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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 660* 12th September - 25th September 2005

Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 15:34:59 +0300

'You wouldn't deport an Australian' - Liberal Senator Ellinsen retorted to
Green Senator Nettle's assertion on Tuesday in the Senate that if American
peace activist Scott Parkin was to be deported as a national security
threat, the Howard government would have no hesitation in deporting her.
Senator Ellinsen is correct of course, the government can't deport an
Australian citizen, but the passage of nearly 60 of pieces of Federal
legislation since 2001 has given the government the power to legally silence
political dissent in Australia. The arrest and deportation of Scott Parkin
highlights that the plethora of 'anti terrorist' laws that have been passed
through Federal parliament with the full support of the ALP, can be use to
target people who peacefully oppose government policy.

Although the government cannot deport Australian citizens, it can now
secretly detain and secretly interrogate them because they may inadvertently
have access to information that may assist security agencies in their
investigations. Citizens, who refuse to answer, can be jailed for up to 5
years. The Attorney General has the power to unilaterally ban an
organisation because he has received advice from Australia's security
agencies that the organisation may pose a threat to the Commonwealth.
Members of a banned organisation can be jailed for up to 25 years. Three
Ministers of the Crown can deploy Australian troops anywhere in Australia if
they believe Commonwealth interests are threatened. Anybody who peacefully
resists the deployment of troops can be shot and their families are banned
from seeking a legal remedy for any injuries they may have sustained.

If the current batch of proposed security legislation is passed, Senator
Nettle could wake up one morning and find she is wearing an electronic ankle
bracelet so this country's security agencies can monitor her every move
because she is deemed to be a security threat by some faceless bureaucrat
using information from 'who knows what' source. She would also find that
she is cooling her heals in jail because she had the audacity to question
Australia's deployment of troops both in Australia and overseas, by
expressing sympathy for those affected by that deployment.

The arrest and deportation of Scott Parkin highlights that the plethora of
security legislation that has been passed and will be passed in the future,
is primarily directed at stifling dissent by removing both individual rights
and liberties and the checks and balances that prevent governments from
arbitrarily arresting, interrogating and detaining their citizens, not for
what they have done or are planning to do but because of their ideas. It's
both ironic and sad that A.S.I.O., the Federal Police and the Federal
government are more interested in tackling non violent peace activist like
Scott Parkin, than doing something about an al-Qa'ida representative who on
the same day that Parkin was arrested, was publicly threatening to carry out
terrorist outrages against the people of Melbourne.

The Howard government's assault on the few rights and liberties people are
still able to enjoy in Australia is an attack on dissent, not terrorism.
Over 60 separate Acts have been passed through Federal parliament since 2001
that have stripped away rights and liberties that Australians have fought
for, won and enjoyed since Federation.

Legislation to further erode these liberties will do little if anything to
prevent terrorism, but will outlaw the individual's rights to legally
protest against government policy. Detention and interrogation without
trial, not for what a person has done or may be planning to do, but for what
the government of the day through its control of the State apparatus
believes a person may be thinking, has all the hallmarks of the totalitarian

The greatest threat the community faces is not individuals or groups who
want to impose their will on society through violence, but a government that
is able to exercise control over its citizens through State power. The Pol
Pots, Hitlers and Stalins of the world were able to impose their will on
society and kill millions of people in the name of their political ideology,
because the checks and balances, rights and liberties that protected their
citizens from the arbitrary exercise of State power, had been abolished.

Australians are particularly vulnerable to the threat of legislative
assaults on the rights and liberties they enjoy. A government with a
majority in both Houses of Federal parliament can, at any time, legally
remove common law rights people have enjoyed for generations. The
Australian Constitution provides little if any protection from a
parliamentary attack on those rights and liberties people currently take for
granted. Until a Bill of Rights is incorporated into the Australian
Constitution through a referendum, governments with the support of
opposition parties that are frightened of their own shadows will continue to
strip away our common law rights and liberties, in order to increase the
power they are able to exercise over us every time it suits their
ideological and political agendas.

The arrest and deportation of American environmentalist and peace activist
Scott Parkin as a national security threat, is not the first time that the
Australian government has deported political activists. Australia has a
long tradition of using national security legislation to stifle dissent in
this country. Under the War Precautions Act during World War I, members of
the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.), a radical working class
organization that spear headed the successful opposition to two conscription
referendums, were deported for belonging to a banned organization.

In 1934 Egan Kisch, a noted journalist and refugee from Nazi Germany, was
refused permission to land in Fremantle to attend an Anti War Congress. The
Attorney General Robert Menzies, banned both Egan Kisch and the New Zealand
delegate Gerald Griffin from coming ashore to participate in an Anti War
Congress. Kisch thwarted attempts to stop him speaking by jumping onto the
wharf at Port Melbourne breaking his leg in the process; once onshore,
Menzies tried to use the Immigration Act to have him deported. The Act
allowed the police to examine the fluency of visitors in a European
language. The authorities chose Scottish Gaelic. His failure saw him
sentenced to jail. The decision was overturned on judicial appeal and Kisch
toured the country talking about what was happening in Nazi Germany.

Parkin's arrest and deportation is symptomatic of a government that is more
interested in curbing dissent than tackling the problem of terrorism. The
60 pieces of legislation that have been introduced into Federal parliament
since 2001 to tackle terrorism, are geared to ban dissent not discourage
terrorist outrages. While the Howard government uses the Immigration Act to
arrest and deport peaceful activists, all its so called anti terrorist laws
have not deterred a representative from al-Qa'ida threatening the people of
Melbourne with indiscriminate terror.

The problem with the Howard government's proposed security legislation is
that it won't only be used to try to avert a terrorist threat, it will also
be used to criminalise dissent, detain citizens without trial and detain and
deport non citizens who challenge the government's political orthodoxy.

Must have been a Freudian slip, I accidentally wrote the words that greeted
over a million people that were killed in the gas chambers in Auschwitz as
they arrived at their new 'home', than the Howard government's 'Welfare to
Slavery', oops there I go again, 'Welfare to Work' legislation agenda. Just
in case you think it's only workers who have been targeted in the Howard
government's legislative agenda, think again.

Single parents will forced to start working when their children turn 6,
while new disability support pensioners will be denied a disability support
pension and be placed on the Newstart program if they can work 15 hours a
week; the difference over $100.00 a week. All those pensioners and
'battlers' who have put Howard back into power over and over again, have
good reason to feel betrayed. The government's 4th term legislative agenda
exposes this government for what they really are.

No matter how they try to present it, no matter how many tens of millions of
taxpayers dollars they use to tell us black is white and white is black, the
problem is the same. Their legislative program is designed to provide a
cheap pool of part time labour to do jobs that are so poorly paid, that
Australians refuse to do them. Their 'Welfare to Work' (Freedom through
Work) program will create two classes of citizens on social security
benefits. Those who enjoy the current benefits and will continue the
current benefits because the government is too frightened to decrease their
benefits because of the potential political backlash and new social security
beneficiaries who will find that their benefits are so low, they will be
forced into poorly paid part time work.

The Howard government's proposed welfare legislation is as dangerous as its
proposed Industrial Relations laws. Both pieces of legislation need to be
resisted at every level. If they' are not, Australians will soon experience
the utter contempt the Howard government holds for working people and social
security beneficiaries in this country.

The continued survival of Osama bin Laden is proof that the Bush
administration's decision to invade Iraq to stamp out al-Qa'ida was as
stupid as Saddam Hussein's decision to invade Israel through Kuwait.
Instead of the US administration concentrating their efforts on their
campaign to stamp out al-Qa'ida, they now find themselves bogged down in a
quagmire of their own making. Howard and Bush's Iraq policies are based on
the idea that ideology takes precedence over reality. They believe you can
bash square pegs into round holes without damaging both the peg and the hole
you're bashing the peg into.

Their assumption that the power vacuum created by the removal of Saddam
Hussein's regime would be filled with a capitalist secular parliamentary
based political system, have been shown to be little more than neo
conservative political wet dreams. The window of opportunity that was
created in the immediate aftermath of the US led invasion of Iraq, was
squandered when Iraqis realised that the invasion occurred because the US
needed to secure its oil supplies in the Middle East, not to free them from
the yoke of oppression.

It soon became apparent to ordinary Iraqis and the political factions that
were trying to secure their place in the sun in the new Iraq, that the
rhetoric reality gap that was created as a result of the invasion could only
be destroyed by actively resisting the invading forces.

Resistance is taking many forms. It ranges from non cooperative to
demonstrations and strikes, through to armed struggle. The situation is
complicated by the different political and cultural ambitions of the three
major groups in Iraq - the Shias, Sunnis and Kurds, each group has their own
political ambitions. The situation on the ground is further complicated by
the divide that exists between secular and religious elements in the
resistance movement.

The dominant role that is currently being played out by religious
fundamentalists in Iraq is becoming a major problem for secular resistance
in the region. You only have to look at the fate of Afghanistan to realise
what can happen to a people when religious elements that are only
accountable to their 'God', seize State power.

A. Of course they will. Leaders exercise influence, rulers exercise power.
Leaders use their experience, knowledge and ability to exercise influence,
rulers use force to control the communities they rule. Rulers can be
democratically elected, appointed by an oligarchy, or exercise a divine
right to rule. They make decisions for the people they control.
The difference between a person who exercises influence and one who exercise
power is that those who exercise influence cannot impose their will through
force on the people they are trying to influence. The line between
exercising influence and power can be blurred because people who exercise
power simultaneously exercise influence. The central difference is that in
an anarchist society people are not obliged to accept the proposals made by
influential members of the community they live in. They can if they choose,
follow a completely different path because power ultimately rests in the
hands of the people, not rulers.
Although individuals and groups living in an anarchist society are able to
exercise influence, the people, not a representative or a ruler make the
decisions about what happens in that community. Spheres of influence will
change with different issues, leaders will exist at many levels of an
anarchist society; leadership roles will not just be limited to a ruling
oligarchy. People with drive, knowledge, expertise and experience will be
propelled into the limelight in an anarchist community.
Whether the names of the same people appear over and over again and whether
the structures that give people the opportunity to display leadership roles
in an anarchist society become fossilised and whether exercising influence
becomes synonymous with the exercise of power, is ultimately dependent on
the active participation of the members of an anarchist community in the
life of their community.

Nothing will change until radical egalitarian activists are able to
challenge the political and social orthodoxy that parliamentary rule is
intrinsically linked to the democratic process. I could go on about the
shortcomings of representative democracy - giving an elected representative
a signed blank cheque to make decisions on your behalf for the next 3 to 4
years, but I won't bore you with arguments you have seen and read before.
What I will go on about is the fact nothing will alter while people think
that parliamentary elections have something, anything to do with the
democratic process. While people believe that they can change society if
the 'right' people are elected into parliament, nothing will ever change.
The 3rd yearly electoral ritual raises the possibility in the public mind
that they are the masters of their own destiny and change is both possible
and probable if they cast a ballot during the 3 yearly Federal electoral
cycle. In order to break through this electoral barrier, radical activists
need to look at activities that go beyond asking people not to vote at
elections. They need to use the electoral process to challenge rhe idea
that parliamentary politics has something to do with the struggle for
'Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule' was set up to challenge the myths
that parliamentary rule are based on, by raising Direct Democracy - the
people involved in a decision, making that decision (not elected
representatives) and electing or appointing delegates to carry out that
decision as a viable alternative to parliamentary rule.
Currently 'Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule' has 88 members; we need
around 550 members to try to enrol the groups as a Federal political Party.
At the current rate of enrolment, it will take another 4 years to gain the
necessary numbers we require to register the Party. We encourage as many of
our readers as possible who are eligible to be placed on the Australian
Electoral roll to join so we can become a burr under the parliamentary
saddle and challenge the status quo at the 2007 Federal election.
Download an application form to join 'Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary
Rule' from rulebythepeople.org or write to us at P.O. Box 5035, Alphington
3078, Victoria for a copy of the application form or come along to the
inaugural Annual General Meeting of 'Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary
Rule' at 7.00pm on Wednesday the 5th October as an observer and pick up an
application form. If you want to come along as an observer, drop us a line
by email supporters@rulebythepeople.org or snail mail P.O. Box 5035,
Alphington 3078, Victoria, or telephone us on 0439 345 489 for meeting


The Ballarat Reform League was publicly launched at a mass meeting held at
Bakery Hill in Ballarat on the 11th November 1854. The demands of the
Ballarat Reform League were very similar to the demands of the English
Chartist's full and fair representation in parliament. The League also
promoted some pressing immediate demands that called for the replacement of
the present Gold Commissioner's and the abolition of the miners and
storekeepers tax. The League was not only interested in local issues at its
meeting on the 29th November 1854, it condemned 'the stigmatising as riots
the preserving and indomitable struggles for freedom of the brave people of
England and Ireland during the last 80 years'.
Ironically the colonial authorities in Victoria stigmatised the Eureka
rebellion as a 'riot' and attempted to push it off the pages of history as
an inconsequential riot, not as a full blown rebellion. At the same
meeting, it was decided that a meeting of the Ballarat Reform League be
called at the Adelphi Theatre at 2.00pm on Sunday the 3rd Dec 1854 to hold a
mass burning of miners and shopkeepers licences.
The Ballarat Reform League attempted to form a parallel government. On the
goldfields it encouraged miners who had a dispute with other miners to 'when
any party or parties have a dispute, the parties so disputing appoint one
man, the two men thus appointed to call in a third and these three to decide
the case finally'. The meeting on the 29th November resolved 'that this
meeting protests against the common practice of bodies of military marching
into a peaceful district with fixed bayonets; and also against any force,
police or otherwise, firing on the people without previous reading of the
Riot Act; and that if government officials continue to act thus
unconstitutionally, we cannot be responsible for similar or worse deeds from
the people'. Many of the miners present at the meeting were armed; they
fired their pistols into the air to reinforce their determination not to be
intimidated by the camp authorities. The Ballarat Times cited in The Age of
the 23rd November 1854 claimed:
'This League is nothing more or less than the germ of independence. The die
is cast and fate has stamped upon the movement its indelible signature. No
power on Earth can now restrain the united might and headlong strides for
freedom of the people of this country, and we are lost in amazement while
contemplating the dazzling panorama of the Australian future. We salute the
League and tender our hopes and prayers for its prosperity. The League has
undertaken a mighty task, fit only for a great people - that of changing the
destiny of the country. The League does not exactly propose, nor adopt such
a scheme, but knows what it means, the principles it would inculcate and
that eventually it will resolve itself into an Australian Congress'.
Looks like all those historians and neo conservative commentators who like
to dismiss the Eureka rebellion as a riot against minors and shopkeeper
licences, have got it all wrong. The Ballarat Reform League, the political
organ of the miners, saw itself as a parallel administration and a
government in waiting. They were revolutionaries not rioters. 'We swear by
the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our
rights and liberties' - Eureka Oath 1954.
Source of material for article: -
'The Eureka Encyclopaedia' - Corfield, Wickham, Gervasani, Ballarat Heritage
Services 2004, ISBN 1 876478 616

- Social Protest Movements & the Labour Movement 1965 - 1975'
- Edited by Beverley Symonds & Rowan Cahill.
Published by Sydney Branch Aust Society for the Study of Labour History
1975, 2005. ISBN 0 909944 09 1
On the weekend of 22nd - 23rd September 2001, 39 prominent activist involved
in the tumultuous events of the period founded by the introduction of
conscription in Australia and the dismissal of the Labor Whitlam Government
1965 - 1975, gathered in Sydney to reminisce about 'good old days'.
In essence, the conference concentrates on the continuing effects the
Cultural Revolution that happened in Australia during this period has had on
the country's institution and ordinary people. The conference is heavily
slandered towards what was happening in Sydney and New South Wales during
this turbulent decade.
A 95-page booklet is a lightly edited version of the contributions made by
the 39 speakers at the conference. After an introduction by Rowan Cahill
and opening comments Greg Patmore, the reader gets into the thick of the
action. The booklet is divided into 8 chapters that reflect the conferences
major themes. 'The Anti-Vietnam War & the Anti-Conscription Movement', 'The
Student New Left & Counter Culture Movement', 'Sexual Politics - The Women's
Liberation Movement', 'Sexual Politics - Gay & Lesbian Rights', 'Aboriginal
Land Rights & Civil Rights: The Anti-Apartheid Movement', 'The Trade-Union
Movement', 'Changes, Struggles & Gains' and 'Conflict & Change in the
Australian Labor Party 1965 - 1972'.
The contents are both exhilarating and disappointing, informative and self
indulgent, but most importantly of all they mark the beginning of a struggle
to reclaim the history of a decade that did more to change Australia's
values than any other period in Australian 20th century history. The
certainties of the past were turned on their heads, the fossilised
parliamentary and extra parliamentary rituals and antics that had dominated
Australian thinking since Federation where fractured by the events of this
Today, people enjoy the fruits of the victories of this decade without
realising that the freedoms and liberties they are able to exercise,
directly related to the sacrifices that were made by those militants who
ceased the moment and challenged political, social & cultural orthodoxy.
Today, the neo conservative element within Australian society that have
undertaken the long march through the institutions, dominate public life
through their control and ownership of the means of production, distribution
and exchange of information. They have successfully buried these tumultuous
events in an avalanche of historical lies and distortions; denying the
importance this turbulent decade continues to play in the lives of ordinary
'A Turbulent Decade' is the first of many shots that needs to be fired in
order to use the past to understand the present and continue the social,
cultural and political revolution that occurred during this period.
Copies of 'A Turbulent Decade' can be obtained by writing to: Australian
Society for the Study of Labour History, PO Box 1027, Newtown 2042, NSW

I was having afternoon tea in Kallista in the Dandenong Ranges on Saturday
when I picked up a short history of the area that has been hastily put
together by a local historical association. Three pages of roughly typed
material, left around to give visitors a little background to the area.
Kallista was formally called South Sassafras and in 1923 after a local
competition, the name of the collection of houses that hug the road was
changed to Kallista - Greek for 'more beautiful'.
It is still a spectacular site, although many of the tall trees the area was
famous for have ended up in local timber mills. Kallista was so
inhospitable, the only way the Victorian government in the late 1880's could
encourage people to settle in the area was to open up the land to selectors,
offering them free land if they lived and built a house on the land. The
name South Sassafras sounded familiar; I had vague recollections that David
Andrade, a foundation member of the Melbourne Anarchist Club, attempted to
set up a rural co-operative in the area. Reading on, I came across the
reference that D. Andrade had set up the first shop in South Sassafras in
1893. It seems he and his family had selected a piece of virgin bush on
Halls track in South Sassafras, a few lines further down the name D. Andrade
appears once again as the town's first post master.
David had an interesting history; he was a foundation member of the
Melbourne Anarchist Club formed on the 1st of May 1886, ran a 3-story
radical bookshop and restaurant at 213 Russell Street, Melbourne in the
early 1890's. He was a well know radical writer and contributed to radical
newspapers in the 1880's. In 1892 he wrote the novel 'The Melbourne Riots'
and how Harry Holdfact and his friends emancipated the workers. In 1893
everything went wrong for David, his business when bankrupt, piling into
dray with his wife Emily and his four children, the youngest Proudhon 'a
babe in arms'. They made their way to South Sassafras to select a block of
virgin bush they could eke a living on.
He did set up the first shop in the area and became the post master for
South Sassafras; things seemed to go reasonably well until 1898 when a fire
(the Curse of the Dandenong Ranges) swept through his home. The family lost
everything except the night dresses they stood in. David lost his much
beloved book collection; they started again but his youngest daughter
Gertrude was bitten by a snake and died. He never recovered from the
tragedies he experienced and was admitted to the Ballarat Asylum in 1903.
He spent the next 25 years in the asylum as an involuntary patient and died
in 1928.
Somehow the gloss has been taken of my quiet afternoon tea at Kallista. The
tea rooms where built in 1950, the original owners had to sell up and move
to Geelong. It seems the Dandenong Ranges have, like the rest of this
country, been built on the blood, sweet and tear of ordinary people whose
contributions and sacrifices are both unacknowledged and unappreciated. Sir
Thomas Bent (Bent by name and bent by nature) the Governor of Victoria, who
in the 1890's had the railway line extended to his holding in Brighton so he
could make a killing by subdividing the land and selling it off, is
honoured. His statue still graces the entrance to Brighton whilst Andrade's
honest and courageous contributions - two lines in a 3-page synopsis of the
history of Kallista. On 2nd thoughts, it's better than being forgotten all

I have to laugh when I hear people complain that the rapid increase in
petrol prices had led to profiteering by petrol corporations.
'Profiteering?' Yes, profiteering!! Making a profit is the very essence of
good business practice. If you don't make a profit in a capitalist society,
you go under. If you can't make enough money to pay your creditors, the
receivers will descend on you before you can blink. Your creditors want
their pound of flesh, the Taxation Department and the banks are normally the
first cab off the rank, stripping the bones clean before anybody else can
get their hands on them.
Ethics, morals, truth have no place in the capitalist pantheon. A tiger
kills to survive, capitalist make profit to survive. How they make these
profits may upset the sensibilities of government and the community, but
they don't upset the capitalist deities. No profits, no jobs, no gravy
train, no corporation. Those people, who complain about capitalist
profiteering, wouldn't be screaming if a corporation they had shares in was
gouging whatever they could from the community.
The laws of supply and demand reward those who are able to exercise a
monopoly on the production and sale of a product. The stronger the
monopoly, the higher the price the piper needs to be paid. It's ironic to
think that the State has to pass legislation to ensure that companies
compete. The logical end product of a capitalist society is the formation
of monopolies. Government intervention or no government intervention,
monopolies set the economical parameters in a capitalist society that
governments and the community ignore at their peril. Profiteering is a
logical end product of the system; to complain that profiteering occurs in a
capital society is a little bit like complaining that the sun shines during
daylight hours. It doesn't really make any sense to accuse a corporation
that exploits its workers and the people it provides products for, of
profiteering. They are only doing what comes naturally to them in a
capitalist society. Gouging every last cent form their customers, ripping of
the suppliers and exploiting their workers, no-one should expect any more or
any less form the corporate sector. Those who do, don't understand the name
of the game is making profits irrespective of the human and social cost.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

FREEDOM Vol.66 No.16,20th AUGUST 2005, Anarchist News & Views Freedom Press,
84b Whitechapel High St, London E17QX, ENGLAND Tel/Fax: 02072479249,
GERMINAL No.97, MAY 2005, Giornale Anarchico & Libertario di Trieste, Via
Mazzini ii 34121, TRIESE, ITALY germinal@germinalonline.org
TIERRA Y LIBERTAD No.205 AUGUST 2005, Periodico
Anarquista, Apartado 7.056 de Madrid, 28080 SPAIN,

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A Liberal state politician has been accused of cultivating links with Nazis
in order to recruit people to the Lib Party. 27yrs ago David Clarke was
photographed at a function organised by a group linked with sympathisers of
Ustashe, the Croatian group descended from the Nazi puppet govt of Croatia
during WWII. Mr Clarke claimed he'd no idea who organised the event. However
in April this yr, Mr Clarke attended & was photographed at a similar event -
commemorating April 10, 1941, the day when the German govt installed the
Ustashe puppet regime. The Aust Jewish News has accused Mr Clarke of
exploiting anti-Semitic sentiments among Croats & Muslims to recruit new
members to the NSW Lib Party. The newspaper has interviewed a ex Lib Party
branch Pres who alleges on the condition of anonymity Mr Clarke recruited
several Croats with Ustashe links to the party. Ex Lib candidate for Auburn
Irfan Yusef has publicly accused Mr Clarke of using religious wedge politics
to recruit new members to the party. The Ustashe are estimated to have
killed 3 to 400,000 Serbs & several thousand Jews & gypsies. (SMH)
The UK program to use the police to curb truancy, which inspired a similar
program in NSW, appears to have taken up considerable resources for no
effect. Both the UK & Aust programs involve the police conducting 'sweeps'
of urban centres, looking for school-age kids who are absent from school
without permission. New research by the UK group Action on Rights for
Children (Arch) has found 2 nat'l truancy sweeps a yr used up 16,318 police
hrs - the equivalent to the annual working hrs of 10 full-time police
officers. Just over 1/3 of areas surveyed broadly fitted an average pattern,
in which, for every 2 hrs of police time, 4 kids were stopped, of whom 2.5
had valid reasons for absence & 1.5 were truants. 4 areas reported finding
no truants at all during a combined total of 22.5 police hrs. The figures
for 'truants' incl kids who'd gone to the shops without permission during
their lunch break & hadn't missed any lessons. Kids who were late were also
counted as truants. Some sweeps were carried out just outside school grounds
& acc to Arch director Terri Dowti, were likely to have been deliberately
targeting latecomers in order to max the nos of 'truants' found. Dowti also
said "the majority of kids are recorded as being out of school with
permission for legitimate reasons, such as medical appointments. It's
unacceptable those going about their lawful business should be subjected to
police questioning. Adults wouldn't tolerate this & it can only breed
anxiety & resentment amongst law-abiding young people." A UK Dept for
Education & Skills report found, b/w 98 & 04, there had been no change in
the rate of truancy. No figures are available on the effectiveness or
otherwise of the Aust program. (Guardian [UK], NSW police web site)
Mad cow disease may have originated from human remains mixed into cattle
feed, acc to a controversial new theory. A leading UK expert on Bovine
Spongiform Encephalopathy, better known as 'mad cow disease' believes
there's strong evidence for linking the brain disease - which gave rise to
variant CJD in humans - to a trade in carcass material that was prevalent in
the '60s & '70s. Over those decades UK imported hundreds of thousands of
tons of ground-up animal parts for use as fertiliser & the manufacture of
feed. Nearly half this meat-& -bone meal came from the Indian sub-continent.
Prof Alan Colchester, from the Uni of Kent in Canterbury, argues some of it
almost certainly contained human as well as animal remains. The human
material could be traced to corpses disposed of in rivers in accordance with
Hindu funeral custom. Collecting & selling bones & carcasses is a common
local trade among peasants, who may not be too selective about what kind of
remains they pick up, says Prof Colchester. "The inclusion of human remains
in material delivered to processing mills has been clearly described," he
wrote in The Lancet medical journal in a paper co-authored by his daughter,
Nancy Colchester, from the Uni of Edinburgh. The theory suggests "ordinary",
or sporadic, Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease which arises naturally in humans was
initially passed to cattle via feed contaminated with infected human tissue.
It emerged in the cow population as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, or
BSE. Later, the infective agent was transmitted back to humans consuming
meat products such as beef-burgers. In '95 it re-emerged in a new form as
"variant" or vCJD, a deadly & incurable brain disease. (The Guardian [UK])
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "The belief in the possibility of a short decisive war
appears to be one of the most ancient and dangerous of human illusions."
Robert Lynd
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Awarded to you guessed it - John Howard our beloved & treasured dear leader
for using the fear created by the govt's 'war on terror' to fan the
community hysteria that allows it to strip away common law rights &
liberties we've enjoyed for centuries.

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