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(en) US, Anarchist atlanta #3, November 2005 - newsletter of the the Capital Terminus Collective I. (1/2)

Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 11:16:29 +0200

Close the SOA!
The School of the Americas (SOA) may have been renamed the âWestern
Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation,â but for many it will
still be known as the School of the Assassins. The school, now located
in Fort Benning, Georgia, was originally established in Panama in 1946.
However, in 1984, it was forced to leave under terms in the Panama Canal
Treaty. Jorge Illueca, former Panamanian President, said that the school
was âthe biggest base for destabilization in Latin America.â
The SOA has trained over 60,000 Latin American soldiers in its 59 years
in existence. It teaches commando and psychological warfare, military
tactics, sniper training, counterinsurgency techniques, and
interrogation tactics. These graduates then use their acquired skills
against their own people. Many of the graduates it pumps out are
assassins, dictators, and death squad leaders who are linked to human
rights violations and to the suppression of popular movements in the
Americas. Frequently targeted by the SOA are union organizers,
educators, student leaders, religious workers, and others who are
fighting for the right of the poor or simply say, âThe government has
failed to meet the basic needs of the people.â Due to the SOA, hundreds
of thousands of people have been assassinated, tortured, raped,
massacred, âdisappearedâ, and forced to flee their country.

In 1996, the Pentagon was forced to release the training manuals that
were used at the schools. The manuals advocated the use of torture,
execution, and extortion. As the New York Times wrote, âAmerica can now
read for themselves some of the noxious lessons the United States Army
has taught thousands of Latin Americans.â The purpose of the school has
and always will be, to control the political and economic systems of
Latin America by influencing and helping Latin American militaries. This
is evident by the fact that countries with the worst human rights
records have consistently sent the most soldiers to the SOA.

But this can all be changed. On November 18-20, thousands will gather at
Fort Benning, Georgia and demand that the school be shut down. This
school that is responsible for the death and suffering of thousands must
be shut down. It is crucial that anarchists are represented there as
well as all humanitarian people to make a statement that we oppose this
school and the leaders who support it.

State Terrorism from Atlanta to Oaxaca

In the month of November, the Capital Terminus Collective will
participate in two distinct, but related, events. The first is the
âMarch Against Police Brutality and Excessive Forceâ organized by the
Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Gwinnett in response to the
rising number of Black and other people who have been killed by cops
with taserguns. The second is the annual vigil to shut down the School
of the Americas, which is for nascent Death Squad captains what Harvard
School of Law is for a hopeful judge. What these demonstrations have in
common is that they are both reactions against state terrorism. This
state terrorism has two main, complementary purposes: first, to disrupt
any self-organization on the part of the working class; and second, to
maintain the oppression and exploitation of entire nations of people by
attempting to put them in a constant state of fear about demanding their

One of the main places where modern day Death Squads operate (they still
act the same but these days it is hidden under the veneer of democracy)
are the three largely indigenous southern Mexican states of Oaxaca,
Chiapas, and Guerrero. Over one third of the Mexican federal army is in
Chiapas alone. Repression against indigenous and working-class people in
that area has always been severe, just as it has been here. However they
continue to fight for their autonomy and freedom. Many are familiar with
the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) in Chiapas and their
struggle. However less well known is the CIPO-RFM (Peopleâs Indigenous
Council of Oaxaca - Ricardo Flores Magon), named after RF Magon, the
influential anarchist from Oaxaca who was murdered in Leavenworth
prison. Despite repression, the CIPO-RFM continues to fight for the
liberation of the people. This is necessary and it is the only way we
can end the âexcessive forceâ ...if theyâve ever used anything but) of
the police. So in November the Capital Terminus collective hopes, among
other things, to bring the message of the CIPO-RFM to the people who
come to the demonstrations in Gwinnett and Fort Benning. Power to the

(as The letter âCâ is the next in the list for âAnarchist Communism A-Zâ

For your consideration:

âFrom each according to their ability, to each according to their need.â

This is the credo of communism. Most people, if they recognize the words
at all, would attribute them to Karl Marx. But in truth, the thought
predates Marx and his followers

by many years. Not only that, but the fundamental principle of
communism, that each human being has the right to live free of want in a
society of plenty, and that nothing more than morality (and perhaps a
bit of peer pressure from time to time) is necessary to get people to
contribute to the well being of all- in addition to predating Marx, this
principle seems destined to outlive many of Marxâs successors, the
various Leninist sects. Over the past century âcommunismâ has gotten a
bad name, because of this association with Leninism. This is not because
most people are fundamentally opposed to sharing (sharing being the
guiding principle of true communism). Instead, most people will share
without being told to, but have to be taught (by schools, television,
newspapers and the like) to fear their neighbors and hoard their
possessions. But, people are also instinctively opposed to authority,
and the word communism has come to associated with some of the worst,
most brutally authoritarian regimes in history. âCommunismâ has been
stained with the blood of the victims of Stalin and Mao. Even the most
avid supporters of Big Government, those citizens among us who have been
indoctrinated to the point that they think it impossible for man to live
free of governance, still intuitively shy away from the most
authoritarian of regimes. And because these regimes have claimed the
name of âCommunistâ, so most U.S. citizens have come to associate
communism with government. But communism need not be government imposed.
In fact, history indicates that government is fundamentally incapable of
imposing anything that might accurately be called communism!

This is why we of the Capital Terminus Collective are âanarchist
communistsâ. We are anarchists, in that we advocate a society free of
governance. Let no one confuse us

with the builders of gulags in Russia, or the assassins of the killing
fields of Cambodia. But neither do we call for chaos or nihilism.
Rather, we envision (and practice) self-organization. We know that we
donât need to be bossed, in order to get things done, and we know that
our fellows donât either. But we also know that a self-organized society
will remain a pipe dream, until the communist principle of sharing
becomes deeply engrained in our cultural psyche. As long as the
mentality of âlooking out for number oneâ remains the only socially
acceptable one, the people will continue to doubt that self-organization
can happen. Our fear will keep us separated, and so enslaved by
governments and corporations. We are convinced that a self-organized
society is possible. And we are dedicated to working to help make it
happen. Yes, we know that a long, difficult struggle is ahead. We know
that it will take a long time, perhaps longer than some of us will live.
We know that the closer we get to our goal, the more brutally the
government and corporations will attempt to repress us. We know all
this, just as generations of anarchist revolutionaries before us have
known it, and yet continued to struggle onwards towards the goal. Why?
Because a society that is based on the principles of greed and
selfishness is scarcely worth tolerating, much less taking an active
part in. But a society based on sharing would be, perhaps not utopia,
but something we could all feel good about carrying forward together.
Side by side. As equals.
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