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(en) US, an anarchist response to the flooding of new orleans - new music from emcee lynx

Date Wed, 28 Sep 2005 12:26:37 +0300

hey folks, this isn't exactly hard news, but it is relevant to current events and
and i'd appriciate it if you'd post it / repost it wherever appropriate.
solid, emcee lynx
An anarchist response to "anarchy" in new orleans... I've just finished recording
a new song inspired by the recent events in New Orleans and the way newspapers all over
the country have declared it a "state of anarchy." The song is called When the Floods
Come, and is my take on the floods and a few of the other issues around them. Normally
i'd wait until the rest of the album is finished to release it, but I feel like it's
important to put this particular song out now, while people are talking about what's
happening. Consider this a sneak preview of the new album. You can download it here.


lyrics for the song are included at the end of this
post. and at

Also, for anyone that cares, I've tentatively decided
decided to call my new album "Living in the Shadow,"
since while i'm still very much proud to be UnAmerican
and trying to make Soundtracks for Insurrection, I'm
also becoming more aware of the way that the shadow of
the past shapes the future, and the shadow of power
shapes our lives. The new album is my attempt to come
to grips with some of these issues and find some hope,
and a way out. Be on the lookout for (more) new tracks
appearing on the website over the next couple weeks.
With a little luck i'll have the project ready to
release by Samhein (Day of the Dead / Celtic New Year
/ Halloween) 2005.

A short mission statement/manifesto on the album is
posted here:



When the Floods Come
written and performed by Emcee Lynx
Livin' in the Shadow, 2005

Night sky deep blue, not a star in sight
As the cloud in the sky reflect back the light
Of street lamps and headlights, pinpricks of
To mimic the stars they’ve obscured, as the resilience
Of the natural world is stretched past breaking
And when I touch the ground I feel the earth shaking
We’re riding the whirlwind, reaping devastation
And how much longer can we stay complacent?
It’s one thing to sell ourselves out of fear
And another to sell the whole world, didn’t you hear?
The ice caps are melting, the oceans are rising
And as I look around at this mess I’m realizing
It won’t be long till we’re living underwater
And you’d think that we hated our sons and daughters
Cuz we’re selling their future to the money machine
It’s just the tip of the iceberg in New Orleans

When the floods come...
...Where you gon’ run? What you doin?
When the floods come...
...How you gonna cope with the ruin?
When the floods come ...
... how you gonna feed your children?
When the floods come ...
... assuming that the waters haven’t drowned them.

this ain’t exaggeration, it’s cold hard reality
because the way that we’re living is causing
and I mean here and now – I’ve lived in these streets
where poor people freeze to death, and the beat
that I’m hearing in my sleep is a war drum pounding
- we’re at war with the earth and it’s simply
we’re drowning in luxery, financed on debt
enslaving the nations around us – and yet
over half of americans say they’re depressed
sick of their meaningless lives and the quest
for conspicuous consumption, bulimic brutality
that would eat the whole earth if we let it, in
most of us would rather have time for our families
then spend our whole lives tryna earn a salary
but the rat race we’re livin in won’t let us relax
until the floods wash it all away in a flash

When the floods come...
... and all of the clocks just stop
When the floods come...
... and you can’t rely on the cops
When the floods come...
...and wash away the lies you believed
When the floods come...
... will you be scared or relieved?

Do you know you’re neighbors? Do they got your back?
Will you work together when you’re under attack?
Or will it all dissolve into each for themselves?
Murder and rape, and gods know what else?
Will you fight for each other like Anarchists?
Or will you prey on each other, like Capitalists?
It’s up to you, up to me, up to all of us together
Cuz when the floods come it’s more then just bad
It’s the direct result of the lives that we’re livin
Of the way that we treat each other with derision
How we allow corporations to pollute with impunity
Clearcut the forests, and colonize communities
A culture that would rather drive fancy cars
Then breath clean air or look at the stars
a global empire, built on destruction
And the way we consume like we had no other function

When the floods come...
... and all that we can trust is each other
When the floods come...
... we’d better learn to share with one another
When the floods come...
... it’s up to us to set right this evil
When the floods come...
... so I’ll be in the streets with my people

"This is going to be more like the conflict in Northern Ireland, where the Brits fought terrorism..." - Karl Rove, speaking on the 'War on Terrorism.'

Welcome to the new imperialism, just like the old imperialism.

available now: "The UnAmerican LP"
because I'm proud to be unamerican, in a nation that has never been free...
free mp3 downloads and lyrics from www.circlealpha.com
lynx <circlealpha-A-yahoo.com>

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