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(en) US, Orlando, FL: Anarchist M19 Protest

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(bennyrizzo-A-revolution.gq.nu)
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 12:11:18 +0100 (CET)

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--Global Day of Protest on the 2nd Anniversary of the War in Iraq--
near the corner of E. Colonial Dr. and Maguire Blvd.).
This will be near the armed forces recruiting center
in the plaza (the front of the recruiting center faces
Maguire; this is the side of Maguire across from the
Sears Auto Center).

"Violence is the first refuge of the incompetent."
-Isaac Asimov

With an estimated 100,000 civilians dead because of
the immoral, unnecessary U.S. war against Iraq and
the occupation of that country, plus more than 1,500
U.S. troops killed by the Iraqi resistance, it is
imperative that all people of conscience raise their
voices and put their bodies in motion in protest of
the war.

On March 19 and 20, people across the world will
protest and march to commemorate the beginning of the
Iraq war two years ago. As the U.S. government
prepares to further escalate its empire building in
the Middle East by stepping up its rhetoric and
hostile actions against Iran and Syria, we must
further organize our resistance and move forward. We
must remind ordinary people that this war doesn't
benefit them. We must remind them that the war hasn't
made us safer by ridding the world of weapons of mass
destruction that didn't exist in the first place, or
freer by getting rid of alleged threats to our freedom
that weren't threats at all; this war, the war in
Afghanistan and the so-called War on Terror have all
done the opposite, greatly increasing the power of the
State at the expense of individual liberty while
inflaming passions in the Middle East thus making us
more vulnerable to retribution. We must remind people
that all wars, whether against drugs or terrorism, are
really wars against people, who suffer, bleed and die
as a result.

We must remind them of all the factors that really
drive this war. It is about control over resources,
such as oil, by multi-national corporations. It is
about imposing economic and political systems (the
"free" market and "democracy") on the Middle East;
systems that don't even work well here for the
overwhelming majority of people. It is about
supporting a colonialist State, Israel, and its
oppression of the Palestinian people, as part of the
fulfillment of biblical prophecies embraced by
fundamentalist Christian zealots, who seek to impose
their repressive beliefs-such as patriarchy and
homophobia- on our own society. It is about making
profits for those who own and control society,
expanding the business and military empires of
corporations such as Halliburton and Lockheed-Martin,
part of the military-industrial complex about which
President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned. It is also
about distracting ordinary people - poor, working
class and even middle class - in the U.S. away from
discontent with our lives under twenty-first century
American capitalism. It is about increasing blind
patriotism, nationalism and racism, making us oblivious to
the common humanity that should unite people all over the
world against our common oppressors. It is about
getting us to identify with our rulers and exploiters,
in the face of a contrived foreign enemy. It is about
further destroying what few meager social services the
government does provide, so they can be privatized for
the benefit of the corporations whose interests the
State exists to serve.

We will not be confused or distracted. We oppose this
war, and all wars between nations, whether sanctioned
by the U.N or not, because NO war waged by any State
will ever be in our interests. But our alternative is
not pointless grumbling, an abstract plea for "peace"
or an attempt to convince "our" rulers that war is not
in their interest (clearly wars are in their interest
or they wouldn't be trying to send so many of us off to
die in them). In a society largely stuck in a debate between
capitalist war and capitalist "peace," we seek to show that
another kind of peace is possible: a peace without poverty,
without exploitation, without governors, bosses and managers;
a peace that comes from the order created through liberty,
equality, cooperation and mutual aid. But to achieve
that kind of peace, another kind of war is necessary,
a war that sees not only George W. Bush, Tony Blair,
Osama Bin Laden, or Saddam Hussein as our enemies, but
also all bosses, bureaucrats, politicians, police,
landlords and capitalists. Continual and perpetual war
is a feature and component of the capitalist system -
whether the nations embracing that system are
"democracies" or dictatorships. No anti-war movement
can succeed without a clear anti-capitalist and
anti-authoritarian analysis.

We have chosen to protest outside of this military
recruiting center because of its symbolism as the place
where the lies of the U.S. government and the lies of
military recruiters come together to
produce more foot soldiers for the endless wars of the
U.S. State.

"Older men declare war. But it's the youth who must
fight and die!"
-Herbert Hoover

Bring your conscience, your courage, your sense of
conviction, your creativity and your
outrage, bring signs, banners, props, drums and
musical instruments, and join us.

Everyone who opposes the war and the occupation and
wants the troops brought home now is welcome to

THUR., MARCH 17: We urge anyone who opposes the war to
stay home from school or work this day in protest of
it. Let them know why you're not at school or work.
Join us at 3 p.m. for a protest outside this military
recruiting station. We know that weekdays are hard for
some people. That's why we're having two protests.

This Event Organized by Orlando Food Not Bombs
info: mazmania@aol.com, systemcollapse@gmail.com

& Orlando Direct Action
O.D.A Mission Statement - http://orlandodirectaction.us/mission.html
ORLANDO DIRECT ACTION exists to bring together like-minded
individuals for collective action and to organize activites that reflect
our collective values.

Participation in Orlando Direct Action is based upon the core
principles of free association and cooperation between people who
voluntarily work together based upon mutual values and goals.

Through its activities, ORLANDO DIRECT ACTION seeks to
inspire people to take ethical action on issues, and to resist control
by hierarchical and authoritarian institutions, so that we may, as
much as possible, live freely on the basis of cooperation, equality,
non-violence and mutual aid.

ORLANDO DIRECT ACTION acts according to these Eight
Values: Liberty Equality Cooperation Community
Mutual Aid Resistance Radical Democracy and
Direct Action. We work to foster a social evolution that puts these
values into practice. We do this in the spirt of solidarity and mutual
aid with our anti-authoritarian comrades around the world and
anyone struggling against oppression. As people of conscience and
free individuals who strive to live and act in accord with our values,
we oppose all forms of oppression, inequality and injustice, and
take action to counter them directly. We believe that living freely
requires us to take personal responsibility for our actions and our
lives, and to work directly to accomplish what's necessary to build
lives and communities that reflect our values.

ORLANDO DIRECT ACTION as a collective does not lend
support to any political party or any candidate for political office.

ORLANDO DIRECT ACTION does not believe that the State's
"permission" should be necessary in order to exist and to function.
ORLANDO DIRECT ACTION is NOT incorporated, nor does it
have any other form of State "permit" or "license." ORLANDO
DIRECT ACTION does not obtain a "permit" or any other form of
State "permission" for any activity it organizes.

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