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(en) US, Great Plains Anarchist Network, Call-out for a Radical Gathering this Fall!

Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 08:10:53 +0300

The SDradicals welcome you to the Fall 2005 Great Plains Anarchist
Network Caucus in Vermillion, SD!
Do you want to meet other activists from South Dakota and across
the Great Plains? Are you interested in radical politics or movements
but haven't had a chance to learn more? Would you like to spend a
weekend celebrating resistance, love, freedom, and equality?
Then come to the Great Plains Anarchist Caucus this Fall! This is
an invitation for you to join Vermillion activists for three days of
action and discussion, strategy and fun. On September 16-18, people
from all over South Dakota, the Midwest and beyond will converge
for a weekend of workshops, networking, revolution and anarchy.

We'll be providing free camping spots and food for all who attend.
We will be outside of town, enjoying a full moon and the autumn
equinox. There will be camps with various themes, and several
kitchens catering to different tastes. Workshops range from the
philosophical and theoretical to practical DIY skillshares. We'll also
be playing games like Calvinball and Combat Kissing. There will be
live music throughout.
Inside this packet you will find:

* Posters promoting the upcoming GPAN caucus. Please copy
and distribute to friends and infoshops.
* Maps for making the trip to Vermillion.
* Schedule for the caucus.
* Agenda proposals to begin discussion with your collective.

A few notes on the upcoming caucus:

* We will be camping out for the weekend; other housing and care
will be provided for those in need
* There will be a clearly posted policy concerning sexual, verbal,
physical, and any other forms of harassment. In the event of any
kind of abuse we ask that you inform the hosts immediately.
* There will be a volunteer safety and peace team assisting
throughout the weekend. The volunteers will be equipped with first
aid supplies, emergency phone numbers, directions to nearby
emergency facilities, and information on Vermillion. They will be
clearly marked and glad to help in case of emergency or to answer
questions, and will be in communication with the medical,
information, kitchen, and daycare camps.
* Daycare will be provided at the camp. Volunteers are welcome
to help.
* There will be at least two kitchens. Volunteers are welcome, as
are supplies.
* Medical facilities will be provided. Volunteers are welcome.
* We welcome visitors before the caucus and also extend an
invitation to join our community in a week extension
* Check-in will be on Thursday evening and all day Friday at
Lions Park on Cherry St., Vermillion.

What to bring:

* Camping gear including tents, blankets, pillows, flashlights, etc.
We will provide what we can
* Musical instruments
* Bicycles for critical mass
* Masks (only for Calvinball of course!)
* First aid kits
* Goods such as arts, crafts, etc. for the trade circle
* Zines and books for GPAN and our infoshop
* Food (we will provide meals in two kitchens throughout the

What not to bring:

* Drugs or alcohol. Please do not endanger GPAN!

There will be many camps including:

* Quiet camp for sleepers, Loud camp, Art camp, Kids camp or
daycare, Karmic Space kitchen and camp, Jam camp for musicians

General Meeting and Agenda Proposals:

We are asking that each individual and collective consider the
agenda proposals well before the general meeting. Please print and
distribute to non-internet users. On Friday night at the introductory
gathering we will review these proposals once more, and discussion
will continue until the general meeting on Sunday. We are working
in accordance to the GPAN Structural Guidelines:

“Proposals should be made to the website
(www.greatplainsanarchist.net) and list-serve at least one month
before the next GPAN caucus, so that each affiliate group/person
can have time to discuss the issue beforehand and so that the GPAC
organizers can plan it into the agenda. Also, any last minute
proposals can be made at caucus and discussed at a time set aside at
the end of the agenda.”

We will do our best to accommodate everyone and make this an
exciting, constructive, revolutionary weekend! Let us know how we
can help or prepare for you and your crew:
View the GPAN Agenda Proposals

Email: gpan@sdradicals.org
Snail: SDRADICALS, PO Box 601, Vermillion, SD 57069

Check out the Great Plains Anarchist Network

GPAN Agenda Proposals

These are the proposals as of 8/15/05, clarified and edited:

1. That GPAN gatherings focus on a specific purpose and the structure
of the gathering be chosen to best fit that purpose. That purpose should
be clearly and effectively stated well in advance of the gathering.
2. That general meetings be abolished. GPAN meetings should be for a
specific reason.
3. There be an Anti-Oppression Policy
1. Individuals and collectives consider oppression within their
communities and the most effective methods to deal with them.
2. At Fall GPAN compare and contrast the Anti-Oppression Policies.
3. The hosts of Fall GPAN, and all future GPAN events are
requested to post their Anti-Oppression policies ahead of time and at all
GPAN events associated with the Caucus, including what acceptable
responses to abusive and oppressive behavior are, and are not
4. Generate a more constructive, honest, helpful, and inclusive method
of evaluating ourselves and our progress at achieving the goals of our
5. Tools of communication
1. A list serve that anyone can join easily and switch to it
2. Website - a moderator from each city/collective
6. A proposal that GPAN produce a quarterly publication of articles,
news, poetry, art, reports, and theory on a quarterly basis.
1. For these reasons a zine might benefit the network:
1. It will be a joint effort bringing GPAN affiliates
together to work on a relatively simple, legal, constructive project.
2. It will encourage and facilitate dialogue and
communication among GPAN affiliates.
3. It will serve as a material production of GPAN which
can be sent outside of our network; a source of information for non-GPAN
4. It will serve as propaganda to encourage the development
and growth of GPAN and broadcast the seeds of revolt in our region.
5. It will help non-internet/email users become involved in
6. It will encourage GPAN affiliates to develop home-grown
theory and art.
7. It will be a new, exciting, dynamic voice for revolution!
2. Specific details of the project:
1. Submissions will be collected from GPAN affiliates, and
the responsibility of editing, organizing, and publishing the zine will be
rotated each quarter. In this way, the labor should not fall on any one
2. The zine could be printed in a single location, if prices
are low or for other reasons. Each quarterly zine could be scanned and
emailed, or snail-mailed to the printing collective. Or, the printing could
be the responsibility of the rotating editing collective, meaning printed
and sent out from a different location each time.
3. The name and specific structure of the zine will be
discussed at the Fall 2005 Caucus in South Dakota.
4. It will be available for free, and printed from donations
of GPAN affiliates through fundraisers.
5. The print run will start out low, and grow with time, so
as to not be a financial burden.
3. The zine itself:
1. No advertisements
2. Free, including distribution to prisoners
3. Focus of zine will be on GPAN activities first, Great
Plains-oriented news second
4. Style, substance of zine will change naturally with
time and rotating editorial collective.
5. Produced cheaply as possible
6. Distributed by affiliates

Check out the Great Plains Anarchist Network & SDRadicals.org

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