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review' (QDR).
Currently, their main overt interest is centred on Iraq and
Afghanistan, but they are preparing to defend all US interests,
wherever they desire, forever.
The long war is intended to extend far beyond Iraq and Afghanistan,
and in common with their usual manner of operation, will include
what they define as irregular warfare. In recent years, U.S. forces
have been engaged in many countries to eliminate popular
opposition by helping their right wing partners to police and govern
their nation states in the benefit of US interests. This sphere of
operations has included gun running, drug cartels and paramilitary
death squads.
When Bush took office in 2001, the US was still on a redundant
Cold War footing, but now they have engineered (with the help of
their 'terrorist' protagonists) a terrifying era of the unexpected and
the unpredictable - terrorphobia. They have used this to transform
their military forces to better fit the needs of the 'New American
Century.' A century of US world domination. The U.S. global
military force now emphasises its ability to take action in so-called
trouble spots across the globe.
The QDR is a reflection of the Department of Defense's thinking,
and illustrates their military strategy. This includes:
A permanent US wartime footing. Peacetime planning is now
considered redundant.
Actions in countries they are not at war with, but considered by the
administration to be used as safe havens.
Pre-emptive aggression to shape the future for the benefit of US
Massive investment in military equipment to ensure combat
readiness anywhere in the world, and battle hardened forces (this of
course will necessitate perpetual military actions to gain experience
of warfare.)
An extension of 'multiple irregular, asymmetric operations,' an
increase in covert operations, including the training and arming of
various right wing paramilitary groups.
The ideas and proposals in the QDR provide 'a roadmap for change,
leading to victory.' It emphasises the intention to employ client states
to do more of the dirty work, and increase pre-emptive strikes. It
increases the freedom of the United States and its allies to strike
without consent. It seeks to sustain America's advantage over
potential competitors.
Alarmingly the intervention in countries where US prime interests
may be abandoned is a primary objective. They seek to shape the
choices of countries at what they call 'strategic crossroads.' Anything
that opposes US demands will be nullified as official US policy.
Deterrence is to be strengthened. A wider range of conventional
options in addition to nuclear deterrent will be introduced, including
a small number of Trident submarine-launched ballistic missiles for
use in conventional prompt global strike. There will be more use of
unmanned aerial vehicles to increase persistent surveillance, and the
development of the next generation long-range strike systems will
'Tonight Pinky, we take over the world.'
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