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(en) Statute of the European Federation of Alternative Syndicalism - FESAL [pt,fr,it]

Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 20:25:53 +0300

Art. 1) Name and address of the organization
1. An international federation of workers is hereby constituted, with the name
European Federation of Alternative Syndicalism (in short, FESAL). The FESAL has
already been present, since September 2003, on the European scene in the
Education sector, using the name FESAL-E. The creation of other sectors of the
FESAL will be possible through the consent of the FESAL-E Assembly which, until
such times as new sectors are created is hereby invested with the full rights
of the FESAL Assembly and full entitlement to the name FESAL, which can be used
indifferently together with FESAL-E.

2. The official address of the Federation is Via Tuscolana 9, Rome, and can be
changed on the instructions of the Assembly.

Art. 2) Nature of the organization

The FESAL is a non-profit organization with syndicalist objectives. It is a
federation based on the solidarity and self-management of the workers.
Furthermore, it declares itself to be independent of political parties,
pressure groups, economic lobbies and anyone who wishes to suffocate the
freedom and self-determination of the workers. Its aim is to promote the
creation of the first European grassroots, alternative syndicate, totally
independent of the partnership mentality of the European Trade Union
Confederation (ETUC). The FESAL stands for peace between peoples, the defence
of the environment and the struggle against every form of discrimination.

Art. 3) Aims of the organization

The FESAL is constituted in order to:
* protect, defend and organize European and migrant workers and unemployed
workers syndically and politically, together with the rights of these persons
recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

* promote and organize a front of action on a European level against capitalist
and neo-liberalist policies;

* guarantee and promote individual and collective union and political rights
and freedoms;

* struggle for secularism, pluralism and independence is the public
institutions of civil society;

* promote self-organization and grassroots, militant syndicalism;

* combat the commercialization of culture and education, schools and

* guarantee everywhere the right to an education and to the protection of
students' union and political rights without any discrimination.

Art. 4) Organization

1. The organ of the FESAL is the full Assembly of all member organizations,
which is called with at least 30 days notice, through the members designated by
the organizations themselves, such Assembly to meet at least once every
calendar year in order to set out union policy according to the criterion of
unanimity between the various member organizations present.

2. Administrative and representative responsabilities and administration are
assigned by the Assembly when deemed necessary, to such people who, apart from
being willing, also reflect general agreement. These tasks are temporary,
recallable at any moment and in no way constitute privilege or power.

Art. 5) Finances

The FESAL is financed mainly according to the principle of self-taxation of the
various member organizations. It is provisionally proposed that each
organization contribute an annual quota equal, as a rule, to one month's
average net wage in the country in question. Management of the accounts will be
rotated every two years with each member organization taking its turn.

Art. 6) Legal responsibility

All responsibility and obligations of the FESAL remain solely the concern of
its social patrimony. All personal responsibility of its members, either
individually or as organizations, is excluded.

Responsibility for the external political representation of the FESAL is
assigned by rotation, country by country, every two years to a member nominated
by one of the member organiztions, designated by the Assembly of each sector of
the FESAL according to Article 4. The Assembly is called by the representative
thus nominated or by at least two member organizations.

Art. 7) Statutary changes

Modification of this Statute is possible at Assembly through the unanimity of
all member organizations and does not require further legal documentation.

Art. 8) Regulations

With regard to everything that is not established herein, the Assembly of the
FESAL can provide itself with specific regulations for its functioning.
Decisions regarding this must be made unanimously in Assembly.

Art. 9) Membership and dissolution

1. Until the first congress, those organizations who demonstrate their goals to
be those of the federation may join the project. Following the first congress,
the unanimity of the Assembly will be required.

2. Every member organization can leave the FESAL by communicating its intention
to do so at least 30 days beforehand and by providing reasoned written
motivations. Any organization that leaves will retain its own patrimony and

3. The FESAL may be dissolved on the unanimous vote of an Assembly called for
that purpose.

Rome/Lisbon, 20 February and 18 September 2005

SIP, Switzerland
SISA, Switzerland
CGT Enseñanza, Spain
SUD Education Paris, France
SUD Education Grenoble, France
Colectivo FESAL-E, Portugal
FESAL-E Studenti, Italy
Collettivo FESAL-E, Slovenia
Si Può Orsa Università, Italy
FESAL-E Collective, France
FESAL-E Collective, Norway

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