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(en) Britain, The anarchist journal Class War #89 - Editorial

Date Sat, 22 Apr 2006 18:00:41 +0300

Religious Lunatics Bring Terror to London
On 7th July the inevitable Islamic fundamentalist attack on London
occurred. Death and serious injury was inflicted on people going
about their daily business, mostly those travelling to work. As an
attack on working people, it was one of the most heinous imaginable.
There are two main roots to this bombing - the extremely dangerous
rise of militant Islam in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Afghanistan, and parts of north Africa and the middle east, going
back well over thirty years, and secondly the British governments
role in world affairs, usually at the behest of the American
government, in the same period. Put simply, there are a lot of very
dangerous people out there, and the British government has been
busy waving red rags at them. London can only be a much safer
place if religious fundamentalism is undermined (by secularism, by
integration, by working class politics) and the red rags are no longer
waved by Tony Blair and George Bush. And that means leaving

One noticeable element of the political response was how swiftly all
the leading politicians, and parties, rallied behind the police and
security services. A suggestion that the Israeli government had
informed the British of the attacks just before they happened was
swiftly refuted, as was any suggestion that too much effort had gone
into protecting world leaders in Gleneagles, and not enough into
protecting ordinary Londoners. Put simply, the wars are theirs, the
deaths are ours!

Whilst the people primarily to blame for any bomb attack are
obviously the bombers, the priorities of the police and security
services, especially in London, can frequently appear very strange
indeed. Many activists in Class War, and in particular anti-capitalist
groups like the Wombles, face routine police surveillance, to the
level of harassment around their homes, workplaces and social
venues. Information is often leaked to journalists, who are then
encouraged to run stories about alleged activists.
People returning from the G8 demonstrations this July came back to
a London recovering from one of the most heinous bomb attacks in
living memory. They were astonished to find that with all their
supposed priorities, the Metropolitan Police still had men and
women to spare for a "reception committee" to photograph and
harass activists returning into Kings Cross just 48 hours after the

Given what happened in London on 7th July, it would be interesting
to know if the Special Branch officers and journalists involved in the
sort of policing operations we mention above, really think it is

Equally those in the security services need to learn that if under
pressure, new Labour will happily blame them for their own
mistakes. Via a drip, drip, drip media approach, the security services
were left to carry the can for "intelligence failures" over Iraq, with
the BBC added to the mix, not the new Labour government that had
already committed to invade, regardless of intelligence reports. If
Blair and co start to feel the heat over the London bombings, it may
suddenly become all the spooks fault, and in no part the

Libcom Statement On The London Bombings
Class War was one of many anarchist and libertarian socialist groups
to sign a statement condemning the London terror attacks, written
by the libcom.org website. We reproduce it, below:

As social anarchists and libertarian communists, we at libcom.org
deplore the horrific attacks on innocent people this morning in
London. We express our deepest sympathy to anyone affected by the
blasts. We condemn the use of violence against ordinary people and
the perpetrators of the bombings whether they be Islamists or
anyone else. Terrorist actions are completely at odds with any
struggle for a freer, fairer society and never help oppressed people in
any part of the globe. Instead violence against civilians is a tool of
states and proto-states every bit as brutal as the ones they profess to

The British Government, by sending British soldiers to kill and die in
Iraq and Afghanistan has made all of us a target for terrorists in their
pursuit of increased profit and power at the expense of ordinary
working people. We stand for a world in which human solidarity and
co-operation replace the quest for profit as society's driving force,
and stand in solidarity with all people fighting exploitation and
oppression in all its form, from opponents to the occupation of Iraq
here to those in Iraq who are opposing both the occupying forces and
the ultra-reactionary Islamists that the Occupation helps strengthen.
Our thoughts today are with the victims of this atrocity, and their
loved ones.

Spotting Terrorists?
Back in 2001 12 British plane spotters were convicted of spying in
Greece, after they were arrested taking pictures at a Greek airshow.
The tabloids united in howls of anguish, decrying the racism and
stupidity of the Greek authorities, whilst the broad sheets either
joined in or sneered, in the way that only British chattering classes
can, at the men and their hobbies. All sides were united though, in
saying such nonsense could never happen here.
Tell that to the three trainspotters detained and searched at
Basingstoke train station in April, under Section 44 of the Terrorism
Act 2000. This clause was in effect at transport hubs throughout the
UK in the run up to the 2005 election, and allows the police to
search anyone, without the usual grounds of "reasonable suspicion"
that a crime is being carried out.
The fact that people cannot even pursue harmless hobbies - be it in
Greece or Britain - without some jobsworth police officer harassing
them tells us a lot about the police, and politicians in our society. It
also says all that needs to be said about the Terrorism Act 2000.
Whilst such measures are very successful at alienating people,
wasting their time and reminding them why they should hate both
the police and politicians, they are fuck all use at preventing
terrorism. It is time these acts were abolished, not added to.

The Myths of the SAS
One of the most comic responses to the London bombings was the
News of the World dragging out SAS veteran turned author Chris
Ryan, to write a two page article "Beating the Bombers - Secret War
of Whispers". In it, Ryan talked of how Al-Qaeda could be defeated,
by the use of intelligence, vigilance and force. He commented:
"From talking to guys who fought in Afghanistan, I know we're
dealing with fearsome fighters - religious fanatics who have
absolutely no fear of death or imprisonment".
The SAS will of course know this - they worked closely with, and at
times trained many of the people who went on to become Al-Qaeda,
during the 1980s, when Islamic militants from across the world were
in the Mujahadeen fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan.
It is entirely possible that the four Britons who caused such
murderous devastation in London on 7 July were trained by
Mujahadeen veterans, who in turn were trained by the likes of Chris
Ryan. This was very British terrorism indeed. But don't expect to
read that in the News of the World.

Creating Future Terrorists
The British and Americans seem determined to do this in
Uzbekistan. May saw massacres of anti-dictatorship campaigners in
Andijan. They were quickly dismissed by the US, and Uzbek
authorities, who regard anyone protesting against President Karimov
as an Islamic fundamentalist. Given the numbers killed in May, and
the numbers being routinely tortured in Karimov's jails, those who
are not Islamic fundamentalists soon will be.
Britain's role in this is, as usual, to hold the American's coats. Craig
Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, was forced
out of the Foreign Office after complaining that information,
obtained by the use of torture in the country, was being passed to
Only George Bush and Tony Blair seem to believe there will never
be a price to pay for such behaviour.

No to ID Cards and the Database State
For a while, one of the governments favoured arguments in favour of
a compulsory ID card, was that it would help defeat terrorism. At
other times the argument has been that ID cards will help defeat
illegal immigration (what do we all need passports for then?) and cut
down on fraud. If they cannot make up their own minds what the
best reason for an ID card is, why should we believe any of their
arguments? Especially as the estimates of the cost of the bloody
thing vary from over £100 to up to £300.

Should Blair be daft enough to force this scheme onto people, we
urge people to resist it. Don't register for the cards, don't play their
game. Anti-ID card protestors are onto a winner, because in a way
they are NOT asking people to do anything. They are asking them to
do nothing - don't register for the cards. Don't pay the government
for one. Don't give the government your biometrics data. Don't carry
the card.
You can find out more at: http://www.no2id.net/ and more
importantly - do nothing when it comes to helping the government!

Safe As Houses?
Congratulations to the Home Office for their latest campaign, "Top
Tips for Home Safety". This postcard campaign, which largely
consists of statements of the bleeding obvious such as "When you
go out, even if its just for a few moments, always lock all doors and
windows" , has seen postcards delivered through every door in
Just to add to that feel of welcoming and safety, the front cover of
the postcard comes complete with a 1950s style scene of urban,
terraced housing with homely chimneys smoking on the skyline.
Exactly the sort of scene that was common in many of our cities
until the powers that be demolished terraced, community housing,
and replaced it with tower blocks, flats and dispersal to the suburbs.
Instead of wasting money telling us things we already know, perhaps
the Home Office should admit some of government's past

One Down?
In the 80s, countless tedious celebrities used to say they would leave
Britain for ever if the Labour party was ever elected. Sadly people like
Stephen Hendry, Phil Collins and Cilla Black never did - we are
stuck with the bastards.
Incredibly though, one such threat may actually be carried out.
Princess Michael of Kent announced she would leave Britain if fox
hunting were banned - and she and her husband have now put their
manor house in Gloucestershire up for sale!
Whilst it is on the market, any pickets wishing to make sure she
does not change her mind can go down to Kensington Palace, where
the Kent's have "apartments" - fuck off and don't come back is our
only message!

Prince Harry has been at it again! He is surely the dopiest fuckwit
the imbred royals have managed to produce yet! And that is a pretty
competitive filed! Not only did he have to cheat in his geography
exam to get a D, yes a D, but the dozy tosser also had to cheat at his
artwork as well! This time however he did manage to get a B. The
D and B grades must be short for Dumb Bastard. Never mind at
least he will be put to the test at Sandhurst where he is training to
become a military officer. Ha ha! We feel sorry for any soldier who
is under his command.

If They Had Brains They Would Be Dangerous

Metropolitan Police - What to make of the story (BBC on-line
8/5/05) that white male recruits to the Met are having to wait up to
three years to join, whilst women and ethnic minority candidates are
sent straight to Hendon Police Training College. Class War thinks
this is an excellent idea - making most of the bastards wait three
years might actually allow some to come to there senses, or to
receive a better offer. That should not be too hard?

Cleveland Police - Few forces have as inaccurate a slogan on their
vehicles as Cleveland's "Putting People First". This was
demonstrated on 6th June, when two of Cleveland's finest were
spotted shopping for mobile phones in Stockton.
Whilst they were busy searching for that laughing policeman
ringtone, an enterprising member of the public snapped their van
parked in a space for disabled drivers only. A written warning for
"unprofessional behaviour" ensued, something that perhaps showed
how out of touch the bosses at Cleveland Police are. Whatever these
cops were doing, it was certainly not unprofessional, or untypical.

British Transport Police - The BTP has become the first force to
allow Community Support officers (plastic policemen to you and me)
to carry handcuffs. This has produced tantrums from the Police
After years of undermining other workers terms and conditions, and
actively breaking their strikes, it seems the cops "don't like it up
'em" and see any additional powers given to community support
officers as an erosion of their powers.
Sorry guys, what goes around, comes around!

Met Police Territorial Support Group - Hello to all the big and butch
boys in the TSG. It seems all that running around hitting people
must be getting a bit much for the TSG. According to the May 2005
issue of Yoga Magazine (required reading for all class warriors!)
TSG officers are now taking classes in Iyengar yoga!
Their tutor, Lorraine McConnon tells us "With regular yoga practice
the negative legacy of the police officer's work is removed and does
not have a chance to accumulate" . That may be true for the pigs
Lorraine, sadly we see the negative legacy of their work all the time!
More seriously, if any one comes across Ms McConnon in the
course of their "journey" through life, can they tell her she is a
complete fucking idiot.

Our winners this issue though are all the dodgy geezers and diamond
girls at Folkestone police station in Kent. Living costs have sadly
risen for this motley crew after Custody Sergeant Boyd Adams was
jailed for smuggling cigarettes and rolling tobacco into Britain. The
court ordered that Adams also have £117,000 of his assets seized,
after hearing how he supplied goods to workers and officers at the
station, as well as those outside. Its all up in smoke now!

With the closure of the Rover plant and the loss of thousands of jobs
(not just in the plant itself but also in the supplying industries) just
weeks before the general election it really laid bare the failure of all
the political parties, in their response to a crisis for part of the UK
working class.
How many politicians did we see weeping crocodile tears for the
workers? And how many of them did have we even seen being
chauffeur driven around in Rover cars? None is the answer!
None of the politicians spoke of the huge 'golden handshakes' the
bosses got or of the disgustingly low redundancy packages the
workers got. Three thousand pounds for fifteen years work is
absolutely appalling. In May one of the Rover workers was found
dead by his daughter at his home he had been filling out job
application forms when he died of a heart attack. His daughter said
'if Rover was still open my father would still be alive.'
Our thoughts go out to all the Rover workers and their families.
Until we rid ourselves of the greedy bosses and their system any
number of us can be thrown on the scrap heap at any time and the
politicians of all colours won't do a thing about it. Class unity, Class
pride, Class war!

Doing the Business
Class War's latest from the direct action front line

Halifax - Nick Griffin on the Shelf!
March 27th
This was the day of a major BNP rally in the village of Shelf, just
outside Halifax. BNP leader Nick Griffin was aiming to rally support
prior to his court case in Halifax a few weeks later, where he faced
charges of incitement.
On this day however it was to be the BNP who were on the receiving
end, when two van loads of anti-fascists arrived, stoning the meeting
and a considerable number of fascist cars parked at the venue. It is
odd how many members of the "British" National Party own foreign
built cars!
Although there was a media and indeed BNP lack out on this
incident for some time (after all the powers that be can't allow
ordinary, working class people to be shown to make both the police,
and fascists look, like idiots) some BNP supporters were eventually
to collapse into conspiracy theory, blaming "paid gangs" for the
attack. Sorry boys, but no one needs paying to hate you lot!
Nick Griffin's next visit to Halifax, on 9th April, saw him arrive in
town with metal grille's over the windows of his motor. Something
to hide Nick?

Hackney May 1st

Although you may have missed it on the news, there was a Mayday
action in London this year! And it wasn't a bad little number either.

The demonstration was aimed at Tesco because they are at the
forefront of businesses aiming to make employees' lives increasingly
precarious, paying low wages, cutting Sunday pay - and making
obscene profits. In the last year, they made something like £2
BILLION profits - £63.40 per second. And about £1 in 5 spent in the
UK goes to Tesco. Not only are their own staff paid a pittance, their
suppliers' employees are also on the receiving end. It recently
emerged that the people packing Tesco's salads in Sussex were
migrants controlled by gangmasters and paid (if at all) well below the
minimum wage. Similarly, in South Africa workers on Tesco's
accredited farms receive no protection from pesticides and are paid
poverty wages to maximise profits. Low prices in this country are
kept low by other people's misery abroad.

250 or more protestors turned out to have a go at the Tesco's in
Hackney's Morning Lane. Organised in several contingents, meeting
at various places in North London, people were organised initially by
text. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the initial text wasn't
followed up by the further instructions people were waiting for.
Despatch riders were sent out to spread the word of what was going
on, and people began to move. At Highbury, this worked well as the
crowd which had gathered there broke through filth lines to grab a
free train to Hackney, where they again got through police lines and
reached the Tesco store. At Bethnal Green, where other people were
meeting, the police and the despatch rider arrived at the same time.
This disrupted plans to move up to Hackney en masse, but most
people eventually made it.
At the scene of the action, a samba band led demonstrators around
the shop while propaganda was distributed to shoppers, many of
whom were supportive. But the demonstrators were also met by a
very heavy police presence. People reported seeing demonstrators
thrown around by the filth at Tesco's, and there was a huge police
presence - one legal observer estimated it at 250, one for every
demonstrator. The TSG and FIT were out in force, with all their
favourite habits on display, such as a random attack on a black
bystander nothing to do with the demonstration who was crunched
up against a wall. The violence of the police actions shocked many
onlookers, including security guards, who saw women punched and
kicked by the brave bobbies.

Colombian Consulate, London
May 18th
On Mayday, an anarchist was killed by the police in Colombia's
capital, Bogota. 15 year old Nicolas Neira was beaten unconscious
and died after five days in a coma. On 18 May, a picket of the
Colombian consulate on Portland Place was held in solidarity with
Nicolas and his family. About 20 anarchists attended, going into the
consulate and picketing outside. The consul said he would convey
our anger to the Colombian government, but we're not holding our
Although those visiting the consulate were generally very supportive,
one group of wealthy looking Colombian exiles were abusive on
passing the picket, claiming the Anarchist Federation leaflet that was
being distributed was "all lies". Clearly a healthy 15 year old just
dropped dead then??

G8 Articles

Bristol's Booming!

On 6th July South Bristol Anarchists performed a fantastic solidarity
action with the G8 activists in Edinburgh. Its only a couple of years
ago since the Blair's bought some posh flats in "The Panoramic"
apartment blocks in the city centre. Activists took over the entrance
to the block whilst flat-footed Avon & Somerset cops were elsewhere
monitoring "peaceful protestors", hanging Class War posters and the
banner "Make Poverty History - Kill The Rich" .

Bicycling Bush Bashes Bobby!
We never thought we would say this - but George W Bush is not all
bad! Having arrived on holiday in Scotland (well the G8 summit)
George W did what all kids like to do - he got his bike out and went
for a ride.
Things got even better when Bush saw a group of Strathclyde police
officers in the grounds of Gleneagles, and he opted to ride as fast as
he could towards them. What happened next was inevitable - crash,
bang, wallop, a hospitalised cop, whilst bungling Bush suffered only
cuts and bruises.
If Tony Blair is going to insist on inviting George W over to the UK,
can we ask that he provides him with a motorbike, or better still a
tank next time round?

A Sterling Effort
A Class War member reports from the anti-G8 protests in Scotland
in July
For a couple of years I'd been looking forward to Britain's G8
summit - or, rather, the protests and actions against it. Like most
people, I missed out on Seattle and Genoa and I hoped that
Gleneagles would prove an exciting and, yes, confrontational week.
Certainly people in the Dissent network had been doing something
for the past two years, and as I travelled up to Scotland I wondered
what the fruits of their labour would be.
I soon found out something of their work. Arriving in Edinburgh
without anywhere to stay, I decided to try my luck at the camp at
Stirling. This turned out to be an interesting experience, though I'd
advise against kipping in Scotland, even in summer, without a
sleeping bag. When I got to the camp, there was a brief introduction
to the hazards we might face - dysentery, giant hogweed (like poison
ivy), methane, the dangerous fast-flowing river? At the time I didn't
know that the campsite was on top of a landfill site, which explained
much when I learnt that. The people in the camp were friendly and
welcoming - it was the location itself, with but one route of escape,
which concerned me. After a fairly sleepless and chilly night I felt
that a few nights in a bed and breakfast would be better for my health
than risking hypothermia.
So, bidding farewell to Stirling, I moved down the line towards
Edinburgh, finding accommodation in a small town outside the city.
This proved to have its own drawbacks, but the greatest drawback to
my mind was the division of people between Edinburgh, Stirling and
Glasgow. There weren't all that many people in Scotland - some
thousands - and splitting our forces seems to me to have been a bad
idea. Whilst we weren't all caught in one place, neither were we able
to concentrate our numbers where they might have been most
effective. However, all this became clear later, and at the time it
didn't seem too much of an obstacle to a week I hoped would be one
to remember for all the right reasons. During the weekend before the
summit, plans were made and contacts met. A large gathering of
anarchists exposed some potential flaws in plans for the coming
week. A lot of people were determined to get to Gleneagles, despite
the obvious advantages which the filth had in fighting a battle on
ground of their own choice.
If the divisions within our camp weren't bad enough, one so-called
anarchist decided that it would be a good idea to bring his
long-standing friend, Andrew Gilligan, to the meeting and then
expose him as a journalist. The disruption in proceedings this
caused was probably a planned action to undermine the efforts of a
broad coalition of anarchists to plan something effective. If that's the
case, it worked. Time which could have been well used to get some
proper co-ordination off the ground was instead spent in confusion
and chaos.
Things seemed to pick up on the Monday. The Carnival for Full
Enjoyment, against work, brought chaos to Edinburgh as the Clown
Army baffled the police - and other demonstrators - with their bizarre
antics. While the Clowns and other demonstrators kept the police
occupied, I wandered about getting a feel for the police tactics. They
had some new equipment I'd not seen before - what appeared to be a
cage at first sight, but which folded out to block a street. There were
hundreds, if not thousands, of police on the streets from many
different forces. I counted the Met, Manchester cops, Humberside,
Merseyside, West Midlands, Fife, Lothian & Borders (the locals)?
But many of them were lost and bewildered. By the Sheraton Hotel,
where the Japanese delegation was believed to be, I saw sixty
Clowns go down a street followed a few minutes later by more than
120 riot police. These cops had to send someone back to a van to get
an A-Z for them! Then they were buffeted by a flurry of missiles
from a bridge, including an iron, and in the end they had to return to
their vans empty-handed as the Clowns had found some way to
evade a cop pincer movement. The police response seemed strange
as they really did not seem to have the faintest idea what they were
One place they did know what they were up to, though, was on
Princes Street. A crowd of some hundreds was penned in when I got
there. Yet this didn't deter the filth from driving a couple of vans into
the crowd. Unsurprisingly, this agitated the crowd and some time
later scuffles broke out. This was translated by the media into an
anarchist mob rampaging through Edinburgh - though after the
treatment the filth had meted out it's not difficult to see why people
were angry. Local lads joined in the action, and bins, benches and
even flowers were flung at the police. The media had a field day. But
most of the pictures they printed showed the truth - there were thugs
in Edinburgh bent on violence and disorder. The problem was they
all appeared to be in police uniforms. Most black bloc types were
holding fire until later in the week, for the main event. A list of the
arrested in the Edinburgh Evening News shows that many of those
nicked on the Monday were from the city - cooler heads were
waiting for the 6th.Nothing much happened on the 5th. Final
discussions were had, and later in the day it became clear that the
cops were going to disrupt transport between Edinburgh and
Glasgow to prevent us congregating en masse. Things were starting
to move. And they started a lot earlier on the Wednesday than most
people had expected.

Class War Charts
Who is top of the charts this issue?

Quango Queen's.

Take a look at these utterly pointless public bodies, all of which are
funded by you and me, for the great and the good to "serve" on.

10. National Users Panel of the Community Equipment Services
External Reference Group
9. Digital Television Consumer Expert Group
8. The British Potato Council
7. Disruptive Passengers Working Group (quite why any passenger
on public transport in the UK would not want to be disruptive is
beyond us)
6.House of Lords Appointments Commission
5. Millennium Commission (these fuckers don't even know what
year it is!)
4. Music and Dance Advisory Group
3. Urban Gull Leaflet Steering Group
2. Sir Nigel Crisp's Leadership and Race Equality Action Plan
Independent Panel
1.Office of the Justice Oversight Commissioner

We spotted the above in a ten minute search of the Cabinet Office
website. Each will have a chairman, staff and members . All paid for
by you and me.

BBC Scab List
Monday 23rd May saw the biggest strike in the BBC's history.
Whilst support for the strike was high, some big name journalists
and presenters decided to do the dirty on their colleagues. Here's the
roll of shame???..

10. Jo Whiley. Whiny Whiley wasted little time in scabbing.

9. Chris Moyles. The Radio 1 DJ decided the best way to keep
himself in pies was by stabbing his fellow workers in the back.

8. Steve Wright. Given how unpopular Mr Irritating must be to work
with, you would have thought he would have wanted to keep the few
friends he has

7. Scott Mills - Drivetime presenter most people would be happy to
drive over.

6. Zane Lowe. So much for Mr Alternative.

5. Sarah Kennedy. We are no longer game for a laugh with you

4. Sheila Fogarty. Presenter on the BBC's painfully PC 5 live, scabby
Sheila crossed the picket line only to find the programme could not
go on air as so few staff had scabbed.

3. Declan Curry. BBC breakfast's business editor, Declan has clearly
spent too long currying favour with big business.

2. Alan Titchmarsh. Being surrounded by manure all the time has
clearly turned Titchmarsh into a proper little shit.

1. Terry Wogan. The former housewives favourite, Wiggy Wogan is
now nothing of the sort after his selfish behaviour.

Silly Names Special

You can rely on the upper and ruling classes for one thing only -
giving us a laugh. Check out those oddly denoted dipsticks, in
reverse order just like Miss World!

10. Jonathon Hughes-D'Aeth. Headmaster of posh Milton Abbey
school in Dorset, Jonathan's name starts off all normal, then gets
very silly indeed!
9. Martin Tiplady. Director of Human Resources for the
Metropolitan Police, his name suggests an interesting approach to
interrogation techniques.
8. Seymour Fortescue. Chief Executive and Director (!) of the
Banking Code Standards Board. He sounds like just the sort of guy
to keep an eye on a group of merchant bankers!
7. Loulou de la Falaise. A writer of beauty tips for Tatler, we can
safely assume this Lulu does not come from Glasgow!
6. Georgiana Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe. A double barrelled name
is not good enough for Georgina, she has to have three!
5. Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles. The British ambassador to Saudi
Arabia, Sir Sherard is the man to make sure the oil keeps flowing
whilst no embarrassing questions are asked about human rights.
4. Lady Sybilla Rufus Isaacs. Another of Prince William's set
apparently. She is said to be "crazy about shoes"??. Yawn.
3.Robert Frederick Xenon Geldof, KBE. He may not have got much
right in his life, but shortening his name to Bob was clearly a good
2. Ticky Hedley-Dent. Ticky writes for Tatler. Badly.
1. Willie Bald. Amongst all the news of G8 protests, the brilliantly
named Assistant Chief Constable Willie Bald ensured the views of
Tayside police were heard with merriment throughout the land.

A Kick in the Balkans
Last year saw several newspapers in the former Yugoslavia "name
and shame" a group of wealthy, powerful and politically motivated
individuals who have helped bring violence and instability to a
particularly troubled part of the world.
Whilst newspaper in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina were
happy to expose these troublemakers, the British media remained
largely silent. Why? Because the men concerned are, or perhaps
more accurately were, all senior MI6 intelligence agents operating in
the Balkans.
In case you missed it, those named were:
Anthony Monckton. Said to have been the most senior MI6 officer in
the Balkans.
Gareth Lungley, first secretary for political affairs at the British
embassy in Croatia.
Christopher Looms, an employee of the International Crime
Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (no conflict of interest there!)
Julian Braithwaite, Information Director to Paddy Ashdown, the
ex-Lib Dem leader who is now High Representative for Bosnia.
Alastair Sommerlad, an MI6 officer stationed at the British embassy
in Sarajevo.

Whilst the Lib Dems continue to gain political prominence in the
UK, their ex-leader Lord Ashdown is behaving in a far from liberal
manner in Bosnia. Don't expect to see too many British journalists
or politicians repeating Ashdown's Sarajevo nickname - "The
Viceroy of Bosnia". Still, it is perhaps better than Paddy Pantsdown!
Ashdown has dictatorial powers in the country, something the
International Commission on the Balkans now wishes to see end.
As so often with liberals, Ashdown appears to be a man who is
liberal in opposition, far from liberal in power!

Jump To It!
We all know the sons and daughters of upper classes can be even
stranger than their parents. One good sign of this is the Oxford
University ritual of jumping into the River Cherwell on May Day.
Following some specialist work by Class War divers, we were
pleased to ensure that this year the River was only three feet deep on
May Day, as more than 100 students jumped 25 feet from Magdalen
Bridge. Thirty students were treated for injuries at the scene, and a
similar number were taken to hospital. Please be assured that Class
War frogmen are already planning next years surprise now - so jump
to it!

One Law for Them

The first in a no doubt all too regular column, exposing the fact that
whoever the law is serving, it is not the general public.

Figures for the year 2003-4 show that more than 12 people each
week are injured in London in crashes involving police cars. In the
England and Wales 31 people were killed by police cars last year.
The legal response to this problem is interesting. 59 police drivers
were caught by traffic cameras for speeding in Derbyshire last year.
None were taken to court, even though in at least 14 of these cases
the drivers were not displaying flashing blue lights. In other words, if
they want to race to the pie shop as fast as they want to, they can.
The classic example of this was PC Mark Milton of West Mercia
police. He decided to take one of the force's new cars out for a spin.
This involved him driving at 159 mph on the M54, 137 mph on the
A5 and in Telford, a residential area, at 100 mph. He was acquitted
of dangerous driving and speeding.
The case also revealed that West Mercia police had no policy on
when officers could drive above the speed limit - in other words they
can do what they want, which is something we had rather gathered
The families of those killed or seriously injured by speeding police
officers are of course left to suffer in silence. Brian Stephens, whose
daughter lost a leg after being hit by a speeding police car
commented "There is one rule for us and one for the police. What is
the point of having speed limits if these people can break them at

Returning the serve - Macquarie Fields, Sydney, Australia - 2005
February saw some of the fiercest rioting in Australia's history.
Events also catapulted Class War into the media spotlight, as youths
in Sydney distributed Class War leaflets, stickers and posters at the
height of the violence.
We were even treated to an "expose" on Channel 9 in Australia, on a
programme called "A Current Affair". The feature started by talking
about "international terrorists" but rather than producing Osama Bin
Laden, the best they managed to do was show the Class War
website, some stickers and t shirts.
New South Wales Police Commissioner Ken Moroney was wheeled
out to threaten arrests and prison sentences, whilst Molly Thomas, a
tearful Sydney social worker warned local youths not to get involved
in Class War "don't go down this road" she insisted before bursting
into tears again. All her good work in the community is apparently
being undone by these yobs!
Class War's headquarters in Sydney was traced (to a post office box)
and the extraordinary claim was made that Class War in Britain had
played a "key role in the Oldham riots". Not true, but when did that
ever stop the media? Interestingly the programme did reveal that the
Kelly family (at the centre of the recent riots in Sydney) have had
their house bugged by the police, and charges have been laid on the
basis of information from these bugs. The bug was planted BEFORE
the fatal crash that provoked the biggest riots Australia has seen.
Walls these days really do have ears........
The best bit of the programme was the interviews with two youths
from the Macquarie Fields area who, to the horror of journalists,
praised Class War. Brendan Kelly said of Class War "I hope they
come and wipe these fuckers out" whilst pointing to some Sydney
police officers.
The second highlight was the Australian journalist expressing his
horror that when he asked local politicians to go on air to discuss
Class War they refused, and a police spokesman asked to do the
same told him to "fuck off".

Clearly the New South Wales police do not have the smooth spin
based operation of the Met!

Our Sydney correspondent reports below from the front line:

Class War In the Field!
The slow burning fuse that is the streets of Sydney, ignited a powder
keg of anger, resentment and class hatred in the sort of suburbs you
will not be visiting in tonight's episode of Nei - bores!
Beginning on Sunday 16th February 2004 in Redfern, and finally
exploding on the housing estates of Macquie Fields in February
2005, the myth of one big-happy-family Australia was successfully
blown to bits thanks to the determined efforts of youths and families
not to allow the injustice of police murders and the endless sewer of
media lies to continue.
In between, youths in Cronulla took on the forces of law and order
on this years Australia Day (31st January) when hundreds of youths
fought bravely against police invading a community celebration.
Then on March 6th, 150 youths responded to the treacherous arm of
the law by fighting cops on the streets of Darling Harbour,
smack-bang in the middle of Sydney's prize jewel-in the crown city
The fuse has been burning in a thousand Aussie suburbs for years
now. Housing estates have been contesting the right of an outside
force - the cops - to enter their areas and ram the justice of the rich
man, with his judges, prosecutors, media and jails down the throats
of families that are being blamed for everything and praised for
nothing. In these estates, a genuine culture of rebellion has
developed into anti-authoritarian communities. Why should the
families of youths welcome cops with open arms, when the only
time they are seen is when they are throwing some unlucky soul into
the back of a police wagon or railroading family members into jails?
And equally, why should these people listen to the whinging and
whining from a society that does not give a fuck about them?
The answer is a simple one: they don't have to, and won't! They
don't and won't accept the law and order of an outside force - the
police. The youths who bravely fought for their families and
communities in Redfern, Inner Sydney, Cronulla and Macquarie
Fields are true working class heroes, and nothing less. Fuck your
movie stars with their fake smiles, their pathetic front of legality and
honesty, hiding the putrid lie rotting at their core. Fuck their
personal trainers and private security guards, and fuck the cops, who
protect the scummy shower of rule makers and plastic lying
scumbags at the top. This is the raw voice of the streets and here is
how Sydney, Australia put itself on the class war map, when the
people of Macquarie Fields decided the time had come to return the

On Friday 25th February, a car in which some young people were
travelling was chased by the police and rammed off the road and into
a tree, at over 100kph. By ramming the car into a tree, the cops were
responsible for killing two young men - Matt Robertson and Dylan
Rayward. Both were popular and loved members of the Macquarie
Fields community, and their deaths left the taste of bitterness, and
the lust for revenge and justice in their families, friends and loved
As a crowd of people surrounded the crash site in Eucalyptus Drive,
the first taunts and threats were exchanged. At first the cops were
nervous but confident that this collision between authority and
youths of Macquarie Fields could be limited, like so many times
before to verbals. They were wrong?.
The next night at 11pm the first missiles were launched in the battle
of Mac fields. Rocks, bottles, a burning mattress, shopping trolleys
and golf balls - all launched from a metre away. This was no
drunken mob, but all ages screaming abuse at the cops and cheering
the assault on. This cross section of the community - more than
anything else - is the reason why the media, police and government
were terrified, and why they spent so much time and money to
appease, imprison and divide the community, to their own ends. The
riot was totally spontaneous and the police retreated, then called the
Tactical Response Group for back up. By the time these meatheads
arrived, the riot was losing its momentum, as it was very late Sunday
The word was soon passed around the streets that a more organised
riot was needed to exact some justice upon the murders in blue. All
day people made Molotov cocktails, and built stockpiles of rocks,
bricks and bottles as ammunition. As soon as night decided upon the
suburb of Macquarie Fields war was declared on the forces of law,
legal murder and injustice. It started easy enough; the cops were
cruising all day in riot vans waiting for an eruption, pushing and
stopping and searching young people in the street. Little did they
know that preparations had been made to even the score. These
fucking idiot cops did not bother to think that they people they killed
had families and friends.
The police raided several houses around Eucalyptus Drive, arresting
those they accused of being ringleaders in the riot and were met with
insults and missiles on the third and fourth nights of rioting. The
roads and walls were covered in anti-police graffiti, and live on TV,
the brother of Matt, young Aaron Robertson declared his hatred for
the police by calling for a bullet for every one of them! Thereby
etching his name into the ranks of Aussie working class heroes in
doing so.
During the riots the police frequently chased rioters up dead end
streets where they were lost amid a series of bolt holes and dead
ends - this was the rioters territory, not the cops, and they were hit
by rubbish bins and petrol bombs at the dozen. About 30 cops were
injured during four days of rioting.
Politicians of all the maggot parties jumped over each other to
support the cops, but when asked if they would venture onto the
streets of Mac fields, all refused, citing all sorts of pathetic excuses.

The rioting also launched one of the biggest man hunts in a long
time - for the alleged driver of the car in which the young men died.
The cops reckoned that Jesse Kelly was the driver - even though it
took them a week to work out they had in custody after the first
nights riots - and they let him out! A TV crew even interviewed him,
and put the interview on prime time TV without even knowing he
was the alleged driver. A classic case of how stupid the media can be
as at this point Jesse Kelly was the most wanted man in Australia!
The news crews also interviewed a local Mac fields resident who live
on TV said things that were no tin the best interests of local people,
the rioters or the grieving relatives of the deceased. It is alleged by
the cops that Jesse Kelly returned and bashed this man for being a
"dog". However did bash this man had the support of most residents,
so it was only a crime in the eyes of the police and as we know that
is their law and order, not ours.
Jesse Kelly gave himself up after two weeks on the run. The police
charged him with riot, assault and affray. He has a lot of support and
is already being compared to the Australian legend Ned Kelly, for his
staunchness to his friends, and his strength and love for his family.

It should be stressed at this point how many people were being
raided by the police, and charged with riot, affray and assaults on
police, on the strength of video footage of the riots. Unfortunately a
lot of people did not wear masks, caps, gloves, hooded tops or
balaclavas. Their DNA was all over bottles, bricks, shopping
trolley's etc. This in itself presents a massive problem for the future
of fighting back.

The police maintained a presence on the streets of Mac fields on a
level similar to Northern Ireland or Palestine, for a whole month.
Riot vans and police buses cruised the streets filming everyone on
the streets. It has also become apparent that during the nights that
followed the rioting, the police and private security firms working
with the cops, installed hidden cameras and listening devices in
numerous areas where people were known to congregate. People's
phones were tapped and it was not uncommon to see a couple of
homes being raided by machine gun toting cops, during broad
daylight, at the same time. Mac fields was now a community under
complete siege, and fully occupied by an external force - the police.
Despite this, youths still maintained an aggressive stance towards
authority - there was no retreat and no surrender to the cops.
It has been said that it is a shame that other areas close by, such as
Claymore, Ingleburn and Minto did not riot at the same time as Mac
fields, as this would have divided the cops and therefore weakened
their forces. These areas are under similar pressures to Mac fields.
Other areas were waiting for it all to go down in their areas, from
Marouba, Mt Druitt, Greenacre, Cronulla, Redfern - all started to
prepare themselves.
The media, under the careful guidance of the government, and all
their judges, social workers, prison guards and the rich scum they
represent, stepped in to divide the Mac Fields people between
'hoodlums' and residents, rioters and honest citizens. They went out
of their way to blame Class War for trying to recruit a "street army"
amongst the youth in the area, and thus to inflame the situation.
The media knew they could not leave the Mac Fields people united
against the cops - they had to divide them in order to conquer and
tame their aggressive voice. The media campaign was relentless with
a tidal wave of talk back radio hosts and current affairs shows doing
all they could to ridicule and divide. The left wing political wet
blankets were either silent or backed New South Wales Labour
leader Bob Carr's congratulations to every Robocop on a job well
done. The right wing simply re-ran that tired old "Hang 'em, flog
'em" ditty. In particular they blamed the breakdown of law and order
on multiculturalism - total garbage as the fight back was started by
white Australians and then participated in by all nationalities.
As the smoke clears in Mac Fields and the graffiti is removed, the
cops and the scum they work for are terrified - they know that there
are thousands of Macquarie Fields out there. And they know
valuable were learned by the street fighters of Mac fields - some of
them painful - but lessons all the same. All those people charged are
getting legal support and are digging in for another fight. They have
their families, loved ones, friends and community behind them.
They did not backdown - never could, never would.
To the people of Macquarie Fields, and the housing estates of
Sydney, Australia and the rest of the world - the blood that scorches
through your veins is one. It is riotous, rebellious and strong. It will
prevail. It will be there in all future generations, as the fight for
control of our territory continues.
We must learn from each other - our tactics, our techniques and our
strategies. This is a war - nothing less. Sometimes it is an all out
street fight - as we saw in February - but most of the time it is a
battle of wits, of ducking and diving, of hitting then quickly
retreating. The people who live here know that. If we learn and work
together we can, and indeed will win ?. Forward into battle!


"I wanted to make sure I had enough to live off. I did not want to
spend my last years in an old people's home."
73-year-old Wilfred Ackermann, one of a gang of German armed
robbers known as the Grandpa gang, who committed armed
robberies netting over a million Euros, despite an average age of 70.
(Sunday Telegraph, 29/5/05)

"I don't like this guy at all because he's a bailiff, he thinks he's a
hard man but it is crap. He's a liar."
Boxer David Haye shows he has a good head on his shoulders before
his scheduled British Cruiserweight clash with boxing bailiff Mark
Hobson. (www.secondsout.com 24/6/05)

"It was in Finsbury that Thomas Paine sat down to write The Rights
of Man. It was Finsbury that elected the first non-white Member of
Parliament. It was Finsbury Borough Council that created the first
health centre in the country, and that built the first council estate
with central heating. Finsbury has a fine and proud history and it will
be a privilege to follow in the footsteps of those who created that
What revolutionary advance for the working class was being
announced with his hammy speech? The end of gentrification in the
area? Free council housing for all? Free public transport for all?
No, it was former MP for Islington South and Finsbury, Chris
Smith, announcing that he is now Lord Smith of Finsbury. You
really don't get it Chris, do you? (Islington Gazette 23/6/05).

``My fear is that as the older, more regular voters die, we will be left
with a significant number of people for whom voting is neither a
habit, nor a duty,'' he said. Now we are seeing, not just twenty
something's, but people in their thirties and forties who have never
voted and who actually seem proud to say so. This is something that
greatly concerns me.
This deliberate non-voting seems to be spreading up through our
voting population, threatening the long term legitimacy of our
political system.''
Do they mean us?
Geoff Hoon, Leader of the House of Commons, in a speech to the
Institute for Public Policy Research (4/7/05) Hoon went on to call for
voting to be compulsory in UK elections. Has there ever been a
clearer admission of failure by a British politician? That he and his
ilk are that unpopular people should be made to vote for them?

Peeping Toms
CCTV is now to be found on virtually every main street in Britain.
All of this is supposedly to make us safe, although as soon as a
tragedy like the London bombings occurs, the Home Secretary
quickly pipes up that "no manner of surveillance could have stopped
the attacks".
So we are left with the worst of both worlds - wall to wall
surveillance, but we are no more secure than before! CCTV is of
course routinely mis-used - take for example the four Sefton council
workers suspended, then charged, after council CCTV cameras were
angled to peer into a woman's flat. If that is what council workers are
up to, what are the chances the cops and security services are up to
things a thousand times worse?

Enough of Respect!
When George Galloway announced his decision to stand in Bethnal
Green and Bow at the election, we wondered how it would turn out.
And, if we were honest, we'd say something along the lines of how it
has transpired. Bethnal Green and Bow is now a more divided
community, there's a lot of anger about the way the election was
conducted, and the SWP look like they've had a mass orgasm. We're
not prophets: but it's an easy enough prediction that where Respect -
the Unity Coalition (RUC) go, a community riven by faith and race
will emerge.

The SWP's role in getting Galloway elected should not be
underestimated. They did put in a hell of a lot of effort into the
campaign. In fact, they concentrated their national effort of it, with
people coming from far and wide to help out. They must feel that
they now deserve some respect from their new MP. So it's a pity that
they're unlikely to get any. Now George is ensconced in his Brick
Lane apartment, and now he can spend less time on the hoof and
more time counting his money, it's probably time for the SWP to be
chucked out of the RUC, without a parachute. Who needs who
more? Galloway doesn't need any campaigners for the next four or
five years, and we'd be surprised if there aren't enough volunteers
within Tower Hamlets' Muslim community to replace the SWP's
pitiful cadres. The SWP are surplus to requirements. They have
done the hard bit, now all Galloway needs to do is build up a local
following through constituency work and campaigning and he's that
seat again at the next general election.
For all his gassing now that he won't stand again but will let the
burghers of Bethnal Green and Bow be represented by 'one of their
own' (presumably he means a Muslim of some description and not
necessarily a member of the working class) it is hard to see where
this carpetbagger can go. Yes, it's always possible that he'll keep his
word and move on in four years time. But it's more likely that to
keep him in the style to which he is accustomed he will have to
remain in Parliament so he can get some lucrative newspaper
columns. No one's going to want him on their books if he gets
dumped out of Parliament, so he has a reason to stay put.
Quite what that does for working class people in the East End, is
beyond us.

The RUC's election campaign did provide some amusing moments.
First was when Galloway was threatened with a lynching - there are
many Muslims in Bethnal Green & Bow who feel that voting is
un-Islamic and that all the people standing were candidates of Satan!
When Galloway found out that not all the Muslims were up for
supporting his squalid sort of communalist politics, he did not like it
one little bit. Much of the threats of, and actual violence appear to
have been one-way - as witness the Jewish war veterans at a
commemoration egged by some of Galloway's Muslim supporters.
Very, very unpleasant.

Then there was the announcement of Galloway's imminent divorce
from his wife. It has long been an open secret on the left that
Galloway has an eye for the ladies, and will offer any nubile young
thing a job as a researcher. Amin-eh Abu-Zayyad, Galloway's (now
ex-) wife, feels that his calling Respect "Respect" is a joke,
considering that he never gave her any. Practice what you preach,
George! And they don't come more preachy than Galloway!

And since his election, George has promised to hound Blair out of
office. This praiseworthy aim seems quite ambitious, as so many
have tried, but failed, to achieve the same objective. The dictators'
lickspittle, however, is adamant that this is his task. His bizarre view
that in scraping into Bethnal Green & Bow he has somehow
delivered a decisive blow to Labour indicates that he and reality have
some time ago parted company. If a million or more marching
couldn't prevent Blair going to war, we have some reservations about
Galloway's ability to capitalise on his success in the East End by
forcing the running dog Blair from office.

Elsewhere, politics dealt the RUC candidates cruel blows. In Neath,
for example, the RUC candidate (we'll not add to their humiliation
by identifying them) got an astonishing 257. The only other
constituencies where the RUC can claim any success are East Ham
and West Ham, where they received 20% of the vote, and a clear
majority of the Muslim vote. Who said it was just the BNP who were
trying to radicalise British politics?


The sickening sights we all saw lately when the pope clogged it
really made a lot of people switch of their TV and go down the pub.
Sick of seeing Christians coming out en mass, was enough to send
any loyal CWACKER reader violently vomiting in the toilet. The
Pope didn't do fuck all for years and looked like he was dead already,
then suddenly the media are all over the place reporting what a great
person he was, Well we at CWACKERS were not busy waiting to
praise the old codger, quite the reverse, we also wasn't surprised that
the sordid past of the pope wasn't mentioned. Lets have our own
obituary on Johnny the dead pope or known locally as useless old
git, The Pope, you remember was so contemptuous in rejecting
changes in our social climate in favour of the church's traditional
positions on homosexuality, abortion, the pill, women as priests, not
that we really want to see women as priest, we don't want to see any
priest at all. Just because the Pope was a virgin and missed out on
one pleasure in life he took it out on the rest of us. Hidden behind all
those "Suddenly" loyal Catholics in their droves, trying to look all
holy in front of the cameras they appear to have forgotten the pope
had a very dubious history in covering up sex-scandals in the
church. We noticed that the church didn't take a grudge on
Paedophiles and of sexual abuse because they were all up to it and
the pope appeared to be quite content in brushing case after case
under the carpet and forgiven them all. Cardinal Bernard F. Law,
compelled to step down in disgrace in 2002 as archbishop of Boston
because of his role in the cover-up of priests who sexually abused
young boys, Law resigned as archbishop of Boston after unsealed
court records revealed he had allowed priests guilty of abusing
children to move among parish assignments, without notifying the
public. Pope Johnny II took no punitive action, and last year
appointed Law, still a cardinal, to the position of archpriest of the
Basilica of St. Mary Major, one of Rome's most prominent churches.
The cardinal was interviewed on several American television
networks and honoured by the Bush administration when he joined
other American cardinals at a reception with President Bush and his
wife, Laura, at the United States Embassy residence in Rome.

This flattering attention has come as a shock to the victims of the
sex abuse scandal. According to reports in the American press, "to
the astonishment and dismay of many Boston Catholics, Law has
returned to the public spotlight" (Washington Post). It "reminded
American Catholics that their most painful recent chapter barely
registered in the Vatican" (New York Times).

It was in that capacity that Law was named to lead one was given an
honoured role in the ceremonies marking the death of Johnny II.

Law stepped down as archbishop of Boston in December 2002, after
a year of unprecedented revelations about hundreds of cases of
sexual abuse of pre-teen and teenage boys by Boston-area priests.
For months, victims of sex abuse came forward and told their stories
about the predatory actions of John J. Geoghan, Paul R. Shanley and
dozens of other priests.

For months, Law, a dogmatic conservative who was appointed by
John Paul II, downplayed the seriousness of the charges and
accused critics of seeking to undermine the Church. Dozens of
priests and thousands of parishioners signed petitions calling on him
to resign, but he rejected any suggestion that the Church hierarchy
should be accountable to the lower ranks. Ultimately, however, he
was compelled to hand over the names and records of 80 paedophile
priests to Massachusetts state authorities.

The trigger for his ouster as archbishop was a decision by a
Massachusetts judge to compel the Church to release internal
documents about its personnel decisions. These documents showed
that Law had been aware of repeated allegations of sex abuse against
certain priests, and had adopted a policy of transferring them from
parish to parish without notifying anyone in the congregations.

This had a twofold effect: it supplied fresh, unwitting victims to the
priests; and it prevented these disturbed men from receiving
treatment for their condition. (Geoghan, linked to sexual abuse of
more than 130 people, was sentenced to 10 years in state prison,
where a fellow prisoner murdered him.)

If any institution besides the Catholic Church had been involved, the
evidence would have led to criminal prosecution, not merely of the
individual abusers, but of the senior official who took affirmative
action to permit the abuse to continue. Law ignored complaints by
abuse victims, refused to report crimes by priests to the police, and
even wrote letters of commendation for priests who he knew were
involved in abusing children.

A series of investigations concluded that at least 1,000 people were
victimised as children in the Boston archdiocese alone. More than
150 priests were found to have a record of abuse. The Church there
has paid settlements of more than $90 million, forcing parish
consolidation and the closure of some Catholic schools as a
consequence of the resulting financial crisis.
The Boston scandal was far from isolated. The surrounding publicity
emboldened thousands of victims of priest sexual abuse to come
forward and make accusations. More than 1,000 sexual abuse
lawsuits have been filed in the US alone, with multimillion-dollar
settlements in Dallas, Portland and other dioceses. Similar charges
forced the ouster of priests and bishops in Poland, Ireland, France
and Austria.
Pope Johnny II convened an extraordinary meeting in the Vatican
on the US sex abuse scandal on April 23-24, 2002, bringing together
all of the US cardinals and the leadership of the US Catholic
Conference of Bishops, as well as Vatican officials. The meeting
produced a statement formally condemning child sex abuse, but
making a series of excuses for the priests involved, including the
claim "that almost all the cases involved adolescents and therefore
were not cases of true paedophilia." The meeting denied the obvious,
declaring, "A link between celibacy and paedophilia cannot be
scientifically maintained," and reaffirmed "the value of priestly
celibacy as a gift of God to the Church." Aye, work that one out.


And this is why he stayed a virgin to death? Here's some facts which
the Pope thought dearly in the name of the Church.

Women's rights. Year after tiresome year since 1978, the Pope has
told women that men only are made in the image of Christ and
women were made to be breeders. Despite a shortage of priests,
women may not become priests, and are such polluters of piety that
male priests may not marry them. The media universally have
treated these demeaning laws as significant "news." Even now, as
men in skirts plot the course of the church, where is the outrage by
media, not to mention Catholic women, over the church's "male
only" doctrines and other papal bullshit?

Abortion. Over and over, the Pope has mercilessly condemned legal
abortion, even in cases of rape or to save the pregnant woman's life.
He and his church lobby in this country (tax-free) and world-wide to
overturn abortion where it is legal, and to keep it back-alley where it
is not, contributing to the unnecessary deaths of thousands of
women every year and the despair of their families.

A Catholic war is being waged against reproductive rights, as
exemplified by the Catholic interference in Nicaragua two years ago
when authorities attempted to stop a 9-year-old rape victim from
having an abortion. Abortion, the pope said, is always a "crime,"
which he compared to the Nazi Holocaust. The Catholic Church
would turn the clock back world-wide if it had its way. Its dedication
to halting reproductive choice for women poses an imminent threat
to the health and lives of half the world's human inhabitants.
The best to be said about Pope Johnny II is that his successor will
likely be worse.
Pope Benedict XVI (where the hell do they get their names) we will
probably not here any more news for forty years.

Church of the Holy Paedophiles

Where the Mass is celebrated not with bread & wine but with vile
sodomite semen. Vatican intelligence surpasses the CIA & FBI. The
Pope appoints all bishops, archbishops, cardinals, etc., and he does
so knowing many are paedophiles and perverts. As the final and
absolute ruler of all things Catholic, he is solely responsible for every
raped child and every sinful, pervert priest. "And in hell he lift up his
eyes, being in torments." John Paul II lived and died a raging virgin
surrounded by an army.

Love 'em or hate 'em they're bloody everywhere, a few tips on how
to make the best of churches taking up all the bloody land so why
take some back:
Skint? Why not rob from churches, there are always some bits and
bobs lying around, crosses will be worth a bit, always a few quid in
the begging box near the door and the great thing is God will forgive
you and if your not a bit religious he doesn't exist anyway! Take a
claw hammer and a black cloak with you and they may just blame
the devil!

Cheap Holiday: don't bother with crap B&Bs, why not go camping,
not only does it cost you fuck all but you can pitch your tent in the
local grave yard, it will be quiet and for free but be discreet about it.
(N.B people of a nervous disposition should not try this one!)


The article was written by a Class War member whose holiday
destination this year was Dorset. Reading a brochure after returning
made me laugh, rolling hills, sunny meadows, everything for the
family blah blah?but after my visit to this county well known for its
child friendly beaches and relaxing countryside I was shocked
because all I saw was prisons, more prisons, fences, cameras and
shady looking screws.
We (me and my girlfriend) started by staying in Dorchester, not a
bad town, a bit cliquey but a lot of history if you're willing to search
around. We walked around a bit and saw a massive building with
high walls, on further investigation we noticed the razor wire and
sussed that it was that Victorian prison HMP Dorchester. We
walked up a side road and noticed a security guard bounding towards
us, my girlfriend said later that he walked a bit like a monkey, he
barked at us "this is a private road, what are you doing here","
walking down it", I replied and thought did he expect us to say sir,
"you cant go any further, go back"," I don't see any signs saying this
is a private road" was my reply, he fumed and paced back to a
building watching us, at that point I noticed all the CCTV cameras, I
took a few pictures myself and posed in front of the ageing prison.
Bloody hell, friendly Dorset we thought later in the pub. There's a
funny smell in Dorchester as you walk about, later I learned that it
was the local brewery and what you smell is the hops mixed in with
Dorchester Prison decaying away.

Well that was our first day in the sunny county; it pissed down with
rain at the time. Next port of call was Portland, unspoilt countryside
the island that has everything the brochure stated. Prisons, yes there
bloody everywhere. I knew Portland has a Young Offenders Prison
because I remember when I was little I use to visit my brother there
once a month. After a short walk we bumped right into the Gaol,
very big, very ugly and very threatening. It was dusk on a very windy
evening and whilst walking on a footpath we could see across the
razor wire the inmates TVs on in the cells. It must have been lock up
time, we tried waving to some prisoners on the stairs but it was dusk
and they didn't see us. Night time came and we visited the local
boozer, after one pint we noticed all the people in the pub were men,
keys hanging of their jeans, big boots on, the pub was cold and
unfriendly in fact it was a bit depressing, no laughter, no smiling.
Later on in the morning we were told by the B&Bs owner where we
was staying that we should visit the pub further along as the pub we
went in was where Prison staff went, should of guessed really. Well
a new day and the sun was out briefly we looked forward to a walk to
another part of the island and you guessed it we bumped right into
another prison, the notorious Verne. It seemed that this prison was
underground, it was massive, seemed that it belonged to another era,
cameras where still there. We wondered if it was still used. It
couldn't be, as it seemed to us that it was lifeless. Massive imposing
gates loomed at us?was there anywhere we could go without
bumping into a prison? Obviously not in Dorset. When we managed
to get on a path near the sea we came to a hill and lo and behold
what loomed before us was not a picture of rolling seas and golden
sands but slabs of concrete, razor wire and a big massive ship with
lights on "That cant be another prison" we barked at each other but
it was, a fucking boat, they put a prison on a boat! Did they run out
of land? It's not as if Dorset is a big county. We bought an Ordnance
Survey map and saw all the prisons we bumped into, shockingly we
also noticed that we couldn't escape to the Isle of Wight, which we
mentioned and we saw that the island holds one of the biggest
prisons in England.

Chatting to a local old boy he was telling us the history of Portland
and how the Government built their gaols there. Being an Island you
couldn't escape, as there is only one main road into Portland and
also told us that the rock on Portland was great for building houses
and that with cheap Prisoners hard labour, and shipping Portland
stone was a great way the Government could make money?.
Looking back on our Holiday in Prison land we was shocked at how
many Prisons there were in one small area and surely if you looked
at other Counties and saw how many prisons there are, added them
all up together you get a picture that England is obsessed with Gaols,
there fucking everywhere you turn.

We counted in England alone, not including Wales or Scotland the
total of 143 Prisons, a hundred and fucking forty three on a small
island which was all HMP Prisons with the East Midlands having
the most, not including 11 private prisons, sub total of 154.Quite a
lot don't you think, and more prisons are to be built, mainly Private
Prisons. We asked ourselves what the fuck is going on in this
country, not only is 154 prisons are not enough that 10 prisons are
bursting at the seems with mass overcrowding. As I write this, we
sent a letter of complaint to Dorset County Council about all their
prisons and didn't get a reply, next year we will take our annual
holidays in another country where we can stroll without a prison in

Prison Censorship Defeated
HMP Belmarsh, Britain's highest security prison, was recently
forced to back down on censorship of a radical newspaper. We
reproduce a press release on the matter below:

On 29 June 2005 Belmarsh prison wrote to Daniel Guedalla of
Birnberg Peirce solicitors, the legal representatives for Basque
political prisoner, Inigo Makazaga, backing down over the prison's
refusal to issue him with copies of the newspaper Fight Racism!
Fight Imperialism! (FRFI).FRFI is a bi-monthly anti-racist,
anti-imperialist newspaper produced by the Revolutionary
Communist Group and published by Larkin Publications. Each issue
of the paper has a page dedicated to the struggles of prisoners and it
is sent free of charge to any prisoner who requests a copy.
Inigo Makazaga is imprisoned in blemish high security prison in
south London, following a demand by the Spanish government for
his extradition. He has not been charged with any criminal offence
in Britain. Mr Makazaga had received copies of FRFI without
problem for two years, but at the start of 2005 was handed an empty
envelope marked 'racial paper not for issue'. Following protests by
Larkin Publications and many concerned individuals and
organisations, the prison seized to claim that the paper was 'racial'.
However the following issue was withheld for a different reason,
supposedly to do with the Prison Service Incentives scheme. The
next one was simply returned marked 'not for issue'. Birnberg Peirce
solicitors then threatened the prison with a judicial review if the
paper continued to be withheld.
Belmarsh's letter of 29 June states that: Inigo Makazaga may receive
both past and future issues of FRFI without hindrance, as can any
other prisoner in Belmarsh who chooses to subscribe. The prison
apologises for the implication that FRFI was a 'racial paper' . The
prison library will take an extra copy of the paper.
Larkin Publications will now be writing to other prisons that have
censored FRFI in the recent period (in particular Full Sutton and
Frankland prisons) and will continue to oppose all attempts to
prevent distribution of the paper to prisoners in the future.


For further information telephone 020 7837 1688

Class War fully supports the stance taken by fight Racism Fight
Imperialism on this issue, and advice any other groups or individuals
similarly censored to take an identical approach.

Letters Page

Uncivil Contingencies
Oh no, he's back and fucking smirking, unashamed of his
dishonesty and corruption. Nevertheless, whilst in voluntary exile,
and dreaming of his coup d'etat, he has just completed his updated
biography, an exposition of his political life and ideas that really
should be called Mein Kampf.
If truth be told, before Herr Blunkett's cowardly exit from power, he
was calling for the law to be changed to give trigger-happy cops
immunity from prosecution. Putting armed police beyond the law is
a hallmark of military dictatorships.
The new Witch Finder General, Mr Big Ears, appears to continue
with Blunkett's crackpot schemes, proceeding with trial without
jury, and more shockingly secret kangaroo court proceedings,
without being told or being able to question the allegations against
them. Having said that, this method of justice has been going on in
Northern Ireland for generations.
This violates all the elements of a fair trial, and is a return to the
aristocracy period prior to 1760 when the Bill of Rights was
introduced. Are we now to expect the legalisation of forced
confessions with torture, and witch burning on the evidence that
they wore a pointed hat?
One further piece of authoritarian legislation intended for us all is the
Civil Contingencies Bill. This gives powers to prevent people for
leaving or entering any area, to deploy armed troops on the streets in
great numbers, ban gatherings of people, requisition property and to
disregard all existing legislation. It is a blue print for martial law.

Stewart (ex-British soldier), Northamptonshire

CW Reply: CW has always said that "rights" with legal or so-called
human rights, are basically worthless if they can be taken away at
the stroke of some bureaucrat's pen. When the Civil Contingencies
Bill becomes an Act, our point will, sadly, be proven beyond all

Spirit of the Blitz?
The Queens very stirring speech to the nation was that we will not
be affected by the bombs in London, that we will carry on as usual.
So the royals will still be getting the tube to the races, and a double
Decker to the banquets? Well done Lizzie.

Julie, Suffolk (by e mail)
CW Reply: As has been said so many times in recent years - the
wars are fought in their name, yet we die in them.

Who was Bob Aiding?
May I add a few words to the review of "The Enemy Within" in the
last edition of CW? Revealing as it is about the secret state's tactics
used against the miners in the great strike, it omits one important
detail: the role of the "Band Aid" famine relief concert.
Before Band Aid, the miners were winning. Contrary to what the
papers were saying, the Tory government was getting increasingly
desperate. Stockpiles of coal were dwindling faster than planned, and
sympathetic strike action by workers in other countries had
prevented imports of coal from every country except Peru and
Colombia, countries with vicious fascist governments where coal is
mined by slave, convict and child labour, and Dockers were forced to
load coal onto ships literally at gunpoint.
In Britain, gas, oil and nuclear-fired power stations were forced to
operate flat out, far beyond their original design tolerances and safety
limits: for example, Bradwell nuclear power station in north Essex
suffered a Preliminary Meltdown Alarm and only armed officers of
the Nuclear Energy Authority Special Constabulary stopped the
workers from evacuating! Even so, there were voltage reductions (at
night, between midnight and 0600 when no one would notice) and
severe economies imposed on industry; of course the press barons
agreed not to print anything about this, and anyone who might tell
got a visit from the state, and the words "Official Secrets Act" and
"Hilda Murrell" (who was murdered by state agents to stop her
revealing embarrassing facts about the sinking of the Belgrano
during the Falklands War) were used.
Despite all this, the public were starting to ask awkward questions,
and the government desperately needed to divert public attention
away from the strike, as well as public sympathy - although the
government had intercepted money sent from Libya and Russia, and
frozen the NUM's bank accounts, the strike was being kept going by
cash donations and bucket collections. The Tories realised they
needed to cut these off to defeat the miners. They needed to find
another "good cause" for the public to give money to. They found
one in Ethiopia.
In 1974 the Emperor of Ethiopia, the oldest established monarchy in
the world, was overthrown in a revolution, and replaced by the
Democratic Ethiopian Revolutionary Government (DERG) led by
Colonel Mengistu, who immediately began the biggest and most
comprehensive programmes of land and wealth distribution the
world had ever seen. This horrified the governments of the west,
who afraid of another "good example" like Nicaragua, immediately
began their campaign to bring the DERG down, beginning with a
proxy invasion via Somalia in 1977. When this was beaten off, the
west then sent arms to every criminal, malcontent ne-er do well,
mercenary and opportunist within Ethiopia, calling them the Eritrean
Liberation Front (Eritrea was originally a colony of Italy formed out
of territory seized by Italy from Ethiopia after the battle of Adowa in
the 1880s, Mussolini came back for the rest of Ethiopia in 1936)

With western arms, advisors and tactical and logistical help, the ELF
quickly took control of the eastern half of the country, driving the
entire population off their farms but refusing to allow them to cross
into western Ethiopia where the DERG still ruled. Consequently
these dispossessed people starved. However the infamous BBC
broadcast by Michael Buerk, which alerted the world to the famine,
blamed Mengistu and the DERG for the famine! In fact, in the
DERG controlled half of the country there was no famine, but the
TV audience was not allowed to know that!
Having found their good cause, the Tories now needed someone to
front it for them. They found it in Bob Geldof. Previously Geldof had
been lead singer for the pop group The Boomtown Rats. However
his hits, and the groups career came to an end when they released "I
Don't Like Mondays", which told the story of a California school
shooting. For some reason the Americans thought Geldof was
exploiting a national tragedy, and responded by every radio station
banning every Rats record, and public bonfires of their back
catalogue. The Rats went bust and broke up. Geldof himself went
bankrupt and was reduced to living off the earnings of his wife Paula
Yates from TV, but even these dried up after The Tube was taken
off air and her show "Sex With Paula" was cancelled after Mary
Whitehouse threatened legal action. The Geldofs were reduced to
living on handouts from friends (the few they had left) in a house
they had borrowed from Elton John. This was an arrangement John
found highly amusing, he insisted on dragging Geldof behind him
like a dog, saying things like "I don't object to punk rockers, in fact
everyone should keep one around, they keep the mice down".
When Thatcher asked Geldof if he would front a famine relief
operation for her, which would generate an immense amount of
favourable publicity for him, and for which he would be richly
rewarded, he jumped at the chance. The idea that Geldof organised
the entire thing himself, with the help of his friends in the rock
business, is ludicrous, when he could not even organise a job for
himself. In any case, Band Aid never received the result it claimed it
did. Although it raised millions of pounds, it was all wasted. Band
Aid's organisers insisted in channelling all the food it bought
through a single port (Asmara) with the result that the port became
choked and food rotted on the quayside. Band Aid's solution was to
buy a fleet of trucks locally, however the trucks proved to be so
much scrap metal and were useless. In the end, the legitimate
famine relief agencies, Oxfam, War on Want and Christian Aid, sent
a delegation to see Geldof at his hotel and told him that if he did not
get out of their way, they would pull out and tell the world what a
pig's ear he had made of everything. Geldof and the rest of his
celebrity friends (Lenny Henry et al) were reduced to "photo
opportunities" posing with this or that starving orphan, when they
were not sitting by the hotel pool!

Unfortunately for the miners, Band Aid had the desired effect.
Bucket donations dried up as the public told collectors that they had
given to Ethiopia instead, in many cases bucket collectors were
verbally abused in the street, and worse. With no money coming in
to the strike fund, the miners were effectively starved back to work.
Geldof was well rewarded of course, the government virtually gave
him his own TV production company (Planet 24 Productions) which
has landed many valuable contracts thanks to friends in high places,
although its only asset seems to be Jonathan Ross, whom they hold
under permanent contract, and about whom it is said "He thinks he
is Peter Cook, acts like Bernard Braden, wants to be David Frost, but
sorry Jonathan, you are Simon Dee". That, and the knighthood
(which legally Geldof is not entitled to being Irish, not British)
certainly helps to grease a few pathways into business.
Incidentally Geldof was the only Irish entertainer to refuse to
contribute to an LP released to raise funds for the families of the
1981 Irish hunger strikers.

KA, Tilbury, Essex.

CW Reply: Just who Bob Geldof is aiding is a matter that needs
further research, Certainly his conduct at Genoa in 2001, and
Scotland in 2005, does not appear to be inconsistent when you read
the above account.

Christian Anarchists?

Dear Class War
I thought I would write to give you some advice. I find the
CWACKERS section very informative and well intentioned but I feel
that left wing Christians would be put off by: Class War Against
Christian Wankers.
This is because I am sure there are anarchist Christians out there, or
Christians with anarchist leanings, for example Gnostic Christians,
who have a rather long anarchist tradition. Gnostics and spiritualists
do not tend to see themselves as religious, but as spiritual. I hope
you have find this little letter helpful.

Secularphobe, Canterbury, Kent.

CW Reply: No we did not find your letter helpful. Religions, and the
religious, have had long enough to build a better world. You have not
done so, but there is plenty of evidence you have made the world a
worse place. Step aside please.

Antifa Page

Getting things Moving
The first general ANTIFA meeting was held in London in March.
The meeting was held to discuss the future of militant antifascism in
Britain. Morris Beckman, a member of the 43 Group, was guest
speaker and told of the success of kicking Mosley's post war fascists
off the streets. Many amusing tales were told of fascists being
beaten robbed and even kidnapped. So much for the myth of
"peaceful protest" being the only route to success!
For a great read get a copy of Morris Beckman's book 'The 43
Group' available from all good book shops. The 43 Group by Morris
Beckman (Centreprise) ISBN 0 903 738 759
The meeting saw activists share intelligence, discuss tactics and
commit to politically and physically challenging fascism wherever
For more information on Antifa go to www.antifa.org.uk or phone
07952 759 473. To get things moving, why not order 50 Antifa
stickers for a quid?

The National Front must be sick of Antifa kicking their heads in
because at the start of April they put a whole section on their south
east group's website dedicated to Antifa! Thanks for the publicity
you wankers! They have posted details of recent Antifa actions
reprinted our leaflets (we kid you not) and put up some interesting
pictures of people they claim to be Antifa members.

With the parliamentary elections over for four to five years, with why
would the British National Party be felling very pleased with
themselves when none of their candidates was elected?
They took enough votes in Labour's old heartland's in the north and
in a few pockets of the south to suggest that the poisonous party may
meet with some success when it contests council elections next
year. Across the country, the BNP polled 193,000 votes compared
with the 47,000 votes in 2001.
Scary facts when we look at Barking, east London where the racists
secured a record share of the vote; they need just 5% swing to gain at
least 10 councillors next year. Labour are sitting on their arses and
are not doing the foot work in areas such as Stoke, Burnley, and
Halifax, as are all the rest of the parties who are leaving working
class communities out, whilst the BNP and the National Front
spread their poison.
Waiting for the likes of Labour to sort themselves out in these areas
would be like pissing in the wind. The more power the racists gain in
working class areas should be a wake up call for everyone - it really
is up to you.

Of all the election results earlier this year, the 6000 votes for the
fascist British National Party's David Owen in Doncaster's Mayoral
election was one of the most depressing of all. Nobody can be in any
doubt who this bloke is, his record in the fascist movement goes
back decades having been a central figure in the Nazi National Front
prior to the BNP. For years he was surrounded by young storm
troopers in the bovver boots and skinhead garb, which went with
their NF cell in Stainforth.
Owen's election material traded hard of having been 'a Hatfield Main
miner' as he always does whatever position he stands for, in fact he
had a few insignificant years on the pit top. It is possible a few
former miners in the Doncaster pit villages, ignorant of his political
past, or even what the BNP is, may have voted for him for that
reason. Lets be clear, if Owen were a member of the NUM today,
he'd be expelled under its rules, which outlaw any member of fascist
and racialist organisations from joining or remaining in the union.
The NUM is firmly against fascism and has a long history going
back to the thirties of fighting against them. Many comrades died in
the valleys of Spain fighting Franco's fascists, thousands more went
off in World War two to stop Hitler and Mussolini, while others here
in Britain fought pitched battles against Oswald Mosley and his
Blackshirt Movement, the ideological forerunner of the National
Front which Owen backed.

During the miners strike of 84/85 Hatfield Main's mining
communities and Doncaster as a whole received massive support
from the four corners of the world, people of all skin colours and
religions collected food and money for our kitchens and food parcels
and kids. The black South African NUM, black miners with nothing,
sent us half of their entire funds.
That we should be so ungrateful and repay that kindness and
generosity with such narrow minded, spiteful race hate is nothing
short of shameful.

We know that the BNP doesn't in fact offer a political programme,
just a list of hate, but lets look at some of their charges

Asylum Seekers are scroungers from the state.

It always helps when looking at any question to put yourself in the
boots of the person your talking about. What would any of us do, for
the safety of our families in countries beset by war and terror, or
starvation and drought? Would we sit there and watch our families
starve while other folk not far away, whose governments often
caused the war, and terror or did nothing about the poverty
starvation and drought in the first place, carry on with their lives
undisturbed? Or would we too try and get out of it until things
improved. Would you make a dive for the lifeboats with your family
or just sit and wait to be drowned saying, well we don't have seats in
the boat? Answer honestly.

50% of all nurses in the NHS come from overseas, many of them are
refugees, many are doctors and other health care professionals. The
Home Office, which is no friend of the migrant, says they contribute
£2.5 BILLION to the economy.

Britain takes in more asylum seekers than anybody else?

Pakistan and Iran take one third of all the worlds refugees. Poverty
stricken, desperate countries like Tanzania and Guinea take in more
refugees than Britain. In terms of Europe, Britain is TENTH in the
list for greatest numbers.

They get all the houses
Actually those who do get temporary housing get dumped in the
worse, estates and blocks of flats and run down areas among the
poorest people who live here and that causes real resentment, as
people with nothing are jealous of other people who have nothing
getting or thinking they are getting something they aren't.

They get loads of money
When and if they qualify its for less than £40 per week.

The point is this, people with black and brown skins have been
coming to Britain for nearly two thousand years, as sailors as
workers as traders, sometimes as slaves. Many have been here if the
truth was known a lot longer than the families of white people who
may have come recently from Europe or Scandinavia but whose
families now have regional accents. The British are a mixture of
people from all over the world and always have been, The English
came from Denmark (the Angles) The British came from Iraq and
the Middle east (Celtic migration of ancient Brits and Gaels),
Romans, Normans, Vikings, Arabs, Jews, traders, artisans, soldiers,
explorers, refugees and explorers and invaders. This country is a
mix of foreign people who become a single people with cultural
diversity and what the hell is wrong with that?

Now most Class War readers and supporters know that the people
behind anti-fascist magazine Searchlight are a bunch of
untrustworthy dodgy bastards, but their reporting, or not reporting,
or not reporting of Antifa actions recently has left even us wondering
if they know what's going on!
The Antifa action against the NF on 15th January was blamed by
Searchlight on Charlton Athletic fans even though Antifa made a
statement claiming responsibility. And the BNP meeting in Halifax
that was trashed wasn't mentioned at all! (Did everyone see Griffin's
armoured car when he had to return to Halifax police station a week
So if you're still buying Searchlight at best you're receiving
misinformation and at worst just a pack of lies. If you want to be
involved at the cutting edge of antifascism don't delay contact Antifa

Police/BNP Links
In January it became an offence for serving police officers, and
police staff to be members of the British National Party.
In the rest of Europe formal links between police and fascist parties
are common. Le Pen's Front national even has a special section for
police officers. In this country the BNP had boasted of having a
significant number of West Midlands police officers in their ranks.
Oldham BNP claim to have received police video footage of the 2001
Oldham riots, whilst in 2001 the National Front published addresses
they claimed were of anti-fascists, given to them by the police.
To this list can now be added BNP member Andrew Matthews, a
Police Community Support officer based at Morley police station in
Leeds. Matthews was about to become a full time cop when he was
arrested in May, under suspicion of accessing information from
police computers on behalf of the BNP.
Quite how many other cases like this will emerge is hard to estimate
-police spindoctors are hardly likely to shout about dismissals of
fascists from the rooftops. It is however a timely reminder to all
anti-fascists that those organisations who claim to be anti-fascists,
whilst actively working with police forces across the country, are a
security risk, not just to themselves, but to anti-fascists everywhere.

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Reviews Page

"For Workers' Power: Selected Writings" by Maurice Brinton
AK Press, £12

Maurice Brinton, who died recently, was the Solidarity Group's
principal writer, and this new selection of his works shows you why.
It's a fascinating read, covering topics ranging from the Paris
Commune to the Belgian General Strike of 1960. This anthology
includes his seminal work on the Bolsheviks and Workers' Control,
a very interesting and thought-provoking essay. Although I know
theory isn't everyone's can of lager, this is definitely worth a read.

5 skulls

"Nestor Makhno -Anarchy's Cossack: The Struggle for Free Soviets
in the Ukraine 1917-1921" by Alexandre Skirda
AK Press, £13

There are two essential books on Nestor Makhno and his Ukrainian
anarchists. One of them is Arshinov's history of the Makhnovist
movement, a book that is increasingly hard to get hold of. The other
is this one, Anarchy's Cossack, by Skirda. For many years
unavailable in English, this is a rip-roaring read about the
Makhnovist army's campaigns and operations. Although £13 is quite
dear, it's well worth every penny, and on finishing this I expect many
readers will be moving hell and high water to find a copy of
Arshinov's book!

5 skulls

Pushers Out - The inside story of Dublin's anti-drugs movement -
Andre Lyder (Trafford, £13.50)

This is a history of the major campaigns against heroin use, and
heroin dealing, in inner-city Dublin, in the 1980s and 90s. It covers
the work of individual activists, the organisations Concerned Parents
Against Drugs (CPAD) and the Coalition of Communities Against
Drugs (COCAD) plus the response of established politicians, the
police, paramilitary organisations and the drug dealers themselves.
As such Lyder has made a huge contribution to an area that few,
outside of inner-city Dublin really know much about.
Lyder paints a vivid picture of establishment neglect of working class
areas, and of the hypocrisy of a police service and legal system that
knows no limits when working class people threaten to replace it
themselves. The commitment of working class people, when roused,
to improving there own neighbourhoods, is inspiring.
The anti-drugs movement in Dublin was frequently associated with
both the IRA and Sinn Fein. Here the author walks a bit of a
tightrope, attempting to explain that whilst Sinn Fein members were
integral to the campaigns, they did not dominate - COCAD was not
a front group for Sinn Fein. It was certainly important however that
anti-drugs dealers were seen to have the support, if necessary of the
IRA - how else could residents expect to stand up to major criminal
gangs, unless someone with a bigger stick was waiting in the wings?
As Sinn Fein's political influence and ambitions in the south grew,
they eventually capitalised politically on some of the work started by
activists like Andre Lyder. His pages describing how he fell out with
Sinn Fein over his candidacy in a local election are an interesting
example of the Sinn Fein "party machine" in action. Probably the
strongest sections are when the author is describing his work on,
and with, public bodies in Dublin, who played part of the state's
response to the politicised communities of working class people. He
is scathing of the attempts to water down, and fob off, the
involvement of working class people in their own neighbourhoods.
Criticisms can be made of "Pushers Out" - it makes little or no
attempt to mark any boundary between "hard" or "soft" drugs, and
between the sort of drug usage that can be described as recreational,
or even very occasional, as opposed to addiction. Some will balk at
the book, and author for that reason alone. If so, they would be
mistaken - this is a major contribution to working class politics.

5 skulls

Zapata of Mexico - Peter Newell (Freedom Press/Active
Distribution, £9.50)
The 1994 uprising by the EZLN (The Zapatista Army of National
Liberation) in southern Mexico, rekindled interest in the ideas, life
and history of the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. The
EZLN take their name form one of the great revolutionary fighters.
Its time to go back to the days when all revolutionaries had a big hat
and an even bigger moustache!
Newell gives an excellent overview into Mexico in the early
twentieth century, and Zapata's campaign against the bosses and
politicians. If we have a criticism it is the failure to give a glossary of
Spanish terms used in the book. There is little point using words like
rurales or burros unless you tell English speaking readers what they

3 Skulls.


Everything you ever wanted to know about anarchism, but were
afraid to ask?. (Rebel Press, £3)

This book does exactly as it says on the tin. A tastefully produced
little introduction, it is ideal both as a summary of anarchism, and
an introduction to some of the arguments for and against the
4 skulls.

The CNT in the Spanish Revolution (Volume 2) by José Peiras
(Christie Books, £17)
Stuart Christie's publishing house, ChristieBooks.com, has issued a
number of interesting books in recent years. Apart from his
three-volume autobiography, Christie has also republished Gordon
Carr's book on the Angry Brigade and We, the Anarchists!, a study
of the Iberian Anarchist Federation. José Peiras' book is a valuable
addition to his catalogue, and one well worth reading. Although I
haven't seen the first volume of this book, I feel that I learnt a great
deal from this one on its own. The mass of documentation inside
makes the fascinating story it tells more immediate and enthralling;
you feel like you're at the centre of events. Although at £17 it isn't
cheap, it is well worth it.
4 skulls

Eastenders? Not on your Nelly!

The BBC is well known as the mouthpiece of government
propaganda. But some of its most cunning propaganda comes in the
form of soap operas. Most people can recognise a government lie
when it's from the lips of Tony Blair: but the more subtle and
insidious messages in programmes like Eastenders often go
If you look at Eastenders objectively, you see a bunch of working
class people who have no visible means of support, who spend all
day in the pub (or café) even though they can't stand the people
working there. Almost every character in Eastenders is an alcoholic!
And when someone's recognised as an alkie - like Phil Mitchell was
- there doesn't seem to be a bar on him working in a pub. It doesn't
stand up to scrutiny.

What's insidious and crafty about Eastenders is that it portrays the
working class as a bunch of losers, people who stumble from one
failed relationship to another, who've all got serious personal
problems yet can afford to jet off to the other side of the world at the
drop of a hat. It's a strange mixture of lies and fiction, with a small
dash of truth thrown in when invention won't do.

Take the Queen Vic, for example. You see people in there all day,
every day. This doesn't ring true! Yet it's something which is rarely
noticed. The characters seem to dive in there at the slightest
provocation, and it's a rare week when the Slaters don't go down
there for one reason or another. Few of the characters liked Phil
Mitchell, but they all drank there anyway. Eh? In real life, people
wouldn't behave like that - why should they in Eastenders. And it's
only in recent years that money's begun to change hands??

The people in Eastenders are some media studies student's idea of
the working class - but it's a vision of the working class shared by
many of the middle class. We're all seen as lazy, feckless, reckless,
conniving, inadequate, drinking layabouts - as people appear in
Eastenders is us being told by the middle classes what we are and if
people accept that image and unconsciously live it it's no great
surprise to us. In Eastenders there's rarely something like the
council tax or ID cards or Iraq rearing its head - and on the rare
occasions when there is some sort of protest, it's done in the most
liberal and inept fashion. But then, working class people need the
middle class to lead them? Don't they? You'd think so if you
watched Eastenders! One peculiar example of the real world
intruding into Albert Square, though, was the party they held for the
Queen's golden jubilee. If there were ten places in the East End
which really did hold a party for that, we'd be astonished. People
queued up and got grants for parties - but for every one celebrating
the jubilee, there were twenty toasting the gullibility of the

Eastenders is a travesty, a middle class image of the working class
accepted all too easily by many working class folk. It's something
which reinforces the notion of powerlessness against which we fight.
The subliminal messages contained in Eastenders, that we're
useless and crap, keep people in their place. And education's
rammed down our throats with the various storylines about 'issues'
they think we need to know about.

Back in the 1980s Class War argued that Eastenders was a pile of
middle class shit, a waste of space and a vile piece of propaganda.
Nothing's changed in the intervening years. It's still a load of old
wank propaganda dressed up as entertainment.

1 skull

Sports Page

Whose Game is it Anyway?
Last season was another fantastic year for football. Newcastle won
the Champions League, Manchester City won the Premiership,
whilst lowly Brentford shocked everyone by winning the FA Cup.
Ok, so it was not quite like that, and what we actually had was the
most feared nightmare scenario for many fans - "the axis of evil"
clubs dominating domestic football (Arsenal, Chelsea and
Manchester United) while a similar situation repeated across Europe
with the richest clubs able to buy the best players and achieving
greatest success.

The globalisation of business under capitalism has also led to the
globalisation of football, with multi-national teams dominating the
game while small local teams get increasingly trampled under foot.
This is a far cry from the original spirit of the game which was about
local identity, and working class people finding a down-to
earth-common cause to bond together - something the ruling class
has always found terrifying. The gradual transition of football away
from its roots into the hands of the honeymoon has become
increasingly apparent over the last two decades.
By business sponsorship, spiralling transfer fees, players abandoning
team loyalty altogether and touting themselves as business interests
to be bought by the highest bidding clubs, along with the
restructuring of the game itself - all have increased the divide in
football between the rich clubs and the poor clubs. And we have not
even mentioned player agents!

Changing the Goalposts
Lets take a look at some of these changes. The old English first
division was scrapped in 1992, and replaced by the Premiership. The
European Cup and the Euorpean Cup Winners Cop were then
replaced by the European Champions League. This had several
effects : The FA Cup, once the one opportunity for the smaller clubs
to hit the big time and play the top clubs, now has about as much
relevance as the old League Cup.
The top clubs now aim for the top four Premiership places and so
entrance into this money-go-round- has a detrimental effect on all
other tournaments. The FA Cup, for the top clubs, becomes an
inconvenience in an already congested season, and they field what
are in effect B teams against smaller clubs. Games that were once
the highlight of the season are now scuppered in the interests of big
business. The first consideration of the big clubs is always money.
A further adjustment to the domestic game has been the creation of
the Championship, League One and League Two. The
Championship being the brain child of Brian Mawhinney, the former
Conservative Cabinet Minister.
It is not difficult however to see where all these changes are leading -
towards a European Super League, comprising the top teams from
each country in Europe competing in a permanent Euro-wide league
system consisting of 7 or 8 leagues. This is the pot of gold at the end
of the rainbow that the big money men have been dreaming of all
along, and have been quietly scheming for behind closed doors,
pulling all the necessary strings to make the introduction of this
system gradual, but inevitable. So gradually that we, the ordinary
fan, are supposed to not notice, and quietly go along with thinking it
is all just a natural progression of the game.
All the changes so far have been a softening up towards the creation
of a European Super League, with the Champions League being a
"stop gap" competition to get us used to the idea of Europe's richest
clubs playing in a week by week league system, and also to
downgrade domestic competitions to pave the way economically for
the start of the European Super League. So we get man United v
Real Madrid, Arsenal v Bayern Munich and Chelsea v Barcelona on
a week by week basis, with the clubs left stranded at home left to
battle it out for meaningless domestic trophies, and competing for
the only prize worth having - promotion to the European super
Ties such as Brentford v Arsenal or Hartlepool v Manchester United
in the domestic cups will become a thing of the past, even though
such matches are more interesting to your genuine fan and far closer
to the original spirit of the game than Man United versus Real
Now, money even effects who is picked for the England team, and
when. Sven Goran Erikson has admitted he picked an out of form
David Beckham for the England versus Spain friendly in Madrid in
November 2004, ahead of other players who were in better form,
solely because of the TV contract for the game.

Straight Through The Defence
So where does leave you and me, the ordinary paying fan? After the
creation of the European super League the class divide in football
will be more prevalent than ever both among the clubs themselves
and among the fans. Only those with secure jobs and careers will be
able to afford the jet-set supporter lifestyle required to watch
European Super League clubs, as their team play across Europe on a
weekly basis. Transfer fees, sponsorship and ticket prices will
continue to spiral for these clubs. The ordinary working class fan will
be priced out altogether, from everything except watching the
biggest games on television.
We have already seen how matches are scheduled around the
timetables of satellite TV without a care for the paying fan or even
for the club itself and increasingly this is how the game will go in the
European super League - the spirit of football first crucified and then
served up on a plate to be devoured by fat cats in a feeding frenzy of
the most obnoxious kind.
The game will become purely another product to shift around at the
will of its financial backers in order to maximise profits.

They Think Its All Over
So what can we do? Aside from giving up football altogether and
spending our time enjoying free pursuits (an increasingly attractive
option it seems) a good idea is to keep abreast of events as they
happen and keep vocal about them to ensure that this hidden agenda
in football becomes more widely known.
They want the ordinary fan to remain ignorant, compliant and have
us down for one role only - to pay up our money to them as they
engineer increasingly spectacular events for us to watch, at an
increasingly spectacular price. They do not want us to become aware
of their plans, let alone react to them.
So - keep well informed, keep sussed about what is happening, and
keep connected. The vast network of grass roots soccer fanzines are
a good way to stay in touch with fellow fans and a good platform to
put across the alternative view of football to the on-going
manipulations that the money-men are trying to make us swallow.
Mass action by fans can have an effect and shake up the people in
control of the game. Boycotts, mass pitch invasions and other group
actions, leafleting and gratifying can all have a big effect. There are
loads of local radio phone-in programmes and local sports papers
where views can be aired. They - the big businessmen - can only
continue their plans as long as we remain silent and keep buying into
them. As long as we keep paying up to the big money-men they will
keep shitting on us and all that the game stands for, and then they
will turn round and expect us to pay even more.
The future of football is in our hands??.

Go Ahead Guys
This snippet was spotted in The Observer at the end of last season:
"Dutch riot police who asked fans to simulate a riot for a training
exercise say they're "shocked' it turned ugly. Go Ahead Eagles fans
were asked to 'put up stiff resistance' in return for a 'free ticket and a
drink' - but during the event fans began throwing bricks. 'We
suspended the drill" says a police spokesman. 'The supporters
weren't behaving as we'd agreed".
Should the Dutch police wish to provide Class War with tickets and
drinks for a future drill, we can be contacted at 07986 041 207.

Cisse's no Cissy
Congratulations to Liverpool's French striker Djibril Cissé for
delivering a blow to Cheshire's all-too powerful hunt fraternity.
Having recently moved onto land in Frodsham, Cheshire, he was
asked if the Cheshire hunt could continue to use that land for fox
hunting. We are pleased to say he told them to get lost.
Cisse also inherited the title "Lord of the Manor of Frodsham" when
he bought nine acres in the village. If he could just abolish his own
title, and give his land away for communal usage to voluntary
co-operatives, he really will be in our good books!

Get Glazer!
2005-6 is a fight to the death for Manchester united fans. There is
only one objective - to drive Malcolm Glazer, his company and his
family as far away from Manchester as possible. For good.
For a couple of years Glazer, an American friend of George W Bush,
who made his fortune renting trailer parks, has been buying up
shares in the worlds biggest football club. Come May, he made his
move and bought the club. He did this in part though, by using the
clubs own debt to mop up other shareholders. Financial experts -
and more importantly United fans - are at a loss to see how he can
do anything at United other than struggle to service that debt. £790
million is a lot of money, even for a man of Glazer's wealth.
United fans have been in good voice against the Glazers for some
time. Most famously of all the "Manchester Education Committee"
invaded the pitch at a televised reserve team match, burning the
stars and stripes. At the Cup Final in May, thousands of United fans
wore black to mourn the loss of the club to Glazer.
On 29th June, when Glazers sons Joel, Avi and Bryan visited Old
Trafford, fans hastily congregated at the ground. Soon barriers were
erected to trap the Glazers inside the stadium, and riot police
attempted to clear supporters. With surrounding roads closed, the
Glazers left Old Trafford, not in the back of a limousine, but in the
back of a riot van, their route cleared by police baton charges.
All of this was a bit too real for some armchair United fans, who
began to waver as soon as fellow fans took direct action against the
"owner" of their club. Buying shares to try and stop Glazer getting a
majority holding was as far as these lightweights would ever go. The
Manchester Evening News' discussion forum in particular filled up
with cries of "oh its all inevitable now" and complaints of "violence"
by the fans. What did they expect to happen - the Glazer's to be
greeted with open arms?
This season is the time for action. The primary objective of every
United supporter must be to make it physically impossible for the
Glazer family, and their agents, to visit, work or live, in Manchester
or its suburbs.
The campaign is no longer about how many shares Shareholders
United can buy. That battle is lost. The campaign now is about
physical force and economic sabotage. In effect war - and class war
at that. The important thing afterwards is that IF Glazer is forced
out, United fans do not accept some return to the old ways of
running the club. It is after all certain they are going to be changed
by the struggle they have taken part in.
At the very least that should mean a club legally owned by its
supporters (like Barcelona) with the president and board elected by
the supporters. More radical ideas may emerge amongst the fans in
the next few months - but a return to the old ways is not an option.

Bollocks from Brimson
There are fewer "experts" who know less about their subject matter
than supposed experts on football hooliganism, Dougie and Eddy
Brimson. The brothers grim have spent over a decade posing as
reformed football hooligans, and pushing themselves forward to any
chat show or newspaper that will have them.
If they know nothing about a particular subject, the Brimsons simply
make it up - as they did with an interview, supposedly with Class
War, in their book "England, My England ." Every single line
of the interview was made up, and the Brimsons never even
approached us for a quote, never mind a formal interview. They did
the same to the old Anti-Fascist Action group.
It is nice to see that these rent-a-quotes are continuing in the same
mould as previously. Recently, Dougie Brimson was quoted in the
Daily Star Sunday as commenting "Police have not stamped out
football hooliganism in this country. They haven't even begun to
scratch the surface. Football in this country is tribal. Until you deal
with that, like they did with racism, they haven't got a chance".
So football hooliganism is worse than ever, racism is defeated. What
planet is Dougie Brimson on?

White Swan Wins
After our criticism of the pub chain Wetherspoon's in Class War
issue 88 - some praise. The Metropolitan Police recently tried to
make the White Swan, a Wetherspoon's pub at Highbury Corner,
use only plastic glasses on days when Arsenal are at home. The pub
said no, even when the police tried to make it a condition of the
pub's licence.
Undeterred, the Met have now said they will try to get all pubs in the
area to switch to plastic glasses on match days, but that this is a
'voluntary measure'.
We all know that the word voluntary means nothing to the cops.
Fans should resist this by making it quite clear to both the Met,
landlords and breweries that they regard any such change, be it
voluntary or not, as an insult. Who do they think they are?

For Read, Read Loser

People really should get off Wayne Rooney's back. One of the
saddest attacks came from English Schools FA Chief Executive
John Read. Nobody had heard of John Read before he attacked
Rooney, and no one will probably hear of him again.
Wayne Rooney had been due to attend an English Schools FA under
13's match, to meet players and there parents. Having come up
through the junior football ranks to play at the highest level, Rooney
seemed a logical choice.
Read however decided to withdraw the offer, on the grounds that
Rooney is "not a good role model". The views of the children he was
due to meet were not of course sought - John Read knows best.
Junior sport - and schooling in general - is full of people like him.
People with too much power to exercise, and too little talent and
judgement. It is perhaps no surprise that the most talented young
sportsmen and women emerge, not from the schools system, but
from Sunday leagues, local sports clubs and boys clubs. We need
people like John Read like we need a hole in the head.
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