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(en) Russia, Moscow, Minutes of anti-fascist workshop of libertarian forum July 2006

Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 14:50:47 +0300

Aim of the workshop
-Give an overview about the actual situation concerning fascism and antifascism in Russia
-Coming up with concrete proposals
In Russia the antiauthoritarian antifacism is mainly concerned with
protection, mostly only liberal ngo's with western funding and liberal,
capitalist ideology who don't do direct actions do other work, like
publishing informations about the fascist movement and promoting tolerance.
Then the communist party and some trotzkist parties cooperate with the
movement against illegal migration and promote the idea that Russia is a
big country without racism and promote that it is wrong to stress
nationalities because it is the clas side that counts.
Trots do not cooperate with fascist Movement
Against Illegal Immigration, and Communist Party of Russian Federation does
promote nationalism.

Then progovernmental organizations exist who call themselves antifascist
although they shouldn't be called like this. An example is 'Nasha' , they
dont do really antifascist work but they like to use antifascist slogans.
They pay for example people to go to demonstrations..

Then anarchist and subcultural groups exist who do direct actions,
organize demo's and publish articles. Not being able to mobilize masses of

For example on the 4.11 there is a fascist march and it is difficult and
dangerous to organize actions against it, but it would be good. The 4th of
november is a new public holiday. The fascists organized a large demo and
will repeat this.

Then migrant groups themselves organize themselves also to be able to
defend themselves, contacts between these groups and anti-authoritarian
groups don't really exist.

After the murder of Sasha and Timur the antifascist became more radical,
don't organize concerts openly anymore. People start to understand that
fascists are people who can't be talked to. Also the state uses the
fascist murders to control society even more. They put fear in the heads
of citizens.

There was discussion if fascists can do what they want without fearing
much repression, because they can be used for their own aims. Some people
were discussing in thsi way. But there was a counterargument which was
stating that actually there is more repression against fascists as against
leftwing groups. Fascists use decentralized tactics which make it
difficult to catch them.

After the crash of the USSR, fascism became more and more important. The
fascists movemnt ist often popular by young people from workers families
and also often because of subcultural reasons. Fascism is an ideology of
the poor people. Would fascism become weaker when Russia gets richer?

Maybe it would be good as a counterstraetegy to stress the anarchist
ideology more and try to make anarchist ideas more popular. On the other
hand when anarchist would promote free movement for immirants, this would
make them very unpopular for a lot of people, but on the other hand it is
important to stress this idea.

Some people were claiming that econy and fascism are two different things
and that no relations between these two exist. When this link would be
there: most fascist should live in Nigeria, because that is the poorest
country, which is obviously not true.

Then some people were stating that ther is a relation between the
attractiveness of fascist ideas and class: 50 percent of the fascists are
from poor backgrounds, but also some rich people are attracted by fascist

Especially young people are attracted by fascism, also because the
subculture is important. When they grow older they often leave fascist

Also some people stated taht fascism is a reaction of the growing number
of immigrants to Russia.

Maybe the anarchist should also put more stress on subculture to become
more attractive to young people. It could be used as a medium.

No nonviolent medium exist: visa, passports, bordercontrol all are forms
of violence. People have to subject themselves to different
controlmeasures when they want to move.

Anarchists cannot support borders, but they can neither support the
opening up the borders the way it is happening now, because this is a
capitalist project.for getting cheap labour. Only the rich profit from it.

Antifascism is more as violent actions/ fights with fascist. It also
includes demonstrations, open movie sreenings, information-evenings and so
on. This can clash wit each other.

For antifascists: it should not matter why people are fascists. In Russia
we do not have a well-developed social system and fascism in Russia cannot
be compared with fascism in other countries like Germany, Chile, France

Ther is a problem with antifascism as amovement: ofcourse they hate
fascists and are willing to do something against them but at the same time
they can be homophobic or also be against immigrants or sexist.

Concrete Proposals

Would it be an idea to construct a network with clear ideas and a clear
antifascist, anarchist ideology??Do we have the resources and energy for
something like this?

It could be good to exchange ideas withe people from other countries with
a longer tradition of migration and a longer tradition of fascism and
racism and work/ orgnizational processes against it.

Organize a common action on the 4 of November

Put articles on a international website to make it easier to exchange
ideas or indymedia can be used for this, but then translations are
important. Alter ee already exists as a website and mailinglist with the
aim to communicate informations in eastern Europe.

Somebody said that it is not possible to copy that what western activists
are doing, because the historical differences are too big. But then
somebody said, that maybe there are differences, at the same time the
economic laws are the same.
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