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(en) Britain, The anarchist journal Class War #89 - Editorial

Date Sat, 22 Apr 2006 18:01:55 +0300

Religious Lunatics Bring Terror to London
On 7th July the inevitable Islamic fundamentalist attack on London
occurred. Death and serious injury was inflicted on people going
about their daily business, mostly those travelling to work. As an
attack on working people, it was one of the most heinous imaginable.
There are two main roots to this bombing - the extremely dangerous
rise of militant Islam in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Afghanistan, and parts of north Africa and the middle east, going
back well over thirty years, and secondly the British governments
role in world affairs, usually at the behest of the American
government, in the same period. Put simply, there are a lot of very
dangerous people out there, and the British government has been
busy waving red rags at them. London can only be a much safer
place if religious fundamentalism is undermined (by secularism, by
integration, by working class politics) and the red rags are no longer
waved by Tony Blair and George Bush. And that means leaving

One noticeable element of the political response was how swiftly all
the leading politicians, and parties, rallied behind the police and
security services. A suggestion that the Israeli government had
informed the British of the attacks just before they happened was
swiftly refuted, as was any suggestion that too much effort had gone
into protecting world leaders in Gleneagles, and not enough into
protecting ordinary Londoners. Put simply, the wars are theirs, the
deaths are ours!

Whilst the people primarily to blame for any bomb attack are
obviously the bombers, the priorities of the police and security
services, especially in London, can frequently appear very strange
indeed. Many activists in Class War, and in particular anti-capitalist
groups like the Wombles, face routine police surveillance, to the
level of harassment around their homes, workplaces and social
venues. Information is often leaked to journalists, who are then
encouraged to run stories about alleged activists.
People returning from the G8 demonstrations this July came back to
a London recovering from one of the most heinous bomb attacks in
living memory. They were astonished to find that with all their
supposed priorities, the Metropolitan Police still had men and
women to spare for a "reception committee" to photograph and
harass activists returning into Kings Cross just 48 hours after the

Given what happened in London on 7th July, it would be interesting
to know if the Special Branch officers and journalists involved in the
sort of policing operations we mention above, really think it is

Equally those in the security services need to learn that if under
pressure, new Labour will happily blame them for their own
mistakes. Via a drip, drip, drip media approach, the security services
were left to carry the can for "intelligence failures" over Iraq, with
the BBC added to the mix, not the new Labour government that had
already committed to invade, regardless of intelligence reports. If
Blair and co start to feel the heat over the London bombings, it may
suddenly become all the spooks fault, and in no part the
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