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(en) US, A Southern US Anarchist Statement on the Gulf Coast Disaster!

Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 21:00:02 +0300

The State leaves 100,000 to drown like rats, while people everywhere open
their hearts and homes. As many as 20,000 people have been abandoned in the New
Orleans Convention Center with no resources and no anticipated relief. Meanwhile,
National Guard units with submachine guns and body armor prevent people
from taking necessary food from places where it would otherwise go to
waste, and call it "urban warfare." Under capitalism, there is no such
thing as "natural" disasters; horrible and unavoidable events are
exacerbated by the callous acts of the ruling class. Examples include:
the Irish potato famine of the 19th century, and the Somalian of the
20th, where food was taken by imperialist countries, like Britain and the
US, instead of being used to save the starving population; the more
recent hurricane disasters in Haiti shortly after the U.S. ousted the
only government which might have marshaled any aid to the Haitian people
and replaced it with a military junta; the tsunami disaster, which was
aggravated by years of IMF and World Bank domination in the region that
resulted in severe underdevelopment; and the present situation in the
Gulf Coast.

How did the ruling class contribute to this disaster? Having full
knowledge that this would be a devistating hurricane season, they chose
to sink the 79 million dollars designated to repair the antiquated levee
system into the Iraq quagmire. Furthermore, although they knew ahead of
time that the hurricane would be at least a category 4 hurricane, and
that the levee system could withstand no more than a category 3, the
ruling class did not invest any serious resources into evacuating the
city of New Orleans and the surrounding area as the storm approached (and
rich politicians have the gall to accuse working-class people of
carelessly staying in the city)! As we mentioned, their first priority is
to mobilize heavily-armed National Guard units who will shoot people that
are merely trying to find food, rather than to bring the necessary aid to
the estimated 20,000 starving people at the Convention Center who will
die if nothing is done (not to mention other people in similar situations
throughout the city). The politicians continue lying in a desparate
attempt to save their careers, making it increasingly clear that they
have no concern for the lives of the people they've abandoned.
In contrast, thousands of people have opened their homes to survivors in
an amazing gesture of solidarity and compassion. Despite the State's
citation of its ability to channel aid in times of need as a
justification for its existance, it has again demonstrated how the
constraints of capitalism interfere with its ability to provide any sort
of assistance. The incredible display of mutual aid on the part of the
people gives further support for the anarchist argument that people can
indeed develop a stateless society based on the adage "from each
according to ability, to each according to necessity." We hope to see
that society become a reality someday, but for now we declare our
solidarity with those who have been abandoned, and, in hopes that others
will join us, we demand the following:
-That the government immediately commandeer the necessary resources, such
as transportation and shelter, in order to evacuate people from the city
and ensure that they have adequate accomodations until it is possible
to return to their homes or move on
-An immediate end to national guard and police units attacking those
looking for food
-Immediate distribution of ALL necessary items (water, food, clothing,
etc.) during the process of evacuation
-The immediate resignation/dismissal and punishment of all
decision-makers who neglected the responsibility of repairing the levees
or coordinating evacuations from the city while it was poss ble, or who
are responsible for National Guard and police units attacking those who
are "stealing" necessary items
-No conviction for any who were arrested while "stealing" food or any
other necessity
-An end to the price-gouging of oil which is affecting working-class
people across the ountry, by price fixing if necessary
-Adequate aid to all people wishing to rebuild homes lost due to the
negligence of capitalist politicians

Solidarity with the victims of the Gulf Coast disaster! Solidarity with
those who remain in precarious positions months after the tsunami
disaster! Solidarity with those all across the globe who have lost family
or remain in refugee camps due to the disasters which the ruling class
magnifies or the wars which it engineers!

The Capital Terminus Collective (Atlanta, GA)

[To endorse this statement, e-mail capitalterminus (at) gmail (dot) com;
visi www.anarkismo.net <http://www.anarkismo.netfor an updated list of

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