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(en) Britain, Surrey Agitator Issue Two*. Winter 2004

Date Sat, 03 Sep 2005 13:50:40 +0300

Are you living in a bad state?
EVERYDAY it seems the powers that be are bringing more oppressive
measures into our everyday lives. Taxes are constantly rising, our
every movement is monitored and the strong arm of the state: the
police, military and prisons get ever stronger.
But resistance is also growing. Disillusioned with the government
millions of people protested against the war on Iraq and many others
are fighting back on other fronts.
Join us in the fight against the oppression of the capitalism and the state.
Surrey Anarchist Group
Against the Arms trade
IN late July Surrey DISarm DSEi form for people from Surrey
who opposed and wished to campaign against DSEi (Defence
Systems and Equipment international) Europe's biggest ever
weapons fair. Surrey Anarchist Group (SAG) took part in the week
of action against the weapons fair which was held at the Excel
center London Docklands form the 6-12 September, 03.
Despite the use of the Terrorism Act 2000 against protesters,
including one person from SAG being stopped and search and
then question about why they were carry a pink and silver flag
(which clearly posed a threat to national security), we were able
to severely disrupt the weapons fair. Lock-ons, blockades and
street parties all played their part in a diverse week of protest.
In 2003 DSEi confirmed its position as one of the leading arms
fairs in the world with around 1000 exhibitors from 30 countries.
A continued industry drive to provide shareholder value (aided
by the government) often encourages arms supplies to both sides
in areas of conflict - such as India and Pakistan, Angola and
Uganda - thereby fanning the flames of war. Arms continue to be
sold to regimes with atrocious human rights records such as In-
donesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Colombia. The cost of mili-
tary budgets to many countries attending DSEi has vast implica-
tions for the on-going development of education, health and so-
cial amenities, e.g. the arms deal to South Africa.
BAe occupied!
LOCAL weapons manufacturer, BAe Systems, had the water
tower of it's Byfleet factory occupied by people from the Anar-
chist Federation on 3rd September in protest at the companies in-
volvement with the DSEi arms fair. Activists hung a banner off
the top of the tower saying "Destroy the arms trade!" and stayed
up there for around two hours before deciding to leave after speak-
ing with local journalists. No arrests were made.
Visit: http://www.afed.org.uk and http://www.dsei.org
Taxes rise again

S U R R E Y resi-
dents will face an-
other year of high
council tax rises
after SCC (Surrey
County Council)
fail to secure a sig-
n i f i c a n t increase
i n funding from
c e n t r a l govern-
ment. Last year?
increase in coun-
cil tax of 17.9%
c r e a t e d furore
a m o n g s t resi-
d e n t s , but now
S S C has hinted
that it may strug-
gle to keep coun-
c i l tax rises below 10% and
s o m e district councils have
warned that they may have to
increase it by another 5%.
It will only be after precepts,
the amount the police, county
c o u n c i l and district councils
take from the council tax, have
been decided that an exact fig-
ure will be decided for this years
increase. This is will to take
place at council and planning
meetings early in the New Year,
but it is likely that Surrey resi-
dents will face an increase of
15%+ rise on their next council
tax bills.
In 2002/3 of the total bill for
band D property in Mole Valley
(Surrey) &119.34 went to the
d i s t r i c t council, SCC took
&851.39 and Surrey Police took
Dig Deep for police funding!
Of the total $150m Surrey Po-
lice budget residents pay 43%
from their council tax, nearly
double, compared to a national
average of 25%. Surrey Chief
Constable Dennis O'Connor said
recently "we need to be able to
safeguard against the influx of
serious crime, drug dealing, anti-
social behaviour..."
But in a recent weekend op-
e r a t i o n in Dorking and
Leatherhead, involving more 20
officers and two sniffer dogs,
Surrey Police managed to stop
and searched over 30 people, but
only confiscated alcohol on two
occasions and arrested one per-
son for an assoult.

THE government seem set to
introduce compulsory ID cards
and even plan to charge us for
them! A new law is planned
m a k i n g those applying for a
driving licence or passport be
issued with an ID card, but first
they'll have to undergo iris and
f i n g e r p r i n t scans to provide
`biometric' data. All their details
w i l l be stored on a national
B y 2013, when the
government hope most of us
will have ID cards already, a
parliamentary vote will be taken
o n whether to make it
The government says they're
doing this to fight crime, despite
the fact organised crime will no
d o u b t have forgeries ready
within a matter of weeks. And
it won't help in the fight against
terrorism either, for example the
terrorists behind the September
11th attacks were legal resident
of the USA.
More likely ID cards are part
o f the ongoing information
g a t h e r i n g the increasingly
paranoid state is carrying out on
its citizens. The UK already has
more surveillance cameras than
a n y other country and our
emails and internet sites we visit
can be seen by six government
agencies as well as the police,
w i t h o u t a court order. Our
landline phone can be tapped.
Our mobile phones are tracking
devices. Cars can be tracked
across the country by number
plate recognition software. Big
Brother really is watching you.
B u t we can fight back. In
Australia mass civi
d i s o b e d i e n c e forced th
government to back down ove
compulsory ID cards in 1987
More recently in Ruston High
in America a student rebellion
m a d e the authorities cave in
o v e r forcing the students to
walk round with bar codes on
their chests.

We can resist:
· Don't cooperate with the
· Sabotage surveillance where
· Visit: www.defy-id.org.uk
The Surrey Agitator is pro-
duced by the Surrey Anarchist
Group, a group of local people
fighting for a free and equal
society, contact us at PO Box
375, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey
GU21 2XL or visit our
website at


FREE party collectives have
held successful year raves at-
tracting up to 700 people despite
S u r r e y Police's new `tough
stance' illegal raves. At "The
Hippy Party" August 23rd four
4 rigs turned up, Unity (old
skool), psychosis (trance), na-
tive beats (drum nss) and a ran-
dom hard house rig with fly uv
Although the Police have had
some success stopping raves
90% have gone on unchallenged
with the Police admitting that
they don't have the manpower
t o shut down events. Police
came under further criticism in
August when they used Section
63 of the public order act to dis-
perse a party in Westcott, one
Westcott resident who attended
the event and wished to remain
anonymous said: "The police
went a step too far on Friday
when they turned up en masse
to try and disrupt a private 21st
birthday party on private land."
"Several different police units
arrived on the scene at about
2am including cars, vans, Land
Rovers and a dog section, as
well as specialist research units
flaunting cameras. What have
Surrey Police turned into?"
With winter closing in the free
party session is now well over
for this year, but are collectives
promising that will see another
successful year of raves across
S u r r e y, keep an eye out for
stickers and fliers for more in-
These groups hold free parties
round here;
w w w. n a t i v e b e a t s . c o . u k / and
ON Saturday September 8th SAG joined
t h e C a m p a i g n Against Prison Slavery
(CAPS) picket of Wilkinson's in King-
s t o n Upon Thames. The retail outlet,
Wilkinson's is one of the many compa-
nies profiting from the slave labour of
prisoners. In Swansea prison for exam-
ple, where prisoners are forced to do pack-
ing work for Wilkinson's, prisoners are
paid little more than £1 per day.
The issue of prison slavery is an issue for
ALL working-class people, not least be-
cause it undermines workers' pay and
conditions generally. Not because prison-
ers are somehow `stealing' jobs, they have
absolutely no choice in the matter, but be-
c a u s e companies can drive down the
wages of their own employees by using
prison labour, and it brings with it the
threat of short-time and redundancies.
We were able to distribute hundreds of
leaflets to the public in Kingston and en-
g a g e them in discussions about
Wilkinson's use of prison labour. Further
more the campaign has/is devolving it's
o w n identity, CAPS actions against
Wilkinson's have taken place all round
country and the increased inter-
est in prisoner solidarity, caused
by The Thessaloniki 7 scandal,
has further bolstered the cam-
* Surrey Anarchist Group (SAG)
Part of Britain Anarchist Federation
Address: PO Box 375, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey. GU21 2XL
Website: http://www.surreyanarchy.org.uk
Email: info@surreyanarchy.org.uk
Discussion list: surreyanarchy-subscribe@lists.riseup.net

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