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(en) Britain, LONDON CALLING October 2005 - BOOKFAIR SPECIAL*

Date Sun, 09 Oct 2005 11:25:48 +0200

Plenty of 'C's in Kensington & Chelsea - No 'c' in K&C
Land Rover you see in west London
seems to have one of the above stickers
in the back. The residents of the most
prosperous London borough seem
mortally vexed at the idea that their
gas guzzling vehicles may be charged £8
per day to make that half mile trip to
take Tabitha to nursery. Whatever
Class War has never been keen on the
congestion charge. Firstly it's a
regressive tax ­ the rich pay the same
as the poor. A Mini pays the same as a
Mercedes. Secondly Ken Livingstone
lied when he said the cameras used to
enforce the charge would not be used
to monitor Londoners and their vehicles
for security purposes. They are, and
information is routinely passed to the
police; the data is used to complement
the `Ring of Steel' surrounding the City
of London
The behaviour of the residents of
Kensington and Chelsea however, could
have been designed to convert us into
advocates for the scheme. The sooner it
is extended westwards to Kensington
and Chelsea the better. Why should
these posh bastards be exempt?
That however is not enough. There is
no need for any 4x4 vehicles in central
London (how many times has it snowed
this year?) so why not set the
congestion charge at £80 per day for
The arrogance of the 4x4 drivers is a
byword now for crassness. Apart from
the obvious environmental impact, 4x4
drivers trust to their cars to safeguard
them and their precious offspring from
injury whilst paying scant attention to
the welfare of other roadusers.
There's no call for offroad vehicles in
London. There's nothing good, either,
about their filthy rich drivers. Despite
their flaunted wealth, their
breathtaking arrogance in opposing a
charge many working class people have
no option but to pay beggars belief.
Here's hoping that some of them have a
coronary when Ken finally imposes his
charge on the yuppie scum of
Kensington and Chelsea.

This year's London Anarchist Bookfair is in Holloway on Saturday 22nd
October. Here's our guide to one of London's busiest throughfares.

Radical Holloway
Holloway, and the surrounding area has
more than played its part in working class
politics and history over the years. Nearby
Pentonville prison played host to the
"Pentonville Five", dock shop stewards
jailed in 1972 for contempt of court. With
strikes set to sweep Britain, and marchers
moving towards the prison, Edward
Heath's government caved in and all five
men were released.
Holloway has Britain's largest women's
prison, regularly condemned by prison
inspectors, who return the next year to
make exactly the same condemnations. It
was here that 28 year old Ruth Ellis, the
last woman to be executed in Britain, was
hanged on 13 July 1955, despite the
efforts of a mob, several hundred strong to
break into the prison. Only in 1971 were
her remains exhumed from the prison
grounds, and she was buried in
Amersham, Buckinghamshire.
Another resident of Holloway prison was
British Fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley,
who was interned in a house in the
grounds of the prison with Lady Mosley
under special regulations for most of
World War 2. A member of the British
Union of Fascists was allowed to serve as
their butler. After all, the class system had
to be maintained, even for imprisoned
In the past Holloway has been the scene
of fierce battles between anti-fascists and
fascists, going back over 60 years. In the
80s and 90s fascists would attempt to
snipe (with very mixed degrees of
success) at Irish Freedom marches and
Bloody Sunday commemorations, whilst a
post war attempt by Oswald Mosley to
reform his fascist party ended in
humiliating defeat outside Holloway Prison
itself on Mayday 1948. Morris Beckman,
in his classic anti-fascist work "The 43
Group" recounts the day in some detail:
"The parade turned into Camden Road,
and when it reached Holloway Prison, it
halted and the marchers lined up in ranks
outside. Mosley emerged from his car and
with all the bravura of a dictator inspecting
his elite troops he strode along them. As
he passed by, each fascist before him
saluted, which he did not return. A few
shouted "Seig Heil", which Mosley did not
return. Then `the Leader' scrambled into
his car and was driven rapidly away. For
him, it must have been a devastatingly
disappointing day.
The mounted police were already
galloping away, and the foot police were
climbing into tenders and being driven off.
The fascists broke up into fractious crest-
fallen groups. At this point they were
attacked by those who had walked from
Camden Town to meet them. Within
minutes the antagonists locked and a
fierce fracas broke out. Those police who
had not departed rushed in to break up the
fighting, but it lasted for well over an hour
with more running battles spread up and
down Camden Road and spilling into side
streets as far down as York Way and back
across Holloway Road and into Seven
Sisters Road. It even reached as far as
Finsbury Park, where three battered
fascists actually jumped onto a moving
bus at Manor House to escape the
attentions of the young men who were
chasing them."
Going Out With A Bang!
Should you meet the partner of your
dreams at the bookfair, you do not have
far to travel to purchase that essential
item to assist you with your love life.
The lower end of Holloway Road boasts
not one but two sex shops, Fettered
Pleasures and Zeitgeist. These are a
considerable notch above the
somewhat seedy, round the back of the
bus station adult stores that many town
centres have. Unfortunately sex at this
end of the "market" does not come
cheap either, so don't expect too much
change out of £50 if purchasing any
In the Knacker's Yard
For years the area around this part of
Holloway was known as Nags Head.
This was because the junction of
Holloway Road and Seven Sisters
Road boasted a large pub of the old
school ­ the Nags Head, popular with
Londoners for generations.
Ask a bus driver if he went to The Nags
Head, and he knew exactly where you
wanted to go, right up until the mid-90s,
when the Nags Head became one of
those hideous corporate Irish theme
pubs. Even the name changed.
Locals voted with their drinking arms,
and the O'Neills soon closed. Today it
operates as a cheap clothes store,
whilst O'Neills continue their corporate
vandalism elsewhere.
HINTS that will make your day at the
Bookfair more pleasant.
1. The first Class War conference of
some 50 people took place in 1985,
and a rally of over 200 people was held
in Holloway. Who would've believed at
the time that 20 years later Class War
would be still going strong and holding
probably the sexiest stall at the
Bookfair and having another
conference the day afterwards?
2. The first co-operative tenants'
management groups started in
Holloway. They were modelled on the
Holloway Tenant Co-operative, formed
in 1972 and possibly the first of its kind
in England. It was started by three
community workers at a time of intense
property speculation and displacement
to convert dilapidated houses that were
not included in the council's schemes
and offer them, preferably to the sitting
tenants. The co-operative took over
houses bought and converted by the
Circle 33 housing trust and eventually
became a registered housing
association. The original founders
withdrew, leaving the local tenants to
manage the co-operative. It
represented a radical change after a
hundred years of working-class
housing in Islington, from provision in
accord with middle-class ideas to
decisions made by the tenants
3. There is also a Holloway Rd in
Victoria, Australia. Apparently.
4. Holloway has a long tradition of
various trades in the past, and workers
used to meet in Holloway's inns, like
the Mother Red Cap (worth a visit to
see the deco), the Horse and Groom,
and the Archway Tavern where AFA
(Anti Fascist Action) met up before
republican marches down Holloway
Road to counter the NF (National
Front) who, usually with a mass pig
presence, would hold a pathetic
counter flag flying demo in a back
street somewhere.
5. Holloway has a soft cuddly &
bizarre side. It is the headquarters to
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
(CND) 162 Holloway Rd, Abolition
2000 (A2000 UK) 601 Holloway Rd,
London, aims to achieve a global
treaty to abolish nuclear weapons.
Also, Active Resistance to the Roots
of War (ARROW) 162 Holloway Road,
London, a non-violent direct action
affinity group. Well, what do expect
when Holloway Road holds one of the
many large universities in London.
6. Contraband - Holloway is famous
locally for people selling cheap fags
and baccy about halfway down
Holloway Road. If you're lucky, you
may glimpse Customs and Excise
nicking someone for selling it. It's a bit
like buying drugs as the smugglers
seem to hide the baccy & cigs in bins,
under stalls and - believe it or not -
under the pavement between cracks.
It's all very cheap & well but be
warned: the cigs are a bit iffy and tend
to catch fire and burn out of control
(£2.50 a pack) and tobacco seems to
be the shavings from the factory floor.
7.The best boozer for the Bookfair has
got to be The Coronet. Sadly it's a
Wetherspoon chain, but beware its so
big that it may take a while to find your
way out.

DON'T get so pissed you leave all your books, t shirts and posters
in the Coronet pub.
DO cycle to the venue (on the pavement of course) then smoke
foul roll ups outside whilst whinging about the lack of clean air in
DON'T approach the Class War stall asking "How much does it
cost to be an Anarchist these days?" (the answer is £23.76)
DO feel free to make a donation towards the organisers' costs
DON'T fall asleep in any of the meetings
If you can't get enough of that bookfair experience, there is no need for you to wait 12
months for the next London event. Take a look at these hotspots!
Class War's favourite Bookfair ­ by a long way! We have been going for three or four years
now - maybe its all that strong beer. Held in Gent, a city well worth a visit and it is always
good to meet other activists from northern Europe. More details from:
A Croatian anarchist bookfair took place in Zagreb in March 2005. This was organised as
part of a series of Balkan Anarchist Bookfairs, established by anarchist movements in the
region. The idea of Balkan Anarchist Bookfairs is to create "travelling events," so the first
took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the second in Zagreb, and others will follow.
The 7th Annual Dutch Anarchist Bookfair, which is held in Utrecht, Holland with around
twenty different stalls, a good bar selling Belgium and Dutch beers in a relaxed
atmosphere. Venue near the centre of town and if you like a puff an excellent few days can
be spent here . This years it's on Saturday 3rd December from 11.00 pm till 6.00 pm at the
De Karagdoor, Oudegracht 36 in Utrecht.
Last month saw an Italian Bookfair, spread over three days in the glamorous city of
Florence. Organised by the Archivio Famiglia Berneri, London Class War would have gone
to this but they changed the date! Details of future events from fiamma.chessa@tin.it
The Anarchist Bookfair, formerly the Radical Bookfair, is a platform for grass roots, activist
anarchist and radical politics. It focuses on books, magazines and pamphlets relating to
Anarchism, Peace, Ecology and Radical Social Change. At previous Bookfairs there have
been workshops and talks from speakers on a range of topics, local campaigns and
practical issues. The next Bookfair's on 3 December: see their site for more details..
A good Bookfair held in a nice park near the city centre. Another Class War favourite with
a lot of different stalls and some interesting meetings held in Waterloo Park, Angel Road,
Norwich. Usually held in June. More details from www.norwichanarchists.org
The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair and
Festival of Anarchy is the largest
anarchist event in North America,
and an important exchange of
anarchist and anti-authoritarian
ideas. The Bookfair is for anarchists
and non-anarchists alike, in French
and English, with participants from
all over North America and beyond.
Founded in May 2000, the bookfair
is now entering its sixth year. It is in
The Providence Anarchist Bookfair
was held in July on Empire Street in
downtown Providence Rhode Island.
The Providence Anarchist Bookfair
was being organized as an
opportunity to exchange anarchist
and anti-authoritarian ideas. The
Bookfair is for anarchists and non-
anarchists alike. It is free to attend
and open to the public.
For details on international anarchist
events we strongly recommend the
A-Infos website at www.ainfos.ca
We have a range of new posters out, for a pound each:
Diane Abbott;
Hospitalised cop;
The Master Race (pictured left);
Phoolan Devi, the bandit queen.
Also new out is an ASBO hooded top, your's for £20.
On our stall at the Bookfair we'll also have the new paper a range of t-shirts,
CDs, books, pamphlets, lighters, stickers, and other goodies for the
discerning anarchist!
For a full merchandise list, please send an SAE to the London address.
22 October ­ London Anarchist Bookfair,
The Resource Centre, 356 Holloway Road,
London N7 ­ 10-6pm.
But you probably know that already.
23 October ­ Class War Conference, meet
at 11am. We hope to see as many
members and supporters at this as
31 October ­ Demonstrate against arms
dealers' banquet, Banqueting House,
Whitehall, 7pm.
5 November 7.30pm ­ Class War Bonfire
night party. Burn the politician of your
choice! London Fields, Hackney E8.
6 November 7pm ­ London Class War
12 November ­ Raise Your Banners Festival
of Political Song, South Hall, The Hewitt
School, Cecil Road, Norwich. 10am ­ 5pm.
Look out for the Class War stall.
29 November ­ Demonstrate against dinner
for airport expansion fat pigs, Tower
Bridge, 6pm. www.earthfirst.org.uk
London Calling Statement

For the past decade we've been producing London
Calling on a fairly regular basis. Various
members of Class War have produced the bulletin
over the years, a variety which has been
reflected in the changing appearance it's had.
In its latest incarnation, a couple of London CW
have made it a more attractive and - we hope -
interesting read than it had been before. Out
went some of the space fillers and in came a
deliberate direction towards London, and
specifically Hackney, news. We ran several
campaigns, about the continuing Harry Stanley
saga and about Jamie Oliver's foul yuppie
restaurant. Yet we received little feedback about
London Calling, and fewer people renewed their
Recently we decided that the amount of effort
going into the regular monthly production of a
newsletter consumed too much effort and resources
for too little return. We aren't ceasing
production of London Calling, though - it will
reappear but on an irregular basis for events
like the Bookfair, special events and occasions
and basically as and when required.
We would like to thank all the people who have
subscribed to, read and contributed to
London Calling, and should circumstances change
we will begin reissuing it on a regular basis.
*.pdf orriginal at:

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