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(en) NorthWest America, Unfinished Business #3 - NAF's Aims and Principles - Adopted Labor Day Weekend, 2005

Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 09:08:45 +0200

Anarchist Communism is a theory of social, econom-
ic, and political organization. As such, the principles
of anarchism are best demonstrated by example and
practice rather than illusory rhetoric. Anarchism is not
based in crude dogmatism, but shapes itself accord-
ing to the needs of the situation. Thus, as an organi-
zation, anarchist communist principles guide our
activity, but we define our path based on the condition
and situation of our region. Six essential tenets guide
our internal and external organizing as a federation.
i. Direct action is taking action independently rather
than appealing to the power of politicians, bureau-
crats, and employers. It is when we take power into
our own hands through strikes, sabotage, shutdowns,
ii. Direct democracy is the equal and direct participa-
tion of working people in the decisions that affect us.
iii. Solidarity is the common concern for the struggles
we face each day together. It is the combination of
unity and action.
iv. Self-organization. Working people must build
autonomous organizations in defense of our rights.
Our self-organization originates from our needs and
v. Tactical and theoretical unity are necessary for
effective coordination of our activities and resources.
They ensure a strategically based organization.
vi. Collective responsibility is the wholesale responsi-
bility of our organization to us, and us to our organi-
zation. Thus we are all responsible to each other as
much as to ourselves. Collectives are the base from
which our work is done.
2. We believe in the necessity of revolutionary organ-
ization. This Anarchist Communist organization is
both the means and the ends of revolution. An anar-
chist communist revolutionary organization will not
lead the revolution, but will encourage, support,
develop, participate in and popularize the radical ele-
ments within the social struggle that mirror our six
basic beliefs.
3. Revolution is the only path of true social change.
While we support all victories of working people, we
also recognize the limited nature of reforms. Reforms
are steps towards total revolutionary change when
they are achieved through revolutionary tactics and
are based in strategic areas of struggle that contain
the potential to eventually create revolution.
4. We are for autonomous workplace and community
self-organization that practice direct democracy and
communism. The state and the system of structural
inequality known as capitalism go hand in hand in
exploiting working people. To abolish the state, capi-
talism must be abolished. To abolish capitalism, the
state must be abolished.
5. We recognize that our class is horizontally divided
along the lines of race, gender, age, ability, and eco-
nomic position. We realize that a united class can
only be achieved through solidarity with struggle. We
recognize that there is systematic inequality between
diverse groups of people with regards to social, polit-
ical and economic status. This historic dynamic is
demonstrated in the unequal relationship between
immigrant and native born working people, the rela-
tionship between the colonized and colonizers, and
particularly in the relationship between white working
people and people of color in the U.S. Therefore we
support, encourage, and participate with oppressed
groups seeking their full political economic and social
emancipation, and take our lead from them in strug-
6.) While we hold that every individ-
ual maintains the right to religious
freedom, we also recognize the inter-
section between state and religion.
When in the hands of the state and
other authoritarian groups, religion
becomes a tool for the manipulation
of working people and the develop-
ment of religious fundamentalism
within the state. Thus we hold that
the political and economic structure
of Anarchist Communism must be
7. We are internationalists who
organize for worldwide social revolution. Complete
revolution must abolish all nation-states and organize
the world based on autonomous communities and
workplaces federated in directly democratic federal
organizations. This said, we critically support national
liberation struggles; meaning we seek out and sup-
port the internationalist and Anarchist Communist ele-
ments within these struggles. We see the defeat of
colonialism and imperialism as a step towards inter-
national revolution. As a federation within industrial-
ized and imperialist nations, we see it as our respon-
sibility to attack the imperialist beast at home in soli-
darity with colonized peoples around the world and
within North America.
8. We are a regional organization because each
region of North America is subject to specific econom-
ic and political pressures not felt in other regions. We
can most effectively coordinate our resources, ener-
gies, and activities by organizing on a regional basis.
This does not prevent us from networking our federa-
tion with other federations and organizations in North
America and the rest of the world, it only defines our
9. Collectives are the base from which our work is
done. We require internal discussions, debate and
analysis, but at the end of the day adhere to collective
action. These interactions direct our work and are
linked to our personal struggles as working class peo-
1. We want housing, food, dignity at work, access to
education, freedom, and a voice in how our lives are
run. We want democracy, equality, justice, and peace.
These are natural rights that belong to all people. The
complete fulfillment of these basic rights can only be
achieved through revolution. We will fight for these
rights until we win. We are denied these rights
because the system we live within is built on structur-
al inequality. Our aim is abolish that system and
replace it with Anarchist Communism.
2. We want to take back power in our communities
and workplaces, and make democracy a reality. Thus,
we want to socialize and democratize the economy,
putting it under the control and ownership of all peo-
3. We want to eliminate horizontal oppression within
the working class through participating in and popu-
larizing solidarity in struggle. We support, respect,
and provide solidarity to the autonomous organiza-
tions within our class that struggle for their own col-
lective liberation and the collective liberation of the
working class as a whole.
4.) We want to end the environmental racism and
class-ism inherent in ecological destruction, and see
worker control as elemental in promoting sustainable
consumption and production.
5. Our work as revolutionaries lies in organizing with-
in social movements to radicalize them, building their
autonomy from the state and bureaucrats, and push-
ing them towards revolutionary goals amid the fight
for reforms.
6. We will stop at nothing short of the international
working class revolution. We will organize tirelessly
towards this end and will defend it by any means nec-

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