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(en) 4th of November fascist demonstrations in Russia and counter-actions

Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 11:17:38 +0200

4th of November is a new national holiday in Russia - "day of national
unification". In 2004, government decided to finally scrap holiday of
October revolution memorial day (which was during last years celebrated as a
day of "pacification and agreement", although there is definitely no any
peace or agreement around the meaning of October revolution in Russian
society). 12th of December, constitution day holiday was scrapped as well -
apparent shift from "constitutional presidential" to "absolutist
presidential" way of governance. Mayday holidays were shortened from two to
one day - as a compensation, New year holidays were prolonged to 10 days,
and another new holiday day was declared to 4th of November.

One probably needs no explanation, why elite of Russia of today prefers
"national unification" to "revolutions". New holiday is supposed refer to
events of 1612, when Polish army under Hetman Hedkevich was expelled from
Moscow by troops of counts Minin and Pozharskiy. But really in 4th of
November nothing happened. Outer city walls ("Kitay-Gorod") were taken over
22nd of October in Julian calendar (followed in Russian until 1917) and 1st
of November in modern, Gregorian calendar. Polish troops were trapped in
Kremlin, together with their collaborator allies Romanov family, whose
member Mikhail Romanov got crowned to Tsar the following February - he lost
the fight but won the war. Polish troops capitulated 26th of October, which
is 5th, not 4th of November in modern calendar. "Smutnaya Vremya" ("Dark
ages"), as times of government disarray between Rurik and Romanov dynasties
are called in Russia, went on at least until 1618, when Polish accepted a
peace treaty in Deupino, their Cossack allies fought until 1619. Apparently,
4th of November was chosen because 5th is too close to seventh, which would
give people a chance to booze both old and new holiday, and the day in
between. 4th is also traditional Orthodox Christian celebration of "Icon of
Kazan god mother", which was a talisman of troops of Minin and Pozharskiy.
So much from secular state in Russia!

Vast majority of the Russian population for sure does not refuse yet another
holiday, but is absolutely indifferent in regards of its contents (which at
least in regards of its historical significance are zero). An important
exception are nationalist and fascist groups, who were granted a great day
of public celebrations. At least in Moscow and St.Petersburg fascists
reacted with enthusiasm, and in Moscow they managed to mobilize perhaps
biggest far-right mobilization since 1993.

Relatively new fascist front organization, "Movement Against Illegal
Immigration" (DPNI) managed to call a mobilization to which at least
Eurasian Union of Youth (ESM), National-Empire Party of Russia (NDPR),
Russian General National Union (RONS), National-patriotic front "Pamyat"
(Memory), Russian Social Movement (ROD), Russian National Unity
(RNE),People's National Party (NNP) and some people from Zhirinovsky's
Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) joined. A rare show of unity from scattered
Russian far right. Biggest block was that of DPNI, one block was marching
simply under banner "FCSM", that is, hooligans of Football Club Spartak
Moscow. It was some 2000 fascists altogether. Different estimations of share
of nazi-skinheads vary from 50 to 90%, expecially block of DPNI was almost
exclusively of them. Apparently even nazis themselves had not expected such
a success, organizers announced a march and meeting of merely 300 persons,
and they will follow some legal proceedings for exceeding this number 7
times. March went from statue of Griboyedov in Chistie Prudi by Boulevard
ring to Slavic square in Solyanka. Nazis were scanning "Long live Russia",
"Russia is everything, all the rest is nothing" (originally NBP slogan,
adopted by more right wing fascists), "Russia for Russians, Moscow for
Muscovites", "Sieg Hail" and others. Following meeting was cut short due to
numbers exceeding permission, perhaps also due to anti-Semitic slogans
scanned by 4 RNE representatives who got arrested. But from point of view of
Moscow police, shouts of "Chechens, get the fuck out from here" apparently
do not qualify for "spreading racist hatred" charges.

Various "anti-fascist" groups attempted to interfere against fascists by
different means. I will document all of them here, although most of these
groups are certainly not anti-nationalist, and in case of some even
"anti-fascism" is doubtful Most ridiculous "effort" was that of Kremlin
marionette "anti-fascist" group "Nashi", who announced that police had
arrested 5 persons in their illegal picket against fascist march 3rd of
November. But no journalist, no anarchist observers saw any picket in place
that was announced in a prior press-release of "Nashi". Apparently "Nashi"
just circulated press-releases for advertisement purposes, without bothering
to organize any action. DPNI also saw this as a change of further publicity,
also 3rd of November they put a declaration to their site, pleading "police
to free arrested anti-fascists without further sanctions" in the name of
"free speech".

Some Stalinist youth threw Nazi march with firecrackers, according to some
information some of them got arrested and beaten up by the police. Perhaps
15 liberals from pro-western "orange clone" organization Oborona (Defence)
threw march with water-filled condoms. Anarchist counter-mobilization was
not much of a success, perhaps 15 people went doing graffiti along the route
of the march, stickers "4th of November - celebration of Nazis regenerates"
and leaflets of "No worker is illegal" of Network of Working place
Resistance (www.antijob.tk) were distributed as well. Close to closing point
of the march, anarchist raised banner "fascism wont trespass" with shouting
the same, but group was soon dispersed and banner was burned by Nazis. 9
liberals who had joined anarchists got arrested, but they were soon

Security of demonstration itself and police managed to stop Nazi skinheads
from attacking anti-fascists, only 2 of them attempted to jump on anarchists
raising banner. Good for anti-fascists in Moscow, since they were
outnumbered 40 to 1 today. DPNI tries its best to avoid street thug image,
but it will be hard in the future their main constituency given.

In St. Petersburg, Nazis managed to bring less people and anarchist
counter-actions were slightly more successful. Illegal picket was quickly
dispersed, 9 persons were taken to 27th police station for several hours,
they got photographed, threaten and their fingerprints were taken. Police
was well informed in prior about the anti-fascist action. Pictures from St.
Petersburg are available in


4th and 5th picture are from dispersed anarchist picket. In 2nd picture you
see some

Nazi hippie jugglers!

Written for www.avtonom.org

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