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(en) US, Anarchist Atlanta #1 - newsletter of the the Capital Terminus Collective issue no.1 september 2005

Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 21:27:30 +0300

Welcome to the first issue of Anarchist Atlanta,
the newsletter of the Capital Terminus Collective,
here in Atlanta, GA.
Here, we will inform our readers about the prog-
ress we're making with the various local projects
we're working on. You'll be able to read about
our counter-recruitment campaign, our women's
health and self-defense project and be kept in-
formed about our monthly study groups.
We'll also provide an alternative perspective
about local, regional and national issues. As well
as discuss anarchist theory and the practical ap-
plications of that theory.
As we progress and grow this publication will
change and grow with us. To providing a cal-
endar of up coming events, news about proj-
ects (outside of the CTC) that our members are
involved in, flyers that can be reproduced, and
whatever else might be needed by our organiza-
tion and our communities.
in solidarity,



The Capital Terminus collective is an anar-
chist-communist group in Atlanta, GA. We
believe that there can and will be a revolution
in which the people overthrow their rulers
and create a society in which the oppressive
forces of the state have been destroyed and
in which everyone "Gives according to their
ability and receives according to their need".
We believe that a specifically anarchist orga-
nization can play an important role in orga-
nizing for this revolution and in fighting the
"battle of ideas" with those who would cre-
ate a new USSR or who would subvert the
revolutionary movement into the Democratic
Party. We encourage you to get in touch with
us if you are interested in what we are doing,
or to receive announcements.
Contact: Capitalterminus@gmail.com
Curious about anarchist-communism? Check
out www.anarkismo.net, a global news and
discussion site.


The State leaves 100,000 to drown like rats, while people everywhere open their hearts and homes.
As many as 20,000 people have been abandoned in the New
Orleans Convention Center with no resources and no anticipated
relief. Meanwhile, National Guard units with submachine guns and
body armor prevent people from taking necessary food from places
where it would otherwise go to waste, and call it "urban warfare."
Under capitalism, there is no such thing as "natural" disasters;
horrible and unavoidable events are exacerbated by the callous acts
of the ruling class. Examples include: the Irish potato famine of the
19th century, and the Somalian famine of the 20th, where food
was taken by imperialist countries, like Britain and the US, instead
of being used to save the starving population; the
more recent hurricane disasters in Haiti shortly
after the U.S. ousted the only government which
might have marshaled any aid to the Haitian
people and replaced it with a military junta; the
tsunami disaster, which was aggravated by years
of IMF and World Bank domination in the region
that resulted in severe underdevelopment; and
the present situation in the Gulf Coast.
How did the ruling class contribute to this disaster?
Having full knowledge that this would be a devistating hurricane
season, they chose to sink the 79 million dollars designated to repair
the antiquated levee system into the Iraq quagmire. Furthermore,
although they knew ahead of time that the hurricane would be
at least a category 4 hurricane, and that the levee system could
withstand no more than a category 3, the ruling class did not invest
any serious resources into evacuating the city of New Orleans and
the surrounding area as the storm approached (and rich politicians
have the gall to accuse working-class people of carelessly staying
in the city)! As we mentioned, their first priority is to mobilize
heavily-armed National Guard units who will shoot people that are
merely trying to find food, rather than to bring the necessary aid
to the estimated 20,000 starving people at the Convention Center
who will die if nothing is done (not to mention other people in
similar situations throughout the city). The politicians continue
lying in a desparate attempt to save their careers, making it
increasingly clear that they have no concern for the lives of the
people they've abandoned.
In contrast, thousands of people have opened their homes
to survivors in an amazing gesture of solidarity and compassion.
Despite the State's citation of its ability to channel aid in times of
need as a justification for its existance, it has again demonstrated
how the constraints of capitalism interfere with its ability to provide
any sort of assistance. The incredible display of mutual aid on the part of
the people gives further support for the anarchist
argument that people can indeed develop a stateless
society based on the adage "from each according to
ability, to each according to necessity." We hope to
see that society become a reality someday, but
for now we declare our solidarity with those who
have been abandoned, and, in hopes that others
will join us, we demand the following:
·That the government immediately commandeer
the necessary resources, such as transportation and shelter, in order
to evacuate people from the city and ensure that they have adequate
accomodations until it is possible to return to their homes or move on
·An immediate end to national guard and police units attacking
those looking for food
·Immediate distribution of ALL necessary items (water, food,
clothing, etc.) during the process of evacuation
·The immediate resignation/dismissal and punishment of all
decision-makers who neglected the responsibility of repairing the levees
or coordinating evacuations from the city while it was possible, or who are
responsible for National Guard and police units attacking those who are
"stealing" necessary items
·No conviction for any who were arrested while "stealing" food
or any other necessity
·An end to the price-gouging of oil which is affecting working-
class people across the country, by price fixing if necessary
·Adequate aid to all people wishing to rebuild homes lost due to the negligence of
capitalist politicians
Solidarity with the victims of the Gulf Coast disaster! Solidarity with those who
remain in precarious positions months after the tsunami disaster! Solidarity with
those all across the globe who have lost family or remain in refugee camps due to the
disasters which the ruling class magnifies or the wars which it engineers!
The Capital Terminus Collective (Atlanta, GA)

Belong To a Larger

Organization, and Why We Need To.
If you've known about us for awhile, then you'll probably know that recently
we tried to create a southern anarchist federation. This is not a summary of
our lessons from that (which can be found at nefac.net/node/1780 ), rather it
is intended as a brief summary of the outcome. Most of our mistakes can be
wrapped up in this: we worked too unilaterally, rather than building organic
links with groups in other cities. As a result, we could not create an anarchist
federation which would only exist on paper.
However, we do still think such an organization would be a good force on a
regional, national, and international level. Historically, anarchists have had the
most impact in revolutionary organizing when they were well-coordinated and
had a large number of organizers. To this end, one step we are taking is setting
up a discussion list for anarchists in the southeast, with the goal of building ties
which will eventually lead to a the creation of a revolutionary organization.
This list is for folks who are serious about organizing for a popular revolu-
tion and the creation of a classless, stateless, non-hierarchical society. It is not
another `pan-anarchist' discussion list, and you are not welcome if: you believe
humans are a scourge on the planet and that the `revolution' will only come
about through killing a majority of the population; you engage in blatantly
sexist, racist, or anti-working class behavior; you think every organization is
inherently authoritarian; or if to you anarchism means a lifestyle and nothing
else. The CTC stands in the `Platformist' tradition, meaning that we believe an
effective organization should have unity of theories, unity of tactics, federalism,
and direct democracy. This list is not reserved for people who identify with the
`Platform', but you should think the four ideas mentioned above are good ones
to practice.
You can subscribe to this list at http://lists.riseup.net/www/subrequest/
ERASE. Please send an introduction detailing your political background, what
kind of organizing you are currently involved in or wish to be, what city you are
in, and how you heard about the list.

Supporting Sgt. Benderman

a brief account of the CTC's efforts in solidarity with a uniformed
Early in 2005, members of the Capital Terminus Collective became
aware of the Kevin Benderman case. Benderman is a sergeant in the Army
who, after ten years of military service with a spotless record, returned to the
U.S. from a tour of duty in Iraq, but declined to go back to the Middle East
when ordered.
Our collective took an interest because he was
stationed in Georgia. For some time we had thought
that the most effective way to subvert the
government's war effort, lay in"supporting
the troops". Supporting the troops
who refused to fight, that is.
Brave men and women
like Sgt. Kevin
As we soon
learned, Kevin did not
just up and quit, back his
bags, and leave his unit. Nor
did he bail out while under fire.
Instead, after returning to the
U.S., and then spending some alone
in reflection, and also spending some
time in consultation with friends and
loved ones, he made the decision to apply
for conscientious objector (CO) status. The
record shows that not only was his application
summarily denied, but from the time he made
the application, he became a target of scorn and
abuse from his superiors. Even a chaplain called him
a coward! He reports that his peers, unlike his superiors
and religious "advisors", for the most part came to accept,
and even admire his decision. Finally, those same spiteful
superiors who ridiculed him, had him charged with desertion
when he declined to catch a flight going back to Iraq.
The first two decisions Capital Terminus made in this
instance were to contact Kevin by e-mail, and also to begin producing
flyers in his support, to distribute around Atlanta. Following some intense
discussion, an e-mail of support was drafted and sent. We soon received a
response, a note of thanks for our support, and we then began distributing
the corresponding flyers at anti-war marches and other events. Later, when
several members of our collective met Kevin at a speaking engagement in
Atlanta, our admiration of him was only strengthened by his plainspoken
demeanor and sincerity.
His court-martial (which I attended) largely hinged on the details
of whether or not a superior, explicitly or implicitly, released Sgt. Benderman
to go home and work on his CO application, rather than getting on the
flight to Iraq. The verdict, when announced, was not guilty of desertion,
but guilty of "missing movement by design". (For personal reasons, I had
to leave shortly thereafter.) The following day's newspaper reported that
after the sentence was announced, Kevin was led away by MP's to serve a
sentence of 15 months, with no chance of early release, in addition to facing
a reduction in rank, and a dishonorable discharge.
I would have preferred that the defense put theUS.
government on trial, for having a CO process thatis nothing short of
farcical. But, it was not the defense attorney's job to play to the
crowd, to score political points and woo the audience (and in
the process, likely arouse even greater antagonisms with the
military brass who are bent on wrecking havoc in Kevin's
life.) No, the task before that attorney on that day, was to
try to do whatever was most likely to minimize the brutal
vengeance that the U.S. government was going to take
on Kevin. Given that reality, it is perhaps unseemly
to criticize. Lawyers make such easy targets, after
all. It is unlikely that a military judge, any
military judge, would have found in Kevin's
favor, regardless of the defense. No one
could have prevented the Army from, in
the words of the judge (as quoted in
the Savannah paper on the following
day), making an "example" of
the courageous Sergeant.
Since his
imprisonment, Kevin
has been declared
a prisoner of
conscience by the
organization Amnesty
International. An international
campaign of support is under way.
Meanwhile, he has also been moved to a
prison in the state of Washington. That's right,
Washington, diagonally across the country from
Georgia. They put him just as far away from his wife, and his
home, and his friends as they could. The malice demonstrated by the
United States Army towards one of its own, is downright frightening. I
suppose we should just be grateful that he is not at Guantanomo Bay. Or in
Details regarding the campaign in support of Kevin Benderman can
be found at bendermandefense.org
Prole Cat
This month our letter is "A"!

Autogestion is a term used to describe workers
self management, or the concept of production
being controlled by workers for workers. It
originated as a concept developed by farm
and industrial workers immediately after
the Algerian fight for independence. In the
aftermath of the French imperialist expulsion
workers took over production, without bosses,
centralized leadership, or state control. Current
examples of autogestion include AK Press in
Briton and the USA, and Zanon in Argentina
(Adapted from STRIKE! Issue #3)

Autonomy is another word for self-reliance.
It means that groups which are affected by a
decision are involved in making that decision
and are responsible for carrying the decision
out. It can be used to describe status within
an organization or within the larger society;
for instance, a local branch of a revolutionary
organization is autonomous when acting out
the policies of the organization independently
but still with a responsibility to the larger
organization, or people struggling with the
ruling class for control of their lives are fighting
for their autonomy.
Anarchist-Communists struggle because every
aspect of production is used against us: the ruling
class raises the rent on the houses we build; they
overcharge us for the food we grow; and at the
same time they try to pay us poverty wages and
pit us against each other for scraps. On top
of this they force a rape culture upon us; they
send racist police into poor neighborhoods; they
create artificial borders and then complain about
"immigration problems"; and they start wars
based on lies and power motives. Anarchist-
Communists fight for a world in which the
people have destroyed these twisted social
norms and replaced them with autogestion and
All Sorts of Things You Should Know By Angelina - women`s Health
The women's health/self defense work group has coordinated a
free women's self defense class with a volunteer instructor! The date will
be set at his convenience, after a preliminary class solely for the members
of Capital Terminus to get our instructor warmed up. The class will be ad-
ver tised as broadly as possible, once the date is set, and we will help to
provide transportation to those who need it.
Additionally, the group will be planning a flyer-making get together.
We'll be making flyers with "the kinds of things people feel too awkward to
talk about but need to know" facts about STDs, contraception, and similar
topics. Then we'll go on an info-bombing escapade and drop these flyers in
bathrooms all around the city. It should be a rockin', and educa-
tional, good time.
CTC Media Work Group

The media work group will
be producing a monthly newslet-
ter, the Atlanta Anarchist (the very publication
you have before you), and upkeeping a website. Both of which
will be used to keep people up to date on the CTC's projects; to
intoduce our readers to the ideas of anarcho-communism; and to
offer an anarchist perspective about local, regional and national
The media work group is also responsible for hosting the CTC's
monthly study groups. We have an introductory discussion group
about anarchism, and a more in-depth theoretical discussion
group, which is still in the planning stages.
The introductory discussion group is currently meeting at Joe's
Cafe in the East Atlanta Village the third wednesday of every
month at 7pm. All are encouraged to attend though the location
is always subject to change. If you have internet access,
email us and request to be added to our announcments list so
you can be kept up to

** counter recruitment **

Currently, the CTC's counter recruitment campaign has been
working closely with the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition,
in their efforts against military recruitment. First, by attending their
weekly pickets outside of military recruitment centers, in the cities of both
Atlanta and Decatur. Secondly, both the CTC and the GPJC have been going
to the friday night football games at Grady High School. Before each game we
hand out flyers, to both students and their parents, about how to opt out of
the"no child left behind"act, the truth about the sales pitches that the military
recruiters use to entice their children into the military.
You can help with this campaign by volunteering to help with the fly-
ering at Grady HS every friday night at 5:15pm and 8:15 pm. Or, you can
contact us or the the GPJC about starting an informational flyering at your or
your child's school.
You can reach the CTC by email at Capitalterminus@gmail.
com, or you can reach the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition at
info@georgiapeace.org or by phone at (404) 522-4500.

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