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(en) [strugglenew] New pages on struggle.ws web pages

Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 16:48:44 +0200

It's been a while but I've just completed an update to the Struggle site
that includes a lot of new pages. Plus I failed to announce updates done
over the summer. So you'll find lots to browse at http://struggle.ws/new.html
the latest additions are below
Crazy Cleric strikes again
Some one should tell Pat Robertson about "Thou shalt not kill".
The Joys of Democracy
Yet again, Iraqis are asked to brave death to vote, this time for a
constitution shaped by their occupiers, which they have not read and which
can be changed at will by politicians.
Incapacity benefit: lies, damned lies and statistics
New labour are attacking people on Incapacity Benefit. Find out why people
are on it in the first place and what it says about neo-liberalism and
Not putting their money where their mouths are...
Not only won't they fight for their war, the right will not even pay for
Why bother?
A few notes on the 2005 Labour Party conference. Why do people bother
going? And the expulsion of a heckler shows the real purpose of
anti-terrorism laws.
Anarchy in New Orleans?
Exposing a few myths about what happened in New Orleans and why it has
nothing to do with anarchy.
The real looting of New Orleans begins
How the right are using the destruction caused by Katrina to transfer yet
more monies to corporate America and to impose their ideology.

[Print out the PDF file]
Tescos Exploits Foreign Workers
During July and August, major Polish newspapers, TV and radio stations
carried a story about two Polish workers, who were dismissed from TESCO in
Dublin, because of their fight for workers' rights.. One of sacked
warehouse attendants, Radek Sawicki tells us about the struggle against
TESCO and its consequences.
Why Would Gays Want To Marry?
The issue of gay marriage has come to the fore again recently with both
Canada and Spain approving bills to make it legal. In this interview we
talk to Judy Walsh, from the Equality Studies department in UCD about how
marriage and partnership rights are currently constructed in Ireland.
Politicians - We Don't Need Them!
Unelected bodies 'quangos', have responsibility for a wide share of Irish
society from the health service, to tourist promotion, to inland
fisheries. And who gets appointed to these boards? The wealthy and the
The Price of Being Reasonable
There were fewer strike days last year than in any year since the 1920s.
At the same time the number of disputes referred to the Labour Court was
up 21%. Does this mean that 'going through the procedures' and being
'reasonable' is paying dividends of workers?
Solidarity - The Working Class Weapon
In reality, sympathy strikes are a workers' best weapon as individually we
have little power compared to the boss. Standing together, however, we can
defend our rights. The bosses know this, hence the attack on even the
barest form of solidarity by workers
Popular Response to Shell's Pipeline Shows Way Forward
Over the Summer in a small corner of Mayo a mass campaign of non-violent
direct action systematically, and in part spontaneously, shut down a major
development being carried out by several multi-national corporations and
the state.
Rebel Girl: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn's Autobiography
Though born in the US, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was of Irish descent and
came from a long line of rebels and revolutionaries. She begins her
autobiography describing the exploits of some of her ancestors who joined
the French when in 1798 they landed in Killalla Bay to help free Ireland
from British rule and set up an Irish Republic.
As Capitalists Waste Earth's Resources...... Organise for a Free Society
...For Anarchism
As another summer draws to a close, it's worth taking a snapshot of the
state of the Ireland as the dawn of the 21st century casts its light upon
us. The struggle for equality and justice continues unabated, whilst our
elected 'leaders' and their corporate paymasters keep their head in the
Thinking About Anarchism: Organisation
There is no one right form of anarchist organisation. Rather, different
forms are used for different purposes. What all these forms have in common
is a desire to avoid the creation of any hierarchy while at the same time
making sure that whatever needs to be done gets done.
That's Capitalism
Crazy bosses, tax cheats and starving children

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