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(en) US, Anarchist Atlanta newsletter of the the Capital Terminus Collective #2 October 2005

Date Sun, 23 Oct 2005 14:12:35 +0200

> Police Brutality Must Come to a Stop!
Nearly 200 people have been murdered by police wielding taserguns. The
Southern Christian Leadership Conference has called for a national
demonstration to take place in Gwinnett County calling for a moratorium
on taserguns until more scientific knowledge can be gained on the
potential for taserguns to mortally harm humans.
As anarchists, we say that taser-guns are merely the symptom - the State
and its police are the disease. Two lessons can be learned from the history
of police: first, that police have always been agents which the ruling
class has used to maintain power domestically; and second, that police have
always been used to enforce colonialism.
When the US, UK and France developed
their original police forces, they were used
to destroy any self-activity on the part of the
working class, particularly strikes. These new
forces were soon found to be useful for kid-
napping alleged ex-slaves in the US and for
maintaining hyper-exploitation in the colo-
nies of the UK and France. The police have
not changed for the better in the intervening
200 years - if anything, their new weaponry
has made them far worse.
As anarchists, we believe that a
world in which police have been abolished
and people maintain control over their own
communities is reachable. We encourage ev-
er yone to attend this demonstration. Satur-
day Novenmber 12th
From the SCLC website: The march
will begin at 10:00 AM at Rhodes Jordan
Park in Lawrenceville, GA and will culminate
with a rally in front of the Gwinnett Justice
Center on Langley Road. For more informa-
tion on the SCLC March and Rally Against
Police Brutality, Excessive Force, and Taser
Gun Abuse, call 404.522.1420
Class Struggle and the War:
Fomenting Discontent Inside and Outside the Military
As an organization, the Capital Terminus Collective is committed to the class strug-
gle. That is, we advocate (and work towards) the working class taking the reins of society
away from the ruling class, the corporate bosses and politicians. One of the primary changes
one could expect to see following such a social upheaval, would be that goods would no
longer be produced for the profit of the wealthy. Instead, they would be produced for use by
the community. This is the only sense in which we are "communists". We abhor the crimes
of Stalin and his ilk, but we do adhere to the ancient (pre-Marxist) maxim of, "From each
according to his ability, to each according to his need". Our dues structure even reflects this
All of society is divided along class lines. In the work place, the bosses angrily stride
from their offices, to intimidate the workers. Televisions and newspapers maintain a one-way
dialogue with the citizenry, emitting a constant stream of noise that tells the individual how to
think, but accepting no responses or contradictions. These are examples of fairly direct class
But in some instances, the class lines are patrolled in a more indirect manner. That
is to say, often the bosses don't dare to confront the working class directly, and so they hire
minions to do it for them. For example, on the streets of our communities, working-class police
officers enforce the dictates of the politicians (who in turn take their orders from the corporate
bosses), against fellow workers. And, in the streets of Baghdad and elsewhere across Iraq
and the world, working class U.S. soldiers who own not one iota of stock in Exxon or any
other oil company, do the corporations dirty work for them, against their impoverished fellow
Soldiers, like beat cops, are members of the working class. It can be tempting to
view them as the enemy. But (in the case of soldiers at least) the Capital Terminus Collective
has opted for a less adversarial approach. Instead of shaking our fists at soldiers, impotently
expressing our rage, we have chosen to foment discontent within their ranks. Our tactical
approach to this end is two-fold. One is by counter-recruitment. The other is by "supporting
the troops" who refuse to fight." (See an article in the inaugural issue of Atlanta Anarchist,
Supporting Sergeant Benderman, as well as a brief description of our counter-recruitment
leafleting activities at Grady High School football games.)
Counter-recruitment, of course, would be worthwhile as
an end in itself. Any individual who can be dissuaded from
serving as cannon fodder for the bosses, is one saved life.
Any individual who can be convinced not to take a job as a
hired killer, is one more human who can go to bed at night at
peace with herself. But from a broader strategic viewpoint,
encouraging young people not to join the military has the
potential to actually hamstring the government's ability to
wage war. If the U.S. military overextends itself- especially
if it adds another front to those already being contested
The Capital Terminus Collec-
tive is an anarchist-communist
group in Atlanta, GA. We be-
lieve that there can and will be
a revolution in which the peo-
ple overthrow their rulers and
create a society in which the
oppressive forces of the state
have been destroyed and in
which everyone "Gives accord-
ing to their ability and receives
according to their need". We
believe that a specifically anar-
chist organization can play an
important role in organizing for
this revolution and in fighting
the "battle of ideas" with those
who would create a new USSR
or who would subvert the revo-
lutionary movement into the
Democratic Party. We encour-
age you to get in touch with
us if you are interested in what
we are doing, or to receive an-
Contact us @:
or find us on Myspace.com @:
h t t p : / / w w w. m y s p a c e . c o m /
or request to be added to our
email lists:
For a world without masters and
with dignity for all people!
Curious about anarcho-communism?
Check out www.anarkismo.net, a
global news and discussion
Hammerfest 2005
On the weekend of October 1st and 2nd a neo-nazi group calling itself the
Hammer Skin Nation held it's annual music festival, Hammerfest. It was held at
a little known restaurant and bar called the Georgia Peach just outside of the
unincorporated town of Draketown, in Paulding county Georgia.
That same weekend the NAACP held a march in protest of the racist slogans
that the owner of the Georgia peach, Patrick Lanzo, has been putting on the
marquee outside of his bar.
The march attracted roughly 50-60 people, who rallied outside the bar and
protested the blatant racism of the owner. A counter protest held by the owner
and with supporters from both the Hammer Skin Nation and the KKK attracted
roughly the same numbers. However the
two combined were nearly out numbered
by the 100+ State Troopers, Paulding
County Sheriffs, GBI, FBI and officers
from the Department of Homeland Secu-
The overwhelming response by the state
was an interesting twist as the NAACP had
been trying to get something done about
the signs outside the Georgia Peach for
two months without any recognition by the
county government. But once the march was announced there seemed to be a
change in the direction of the wind. Maybe the county was concerned about it's
image? How would they be able to explain away a group of neo-nazi's and Klan
members attacking a group of people who were standing up for their right not to
be harassed and intimidated where they call home.
Prior to the NAACP's call for the march another call went out for anarchists,
in Georgia, to organize against the neo-nazi music festival. Though there was
a small response it culminated in a small network being formed with a focus on
doing anti-racist and anti-fascist work. This group spent the two weeks before
Hammerfest leafleting the surrounding areas with a flyer about the history of
Hammerfest and the Hammer Skin Nation, including a list of arrests and convic-
Thanks to the One People's Project, the newly formed anti-fascist network
learned about the NAACP's plans to protest the sign outside of the Georgia
Peach. The new network then sent copies of their flyer to the One People's Proj-
ect and to local branches of the NAACP, to make their own efforts known and to
offer their assistance.
Outside the Georgia Peach the NAACP held a small but lively protest. Though
they didn't talk about Hammerfest they expressed their distaste for Lanzo's "off
color" signs and committed themselves to fight against racism and to see it's
outward expressions, like Lanzo's signs, removed. And even though they were
subjected to racist music and the occasional "sieg heil" from the Hammerskins
the protestors stood their ground. Even when confronted by an over-zealous
Nazi skinhead, who tried to pick a fight with the marchers as they marched back
towards the church (where the march began), the marchers would not be intimi-
dated. Afterwards the march continued unimpeded.
Hammerfest started late that day due to the road being blocked off by the
police but continued as planned, attracting between 200 and. The numbers
vary so widely, due to different reports from many different sources, Histori-
cally Hammerfest has drawn 200-300 people yearly.
Though the NAACP may have only focused on the sign outside of the
Georgia Peach, their determination to keep on fighting against this outward
sign of racism is inspiring. However without a clear message to the Nazi's
that they are not welcome in our neighborhoods we give them our unex-
pressed consent to continue on with their activities. It's not enough to protest
the signs Patrick Lanzo puts up, nor is it enough to protest Hammerfest, both
are just symptoms of the disease.
We need to focus on the Georgia Peach and Patrick Lanzo and work with
the surrounding communities and see it closed down. If it closes not only will
the signs go away, the Hammer Skin Nation and the Klan will no longer have
a place to hold their rallies and music festivals. But it can't stop there. These
racists will not just go away they will find somewhere else to go,
so they'll have to be followed and exposed for who and what they
really are.
However it is not just Patrick Lanzo or the Hammer Skin Na-
tion, there are other organized racist groups in Georgia of varying
sizes. So we need to be prepared for when they rear their ugly
heads. We should not only organize against the Klan and the
Nazi's, we should build a strong multi-cultural community to com-
bat the effects of the social racism which feeds groups likes these
as well as creates tension between residents of our communities.
By breaking down the walls built up between white, black, red,
yellow and brown we'll be a stronger people, more capable of resisting rac-
ist incursion into our communities, and harder to separate in our day to day
struggles in our communities and work places.
It won't be an easy struggle. Nothing worth struggling for, ever is.
If you'd like more information or are interested in joining the struggle against
fascism and racism you can contact the Georgia Anti-Fascist Network at
(continued from page 1)
in Afghanistan and Iraq- then low enlistment rates could force the U.S. to slow down its
drive to conquer, or conceivably even to abandon some conquests.
But there is a final, less obvious point in this strategic tack. Students of history
(who study outside the corporate-approved channels) are aware than one of the major
factors that forced the U.S. to abandon its conquest of Viet Nam, was mutiny within its
own military forces*. To the extent that the left can succeed in convincing the youth of
the U.S. NOT to join the military, just to that extent is George W. Bush forced to continue
to send the same overworked, underpaid soldiers and Guardsmen back into combat.
This can only increase the already-growing rate of desertion and mutiny, and so hasten
the end of the war(s), to the benefit of all. Bush's recent use of troops to subdue the
citizens of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina (and to guard the gas pumps
of south Mississippi from the citizens there) only serves to underscore His Majesty's pre-
dicament, and makes our own work that much more urgent and necessary.

Prole Cat, the Capital Terminus Anarchist-Communist Collective
Anarcho-Communism A-Z
the letter "B"
M i c h a e l Bakuni 1814-1876
Declassed Russian aristocrat, propagandist
and theoretician of the anarchist wing of the
First International "Workingmen's" Association.
His insistence that organized revolutionary Mi-
norities should influence but never attempt to
control mass movements of the working class
led to clashes with Karl Marx and eventually a
Marxist dissolution of the International.
Not a communist, Bakunin was a tremendous
influence on later generations of revolutionar-
ies who laid the basis for contemporary anar-
cho-communism and anarcho-syndicalism.
Bakunin on revolutionary violence
"And after all the killings, the revolutionaries them-
selves came to the disappointing and melancholy
realization that their cause had not been advanced
a single step: that they have, by employing such
methods, unwittingly prepared the triumph of the
"Philosophical Considerations" 1871 Bakunin
on Anarchism Edited by Sam Dolgoff
B i r m i n g h a m , Alabama
Strikes called by Birmingham based District
20, United Mine Workers, organized on basis
of inter-racial industrial solidarity, shut down
production and transportation in the coal min-
ing communities of northeast Alabama. Fea-
turing mass intergraded roadblocks and tent
cities, the strikes infuriated the White Suprem-
ist elites and won improvements in living and
working conditions.
"It is Union and Liberty, Alabama miners and
the UMW" edited by Edwin L. Brown and Co-
lin J. Davis
Increasing levels of informal, class based
militant opposition to racial segregation par-
ticularly on public transit. Inter-racial union-
ism continues in coal and iron mines, under
increasing attack from job loss, racism and
"Race Rebels, Culture, Politics and the Black
Working Class" Robin D.J. Kelley
Southern Christian Leadership Conference,
under the direction of Martin Luther King
Jr.mobilized and trained thousands of people
in Birmingham's Black community for massive
civil disruption against racial segregation win-
ning important lasting reforms.
"Origins of the Civil Rights Movement, Black
Communities Organizing for Change" Aldon
D. Morris
calendar of events
oct 19
capital terminus study group (anarchy
101) meeting at joes cafe in the east at-
lanta village
oct 22
day of action against police brutality
nov 2
world can't wait walkout
nov 12
March against police brutality (for
more information look at the story on the
cover page)
nov 12
madratz! infoshop collective Bike in
Movie and bike ride. starts at 530pm in
little 5 points for a scavenger hunt and teh
winner of the hunt choses the movie.
nov 18-20
Converge on Fort Benning, GA Speak Out
for Justice, Peace and Accountability Take
a Stand Against The Racist System of Mili-
tary Repression, Violence and Domina-
if you'd like further info-
mation please contact us @
w om e n's health
work group
the women's health and
self-defense work group is wait-
ing for their instructor to heal up
from an injury. Once he's better
the self defense classes will be-
gin. So please bare with us.
this is the first in a series
of flyers being produced by the
working group around the sub-
ject of women's health. feel free
to reproduce it and hand it out or
leave them around your school
or whereever you hang out.
don't be a CUTI...
(Chronic Urinary Tract Infection)
-nearly 80% of all Urinary
Tract Infections occur within 24
hours of sexual intercourse.
-urinating after sex is a natu-
ral way for the body to cleanse
-as urine flows through the
urethra it helps to remove any
UTI-causing bacteria.
the media work group
the media work group is producing this newsletter and working
on a website. we are also holding a monthly discussion group for people
interested in anarchism. it was cancelled in september but is being picked
up in october. The next study group is October 19th and will meet at Joe's
cafe in the East Atlanta Village at 7pm. and will be held every 3rd friday of
the month, there after.
at this next study group we will be discussing the following work(s):
"Anarchism" by Peter Kropotkin (11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica).
This text can be found at the following web addresses and possibly at your
local or College Library:
http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/Anarchist_Archives/kropotkin/britanniaanar -
or http://anarchism.jesusradicals.com/library/kropotkin/britanniaanarchy.

Counter Recruitment Work Group
The counter-recruitment work group is busy flyering at
grady high school each friday night, continuing it's work with the
Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition.
Every friday evening we meet at Grady High School at
5pm and 8pm to flyer people attending the games and to inform
students and their parents about the "no child left behind act" and
their rights when dealing with military recruiters.
if you'd like to help out please contact us.
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