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(en) Britain anarchist Class War Federation on New Orleans Tragedy: Natural Disaster and the usual Govern’mental’ bullshit.

Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 21:26:46 +0300

The ongoing tragedy that is all over our television screens at the time
of writing is nothing short of obscene. TV stations and tabloids blurt
out their sickening one liners and sound bites of ‘Anarchy in
New Orleans’ and ‘Looters should be shot on site’.
Whilst it is still unknown exactly how many people have died in the
tragedy the government, through their corrupt and sponsored press,
rather than accept their share of responsibility for the growing
catastrophe, maintain an on going barrage of fuckwitted hatred and
slanderous abuse toward those they are supposed to represent. Yes
it’s them again folks…the poor and needy.

So what, we can hear you ask, has the government got to do with
what’s occurred. Surely it was an ‘act of God’?

Whilst New Orleans and the rest of the region are no stranger to
terrible weather conditions, reports were coming out atleast a year
ago about the need for government aid to reinvest into
strenghthening the waterways and levees in the canals leading from
Lake Pontchartrain which protect New Orleans. The response from
the Bush administration to a request for at least $78 million to fund
the project was to splash out an extraordinarily stingy amount of $10
million. The excuse behind this? The ongoing cost of running the
war of terror in Iraq.

Days before the imminent hurricane was to sweep into the region,
public officials were seen on tv calling for people to ‘get on outta
here today’! This led to the extraordinary scenes of hundreds of
thousands of people jumping into their cars and heading out of the
area to safety.

One thing the public officials didn’t address was how the
majority of the poor were supposed to join into such a biblical rush
for cover. Already poverty stricken and without cars or relatives to
stay with out of state, what provisions were set up for the evacuation
of the most vulnerable? None. This certainly was a New Testament
case Bush style of ‘get outa ya bed and walk’!

Three days into the event with the majority of the poor areas of New
Orleans covered in water and thousands dead, the only help people
could rely on was their own. Frustrated by the lack of help, people
‘criminally’ took whatever measures they could to stay alive,
something the state so readily screams at us is nothing other than

What is interesting about this whole sordid affair is that in 2005, the
number of families living in poverty in Louisiana is close to double
the national average. New Orleans has one of the highest poverty
rates of any of the largest cities in the USA.

According to a report by Total Community Action, a New Orleans
public advocacy group,

'nearly one out of three New Orleans residents live below the poverty
level, the majority of who are Black'.

A spokesperson for the United Negro College Fund noted that the
city's poor live in some of the most dilapidated, and deteriorated
housing in the nation. No surprise then that fewer than 40% of the
residents in New Orleans and the surrounding area will have flood
insurance to rebuild their lives.

The great rush to help the people of New Orleans is amazing to
watch. After all it is happening isn’t it? Isn’t it?

Well four warships have been sent down to lend a hand…they
should be there in about three days time! And one can only wonder
of what use these warships will be.

One could almost be forgiven for believing that there are those who
are rubbing their hands with glee at this appauling catastrophe.

‘Black, homeless, no place to go? Howz about a career in the
marine corps son? You KNOW it makes sense!’

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