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(en) US, Lansing, LCAN*: Nazis Not Welcome Update 4-18-06

Date Wed, 19 Apr 2006 10:31:24 +0300

nazis not welcome update 4-18-06
1. on the ground organizing
2. needs
3. logistics
4. spokescouncil
5. housing
6. April 22nd background
7. closing
nazis not welcome march and rally Saturday April 22nd, 2006 12:30pm
Riverview Park Corner of Michigan Avenue and Grand Avenue

1. on the ground organizing:

alot of work is being put in locally to get alot of people out on the
22nd. we have had two community forums regarding the issue and many
meetings with other goups. extensive flyering is happening locally. alot
of people are very interested coming on the 22nd and we are expecting a good
turn out locally. We have been using the nazi visit as a catylist for
building connections with local people. We are working to continue to
build those connections on the 22nd. People from out of town need to
respect that opposing nazis, while the primary goal, is not the only goal
of this action. We ask that people from out of town take that into
account in thinking about what they are planning for the 22nd. We call on
all protesters, ourselves included, to think critically about the
relationship between their own autonomy and communities they effect. On
the day of we are working to focus on the mcri and immigration issues as
well as an obvious anti-nazi theme both with speakers and banners. A
march and rally are being planned. As part of the march and rally there
will be a noise blockade which is basically a big, loud marching band.

2. needs:

we are asking for people to bring banners and signs-anything visual. Also
anyone with musical instruments, drums (bucket or otherwise) or noise
makers please bring whatever you have. We would like to be loud.

3. logistics:

parking, directions and other basics will be available in the next 24
hours on the website at www.direct-action.net. For people coming from out
of town, we are getting started at 12:30pm but the earlier people get here
the better. Welcome packets will be handed out to out with
Maps, places to eat, diagrams and other local info. after 10am people
from out of town will be able to get your welcome packet and meet up with
local folks to touch base. If you are coming from out of town and want to
get here early and touch base with folks, reply to this email with a name
and phone number-we will be in touch about where we can meet up.

4. spokescouncil:

friday the 21st there will be a spokescouncil meeting from 11pm-1am. If
your group wants to attend you must respond to this email with a contact
person and phone number and further discussion about attending can happen
on an individual basis. A spokescouncil is a time for all of us to
coordinate our efforts for the 22nd. Decisions will be made by consensus
and the spokescouncil will help to make decisions about the 22nd more

5. housing:

anyone from out of town who is coming from far away and needs housing on
friday night befor the rally please reply to this email with:
1. the number of people who need housing
2. approximately when you will be arriving
3. info on where you are coming from and who you are

We will be housing people from out of town in local people's houses.
Anyone who needs housing is expected to treat their hosts and all other
guests with respect and to abide by any house rules laid out by their
individual hosts. Illegal drugs or anything else that may put hosts at
risk will not be tolerated. Apologies for the late notice but housing
requests need to be received by wednesday night-april 19th.

6. April 22nd background:

here is a basic background of events leading up to the 22nd that seem
important to know. The nazis are planning to hold a rally from 2 to
4pm on the steps of the capital. Police plan to put a large fence
around the nazis and then additional fencing round a free speech zone. To
enter the free speech zone there are 3 different checkpoints. The free
speech zone is at least 50 yards from where the Nazis will be speaking.
The mayor of lansing decided to have an event at the same time as the nazi
event. This "diversity event" called "win the day-stay away", is
to be over a mile from the nazi rally at Eastern field house at Eastern
High School 220 N. Pennsylvania Avenue. It will be from 1-5pm. The mayor
has had his people and the police actively discouraging people from
protesting the nazis and urging people to come to his event. LCAN has
not said people should not attend the mayor's event, but we have been
arguing that another venue is needed to oppose the nazis-hence the protest
we have been organizing.

This is where things get complicated. The NSM (the nazis) have
complained about the legality of the fence being set up and also about the
legality of the city sponsoring a counter-event to their rally as well as
other complaints. The NSM has said that it may go to the diversity rally
to celebrate their white pride instead of holding its rally. So far the
police have responded that as long as the nazis are peaceful, them going
to the diversity rally would be fine. The nsm has also mentioned marching
to the diversity rally. It is unclear what is true and what is just
spreading of misinformation in regards to what the nazis are saying they
will do. the fact is that we do not know what they will do so we are
preparing for them to do a range of things. From being involved here
locally, it seems unlikely that the police would let them march but we
just don't know. This is important info for people to have because if the
nazis are not just standing in front of the capital, that makes for an
entirely different type of protest.

LCAN thinks it would be insulting and bullshit to allow the nsm to attend
the diversity event. we think that if the city lets them do that it is a
slap in the face to everyone who is not a nazi. saying that celebrating
white heritage is an acceptable thing to have happen at a diversity
celebration as long as it is peaceful is ridiculous. There will
be nothing peaceful about what the nazis will have to say.

7. closing:

We are feeling confident about the 22nd if the nazis stay at the capital.
If they decide to do something else then we plan on responding
accordingly. A main point of the work we have been doing is to visibly
demonstrate to the nazis and to the people of lansing how strong the
opposition is to neo-nazis. That opposition will be here wherever they
decide to go. We'll see you in the streets.


lansing coalition against nazis (LCAN)
* An antiauthoritarian anticapitalist initiative
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