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(en) Greece, Thessaloniki: Announcement of AK (Assembly of Salonica) about the recent arson of its centre

Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 12:11:15 +0300

We believed until the last moment, as a lot of people and comrades
believed so, that the attack against the social centre of the Assembly
of Thessaloniki was an act of the fascists who lurk in the shadows of this
city. It was believed to be another fascist provocation after the stabbings
of the 16-year-old high school students who were protesting against the
national parades, and the dynamic antifascist march which followed [1*].
Unfortunately and with sadness we concluded the identity of the
perpetrators after they claimed "responsibility" for the attack by
calling the mainstream newspaper "Eleftherotypia" which printed their words.
First of all we have to underline that the title of the article "Civil
War among Anarchists" which was printed in "Eleftherotypia" is at least
an unfortunate choice of words, except if it was chosen sarcastically
because of the signature of the "responsible ones", who called
themselves "Group Against Internal Repression". This signature reminds
and refers to the well known organisation of the Communist Party of
Greece, an organisation that existed and acted during the only true
civil war in the recent history of Greece [2*].

But let's get serious. The A.K. (Antiauthoritarian Movement) is indeed
in war, a social war! Not the kind of war that the "wanna-be-general"
would like to fantasize by discovering everywhere leaders who threaten
their Kingdom of ideology. We are in social war:
- against the employers¢ barbarism in the textile industry of Naousa, in
the dockyard graveyards of Perama, in the tobacco industries in Athens
and Xanthi, in the fertiliser industry of Thessaloniki, in the "Xenias"
ex-hostels of Ioannina.
- against the immigration policies of the state in the detention centre
of Venna near Komotini.
- against the Summits of the bosses in Prague, in Genoa, in Brussels, in
Evian, in Thessaloniki, in Dublin, in Warsaw, in Istanbul, in Scotland.
- against the militarization of the youth through the national parades
of the state and the through the criminal activity of the fascist gangs.
- against the state repression mechanism, and in solidarity to the
political prisoners.

The truth is that the "escape" of A.K. from the loop of self-reference
of the wider resistance movement created both "bonds of sympathy" and
"bonds of antipathy", but always in the political framework.

But it seems that in Thessaloniki, and this has to be underlined, some
overstepped the line by using methods that reach the limit of petit
bourgeois vagrancy, by falling into a delirium frenzy of slanders and
lies in order to justify their existence.

Having full conscience of what we say, we believe that the Anarchist
space [3*], whose name is exploited by the ones who took
"responsibility", doesn't deserve to be spoiled by such kind of
provocative activity.

The recent circle of violence, with the attempt of assassination against
the student in the Polytechnic department of the "Aristotelian
University of Thessaloniki&" [4*], with the attack of the fascists with
knives against the young students, and most recently with the gas
canister arson against the A.K. Assembly of Thessaloniki, is creating a
deeply worrying climate.

This city cannot bear the burden of another Gkotzamanis [5*]. The
self-proclaimed "protectors", who use the name of the Anarchist space as
if they are its representatives, have proven to be completely unable to
carry on their shoulders the burden of the struggle that the social war

The price of the Struggle for Freedom is heavy and requires responsibility.

Antiauthoritarian Movement Assembly of Thessaloniki
17 Makrigianni - Kamara
tel: 0030 2310 261290

PS: Having full conscience of what we do and after many hours of
discussion in the Assembly, we concluded with sadness that an
announcement was necessary. In the past we never answered to similar
announcements as we believe that our only answer is our everyday social
activity and direct action. So, as it is obvious, we will not come back
with similar announcements ever again.

1* The 25th of March is considered to be the anniversary of the uprising
of the Greeks against the Ottoman Empire who had enslaved the people of
Balkans for more than 400 years. The school-books teach the youth that
it was purely a national uprising and they hide all the facts of the
class struggle characteristics of the armed rebellion. Anyway, not only
the state distorts history but they even celebrate the 25th of March
with Mussolini style of parades, which prepare the school-children to
become the future cannon-fodder for their wars. Similar parade takes
place on the 28th of October which is the anniversary of the
Greek-Italian war.
We are against this, and for the last year or so we began a campaign of
trying to stop this fascist custom. We found many allies in this attempt
like other comrades from the anarchist-antiauthoritarian space, form the
left, many teachers in schools, and of course students.
During our last intervention against the national parades on the
25/03/06 in Thessaloniki, a gang of 30 fascists armed with knives,
attacked a small group of 16-year-old students. They stabbed 3 of the
students and then they left, and all this in front of the eyes of a
police riot squad, and tenths of civil cops who were watching apathetic
and they even tried to stop the students from escaping.
In the parade in Ksanthi, the AK Assembly of Ksanthi, was attacked by
the cops and by enraged supporters of the ex-Junta, and afterwards
fascists attacked the social centre of the Assembly of Ksanthi. During
the confrontation the fascists were repelled, but a comrade was lightly
In the parade in Ioannina, the comrades from the assembly there faced a
small group of scum who were under the protection of the cops and they
were making the nazi salute.
After this a 1000 people antifascist march was organised in Thessaloniki
on the 30/03/06. The march headed towards the offices of the local
fascists, but we came face to face with a lot of riot squads (MAT). The
confrontation was inevitable. None was arrested, and only one cop of the
MAT was injured.
Photos from the march:
VIDEO from the clashes:

2* The Axis forces left from Greece in 1945. A few months later, in 1946
the civil war began and lasted until 1949. The two main sides were: A
coalition of communist and democrat illegal parties and groups who were
the Resistance forces during the Nazi occupation. Leading role in this
coalition had the Communist Party of Greece (K.K.E.). The other side was
the supporters of Monarchy, the Nationalists who were supporters of the
Nazis during the occupation and they were still bearing German arms, an
array of politicians who were supporters of Britain, and the British
army who sent many troops and occupied the bigger cities. During the
civil war more than 10000 people died during battles, and thousands more
from famine, diseases etc. The winner was the Nationalist side.
The organisation which we speak about is the Group of Protection of Folk
Fighters (O.P.L.A.). This group was "taking care" of the ones who were
not considered by the KKE as the real folk fighters. So whoever was not
a "real communist" according to the "wise" leadership of the KKE was
meeting OPLA and disappearing sooner or later. In other words OPLA was
solely engaged into "solving" the "internal matters".

3* Anarchist space or anarchist-antiauthoritarian space is the exact
name that it is used in Greece when someone wants to speak about the
whole array of groups, organisations, squats, individuals that are
anarchists or antiauthoritarians. The name movement is not used most of
the times, and when it is used it means the wider resitance movement.
The Antiauthoritarian Movement, the name of our network of autonomous
Assemblies, doesn't mean THE movement. We are just a component/move in
the wider movement. By the way, in Greek the movement is "KINIMA" and
the word movement which we use is "KINISI".

4* A couple of months ago in Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki a
group of individuals tried to steal computers from the university. They
used as a cover a party of an autonomous-left student group. When the
students understood what it was going on they attempted to reason with
the thieves and told them to stop. Instead they called for backups and
more than 20 friends of them came with iron bars, chains, crowbars and
helmets and started to hit everyone in the party. Many were injured and
one student had a fracture from a crowbar on the skull. He fell into a
comma and was in the hospital for weeks.
The student general assmeblies declared this action as a provocation for
the University Asylum. On the other hand the parliament parties were
saying that the Asylum must break now so as the police to enter the
universities and safeguard the students from similar attacks. The place
from which the thugs launched the attack was inside the University
protected from the Asylum which whey didn¢t respect. And this is the
least, if you considered that they tried to assassinate a student for a
few PCs. Their place was demolished by the students. The "responsible"
ones for the arson at AK Assembly of Thessaloniki mean this place when
they speak of "invasions in anarchist
and, generally, libertarian, infoshops".

5* Gkotzamanis was a fascist who assassinated Gr. Lambrakis, a well
known member of United Democratic Left (EDA), on the 22 of May 1963 in
Thessaloniki. After Lambrakis delivered the keynote speech at a pacifist
meeting in Thessaloniki, he was run down by a delivery truck driven by
two right-wing extremists (E. Emmanouilidis and S. Gotzamanis).
Lambrakis suffered brain injuries and died in the hospital five days
later, on 27 May. You can read more about this in Wikipedia:

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