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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 636 28th March-3rd April 2005

From philmcc@optusnet.com.au
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 12:38:45 +0200 (CEST)

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CRAP!! ----- Flushed with their success in introducing ´democracy´ to the Middle East,
-------the authoritarian conservative ideologues that provide the intellectual
rationalization for the Bush administration´s military adventurism are now
singing in unison with the President of the US. They both claim they have a
God given right to impose their ideological claptrap throughout the world by
economically blackmailing countries through sanctions, they agree that they
should actively encourage the bankrolling of foreign political movements
that support their one dimensional view of democracy and if these two
measures fail, they support direct military intervention in resource rich
countries that pose no threat to the US hegemony.

The conservative Christian Right´s hijacking of the democratic tradition by
insisting that parliamentary rule is synonymous with democracy-rule of the
people, by the people, for the people, needs to be publicly challenged.
Parliamentary rule has as much to do with democracy as the Klu Klux Klan
have to do with the struggle against racism. Giving a signed blank cheque
to a representative to make decisions on people´s behalf for the next 3 to 4
years, especially when that representative does not have control of the
economy, is plain lunacy.

Democratic reforms rest on two fundamental principles. The people have the
right to directly make decisions, not just the right to elect
representatives to make decisions on their behalf (Once specific decisions
are made, the people can elect or appoint delegates to carry out the
decisions they have made). Wealth needs to be held in the community´s
hands, not the hands of the State or the corporate sector. People can make
all the decisions they like, but if they don´t have access to the necessary
resources to make those decisions a reality, the process is a sham.

The Bush ´democratic´ agenda is democratic in name only, it´s more
appropriate to call the White House´s newfound fondness for the democratic
process foolocracy. Not democracy because ultimately political power in the
Bush administration´s brave new world rests in the hands of unelected
corporations that exercise an unchallenged monopoly on economic activity
around the world. Power in this 21st century ´Animal Farm´ definitely
doesn´t lie in the hands of elected representatives. These representatives
seem to be able to exercise only enough power to change the position of the
deckchairs on the corporate driven conservative Christian Right´s Titanic.

Murdoch´s reactionary mouthpiece in Australia, The Australian, has latched
onto a new issue. Trying to smooth the political path of Murdoch´s mate in
Kirribilli House, they have launched a full scale attack on Australia´s
750,000 disability pensioners. It seems they and the Howard government have
decided that having people on the disability support pension isn´t good for
the economy. In their wisdom, they believe disability support pensioners
would be better off in poorly paid, part-time, boring, monotonous work.

The Australian´s investigative reporters have discovered that surprise,
surprise, disability support pension numbers conceal the jobless rate.
Brilliant, extraordinary investigative reporting, anybody with one synapsing
neurone could have told them that for years the unemployed, who couldn´t
cope with the government´s invasive and onerous work for the dole scheme and
the mountains of red tape attached to receiving unemployment benefits, were
put on disability support pensions to artificially decrease the unemployment

Instead of retraining people, improving their skills and helping them back
into work, they were more than happy to sideline them by putting them on the
disability support pension. Now that the country has a labour crisis,
instead of supporting moves to retrain people and improve wage rates for
unskilled and semi skilled workers, the Howard government thinks it can
force people back into the same boring, part-time, poorly paid work by
changing the rules.

It may have unsuccessfully marginalised people receiving workers
compensation, the unemployed, indigenous Australians and some migrants and
asylum seekers in the eyes of the community, but if it and its mates in the
corporate owned media think they can marginalise the 15% to 20% of the
population who rely on disability support pensions to survive, they may have
bitten off more than they can chew. Their attempts to marginalise those
citizens and their dependents on disability support pensions, needs to be
resisted at every turn.

If we allow the corporate media and the government gelded ABC to jump on the
disability support pension bandwagon without challenging their assumptions
publicly, hundreds of thousands of Australians and possibly over a million
of their dependents will be forced into the ranks of the working poor.
Resisting their viscous campaign, not only helps people on disability
support pensions, it will also help to increase wage rates for the working
poor. Flooding the market with hundreds of thousand of disability support
pensioners is just the boost the corporate sector needs to maintain
Australian wage rates below the poverty level.

Wars are not just won on battlefields; they are won in the hearts and minds
of the public gallery. Gallery? Yes, public gallery. The Howard
government has embarked on a war that´s designed to ostracize and
marginalise over a million Australians and their three million dependents
(about 20% of the Australian population). The Coalition government has
embarked on a campaign to win the hearts and minds of non welfare recipients
and old age pensioners. They´ve succeeded in marginalising refugees, the
unemployed, the trade union movement and they´re now ready to marginalize
single parents and disability support pensioners.

The battle is one based around language, if they can successfully manipulate
the language, they can win the war. Welfare, single mothers, dead-end
scrapheap, Mediterranean back, and mental illness are just few of the words
that are being bandied about by Ministers and their corporate media allies
in the skirmish to portray people who receive single parent benefits and
disability support pensions as people who are abusing the system. If they
continue to pedal the lie often enough that people who are on these benefits
are somehow not ´worthy´ or ´deserving´ of the taxpayers generosity, it´s
quite possible they may be able drive a wedge between people who receive
these benefits and the rest of the community. It´s important to challenge
these lies at every level, if we let them get away with this litany of lies,
they´ll be able to successfully introduce their changes to disability
support pensions and single parent benefits without paying the political
price for making the lives of millions of Australians more difficult than
they need to be.

Language is an important weapon in a culture where private corporations
enjoy a virtual monopoly on the dissemination of information. To tell the
truth about the current manipulation of language is a revolutionary act.
Each and every one of us, in both private and public conversations, need to
reclaim the language. To continue to allow those elements in society, that
control society by manipulating language, is an abrogation of our
responsibility as citizens of this country.

Howard´s assertion that the States should be replaced by regional
governments that have the status and limited powers of the Brisbane City
Council highlights how power has shifted from the States to the Federal
government since Federation. The Howard government has done more to strip
what little power the States still enjoy, than any other Federal government
has done since 1901. The resultant concentration of power in the hands of
the Federal government has not necessarily improved the lot of most people
who live on this continent.

The Australian Constitution highlights the important emphasis that was
placed on the role of the States within the Australian Federation. The
transfer of power from the States to the Federal government over the past
century has reduced the role of the States to the role of service providers.
Real power now rests in Canberra. The replacement of the States (artificial
entities that were created by the stroke of a colonial pen) with regional
governments that are based on environmental, human and geographical
realities, is one way that people can become more intimately involved in the
day to day running of their communities.

We should be asking ourselves whether the centralisation of power in a
Federal government is the most efficient way of satisfying our human needs
and conserving shrinking non renewable resources. Allowing governments to
reach a size where they are no longer accountable to the people they govern,
is a recipe for disaster. Big is not necessarily better. In the early 21st
century, the increasing distance between governments and the people they
govern, is one of the major problems faced by citizens. Howard wants to
increase the power of the central government at the expense of the power
that is currently exercised through the States. His suggestion that the
States should be abolished and replaced by regional governments, that have
the power of a City Council, is a naked grab for power.

The question we should be asking ourselves as individuals and as a community
is not whether we need State governments, but whether we want a Federal
government that is able to exercise unlimited power. Abolishing Federal and
State governments and placing real power in the hands of regional
governments that attempt to satisfy human needs by taking into account
geographical and environmental realities is a sensible and efficient way of
giving power back to the people.

The pictures tell it all, a barbed wire encampment in the middle of the
desert, police horses trampling over demonstrators, police wearing
paramilitary uniforms lined up against demonstrators who are armed with
balloons, kites and musical instruments. Demonstrators pushed about, moved
on, harassed, and arrested for having the audacity to protest against the
indefinite detention of children and adults who are seeking refugee status
in this country. Unfortunately the fourth estate, politicians, police, the
corporate owned media and the government gelded ABC seem to have been at a
different demonstration to the one I saw on the television screens.

Violence, violence, violence screamed the breathless television reporters,
violence screamed the headlines, violence screamed the talkback jocks.
Violence? Yes, unadulterated X-rated violence without the sex. Finally the
country has come to its senses, the Howard government and her Majesty´s
loyal Opposition the Alternative Liberal Party-ALP (formerly known as the
Australian Labor Party) have been exposed as being responsible for scenes
that are reminiscent of the experiences of detainees in Stalin´s gulags.
Innocent men, women and children are rounded up without trial and placed
indefinitely behind barbed wire because they have asked for asylum-SHAME,
SHAME, SHAME, I can hear millions of Australians crying.

Suddenly I wake up with a start as I hear the screams of a young woman
trampled by a police horse. The voiceover on the late night television news
says it all ´violent scuffles have developed between police and angry
demonstrators outside the Baxter Detention Centre´. Yes folks, the whole
world is watching Australia´s finest lay into unarmed demonstrators holding
balloons, flying kites and playing musical instruments. The Australian
media wax lyrical about violent protestors, the rest of the world looks at
the barbed wire, the detention centre in the middle of the desert, the inane
comments by the country´s Immigration Minster, the rows and rows of police
in paramilitary uniforms, demonstrators trampled under the hooves of police
horses, dust, pain, suffering, indefinite detention of men, women and
children behind razor wire in the middle of the desert.

The pictures are the same, the voiceovers and captions are different, one
blames the relatively peaceful protestors, the other points a finger at the
truth very few Australians are willing to acknowledge. The scene reminds me
of the attitudes displayed by Germans who lived beside the death camps,
knowing what was happening inside, refusing to acknowledge the terrible
reality until they are dragged from their comfortable middle class existence
and forced to witness the handiwork of their political leaders. At least
they were able to say they had no power to stop what was happening,
Australians can´t even hide behind that little story, they´ve endorsed the
Howard government´s policies during the last 4 elections-shame, shame,

A. YES!! YES!! YES!! (No I´m not washing my hair or having an orgasm).
Change can occur in increments or it can occur overnight. Radical
egalitarian social change has as much chance of occurring as authoritarian
change. Hierarchy legitimises inequality, religion, nationality, race,
gender and sexual orientation can be all used to reinforce hierarchy.
Hierarchy is neither natural nor inevitable; the role it plays in different
societies is related to the inequalities in power and wealth that exist in
those societies. The greater the inequalities that exist in a community the
more prominent role hierarchy plays in that community.
Hierarchical societies are in a state of constant tension, the disciplinary
arm of the State police and if necessary the armed forces, maintain order by
exercising the monopoly on force they enjoy in a hierarchical society. The
greater the level of inequality the more important role police and the armed
forces play in that community. The internal contradictions that exist in a
hierarchical society can cause major dislocations at any time. A minor
confrontation can set off a chain of events that makes radical egalitarian
change a possibility. Whether people choose to seize power on their own
behalf and replace the current power structures with non-hierarchical
structures is directly related to the strength of the anarchist movement in
that society at that particular point in time. The Spanish revolution
didn´t just happen; the military coup that occurred on the 19th of July 1936
was opposed on the streets by a movement that had been active and growing
for over 70 years.
Breaking eggs doesn´t necessarily result in the making of an omelette; you
need a pan and a heat source to transform broken eggs into an omelette. The
disintegration of a Nation State, revolution, riots, looting and coups are
not necessarily followed by the creation of an egalitarian community. Power
in its naked form, devoid of all its trappings, is up for grabs in those
situations where the people as a whole grab that power and use it to
transform society and liberate themselves, or whether a new minority or an
authoritarian leader seizes power, is directly related to the level of
activity and organisational capacity of the anarchist movement in that
community at that time.
If we want society to be transformed overnight, if we don´t believe that
incremental change can deliver us an egalitarian community, we need to build
organisations and influence people in the here and now, waiting till the
internal contradictions within society to cause a major upheaval is leaving
things far too late.

You´ll notice on the back page of the weekly a ´new ad´ about Eureka banners
and flags. You may have noticed that the Anarchist Media Institute is
hoping to raise $1500 to pay for a number of banners and flags that have
been designed and made by Graeme Dunstan, the lantern maker for the Eureka
Dawn Walk for the Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion
celebrations, that will be held in Ballarat on December 3rd to mark the
151st anniversary celebrations of the Eureka rebellion. Last year we walked
to the Old Ballarat cemetery and then marched through the city to mark the
150th anniversary of the Eureka rebellion. We marched to reclaim the
forgotten and ignored radical spirit of the Eureka rebellion.
One of the main purposes of the celebrations is to encourage people to
reclaim the day by highlighting important elements of the Eureka rebellion
that have been written out of the Eureka story. The banners and flags
highlight the central elements of the Eureka rebellion Direct Democracy,
Direct Action, Internationalism and Solidarity. When we march from the
Eureka stockade site in Ballarat to Bakery Hill to reaffirm the Eureka oath
and announce the recipients of the inaugural Eureka Australia Day medal
ceremony for 2005, when we march to the Old Ballarat cemetery to pay our
respects to those miners and soldiers who died during the Eureka rebellion
and are buried at the Old Ballarat cemetery, through the main street of
Ballarat back to the Eureka stockade site, we want the world to know what
we´re celebrating. If you want to have a look at the banners that have been
made, download the designs from the Anarchist Media Institute website.
Currently we find ourselves in the embarrassing position of putting the cart
before the horse. We have had the banners made, but have only raised a
miserable $10 to go towards their costs. If you intend to participate in
the 151st anniversary celebrations to mark the Eureka rebellion and will be
marching with us to Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion, we
encourage you to support us. If you support what we´re doing but can´t
participate, we encourage you to help us by making a donation towards the
cost of the banners and flags. Make out cheques and money orders to
Libertarian Workers (with a short note telling us you want the money to go
towards the cost of the banners) to P.O. Box 20, Parkville 3052, Victoria
Australia. All money raised will be sent to Graeme Dunstan, to meet the
costs of this wonderful addition to the materials, so we can use to Reclaim
the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion for the next 100 years.

On the eve of the 1916 Conscription referendum, the government charged 12
members of the I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World) with ´conspiracy to
commit arson and sedition´. The I.W.W. 12, were charged on December 4th
1916 two weeks before the Conscription referendum was held. It was alleged
that Fuller, the acting Premier of New South Wales, told a police informer
that ´this case is going to win us the Conscription campaign and also the
William Beatie, Bernard Bob Besant, Morris Joseph Fagin, Thomas Glynn,
Donald Grant, John Hamilton, John Benjamin King, Peter Larkin, Donald
McPherson, Thomas Moore, Charles Reeve and William Teen were charged with
´conspiracy to commit arson´. None of the twelve were actually charged with
committing arson, although 500,000 pounds of commercial property had burnt
down in Sydney in the months preceding the men´s arrest. The twelve were
tried after the failure of the first Conscription referendum.
The hysteria surrounding the loss of the referendum provided the background
which led to the I.W.W. 12 being convicted of conspiracy to commit arson.
They were jailed for periods between 5 to 12 years. The 12 were convicted
on the strength of 17 words uttered by Donald Grant-´For every day Tom
Barker is incarcerated in Long Bay, it will cost the capitalist classes
10,000 pounds´. Donald Grant was sentenced to 15 years prison for allegedly
uttering those words at a meeting that had been called to protest the
jailing of Tom Barker, a leading I.W.W. militant, for publishing the
following poster:
Capitalists, Parsons, Politicians, Landlords, Newspaper Editors and other
Stay-At-Home Patriots
Follow Your Master.
The government claimed this poster was ´prejudicial to recruiting. A
Workers Defence and Release Committee was set up to agitate for their
release, it became a legal front for the I.W.W. after the I.W.W. was banned
in 1917 under the Unlawful Associations Act. Bit by bit, the police case
fell apart. Two former members of the I.W.W., Lewis and Davis Goldstein,
had charges of forgery dropped against them when they agreed to testify
against the I.W.W. 12. Agitation for the prisoners release increased after
the war ended in 1918. Ten were released on August 4th 1920, the other 2
were freed by Executive Pardon in November 1921 five years after they had
been imprisoned on trumped up political charges for crimes they had not
-Joe Harris, Uni of Queensland Press 1970, ISBN 070220613X

By Celia Brayfield, Warner Books 1998, Review Copy 1999 Edition,
ISBN 0 7515 2284 8
This is another of those books where the author´s name is way, way larger
than the title, about 10 times larger in this case. After last week´s
relatively pleasant experience when I broke a long held taboo not to read
books where the author´s name is way, way larger than the title and with a
few hours to kill over the 4-day Ester break, I ploughed into ´Getting Home´
-´a witty ironic look at urban bliss´-well that´s what the blurb on the
cover suggested.
Talk about boring and one-dimensional, the plot´s pretty thin, urban bliss
and tranquillity broken by evil developer. Throw in a bit of bad sex,
improbable plot so, so writing and hey presto, you have the formula for
another bestseller. Maybe I missed the irony, maybe I found the storyline
rather pedestrian and the sex pneumatic, who knows? The hour or two I
wasted ploughing through this 500-page mini colossus could´ve been better
spent taking fluff out of my navel. I´m sure Celia Brayfield is a prolific
author who has something to say, she must have something to say because
she´s written a bestseller called ´Secrets of Successful Writing´.
All in all, I don´t think this is one of her more successful literary
attempts. Let´s face it, not everything we set our minds to, comes off.
Looking at the back cover again, the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph critics
loved the book. Maybe I´m just a jaundiced old hack who doesn´t know good
writing when he sees it. On second thoughts I take it all back, you won´t
believe what I´ve just come across, a literary device I haven´t seen used
before. ´Getting Home´ has the 1st chapter of Celia´s new novel ´Sunset´
included in the back pages. Talk about self promotion. Ah well, if you
can´t promote your next book in your current book, who can? Who knows how
many people rushed to get hold of her new book ´Sunset´ on the strength of
reading the 1st chapter in ´Getting Home´? ´Getting Home´ and the 1st
chapter ´Sunset´ didn´t move the earth for me.
My review cost a whole $1 at a 2nd hand bookshop. I´m sure you can beat
them to 20cents if you show the slightest interest in it. If you want a
copy of Celia´s latest novel, it´s possible she´s written half a dozen since
1998, put her name on your search engine and see what you come up with,
otherwise try your local bookshop.

The Pope´s got good reason to be worried, forget about his current health
problems and his appointment with mortality. If he´s God´s representative
on Earth as he claims to be, he´ll go straight to heaven and bask in God´s
radiance for all eternity. If his whole life has been a lie and there´s no
life after death, his suffering would´ve come to an end. Currently he has
more pressing problems here on Earth than you can poke a stick at. The
Catholic Church is in a bit of a mess; the Protestants are bumping and
grinding their way to heaven, courtesy of the ´glory be to God´ brigade,
while the Catholics languish in their on mire. It seems the number of
people who are converting to Islam has far outstripped the numbers that are
becoming Christians, let alone Roman Catholics. The atheist Communist
pestilence has been consigned to the dustbin of history, the anarchists are
struggling to remain relevant and the new age mob is fornicating with their
crystals, a much more pleasurable pastime than following the dictates of
some old man in Rome.
Not that I want to be too tough on the old bloke, he has over the past few
years pinpointed the source of all evil. Following Jesus-Christ´s example
when he threw the moneylenders out of the temples, the Pope is making the
right noises about corporate capitalism, as the main danger faced by mankind
(papal speak). The lad´s seen how Mammon is able to turn his devotees´
heads. Following the advice that a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush,
the faithful seem to be more interested in the material pleasures on Earth
that corporate capitalism is able to provide, than the pie in the sky
philosophy that´s espoused by the Pope and his Cardinals. The Pope knows
that plasma TV screen, an iPod, cosmetic plastic surgery, mobile phones,
personal computers and access to the internet are of much more immediate
interest to people than listening to some old goat pontificate about evil,
lust (I wonder if yo can get it on DVD) and the fires of eternal damnation.
It´s a pity it has taken him and his cohorts in Vatican City so long to read
the writing on the wall, maybe if they´d thought about where they put the
Vatican´s considerable money, things could have looked a little more rosy
for the Pope when he´s forced to explain to his maker the very poor state
(spiritually-not wealth wise) of the Catholic Church. It seems the Church
can´t even attract enough faithful to minister the needs of its flock. On
the other hand, if the Catholic Church allowed its priests to fornicate with
the Pope´s blessing, maybe their stocks would be as healthy as the stocks of
the Protestant Christian Right, a religious movement that, like the Mullahs
of Iran, understand that immortality for their mumbo jumbo is dependent on
them seizing and exercising State power.

Kristy Simpson´s assertion that the Bracks government will need more than a
charter to overcome its reputation for trampling on civil rights (Sunday Age
27/3), is a timely reminder about how far down the track Victoria has come
to becoming a Police State. Instead of holding a Royal Commission, with
wide terms of reference into institutionalized corruption, the Bracks Labor
government with the full support of the Liberal / National Party has passed
a raft of legislation that allows the State to confiscate property
irrespective of whether an accused person is found guilty of the charges
laid against them, has stripped away a person´s right to silence and gives
the Chief Police Commissioner power that Police Commissioners in many
dictatorships don´t even have.
The weakness in Rob Hulls´ proposal for a charter of rights revolves around
the constitutional arrangements in Victoria. A political party that has a
majority in both Houses of Parliament has the power to change the
Constitution at will. Both the Kennett and Bracks governments have made
significant constitutional changes that have stripped away freedoms and
rights that people have enjoyed since the Eureka rebellion. Only the
government of the day is able to initiate constitutional change in Victoria.
If Rob Hulls is serious about constitutional change, he could put
legislation to the Victorian Parliament tomorrow that transfers the power
from Parliament to the people. In the Federal arena, only the people,
through a referendum, can alter the Constitution. The weakness in the
Federal Constitution is that it has no Bill of Rights to protect the rights
and liberties people are currently able to exercise. A further complicating
factor is that only the government of the day has the power to put questions
to the people in a referendum, both federally and in Victoria.
Rob Hulls could shore up his very shaky legacy as a reformer by placing
legislation before the Victorian Parliament, before the next State election
next year, that both transfers the right to make constitutional changes from
Parliament to the people through a referendum, and which allows the people
to call a referendum if they are able to gather the support of 10% of their
fellow citizens in a petition that indicates they want a referendum held
about a particular issue.
It seems that both State and Federal parliamentarians around Australia have
forgotten the central lesson of the Eureka rebellion. Ultimately political
power rests in the hands of the people, not the government of the day or the
State, and that governments that ignore this fact, do so at their peril.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

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Sicily, ITALY. Email:si_lib@hotmail.com
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Discuss All the News That Fits online - www.apolitical.info/phpBB2
1 in 10 Aust managers display behaviour comparable to psychopaths, acc to
new research. A psychotherapist with the consultancy Banks Management Group,
Dr Glyn Brokensha, has coined the term 'powerpath' to describe such
managers. He describes powerpaths as deceitful, cold-hearted manipulators
bent on attaining power for its own sake. Devoid of empathy, they´re
reckless & leave a trail of wrecked careers, corporate destruction & a
legacy of fear. Dr Brokensha said powerpaths thrive in businesses with
autocratic management cultures where they can curry favour with peers &
superiors, while causing misery for those who report to them. "You'll get
snr management say, 'So-& -so is really good. He´s cleared out all the
deadwood, all the non-performers.' & then find 3 years later the deadwood
hasn´t been cleared out. He´s cleared out anybody who knew what he was,
anyone who opposed him." Dr Brokensha said powerpaths typically introduced
meaningless reforms & endless reviews to cover up that they achieve very
little. It is typical for such people, who may suffer psychopathic
personality disorder, to leave a workplace before the damage they´ve done is
revealed. (Source: Sydney Morning Herald)
The Fed govt gave several million dollars of public money to a failed
tourist railway & allegedly offered to write off over $1 million of its tax
debts. The Beaudesert railway project in Qld was offered $400,000 in Fed
Govt money in ´03 as an interest-free loan. This loan was later replaced
with a $600,000 grant, despite the Dept of Regional Services having found
the business financially unviable. The project had already failed to meet
financial obligations from a $5 million Centenary of Federation Grant in
´01. The railway became insolvent in Nov ´02, but local Lib MP Kay Elson
urged it to trade on while she sought fed funds. In addition, a report from
the Ass's provisional liquidator to the Supreme Court shows he said there´d
be a forgiveness of a potential debt to the Aust Tax Office of up to $1.5
million. (Source: ABC News, The Age)
A Brisbane school has suspended a Year 11 student for 'retaliating' to a 45
minute beating from a trained kickboxer. Balwyn High School's principal
Bruce Armstrong said students had recorded the attack using a camera on a
mobile phone. The attacker & other students involved were also suspended.
The victim said his attacker had seven years of kick-boxing training. "He
kicked me in the head, stomach, arms & legs. It went on for about 45
minutes," the victim said. The teenager said he´d been unable to get up
after the attack. His mother said his braces had been embedded in his cheek
& he´d suffered a black eye & cuts. She said it´d been the 2nd time her son
had been seriously assaulted at or near the school. My son was bruised &
battered all over" she said. "To learn other students were watching & egging
on the attacker & even making a record of it makes me feel sick to the
stomach." She said a speech impediment had made her son a target of verbal,
physical & social abuse. Principal Armstrong claimed the school had "a
strong anti-bullying program with a strong focus on students learning to
live together." (Source: The Courier-Mail)
QUOTE OF THE MOMENT: "On May 30, my squad was ambushed for the 1st time in
the eastern part of Ar Ramadi in what was called the 'Sunni Triangle.' We
heard a whistle as we passed an area that was notorious for bombed out
buildings. Next, a bomb exploded in the road in front of our lead Hum Vee.
Prior to this attack I´d briefed my squad on what I understood to be
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), which was that if we were ambushed we
should 'haul ass' while returning fire with our weapons. Following the
blast, bullets rained down on us from rooftops on both sides of the road as
we drove out of the area."
Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejia, one of at least 5500 US soldiers to refuse to
serve in Iraq since the war began.
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