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(en) US, IAS News :: 010 - May 2005

Date Sat, 14 May 2005 12:17:23 +0300

Newsletter of the Institute for Anarchist Studies
In this Issue:
1 Welcome
2 New Online Grant Applications
3 IAS 2005 Supporters
4 Sustaining the Struggle: Anarchists Reflect on Building
Lasting Cultures of Resistance 5 Anarchy in Montpelier:
A Day of Talks, Panels, Performances, and Socializing
6 RAT 2005: Call for Proposals and Registration Update

Belated May Day greetings!

As summer approaches, so does the June 15 deadline for the summer round
of IAS grants. In our last e-newsletter, we announced significant
changes to the IAS grant program. In brief, we have reduced the amount
that the IAS will grant each year, and now direct our financial and
editorial support uniquely toward writers and translators of
essay-length works. You can learn more about those changes and the new
grant application guidelines below.

Of particular note for people considering applying for a grant in the
summer round is our new online application procedure. We are strongly
encouraging all applicants to apply online, which we hope will be
convenient for many people, and will definitely help cut our postage
and administrative costs.

Since we announced the changes to our programs at the beginning of
April, we have been relieved, delighted, and sometimes surprised by the
encouraging responses we have received from our supporters. A number of
you have offered positive feedback, skilled assistance, and generous
donations, kick-starting the 2005 fund-raising campaign somewhat
earlier than planned! Some of those people are named below, but we want
to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters for your moral and
financial support, as we continue trying to sustain and expand the IAS
as an organization that supports the development of anarchism through
theoretical work connected in meaningful ways to social struggle.

Most of this issue of the e-newsletter is devoted to informing you of a
number of upcoming events that are being hosted by, sponsored by, or
organized with the participation of IAS board members.

Looking forward to running into some of you in the flurry of May

Andréa Schmidt
for the Institute for Anarchist Studies

New Online Grant Applications

In February, the IAS made substantial changes to our grant program.

In the future, the IAS will grant $2,000 total annually to writers and
translators treating themes of importance to the development of
contemporary anarchist theory and practice. Two to four essay-length
works will be awarded $250 to $500 in each of our two funding rounds.
The IAS will also provide editorial assistance to those essay writers
and translators who receive an IAS grant, and we look forward to
publishing many of the finished essays in Perspectives on Anarchist
Theory or a proposed new book series published in collaboration with AK

Grant recipients will be expected to complete their project within six
months of receiving the award (usually August 30 or January 31 of a
given year).

The new grant application form is online now! We strongly encourage all
applicants applying for the summer 2005 round of granting to complete
the application form online. Applications for the next round of
granting are due on June 15, 2005.

If you are unable to apply online, please write us to request a paper
copy of the application (and include an international reply coupon), or
download and print the application form. Requests and completed
applications should be mailed to:

Institute for Anarchist Studies
6057 Monk Blvd.
Montreal, QC
Canada H4E 3H5

The grant program has been central to the IAS since its inception. By
awarding grants to radical writers and translators around the world,
the IAS supports the development of the theoretical tools necessary for
critiquing systems of domination and for proliferating resistances and
alternatives to these systems in order to maximize freedom, justice,
and dignity.

If you have questions about the IAS grant program or the grant
application process, please take a look at the "Frequently Asked
Questions" (http://www.anarchist-studies.org/grants/faq) page on our
Web site, or get in touch by e-mail or phone.

Online Grant Application Form: http://apply.anarchist-studies.org/apply/form

IAS 2005 Supporters

While our 2005 fund-raising campaign has yet to begin in earnest, we
want to thank those supporters who have already contributed to the IAS
this year. They include:

* Anonymous I * Melissa Forbis and Cale Layton * Larry Gambone *
Gregory Hall * John Petrovato * Marina Sitrin * Chris Sloan * OPIRG

Thank you!

Each supporter who contributes $25.00 or more is entitled to a free
subscription to Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, and one or more great
books (http://www.anarchist-studies.org/support/books), thanks to the
marvelous people at Raven Books (http://www.ravenusedbooks.com/).

Donate to the IAS: http://www.anarchist-studies.org/support/donate

Sustaining the Struggle: Anarchists Reflect on Building Lasting Cultures of Resistance

Presented by the Institute for Anarchist Studies as part of Montreal's
Festival of Anarchy.

Date: Thursday, May 19, 2005
Time: 7 p.m.
Place: Café la Petite Gaule, 2525 Centre Street, Montreal
Métro: Charlevoix

Panelists include:

ASHANTI ALSTON, New York-based organizer, former member of the Black
Panther Party and political prisoner for over twelve years (BLA),
author of the zine "Anarchist Panther" and an IAS board member.

MARINA SITRIN, New York-based organizer, involved in Woomera a No
Borders network in NYC and editor of Horizontalidad: Voces de Poder
Popular en Argentina.

SARITA AHOOJA, Montreal-based organizer, involved in the Solidarity
across Borders campaign, No One Is Illegal, and the Montreal-Mexico
solidarity committee.

What sustains social struggle in the moments when movements seem to
fade, organizations disintegrate and lose focus, and individuals grow
increasingly inactive as a result of state repression or burnout?
Active in local movements and international solidarity efforts for long
enough to have watched movements come and go, our panelists will reflect
on these moments of relative demobilization. They will share ideas about
the sorts of movements, institutions, and practices anarchists and
anti-authoritarians might nurture in order to contribute to the
creation of lasting cultures of resistance able to sustain the struggle
for freedom and justice over many years.

++ The panel will be followed by celebration and music with DJ Tashish
and guests. ++

FREE, donations appreciated
Translation from English to French available
Café la Petite Gaule is a wheelchair accessible space.

More info: info@anarchist-studies.org OR (514) 813-1968

Montreal's Sixth @ Bookfair & Festival of
Anarchy: http://anarchistbookfair.taktic.org

Anarchy in Montpelier: A Day of Talks, Panels, Performances, and Socializing

Presented by Black Sheep Books
10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
at 4 Langdon Street in Montpelier, Vermont

1:00 p.m.
Born to Lose, Fight to Win!
Working-Class Experience and Anarchism
A panel with Mark Laskey, Sean, and Kristin

2:30 p.m.
"Anarchism Revisited"
Showing of this new film by Pacific Street Films; for more info, see
http://www.psfp.com/anarchism.htm (http://www.psfp.com/anarchims.htm)

4:30 p.m.
Revulsion, Violence, Trauma: Repetitions and Ruptures from the
Avant-Garde (1917-1935) to Theneo-Avant-Garde(late 1950s-1960s) to Now
A talk by Erika Biddle

6:30 p.m.
The Anarchism That Is Full of Possibilities
A talk by Ashanti Alston

8:00 p.m.
Women in the Argentine Social Movements
A multimedia presentation based on recent interviews
by Graciela Monteagudo in Argentina

Everyone welcome; spread the word!

Black Sheep Books: http://www.blacksheepbooks.org

RAT 2005: Call for Proposals and Registration Update

Renewing the Anarchist Tradition Conference
September 23-25, 2005, at Goddard College

The Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (RAT) conference, sponsored by the
Institute for Anarchist Studies, aims to provide a scholarly space in
which to both reexamine and reinvigorate the social and political
tradition of anarchism.

RAT is meant as one contribution to the project of developing a more
rigorous as well as contemporary theoretical framework for anarchism,
and to assist in nurturing new generations of anti-authoritarian public
intellectuals. Thus, as opposed to conferences that attempt to create
anarchist organizations, statements of purpose, or focus on "lifestyle
anarchism" or how-to workshops, RAT brings together anarchist and
libertarian left scholars, activists, educators, writers, organizers,
students, and others to explore how we make sense of our own tradition;
how we understand anarchism in the context of our lives, movements, and
present-day social conditions; and how the conceptual tools that the
anarchist tradition provides can and need to be rethought.

Anarchism has tended to be a dynamic theory and practice, and its
influence in anti-capitalist struggles around the world has become
keenly apparent of late. We are, as it were, inside history, and if
anarchism is to continue to be relevant to this moment of global
transformations, it must not only understand the present but also
scrutinize its own internal taboos and tensions; it must not only be
able to describe contemporary forms of hierarchy and oppression but
also articulate openings for a radical reshaping of social relations
and material conditions along ethical lines. The work that all of us
attempt to do now, the ideas and values we struggle to put into words
and practice, will have profound implications for how this historical
moment structures the future. RAT is a modest addition to the grand
anarchist project of the present to ensure a freer tomorrow for all.

As in the past, we hope that RAT continues to raise difficult
questions--questions ranging from the character of social change to the
ongoing relevance of categories such as class, community, and labor;
from the changing shape of the state and capital to emergent forms of
both domination and resistance in a globalizing world; from anarchism's
relation to geopolitical concerns such as terrorism and war to its
ability to grapple with issues of identity such as race, gender, and
sexuality; to a host of other controversial, contested, or even
uncharted subjects.

Alongside a participatory weekend of presentations, panels, and debates
in a supportive atmosphere, the beautiful rural Vermont setting affords
the opportunity to meet other anarchists and radicals, relax around a
campfire, or enjoy the fall foliage. RAT will also include a
mini-bookfair, free literature tables, and possible film screenings.

Call for Proposals
(due June 15, 2005)

We are now accepting proposals for individual presentations and
panels/panelists for the 2005 Renewing the Anarchist Tradition
conference (RAT), sponsored by the Institute for Anarchist Studies. For
more on RAT, including past presentations and panels, see

People of color, women, those outside academia, and others often
excluded from scholarly life--due to gender, sexuality, class, and so
forth--are especially encouraged to send in proposals. And please feel
free to forward this e-mail to others who may be interested in
participating in and/or attending RAT.

We're looking for individual presentations that attempt to analyze
and/or critique current social relations and dilemmas; share work and
ideas on anarchism's relevance and potential as a political/social
theory as well as a practice; grapple with and constructively challenge
as well as build on standard anarchist notions in light of a radically
changing world; and cover a wide variety of perspectives and scholarly

While you can also propose a full panel, including all panelists,
please consider simply proposing yourself for a panel topic or two and
we will put the panel together based on a diversity of viewpoints.
Specifically, we would like to see panel/panelist proposals that
explore the following concerns through an anarchist lens: specific
written works and/or major theorists; contemporary social phenomena,
especially those undergoing dramatic transformations; movements and/or
movement building, especially in light of present-day geopolitical
events; various forms of identity, particularly race, gender, and
sexuality; the rise of fundamentalisms and their implications; ecology;
imperialism and anti-imperialism; like-minded as well as divergent
strains of radical social thought/praxis, from autonomous Marxism to
various horizontalist movements; the new anarchism; past historical
examples of anti-authoritarian theories and/or practices; and the
changing character of such standard categories as "the state,"
"capitalism," "class," "hierarchy," and so on. These are just a
sampling of our ideas; please feel free to propose others, of course!

Individual presentation and panel proposals should be no more than one
typed page each; remember, you can also propose yourself as a panelist
and let us set up the panel itself. Please include a presentation or
panel title and one-paragraph description, two to three sentences about
yourself and/or other proposed panelists, and complete contact
information (address, phone, and e-mail). Indicate if you feel
comfortable having your presentation/panel audiotaped, and if so, if
you would be amendable to postconference "publication" of such audio on
a Web site or CD. Keep in mind that presenters are asked to limit
individual presentations to about 30 to 40 minutes, and end by framing
a question or two for the participants in order to facilitate another
30 to 40 minutes of discussion. Panelists should each prepare about 10
to 15 minutes of material, leaving time for discussion as well. Our
intent with the panels is to stimulate lively, but friendly debate, so
again, a variety of perspectives on each panel is encouraged.

Proposals are due by June 15, 2005, and should be e-mailed to both

* John Petrovato: jpetrovato (at) hotmail (dot) com
* Cindy Milstein: cbmilstein (at) yahoo (dot) com

If you have further questions about proposals, please contact John, our
proposal coordinator.

We will inform you about the outcome of your proposal(s) soon after
our deadline date. Please note: all presenters must also register and
pay for the conference (see below).

Getting to RAT

RAT takes place on the Goddard College campus in Plainfield, Vermont,
about nine miles east of the state capital, Montpelier, and easily
accessible by car off I-89 North or South.

Both Amtrak and Greyhound/Vermont Transit offer train and bus service,
respectively, to Montpelier. Limited pick-ups and drop-offs will be
available, or you can call a taxi during the daytime hours. Please
check with us about your travel arrangements before assuming that a
pick-up or drop-off is possible.

There is an airport in Burlington, Vermont, about an hour's drive from
Plainfield. We will, however, be unable to do any airport pick-ups or
drop-offs. If you fly to Burlington, please arrange your own ground
transportation (limited bus service to Montpelier or rental cars).


A number of bookstores and publishers be present at RAT as part of our
annual mini-bookfair. Tables are available for bookstores, publishers,
and infoshops throughout the weekend for $35, but you must reserve and
pay for a table in advance. Tables will also be available at no charge
for free literature.

Registration and Cost

You must register and pay in advance, as the conference space is
limited to 200 people.

This year, everyone will be able to eat meals and sleep in the dorms at
Goddard College. Please specify whether you're a vegan or vegetarian, or
if you prefer a meat option; the registration includes six meals (Friday
dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; Sunday breakfast and
lunch). Rooms are single or shared dorm space, and include linens and

Singles are on a first-come, first-serve basis; if you request a shared
dorm room, please indicate any roommate preferences such as a specific
person or gender.

We're offering a sliding-scale registration for the following three

1. Reg fee and six meals (for locals and others not requiring housing):

2. Reg fee, six meals, and shared dorm room: $55-75

3. Reg fee, six meals, and single dorm room: $80-100

If you have additional questions about RAT registration, please contact
Cindy, our registration coordinator, at cbmilstein (at) yahoo (dot) com.
Please note that we cannot custom-tailor registration fees to include,
say, only four meals.


A limited number of partial scholarships are available to subsidize RAT
conference fees for those with limited resources. Please inquiry early
and we will do our best to offer assistance. These scholarships are
made possible because of the generosity of other RAT participants. If
you can afford to pay the higher end of our sliding-scale registration
fee or want to donate more beyond that, we will pass along the extra
funds to those needing financial aid to attend RAT.

Child Care

Kadd has kindly offered to once again coordinate child care volunteers
during RAT. Please contact him (kadd (at) mutualaid (dot) org) if you
need to arrange for child care and/or can help out with child care
during the conference.

Register and Pay in Advance

Space is again limited for RAT, so please register and pay in advance
to ensure your participation. Send a check, made out to Cindy Milstein
(unofficial RAT treasurer), to: Cindy Milstein, 19 French Street,
Barre, Vermont 05641.

Include your name, address, e-mail, what option the check covers (1, 2,
or 3 above, plus any donation beyond registration toward scholarships
for others and/or a mini-bookfair table), your meal and/or roommate
preferences, and any special needs (which we'll do our best to
accommodate, if at all possible).

Still have questions? Want to be added to the RAT e-mail list?

Feel free to contact either of the co-organizers: Cindy Milstein at
cbmilstein (at) yahoo (dot) com, or John Petrovato at jpetrovato (at)
hotmail (dot) com.

RAT Site: http://www.homemadejam.org/renew

That's all for this issue of IAS News. If you think
any of this information would be of value to a friend
or organization, please feel free to forward this newsletter.

Send suggestions and comments to: info@anarchist-studies.org

To switch to the html version of this newsletter,
change the email address that you are currently
subscribed with, or to unsubscribe: info@anarchist-studies.org

Copyleft 2005 Institute for Anarchist Studies
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