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(en) US, May Day: Call for an Anarchist Bloc at Statewide Immigrant Rights March in Orlando]

Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 12:07:08 +0300

!Ningun Estado, Ningunos Jefes, Ningunas Fronteras
Unidas Con Los Trabajadores Inmigrantes Jamas Sera Vencido!
"No State, No Bosses, No Borders
United With Immigrant Workers We Will Never Be Defeated"
We call for an anarchist bloc at the statewide immigrant rights march and
rally, a "Day of Respect," to be held in Orlando on May Day--Mon., May 1,
from noon-4 p.m. in downtown Orlando. (This march and rally is being
sponsored by ACORN, the Farmworkers Association of Florida and Jobs with
Justice, with support from AFL-CIO unions.)
We call for Florida anarchists to participate in this rally to show support
for immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, marching and rallying
for greater equality and freedom.

As anarchists, we recognize the need to build a revolutionary
anti-authoritarian movement against the system as a whole, and to show the
connections between efforts to crackdown on and criminalize undocumented
workers with the efforts of the State, which exists to serve the interests
of capitalism, to strip away the hard-won rights of all workers and
increase their exploitation and corporate profits.

As anarchists we recognize the contribution that all workers, including
immigrant workers, make to the social wealth of this, the most affluent
society on the planet.

As anarchists we oppose efforts by the State to divide people into
arbitrary categories such as "legal" and "illegal" or "citizen" and
"non-citizen" and to confer different levels of privilege upon people
depending upon which of those categories they may belong to.

As anarchists we oppose efforts by the State to stigmatize and criminalize
immigrants whose only "crime" is failing to ask the State for permission to
pass through its borders, and we oppose measures, pending in Congress, that
would turn undocumented workers into felons.

As anarchists we oppose borders, artificial boundaries created by States,
that distort and deform the natural flow and progress of humanity and
create divisions and engender bigotry among human beings and that serve
elite interests, not the interests of the masses of people, by pitting
workers of different national origins against each other, making it harder
for us to unite against our real enemies, the capitalist system and the
State. As anarchists we recognize that we must work with immigrants to
abolish the State's borders from below based upon libertarian principles
and practice.

As anarchists we oppose all relationships based upon inequality and
dominance and all forms of oppression. Therefore, we oppose the economic
exploitation of immigrants and State laws and social conditions which
marginalize them, causing them to live in fear and deprivation. As
anarchists, we also oppose bigotry and racism, both individual and
institutional, based upon characteristics such as national origin,
ethnicity and skin color. In recent months, as the Minutemen and other
anti-immigrant groups have become more active and gotten more news media
attention, the links between those groups and white supremacists and
neo-Nazis have become increasingly clear. The anti-immigrant movement is,
fundamentally, racist, nationalist and xenophobic, with the ultimate goal
of creating a ethnically and racially cleansed whites-only society. As
anarchists, we cannot allow that to happen. So we will stand
shoulder-to-shoulder with immigrants, nuestros hermanos y nuestras
hermanas, our brothers and our sisters, when they demand freedom and
dignity and courageously resist oppression by the State, by bosses and by

As anarchists we support liberty, equality and mutual aid for all and
between all. As anarchists we support freedom, equality, dignity for all
workers, and the ability of workers to collectively organize to improve
wages and working conditions. As anarchists we recognize that all wealth is
created by workers and we support the claim of all workers to the social
wealth they create. The wealth that workers bring into existence through
their sweat and toil belongs to them, not the bosses, the capitalists and
the social parasites. As anarchists, we embrace all workers, immigrant and
native-born, documented and undocumented, as nuestras camaradas, our
comrades. There is now and always has been a class struggle between workers
and their exploiters. As anarchists we recognize that this struggle will
continue until workers of all nationalities, all ethnicities and all races,
documented and undocumented, fulfill their historic mission (as enunciated
by the IWW in 1905) to "organize as a class, take possession of the means
of production, abolish the wage system, and live in harmony with the Earth"
and each other on the basis of mutual respect, cooperation and mutual aid.

Please note: This is a call for an anarchist bloc, NOT a black bloc. It is
a call for us as anarchists, united by our affinities and solidarity with
each other and with immigrants, to stand should-to-shoulder with each other
and with immigrants in support of their demands for freedom, equality and
dignity. We respectfully ask that participants in the anarchist bloc NOT
wear typical black bloc garb (such as black hoodies) and NOT mask up, NOT
engage in any behaviors, such as militant direct action and property
destruction, that may detract from what the immigrants hope to achieve with
this event and create friction between anarchists and non-anarchists. We
also respectfully ask that our signs, banners and literature be pertinent
to the event (labor, worker rights, immigrant rights, etc.) and its goals
while at the same time reflecting an anarchist analysis of the
issues involved. If possible some signs and literature should be in
Spanish, Haitian Creole and other languages commonly spoken in Florida
immigrant communities. Also if banners, signs and flags are on sticks or
poles, the sticks or poles should be easily removable in case of any police
harassment over this. Otherwise just make them without sticks or poles.

Meet: Call 407.252.1379 (please leave a voicemail message if we do not
answer) and we'll give you details on the meeting point where we'll march
from to the beginning of the rally. Otherwise meet in the parking lot of
the Orlando Centroplex (T.D. Waterhouse Centre), 600 W. Amelia St.,
Orlando, FL 32801, between noon and 1 p.m. How to find us: That's easy :)
Just look for the punks. Other tips: This will be a 3-mile march, so wear
comfortable shoes; bring sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the
Florida sun; bring water to drink.

Questions: 407.252.1379/orlando_direct_action@yahoo.com

Endorsed by:
* Florida May Day Federation (Orlando)
http://floridamayday.org (for any updates/announcements)
* Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs
* ImpAct Collective (Fort Lauderdale)
* Orlando Direct Action
* Orlando Food Not Bombs
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