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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review #634 14th March-20th March 2005

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 07:14:50 +0100 (CET)

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The Coalition´s call for a free trade agreement with China and its
recent free trade agreements with the US, Thailand, Singapore and
Malaysia, mark the beginning of the end of the manufacturing and
agricultural sector in Australia. Since Federation, ´free trade´ and
´protectionism´ have dominated the economic debate. It´s only in
the past 2 decades that both major political parties have embraced
´free trade´ as Australia´s economic destiny.

The current economic ´boom´ has resulted as a consequence of the
flooding of the domestic money market by transnational financial
institutions that are taking advantage of the relatively high interest
rates they can earn in Australia, in comparison to the rest of the
world. Much of this money has, as a result of the Howard
government´s generous negative gearing laws, been diverted into
the housing sector, artificially elevating the price of housing for
ordinary Australians. High personal debt has been primarily used to
fund lifestyle and consumer led demand.

Workers in the manufacturing sector have been forced to modify
their demands so the manufacturing sector can remain
´internationally competitive´. Wages growth has ground to a halt,
making it more and more difficult for many workers to maintain
housing payments without borrowing heavily and working longer
hours. The introduction of successive free trade agreements with
larger and larger economies has meant the situation in the
manufacturing sector is going from bad to worse. Jobs are being
exported overseas and over 700,000 poorly paid ´guest´ workers,
many on working tourist visas, compete with locals for jobs,
artificially keeping wage rates low.

The economy is shifting back to its traditional base. Australia is
once again becoming a huge quarry for the rest of the world. Those
farming organisations that have swallowed the government´s free
trade agenda, are finding that farms are being gobbled up by
transnational agricultural conglomerates. The number of people
working in the farming sector has dramatically decreased and
younger members of the rural community are flooding into the
country´s main cities. The current situation is both unstainable and
dangerous. Unstainable because the bulk of Australians are now
employed in the service, hospitality and tourist sector-notoriously
unreliable industries that can overnight result in the loss of
hundreds of thousands of jobs as a result of international instability.

A whole generation of Australians are being pushed into poorly
paid, part time, monotonous, boring, soul destroying jobs that have
no future. The proposed free trade agreement with China is the last
straw; it will be all over red rover unless the one-sided free trade
agreements that have been signed with the US and a number of
other countries are torn up, and local jobs are protected from unfair
competition. Australia finds itself in the same position as a small
retailer that is targeted by a major corporation that is willing to
temporarily lose money to put its competitor out of business. Once
the small retailer closes down, prices sky rocket.

The Australian economy has become a classical banana republic; it
relies solely on exports to survive. It´s sobering to think that the
eventual losers in this absurd economic experiment are the very
people whose blood, sweat and tears have built this country.


The Consumer Law Centre Victoria has come up with a little bit of
research data that is no surprise to those who have trouble rubbing
two pennies together. It seems that in the wonderful land of Oz, low
income families pay more for phone, banking, gas, electricity and
other household services, than their more well off counterparts. It
looks like penalty fees are designed to target poorer consumers.
Wealthy consumers are able to avoid fees in most situations.

The banking sector is notorious for offering wealthy customers
exceptions and dis.counts, while poorer customers are slugged with
higher interest rates, default charges and higher account keeping
fees. Sound familiar? Then read on. Mainstream banks regard
poorer customers as poor risks and refuse to lend to them, forcing
low income earners to pay 30% to 40% interest plus service fees on
goods they pawn to obtain money to pay essential bills. People with
credit ratings normally rely on pre-paid mobile phones and do not
receive the dis.counts that contract customers receive. The
telecommunications industry has little interest in poorer customers;
it directs its attention at high telecommunication users who have
internet, landline and mobile phone contracts. These ´high value´
customers earn the lion´s share of the telecommunication´

It gets better, the poor tend to live in poor quality housing and have
access to cheaper inefficient appliances that increase their gas and
electricity bills. If they fall behind their payments, they tend to be
slugged with late payment and reconnection charges. Although the
banks claim they have products for low income earners and the
telecommunications industry claims they look after their
´disadvantaged´ (their word not mine ­ I prefer to use the word
exploited) customers, it seems that the bulk of disconnections and
loan foreclosures effect the poor.

Not to be outdone by the banking and the telecommunications
sector, the Tax Office tends to take its responsibilities seriously
when it´s chasing customers who owe it a few hundred dollars,
often bankrupting them, while the rich end of town seems to be
able to put the inevitable, off forever. All in all, it doesn´t pay to be
poor in God´s own country, it seems the old Christian adage ´the
rich will have as much chance of getting to heaven as a camel has
of getting through the eye of a needle´ doesn´t apply in the world
down under.


´The health of the housing market, spiralling oil prices, a rising
Australian dollar and the fragility of the US economy have pulled
the Australian economy into the slow lane´. I´m afraid these aren´t
the ravings of an economic illiterate anarchist commentator; these
are the reasonable, constrained comments of the Howard
government. It seems that the world´s second greatest Treasurer
(Paul Keating was the greatest) Peter Costello, has seen the light
on his way to the National Wage case. Yes, they do still have one. It
seems that those silly, silly people in the A.C.T.U. (yes, we still do
have a trade union movement) want a 5.7% rise in the minimum
wage. 5.7% they must be kidding, the country will go bankrupt,
businesses will go to the wall, inflation will rise and the Martians
will invade Australia (oops, I made that one up).

The world´s second greatest Treasurer and the chronic
confabulator-the man commonly known as the Prime Minister of
Australia, are saying forget everything we told you during the
election campaign a few months ago. Any of you idiots (my words,
they only thought you were an idiot) who voted for us, because you
thought we knew what we were doing, need to realise that you
shouldn´t believe a word we said during the election campaign. We
thought you´d know it was all bullshit. Maybe those who voted for
the first time didn´t know, but the rest of you should have known
better. Election promises are not meant to be kept.

Now getting back to this ´National Safety Net Wage review´; the
Howard government doesn´t like calling it a National Wage case, if
they called it a National Wage case, the A.C.T.U. could say it´s
representing the fastest growing segment of the workforce, the
working poor-the Howard government wouldn´t want to
acknowledge that, would they.

These miserable bludgers need to understand that the business
community can´t afford an extra 60cents an hour, what do they
think the corporate world is made of, money. Stupid bastards, do
they really think they are going to squeeze money out of the
corporate sector by begging and beseeching. The corporate sector
has the government on their side (actually they own it), they own
the fourth estate, the government gelded ABC has been bashed into
submission and everybody else who counts is watching Jerry
Springer, Desperate Housewives and Kylie Minogue´s bum. The
miserable bastards can have 10cents an hour, take it or leave it. Let
us hope they keep begging and beseeching and licking our boots.
For God´s sake, let us hope the bastards don´t get off their knees
and demand their rights, if they do, it could be the beginning of the
end for life as we know it in corporate never never land.


Carbonne and Monay should stick to the tittle-tattle that normally
adorns the Age Diary and not tax the single synapsing neurone they
share tackling the world´s more serious issues (Its Anarchy 14/3).
Since Federation Square was opened, the Anarchist Media Institute
and a number of other groups have been involved in an ongoing
battle with the quango that manages the Square about our right to
use the Square to hold demonstrations without asking permission to
do so.

In Victoria as a result of a vigorous free speech campaign
conducted by socialists at the beginning of the 20th century and by
communists during the depression, people have enjoyed the right to
hold demonstrations and give out leaflets in open public space
without asking the police or any other authority for permission to do
so. This right provides people who are in conflict with authority or
who want to put forward a different point of view, the freedom to do
so, without being dragged away and prosecuted for putting forward
their viewpoints. The right to demonstrate in an open public space
is limited by a number of local government regulations and State
laws which give the police the power to disperse these
demonstrations if they infringe on other people´s rights or threaten
to get out of hand. The right to hold peaceful protests in open public
space has not been an issue in Victoria for decades.

When Federation Square was first opened, the people of Victoria
were told that it was ´their ´Square´ and they had the right to use it.
Over the past 18 months, we have been approached on countless
occasions by security staff and Federation Square management and
have been asked to move on as we did not have permission to use
the Square. On three occasions over the past 9 months, police have
been called in because we have refused to end our peaceful protests.

Square management continues to tell the public ´All groups should
try and give us advance warning so they don´t clash with other
people´s events´ (The Age 14/3), believing they have both the
power and the right to choreograph democracy so organisations and
groups who have leased the Square from Federation Square
management are not upset by people who could possibly
demonstrate against them. It would be unpalatable and possibly
commercially embarrassing if protestors who wanted to see a ´Free
Tibet´ protested at a Chinese government display or anti Grand Prix
protestors rained on the Grand Prix parade when they took over the
Square for 4 days a few weeks ago.

Federation Square is open public space or it´s not. If it is open
public space, the State government should pull the quango that
runs Federation Square on its behalf, into line. If it is not open
public space, the Bracks government should build a fence around
the Square, put security guards on the gates, festoon the fence with
private property signs and end the charade that Federation Square
belongs to the people.


STOP!! STOP!! STOP!! Not another ´Our Mary´ story. Yes, I´m
afraid so, if it´s good enough for Women´s Day, it´s good enough
for the Anarchist Age Weekly Review. Mary and what´s his name,
the future King of Denmark, have been on a royal tour in the land
of Oz over the past week or so. The fourth estate, grateful for a
distraction any distraction, have been following every move of this
little fairy tale. One minute, commoner, nothing to look forward to
but kids, a mortgage and John Howard as Prime Minister till 2055,
the next thing ´Our Mary´ is plucked from obscurity, domestic
drudgery and poorly paid part time work by a member of one of
Europe´s royal families.

I know it is the 21st century, I know that Louie XIV or was it Louie
XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette had their heads chopped off in
the 18th century and Russia´s Royal family were shot in the early
part of the 20th century, but surprisingly it seems not all the royal
bludgers meet the same fate. Ah! Our Mary, I´m so happy (only
kidding). It looks like the bulk of the royal bludgers survived and
have come back to reclaim their former glory.

Our Mary and that Danish Prince, they are beautiful aren´t they?
Not like that silly Charles and his frumpy mate Camilla. If only our
Royal family was like them. Now if Her Royal Majesty Queen
Lizzie (yes I´m on bended knee) had kept her mouth shut and went
to the wedding and gave Charlie and the horrible, horrible woman
Camilla a honeymoon in Paris in a chauffeured limousine maybe,
just maybe, that delightful beautiful boy Prince William could, after
the obligatory Paris collision, ascend the throne and find a Bondi
beach virgin to share his bed with. If that were to happen, bye, bye
Our Mary and what´s his name, Prince William and the Bondi
beach virgin would soon become the flavour of the month.

You really have to wonder what is happening, a few hundred people
here and there, a few thousand somewhere else, and hey presto,
television land has found a new hip celeb. Young, smart,
presentable, married a Prince, every young girl´s dream, if she
didn´t exist, they´d have to invent her. Distraction, media hype or
are we witnessing a new phenomenon, something out of left field
(oops, or should that be right field). If Our Mary had married some
nice Danish boy who renounced his Danish citizenship and came to
live in Australia, we would have heard nothing about it (unless he
was deported as an illegal immigrant). Just in case anybody cares,
Our Mary has renounced her Australian citizenship (just like our
Rupert), so she could marry into a family whose ancestors pillaged
and raped their way through Denmark imposing their divine right
by the force of arms. They continue to enjoy their privileged lifestyle
as a result of the money their ancestors squirreled away as a
consequence of the exploitation of the Danish people.

I don´t believe that a little bit of royal slap and tickle is a cause for
celebration, or is it? Now, where did I put that list of eligible
Princesses I was going to call? They tell me King Zog of Albania
has a few female relatives who could be interested. Maybe I should
use the net.


Q. Advancing in diversity, striking in unison

A. Sounds very nice in theory, but what does it mean? Anarchists
want to create and live in a society without rulers not rules.
Anarchists understand in order to do this, power needs to devolve
from hierarchical centralised structures into non hierarchical
decentralised structures. The strength of a decentralised movement
is its diversity. Its weakness is its inability to strike in unison. The
key to the success of any decentralised movement is its ability to
create structures which allow different groups to move forward

One of the problems faced by the anarchist movement is that too
many organisations believe they and they alone hold the key to
radical egalitarian social change. Competition between groups for
the same members and endless arcane historical arguments about
the past, combine to create a climate of powerlessness. The
creation of an anarchist community within society at large, makes
individual participants feel powerful and important within their own
tight knit circles, but makes them impotent and powerless in the
wider community.

The failure or success of a particular strategy is subjected by its
success in the wider community, not the intensity of internal
debates. These anarchist organisations that cannot accept that
anarchism is a diverse movement, whose strength lies in that very
diversity, soon fade from the pages of history. Those that strike a
cord in the community they live and work in, grow and prosper. An
anarchist organisation sows a seed; that seed dies or takes root. If it
takes root, another group forms that reflects the diversity of the
community they live and work in. Each group moves forward by
taking into account the reality they are faced with.

The challenge for a decentralised anarchist movement lies in the
ability of groups to form links with other groups. Successful
Federations are those that link established groups and
organisations. Federations that are formed to create local groups,
spring into life, splatter on for a few years and then die out.
Whether anarchists will ever be able to overcome the pivotal
problem of creating structures that allow diverse groups to act in
unison will determine whether anarchism remains a dream in our
hearts or becomes a practical reality.


Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, it´s
extraordinary how little time people have in the post modern era.
The division of life into work and leisure has always been an
important issue in people´s lives. What´s different today is that both
work and leisure have become commodities that are exploited to
extract profits from both workers and non workers alike. Time rich
and time poor are terms that have been created to deal with the
crime of time banditry.

Time, after health, is one of the most precious assets we have. Why
should we let both our working and leisure moments be dominated
by the needs of the corporate sector and the State? If you want to
reclaim your life, you need to destroy the hold the time bandits have
over you. The secret to controlling your life is intertwined with the
need to reclaim time from the time bandits.

The best way to approach this problem is by doing a time inventory.
Time banditry is an issue for wage earners, the self-employed,
unemployed, retired and people who don´t work because of a
disability or because they are looking after children. Grab a piece of
paper, divide it into the 7 days of the week, divide each day into 24
hours, and then document your week. At the end of the week,
spend a few hours (the best time you´ve ever spent) looking at
where all the time has gone.

Spend a few days thinking about what you´ve discovered. You may
be filling in time; you may be working flat out to line other people´s
pockets. You may decide your life is in perfect balance, you may
decide that you spend too much time pursuing passive interests,
trying to fill in time by watching TV, listening to the radio, surfing
the internet. You may decide to change nothing, you may decide
tomorrow will be the first day of a new life. You may decide you
don´t need all those labour saving gadgets that you spend so much
time paying for and have such little time to use.

Time is a precious commodity; to allow others to control it, is to
give them the power to determine what type of life you lead.
Unfortunately life isn´t a dress rehearsal, to coin a phrase that´s
being hijacked by the corporate world-´It´s the real thing´.

Isn´t it time you reclaimed it and used it to change your life. To
claim there aren´t enough hours in the day to participate in the life
of the community or to be involved in cultural, social and political
movements, is to allow those elements in society who dominate our
every waking moment to continue to use our time to enrich


The Knights of Labor, a secret labor society was formed in the US
in 1869. The organisation was started to ´establish cooperative
institutions such as would tend to supersede the wage system by
the cooperative industrial system´. In November 1888, William E.
Lyght an American organiser for the movement was dispatched to
Sydney. On the 9th October 1890, William E. Lyght and some
Melbourne supporters held a meeting on the Yarra banks to
introduce the concept to the public. An Australian branch of the
Knights of Labor was founded in the rooms of the radical Dr.
William Moloney.

The Knights of Labor never really flourished in Australia as there
was a great deal of resistance to the idea that a secret society was
needed within the Australian Labor movement. The Knights of
Labor formed branches in Footscray, Mitcham, Yarraville and
Melbourne and marched in May Day marches in Melbourne from
1893. They worked unde the Freedom Assembly banner in the rest
of Australia. Branches were formed in Brisbane, Balmain in
Sydney, Wagga Wagga and Maryborough in Queensland. The
society had a very minimal effect on the Australian Labor

Its strength lay in its ability to attract leaders of sections of the
Labor movement into the organisation. Some of its more prominent
members in the 1890´s had included Henry Lawson, William Lane
and Ernie Lane as well as W. G. Spence, W. A. Holman, George
Beeby, Arthur Rae, George Black, Francis Cotton, L. A. Petrie and
Fred Flowers, prominent members of the radical milieu in 1890´s

The society was never really more than a boys own club. Possibly
they were originally established to counter the influence of the
Masons in the Labor movement. They used passwords and codes
and kept the identity of many of their members secret. They were
considered a nuisance by many in the Labor movement and were
never accepted into its ranks.

Harris, Uni of Queensland Press1979.
´COLLAPSE ­ How Societies Choose To Fail Or Survive´
Jared DIAMOND, Allen Lane-An Imprint of Penguin Books´05,
ISBN 0713998628

The most interesting word in this 572-page colossus is ´Choose´.
Diamond leads the reader through the kaleidoscope of recorded
history, pulling out facts and figures to reinforce his theory that
societies fail or succeed because they ´choose´ to fail and succeed.
They ´choose´ to fail because they ignore their every day reality,
choosing to follow practices that take no account of the resources,
both human and natural, they possess. He examines the fate of the
inhabitants of Easter Island, Pitcairn Island, Henderson Island, the
South American Anasazi, the lowland Maya and the Greenland
Norse. He also presents the reader with the fate of other
civilisations that had the seeds of their own destruction within
them. Diamond then examines other societies who choose to make
different decisions and survived by taking into account their
changing resource bases. The common denominator in their long
march through time was their ability to incorporate the talents of all
the members of their communities in the struggle to survive. The
structures they developed to rule themselves, allowed the people at
the coalface of the struggle to survive to make their own decisions
and vary their cultural practices to take into account the reality that
confronted them. The Papua New Guinea Highlands Japan (yes
Japan) Tikopia Island, a 1.8 square mile dot in the Pacific that
supported over 2000 people and many other examples, are paraded
before us. Diamond´s strength lies in his ability to give an
intellectual dimension to what we see and experience. I´ve travelled
extensively in Japan over the past 20 years and have never put
together the fact that although Japan is densely populated, nearly
75% of its land mass is covered by forest. I never realised that the
vast stretches of Japanese forests exist as a direct result of a
decision made four centuries ago by as society faced with the
problems of deforestation and erosion, to use all the resources at
their disposal to both replant trees and maintain them.

Diamond´s message is a timely reminder that humans, a species
that appeared less than 5 seconds ago in the history of planet Earth,
is about to self destruct. Increasing population, limited resources,
highly centralised nation States that have as much chance as a
battleship of turning round their self destructive practices and the
strangulation of the planet by the needs of transnational
corporations that require ever increasing profits to survive
(irrespective of the human and social costs), indicate we may have
passed the point of no return.

The book reinforces what the anarchist community has been saying
for generations. If humans are to survive as a species, radical
egalitarian social and cultural change is necessary. We can continue
on the path we are all being dragged along or we can stop, turn
around and swim against the tide. The more of us who stop and
swim against the tide, the greater the chance we can evade the
Dante´s inferno that awaits us as a species. Try your local bookshop
for this current best seller. Cost? I don´t know, (I assume around he
$20-$30 mark) as the book was a gift. Thanks to Brian from Clifton
Hill Melbourne for his neuronal tickler.


I remember the story of the woman who was so mesmerised by her
own mortality she slept in cotton wool and never ventured out of
her house. I understand she died choking in her sleep on a wad of
cotton wool. Urban myth or reality? Who knows, who cares, the
outcome is the same. Death is our constant companion; one
indiscretion can result in catastrophic consequences. Gravity, the
great harbinger of mortality. A few days ago I stepped outside the
back door, my mind somewhere else. In a nanosecond I found
myself lying on the steps. My upper spine impacted on the concrete
verge, innate reflexes stopped the back of my head smashing onto
the top stairs. I lay there for a moment or two waiting for my
musculo-ligamentous system to adjust to my brush with potential

A minute ago, the world was my oyster, a nanosecond later,
catastrophe loomed. What would have happened if I fractured my
spine, maybe my whole life would have taken a new perspective.
How many people wake up in the morning opening one eye and
then the next, not expecting their world to be dramatically altered in
an instant? Relationships disentangled, partners dying on the roads
or at work, children running away from home. A knock on the door
from the bailiff or the police, the certainty of existence turned on it
head. The telephone call that a friend or a parent or a child has
unexpectedly died. A poke to the side of the head with an umbrella,
one dead, one imprisoned, 2 lives lost, families devastated. A
speeding car, a dead pedestrian. 60 years later, a youthful
photograph makes its way to the incinerator; the last living link with
immortality can no longer maintain the memory as they have also

Angina, infarct, embolus, sudden death uninvited, unwelcome,
makes its presence felt among rich, poor, the desperate, the manic,
the depressed, young and old. Our mortality, a common bond that
binds us together. Does immortality beckon; a sequence of genetic
information that unlocks the secrets of eternal life. Will Bill Gates
and Kerry Packer´s billions unlock the earthly Pearly Gates? Will
immortality that eluded Egypt´s Sun Gods become the private
property of billionaires? Only time will tell.


Russell Skelton´s article on ANZAC Cove (13/3) highlights the
political hypocrisy surrounding the creation of the ANZAC legend.
The degradation of the last resting place of thousands of men and
teenagers, who died in the ANZAC campaign, is the latest in a long
list of examples of how the ANZAC legend has been refashioned to
suit prevailing political conditions. The full Anzac story has been
modified, abused, ignored and moulded into an event whose
mythical content has little relevance to historical reality. Australia
was a divided nation during World War I. There was no national
consensus about Australia´s involvement in the war. The country
was almost equally divided between the God, King and Country
brigade who supported the war with a passion, and a coalition of
church groups, trade unionists and radical activists who viewed the
war as a trade war that was being fought by workers at either end of
a bayonet. On two separate occasions in late 1916 and in late 1917,
Australians rejected conscription in two referendums that were held
to bolster the rapidly decreasing number of volunteers who were
wiling to be used as cannon fodder in someone else´s war.

It´s no surprise the Howard government is a willing partner in the
desecration of the last resting place of the thousands who died at
ANZAC Cove. The Howard government´s denial of any historical
record that does not reinforce its one dimensional view of what it is
to be an Australian is a recurring theme of a government that has
selectively used history to propagate its own political agenda. Its
disheartening to think that the 90th anniversary of ANZAC Day
could (with the assistance of a fourth estate that has forgotten there
is more to a story than is outlined in a glossy media release)
degenerate into a State choreographed Disneyland that has the
potential to rival one of Kim Il Sung´s Marionette parades.

The ANZAC legend is a complex story that has many dimensions
to it. Each chapter should be told and retold; the lessons of 90 years
ago are as relevant today as they were then. Are the heroes the ones
buried at ANZAC Cove or are the heroes those tens of thousands of
forgotten Australians who, through their actions, prevented the
Billy Hughes government from senselessly sacrificing another
60,000 young Australian men on Mars´ altar?

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers For A Self-Managed


FREEDOM, Vol.66 No.5 5TH MARCH 2005, Anarchist News
View 84b Whitechapel High St, LONDON E1 7Q, ENGLAND,
TEL/FAX 020 7247 9249, www.freedompress.org.uk

UMANITA NOVA Vol.85, No.6, 20THFEB ´05, Settimenale
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Torino, ITALY, tel/fx:011 857850, Mobile:3386594361,


Nth Parade, Auburn 2144 NSW, AUSTRALIA TEL:02 96499744,

MARCH ´05, Peter Gardner C/-PO Swifts Creek 3896, Vic,
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A woman has accused ex Governor General Peter Hollingworth of
'basically telling her to get lost' when she went to him with a sexual
abuse claim against a priest. Beth Heinrich said she was a boarder
at the Anglican hostel at Forbes in western NSW in the 50s when
then Bishop Donald Shearman, who ran the hostel, started having
sex with her. Just before his appointment as GG, Beth went to
Archbishop Hollingworth for help when she realised she´d been
sexually abused. She told the ABC he´d fobbed her off. Now in her
60s, Ms Heinrich told the program, as a 15yo schoolgirl, Shearman
would make her lie naked on his bed with him when his wife was
away & read a book about sexual techniques while he told her "this
is what God wants it to be."

Shearman later expelled Ms Heinrich from the hostel for
promiscuity after she returned late from the movies. When she
turned to the Bishop 21 years later to escape a violent marriage, he
swore he wanted to be with her. 6 years later, in ´84, he left his wife
& 6 kids to join Beth but about 12 days later returned to his family.
After Beth realised she´d been a victim of sexual abuse she went to
the Brisbane diocese for mediation-a meeting was attended by then
Brisbane Archbishop Hollingworth. But despite revelations in the
meeting, Hollingworth didn´t seek a private meeting with her,
saying he´d a pressing engagement. "Here was 1 of his bishops out
of line, big-time & Hollingworth had something more important to
do. It was astounding," she said. 5 years later, in Jan ´00, Beth
again contacted the Brisbane diocese asking for a hearing. "The
church gave me the run around again & Hollingworth wrote to me
& said Shearman was in his 70s & had exercised contrition &
basically told me to get lost," she said. Almost immediately
afterwards, Beth learned Dr Hollingworth had been appointed G-G.
(Source: The Age)

The Vic govt spent nearly $100,000 of taxpayers' money to promote
itself after Cabinet meetings were held outside Melb last year.
Freedom of Info docos obtained by the State Opposition show that
$93,596 was used to create glossy brochures outlining what govt
ministers did during community Cabinet visits to 6 regional &
metro towns last year. Community Cabinet meetings are held, often
in rural & regional areas, about 10 times a year as part of a Bracks
Govt push to be more accessible to local communities. The
Opposition's figures were released yesterday as ministers visited
Maldon, near Castlemaine, for the Govt's 51st community Cabinet
meeting. The Opposition said the money had gone to pay for MPs'
photos, printing & inserting brochures into local newspapers after
each event. An average of $16,000 was spent on the promo material
after community Cabinet visits in the cities of Brimbank, Baw Baw,
Stonnington, Murrindindi, West Wimmera & Loddon. About
$37,000 was spent to create 250,000 brochures outlining govt
achievements after visiting Brimbank for a Cabinet meeting. A
further $18,000 was also spent inserting 72,000 leaflets into
newspapers in the shire of Baw Baw. (Source: The Age)

Women earned $150 a week less than male employees & the govt's
planned changes to the award system would make matters even
worse, the ACTU said. ACTU President Sharan Burrow said "on
average, women working full time are paid 15% less than male
colleagues & earn an average of $150 a week less than men. "The
gender pay gap isn´t getting better & changes in the job market
mean more & more women are being employed as casuals & in low
paid jobs." Mr Burrow said about a third of all working mothers
were employed casually & had no access to a paid day off when
they or a family member was sick or to paid leave for annual
holidays. "ACTU research shows over the last 3 years more than
half of the new jobs for women paid less than $500 a week," she
said. "The Fed govt's planned changes to workplace laws will make
matters worse for working women." (Source: SMH, The Age)

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "The law in its majestic equality forbids
both the rich & the poor to beg for money, sleep under bridges &
steal bread." ANATOLE FRANCE.

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