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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2005 09:03:04 +0100 (CET)

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This 6th-8th July the latest G8
summit takes place in Gleneagles in
Scotland. It will attract many
protesters from around the world.
The G8 or `group of eight nations' is an
exclusive grouping of the political
leaders of the eight richest countries.
It was created at a time of significant
global economic insecurity in the 1970's
to manage the crisis in the interests of
global stability. A stability that of
course ensured that the global elite
retained their power, putting their
interests at the heart of the global
agenda. This has meant the nudging of
the global economy in a direction which
reinforces the supremacy of private &
corporate interests over democratic &
collective ones. Favouring privatisation,
deregulation, & the erosion of sovereign
control over domestic economies.
The members of the G8 are the US, UK,
France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada &
Russia. As well as economic policy issues
of security, trade, relations with
developing countries & other
transnational issues & even domestic
matters such as employment are now
The G8 Summits are not a policy-making
forum. They are a time for the leaders
of these states to network & build
relationships. The co-ordination of
these nations & their unequal influence
over international institutions such as
the WTO & IMF ensures their interests
dominate the world order.
As such the G8 Summits have always
been a focus for protests & counter
summits. Following the Peoples Global
Action call for a united global day of
action in 1998, the Summit protests
have grown & strengthened, forcing the
G8 Summits to more & more remote
locations with ever increasing security
The G8 are not a body that can be
negotiated with, as their main interest
is to protect & promote free trade in all
its forms, encouraging maximum
profiteering from the sale of goods,
service, crops, & intellectual property.
We need to confront the G8 by
disrupting their meetings, this can be
achieved by blockading the summit.
Actions will be many & varied they will
range from confrontational &
uncompromising to imaginative &
humourous; so all groups & individuals
should feel able to participate in a
manner appropriate to their ideology.
There is a local umbrella group set up to
coordinate transport, actions,
information distribution etc. If you wish
to know more email:
Check out: www.dissent.org.uk
H .M . Prison: ASDA
Asda Cwmbran, through Torfaen's Youth
Offending Team (YOT) are punishing
Children who pinch from their
supermarkets (as well as also other
young offenders) by making them work
in their store for no wages.
This is to teach the young offender to
"realise the harm caused by their
criminal behaviour and for them to show
some remorse" this for the child we are
informed "is a very emotional
experience" and "helps them accept
responsibility for what they have done."
We wonder if the YOT realise that
exploitation under capitalism means that
workers are robbed through the system
of wage slavery by their employers of
the full value of their labour?
The rewards workers receive in the
form of wages are less than the value of
the products & services they bring
about. The difference in value between
what workers produce & what they earn
is the basis for profit which goes to the
capitalist boss class. Therefore
"legalised" robbery of the worker occurs
on a daily basis. Theft for their class is
the economic `norm'. For everyone else
(ie us) it's a crime! The rate of
exploitation depends on what Asda pays
its workers. The going wage at its
cwmbran store is as pathetic as £4.95.
Now they ge free labour under the guise
of social re-education!
Asda are owned by the US based
multinational Wal-mart who's work
practices have come under a great deal
of criticism. The US National Labour
Committee reported that Wal-Mart's
contractors in Bangladesh were paying
workers 5p an hour whilst working them
for an 80 hour week. In China Wal-mart
sweatshop workers receive as little as
13cents an hour. Wal-Art is owned by
the richest man on the planet. To boost
profits further Asda Cwmbran can get
kids to work for them for sod all! We
wonder what punishment should be dealt
out to Asda & the YOT team? Who are
the real criminals?
Next issue Gagged! is changing from
just covering the region of Gwent to
include Cardiff & the Glamorgan
Valleys, we are keen to hear from
people in these areas (as well as
Gwent ! ) who want get involved in
writing, distribution or anything
really. We'll be working with longtime
frien d s & allies Cardiff Anarchist
Network. Check out their website:
Ne ve r m i n d The Ballots
It's nearly that time again, when
politicians and political parties start
turning up on our doorsteps and asking
for our vote. We don't hear from them
for years, but now, they're back to hear
about `our concerns'. Some people
believe that `if you don't vote, you don't
have a say'. But in reality whether we
vote or not, not only do we not influence
their decisions on issues, we don't even
influence what the issues are!
The fact is government and politicians
aren't the only powers in the country.
We never get a chance to vote for the
real decision makers. The Executives of
big corporations like Shell & Sony, high-
ranking Civil Servants, the heads of the
World Bank and the International
Monetary Fund (IMF), & CBI members.
Though you'll never seen them on a
ballot sheet, they have the REAL power.
Example: When Labour in the 1970's
tried to nationalise industry (ship-
building for instance). Big businesses
just refused to invest in Britain. The
government then had to borrow money
from the IMF to stay afloat. With IMF
strings attached: Labour had to
crackdown on workers and trade unions.
Gladly carrying out anti-working class
orders to keep their corporate masters
happy, they proved just how government
can never serve the people.
There is no such thing as a protest vote.
Sure, an election might change a
government but it's still business as
usual for the people that run things.
Voting is accepting this society. It
doesn't show opposition, just
participation. Politicians don't represent
us, they represent the rich and
powerful. If they can channel all our
rage and disappointment with them into
just ticking a little box every few years,
then they've won.
When we unite in our communities and
workplaces we can change the world. We
can run it without leaders!

Mo re Roads, More Pollution
The National Assembly recently unveiled
its £8 Billion vision for the future of
welsh transport. Lots more roads & road
traffic, with next to nothing for those
who do not wish to or are unable to
With these new proposals Welsh Labour
has ignored all of its previous transport
documents as well as contravening the
very constitution of the assembly which
binds all policy to the model of
sustainable development.
So why has this government decided
upon such a plan that can only ever
result in greater congestion, more
pollution, & jettisoning of Wales
`commitments & obligations to reduce its
CO2 emissions under the Kyoto
Even if we acknowledge that a lot of
people drive cars & appreciate the
speed, comfort & mobility it offers
them, it still doesn't explain how
building lots of new motorways will solve
the underlying problems with transport
The ever increasing dependence on cars
& road traffic is having a huge impact on
our society & economy, producing
massive levels of traffic accidents & un-
sustainable dependence on foreign oil.
During the Thatcher & Major years
great private road-building empires
emerged. These companies grew fat on
the public subsidies of the motorway &
privatisation boom. Made up of top tory
establishment figures they had
ambitions of concreting the entire
British Isles. The road lobby's plans
were only stopped when people started
tying themselves to trees, appaled at
the scale of destruction promised & un-
willing to let it happen. Ten years later
many of these plans are being
resurrected with the same high level
corruption, & wilful disregard for
One of the big players is de-
construction firm Costain. Owned by a
British knight, US capitalists & an Arab
Oil Shiek, its main customer & patron in
this country is the UK Government.
These people live the high life on your
tax returns. Treating elected officials
to lavish dinners & video lectures on the
benefits of motorways. Then reaping
huge profits from government contracts
awarded to them by the self-same
officials. Costain are the company
behind the St David's Wood Blackwood
atrocities where irreplaceable natural
ancient woodland was destroyed with
dis-regard for the wishes of local
Recently they have moved into
`reconstruction' in Iraq. Stuart Doughty,
chief executive, urged the Prime
Minister "not to go down the U.N.
route" in Iraq in order that Costain get
a greater share of the contracts there.
No wonder the queen recently bestowed
on him the title of `Commander of St
There are strong links between the road
industry & the oil/terrorism lobby.
Bitumen, one of the main materials in
road building is also a by-product in the
process of refining oil into petrol &
without the growth in private road
traffic demand for oil might drop.
These people happily promoting the
excessive consumption of rapidly
depleting oil reserves, un-concerned by
global warming & the huge environmental
disasters caused by the drilling &
transportation oil. Not only are that but
also happy to sanction the use of deadly
force to achieve their aims. Oil
companies, like BP, are notorious for
using private armies to ensure that local
resistance to their plans is crushed.
Check out www.roadalert.org.uk
* Who are Gwent Anarchists?
Regular readers of this newsletter will
know that we are a group of like-minded
individuals who believe in autonomy, respect
& justice and are against all forms of
exploitation & bigotry. More than that we
see ourselves as part of the international
movement of anti-capitalism and as such
have taken on the hallmarks of Peoples'
Global Action (PGA). The Hallmarks are as follows:

1. A very clear rejection of capitalism,
imperialism and feudalism; all trade agreements,
institutions and governments that
promote destructive globalisation.

2. We reject all forms and systems of domination
and discrimination including, but not limited
to, patriarchy, racism and religious fundamentalism
of all creeds. We embrace the full dignity of all
human beings.

3. A confrontational attitude, since we do not
think that lobbying can have a major impact in
such biased and undemocratic organisations, in
which transnational capital is the only real

4. A call to direct action and civil disobedience,
support for social movements' struggles, advocating
forms of resistance which maximise respect for life
and oppressed peoples' rights, as well as the
construction of local alternatives to global

5. An organisational philosophy based on decentralisation
and autonomy.

Check out the PGA website: www.agp.org.
If you want to get in touch & get
involved in any way please contact us.
Gwent Anarchists, PO BOX 70, Newport, Gwent NP20 5XX
or Gwentanarchists-A-yahoo.co.uk

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