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(en) Germany, Tuebingen, Minutes from International Anti-G8 Meeting Now Available II. (2/2)

From revolting <revolting2005@yahoo.co.uk>
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 13:58:20 +0100 (CET)

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Sunday 27th February INSERTED HERE SMALL GROUP Meetings
Group I: Mainstream Media Workshop
Meeting Context: The mainstream media working group was an
opt-in group held along with parallel sessions which included:
1) Borders support: people who are not allowed in the UK
2) Street Medics
3) Legal / Anti-Repression
** Discussion Topics Brainstormed:
o Monitoring mainstream media/Media watch
o Existing media networks
o Press statements re the Tubingen meeting
o Developing a strategy to deal with media in emergency / worst
case scenarios
o Media training/skills sharing workshops
o Rural action/possibility of media blackout and how to counter it

** There is currently a proposal to have a phone number/phone
that is passed around with a log to track who/what media has called
and what has been said. There is also the potential of having a
one-way list to send information to journalists about events.
** Press strategies may be useful to gain logistical concessions
from police/government
** A strategy in the past has been for everyone to use to use the
same name when dealing with the media. This was done in Evian
** It was noted that all Dissent meetings and action reports are on
the web and are thus available to journalists
** PROPOSAL: Work on the Tubingen press releases

** The initial press statement had the suggestion of placing a
focus on the "violence' of the G8 and how we are
organising against that; against the violence of Bush and Blair.
However it was felt that the anti-war movement focuses a lot on
Bush and Blair. There is a need to focus in general on global
capitalism and the G8 as an architects or prefects of the system.
** It was suggested that the press statement does not use he word
** While the question was raised as to "Why is it necessary or
important to issue a press statement?" this question was not
debated at great length. It was noted that while Dissent should not
spend a lot of time on media issues, there was optimism, that the
media would probably carry the press statement from the Tubingen
meeting. Thus the press statement was seen as a nice opportunity
to tell people what the more radical parts of the [anti-G8]
mobilisation are about.

** Suggestions as to the content of the press release included the
o Meetings are public
o The G8 is a problem
o The Problems caused by global capitalism far outweigh Dissent
o The number of countries represented at the Tubingen meeting.
** It was noted that there is a need for translations of various
press statements.
** It was suggested that it may be useful to put an
"Editor's note' on the press release mentioning
sensitivity shown towards Dunblane because of past events
however this suggestion was not acted upon.
** It was suggested that the press release may want to include the
fact that the people who are organising demonstrations for 2006,
2007 were at Tubingen but it was decide that this was too much
** A point was made that when writing a press statement Dissent
should try and minimize what is out in a press statement. If you
give too much information the media may be selective with what
they print.
** It was noted that while email lists up until now have not been
used to take decisions, there is a need to use email for decisions
** A decision was made for a small group of 3 people to take the
spirit of the points raised in the media discussion and work on the
press statement. This group would then feedback the press
statement to the group.

Mainstream Media Feedback Session to Group:
Sunday, February 27, 2005: 3:45pm
Group of about 60 people (20% were women)

** The proposed press statement was read out
** The list of countries was amended and expanded
** Suggestions were made to amend additional actions to the list
of activities. The list of additional actions included "No
Border" campaigns, as well as information tours by Trapese. It
was noted that the press release was envisioned not as the minutes
of the entire weekend.
** A debate emerged over various words such as
"co-ordination" and "eco-village." The debate
around the words in the press release was evidence of a constant
consideration of how the media would interpret various words and
phrases. This discussion was consistent but jovial.
** The Press Release was agreed upon and individuals were
tasked with translating and distributing it.

** Press Release** Press Release** Press Release** Press
Release** Press Release**

International Anti-G8 Meeting in Tuebingen, Germany
(For immediate release)

From 26th-27th February 2005, people involved in anti-capitalist
groups and networks from twenty-three different countries,
gathered in Tuebingen, Germany to continue planning resistance to
the 2005 G8 Summit.

The meeting declared, "This year's Summit professes to
address issues important to us all, amongst them: climate change
and poverty. Yet these are issues produced by a system from which
the G8 was born and which it attempts to manage. Resistance is the
obvious and growing response to the current order. Our aim is not
merely to oppose the Summit, but to contribute to the daily struggle
to create new worlds."

A number of action plans were developed over the weekend,
reflecting the diversity of the perspectives from which those
attending were coming. Concrete action plans included:

** Blockades of the Summit.
** Holding a people's golf tournament on the lawns of Gleneagles.
** Taking direct action against the causes of climate change.
** Actions for freedom of movements.
** Supporting the blockades of Faslane nuclear submarine base.
** Co-ordinating actions around the world showing solidarity with
those resisting the Summit.
** Constructing self-managed, ecologically sustainable convergence spaces.
** Resisting increasingly flexible working conditions being
imposed in the UK and around the world.

The meeting also commented, "Whilst the eight most powerful
men on Earth retreat behind fences and into militarised zones to
pursue their policies of war, growth and destruction, we are
attempting to build new spaces, open to everybody, and in which
we can demonstrate our legitimate alternatives: of
self-management, of non-hierarchical and consensus based
decision making and of ecological sustainability."

Notes to the Editor
1) The 2005 G8 Summit will take place at Gleneagles Hotel in
Perthshire, Scotland. Gleneagles is located 70 Kilometres north of
2) Amongst those attending the meeting were people based in:
Scotland, Germany, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg,
Spain, Sweden, Lebanon, Israel, Ireland, Finland, Italy, France,
Belgium, Holland, Russia, England, Belarus, the United States,
Canada, Austria and Switzerland.
3) The meeting was organised by the Dissent! International
Networking Group. For more information about Dissent! see:
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Group II: Medics Meeting Minutes
The following was reported back to the meeting following the
medic working group meeting.
** Representatives from Britain, France, Germany and Holland
were present.
** All of the basics that had hoped to be covered, were covered.
** The group hope to provide medical care for three weeks from
24th June 2005.
** The group aim to have a medical point at the Convergence
Centre, street medics covering the various actions and
demonstrations, and a "safe clinic' for longer term care.
** The group will be providing first aid briefings in advance of the
action week at the convergence centre.
** The group encourage every affinity group to have a first aider,
and to learn a bit about how to prevent trauma and to plan a proper
debrief, recovery and rest time for when you get home.

Leaflets were made available to those wanting more information.

Group III: Precarity and the "Working Group Against
At the beginning of the meeting, the "Working Group against
Work" (dissentagainstwork@yahoo.co.uk;
http://lists.activix.org/mailman/listinfo/resistg8-wgaw ) and their
action planned on 4th of July (Monday) was presented. The group
emerged out of talks around precarious conditions of work and life
and resistance to them and want to bring this discussion into the
protest against the G8. On the 4th of July, they propose a mobile
party in central Edinburgh that will "visit" places like job
centres, bailiffs, agencies involved in the New Deal and the benefit
regime, companies exploiting casual and migrant labour and end up
in a shopping area. They also plan actions in Brighton and Bristol to
mark the employment ministers' summit.

There are also other actions the group though about during the
Anti-G8 protests which were discussed in the Working Group like
piquetero-style roadblocks and blockades, free shops, occupations
and activities of mass self-reduction. Some of these actions have
never been tried before in the UK and the Working group was
sceptical whether the days around the G8 were the right time to do
them for the first time because the atmosphere will probably be very

The same problem would probably occur with other forms of
actions we discussed like YoMango-Dinners ("organised
food" which is distributed in form of a big dinner for everyone)
or "for-free"-actions as done in Germany: demanding
and actively seeking free entrance to museums, swimming pools
and public transport.

We were also discussing that any action around this theme of
precarity should try to involve the people who are most concerned
like people working in call centres or migrants. We came to the
conclusion that although it is difficult it should be tried to do actions
like the ones described above with an outreach-attitude to people
working and living under precarious conditions- whose numbers
grow every day! It's very important to include the idea of
resistance against those conditions with mass actions that are fun
and colourful because this is where one of the outcomes of G8
politics becomes visible in everyday life.

Group IV: Hill Walking meeting at the Tuebingen Gathering
A celebration of the right to roam - walking in the Ochii hills
and weekly walks, land access and maps?.
Call for Beacons of Dissent on Tuesday. Also Crazy Golfers? may
join from the city.
Tours of local pubs planned.
Note: We are facilitating but not organising walks. But this is not a
DIY action - we believe in collective action.
There is a route over the hills to Gleneagles. This may prove to be
the best way to Gleneagles.
Highest hills are about 700 metres. (note this has been corrected
from raw minutes as was given incorrectly in meeting sorry)
Dollar to Glendevon is from 2 and a half to 6 hour walk. Allow 1
day to get across the hills. Times to be calculated in preparatory
The A9 cuts the hills off from Gleneagles.
Tired walkers may want to Sleep-in or Sit-in at the A9
Northern approach: Aberdeen and Golfing groups also looking
at routes from the north. river, detours and the road from Perth:
there is a group of walkers plotting a route from Perth.
StarMarch? : 5 or 6 routes from different directions meeting up in
the middle.
Is the blockade on 6th July only?
How is cycling on/in the hills? Roads, tracks and some paths are
fine, hills to be tested.
Walkers can go on and off road. Compass and map reading can be
practised anywhere.
Discussion of possible police operation
Helicopters: can also move shipping containers for road blocks/
temp holding people into positions. Much harder for police to block
hill walking. No rights of way: right to roam without taking up
There is a police force boundary in the Ochil Hills, it is unsure what
this means in practice though.
Police horses not bred or trained to go into hills.
Police dogs are expected. Maybe they will also put the English
police in the hills!
Policing the hills is organisational problem for them. Maybe
soldiers in police uniforms at these locations.
Closer to the time police will announce their plans.
We will establish lines of communication closer to the time. The
more people come on walks before hand, the more we can practice
and prepare the hills before the police operation gets into effect.
There maybe legal restrictions being setup, eg trespass, so again we
stress: we are not organising an event: we are simply walking in the
hills and inviting others to join us. We will combine with other
walkers and protesters from the north and all around.
From past experience, it is suggested that the police will only
secure the highway and allow the hill walking to go on, and just
The Silver group plan to stay in the hills and look down on the G8
and laugh at them. Others are invited to join.
Experience in Ireland showed that instead of onroad, the fields were
very difficult to police and provided opportunities for unexpected
road blocks.
Gleneagles golf course is massive. The north approach features a
river and the southern approach has the hills. Both approaches
would disrupt the conference.
Maybe they will just fence off the whole thing: or station police
all round it. Or just police all the roads. The golf course is very
difficult to police, even the front door will be very difficult to
Many examples like Davos in Swizerland where 20,0000 police and
army chased protesters. Some protesters tried to ski over the much
higher hills, but there were just too many police.
Gleneagles includes a rifle range on north side for sport and there is
also a military range away to the south west. They must cease fire if
they know that there are other people in the area.
General Notes
Weather is changeable: bring waterproofs, warm clothes,
9.45 sunset : not much dark but bring a torch.
Start camping and outdoor life now! wherever you are!
We will be in touch with the blockades to the north and other
directions, but will focus on hill walking. And link with other
groups for mobilising.
Bring tents and supplies for sustaining oneself.
We will provide the practical information.
It is believed large amounts of people can camp in the Ochils; need
to check out more.
Right to roam without impeding lawful activity
Also except when royalty is in residence with controversial change
in law - maybe the Queen will be coming to the G8 meeting.
Is legal to roam on the Gleneagles golf course normally.
Please contact silver@j12.org with any further questions.

Final Plenary: Feedback from Small Group Meetings

Anti Repression Meeting
** There is anti repression network in Europe.
** The legal group is trying to organize legal observers.
** Help is needed with translations.
** There should be an international call of local solidarity actions
during the G8- on Saturday 9th of July.
** Every group who will be involved and fundraises should try to
give 10% towards anti repression funds.
** There will be two minibuses dedicated to picking people up
who have been arrested. There should also be very good
communication between legal team and arrestees.

Border Actions
Two border camps are planned: one in France and one in
Ireland. This will be co-ordinated through a mailing list. On the 3rd
of July there will be an action co-ordinated by the no Border
network. It will be a day called make borders history and there is a
planned action at a nearby detention centre. The French people will
try to co-ordinate with people in Calais to organise a demo and
solidarity for people who cannot pass the border.
A call to action is being made

Mainstream Media
A press statement was produced to be sent out immediately after
the meeting. There is a mainstream media group which aims to
co-ordinate both national and international media.
There is an email list is

Medics will be available for three weeks starting on the 24th of
June. At the meeting there were medics from France, Britain,
Germany, Switzerland. There will be a medical point at the
convergence centres, streets medics and a safe clinic for
longer-term care. Everyone is encouraged everyone have a first
aider in his or her affinity group and learn a bit about how to prevent
There are leaflets available and information on the website for
people that want to be involved.

Indymedia Centre
Indymedia will be covering Dissent! Actions, Faslane blockades
and Make Poverty History demonstrations.
As well as covering the actions Indymedia wants to cover the issues
behind the protests and also the groups coming to the protests.
There will be several different media places in Scotland. There are
two websites- Scotland Indymedia and UK indymedia. There is an
email list for planning indymedia work around the G8 Scotland.
Indymedia will be in contact with the legal and medical teams. As
many people as possible are encouraged to participate.

** This workshop looked at ways to provide mental support to
people who are stressed out by police attacks or different situations.
** There is a trauma website under construction.
** There is an email list for people who want to take part in the
trauma support. There will be workshops at the festival of dissent
and other locations to train people.
** There will be space at the convergence centre for people to go
where there can be counseling.
** The Trauma group is looking for ways to link up different
countries and to find sympathetic therapists and counselors also
during the G8 summit.

An e-mail list has been set up to support groups doing info-tours,
skill share and exchange information. www.trapese.org will be used
to put downloadable materials on.

There will an info tour in Ireland, Austria, Germany, and
Switzerland in April and May.

The email list for co-ordination and information dissemination is

The final decisions on actual actions and routes will probably be
fairly last minute. However there is agreement that there will be
different styles of action that reflect the diversity of tactics.
** An info pack will be produced with maps etc.
** There will be a spokescouncil meeting
** There will a spokescouncils at the convergence centre the
nearest to Gleneagles to discuss the different blockades. The final
meeting to co-ordinate the blockades will be on Monday 3rd of July
** The communication will be done by text messaging systems
and radios.

A new translation list has been set up for translators and texts to be
co-ordinated. It is translate2005-subscribe@lists.riseup.net

Future Meetings
It was agreed that a future meeting was needed. Proposals are for
Southern Europe, Italy or Greece. Glasgow has agreed to host the
meeting should another venue not be found.
People were asked to subscribe to the International Email List:

Final Session: Evaluation of the Weekend
Made decisions; the wonderful hosts in Tuebingen; the translation;
the facilitation; meeting nice people and making friends; the
presentations: in terms of being able to see the feedback;
pre-organisation was good; the meetings didn't run TOO late;
presentations: in terms of giving people information; the hand
signals worked well in terms of giving constant feedback; the
structure of the meeting was good: in terms of having a
plenary with feedback from the other meetings; although people
wanted to be efficient, the more abstract theoretical discussions
were also appreciated.

Energy got low in terms of translation and people speaking too
much and at the same time towards the end of the weekend:
perhaps because people were tired; unrealistic timetables; low
energy in Friday night meeting; it is left too unclear who is doing
what after the meeting and how decisions and discussions will be
followed up upon; people from the UK spoke too much, they
should sometimes just shut up and not say anything; it was tiring
for people having to listen to English as a second language for up to
10 hours a day; sometimes the discussions were a little too abstract;

Ideas for the future:
Info session on Saturday morning could've been more concise
(people could've prepared themselves if texts had been
available); perhaps it would be good to start the meeting on the
Friday at mid-day the next time so that we could have more breaks;
would be good to have good maps of the area where the meeting is
so people can avoid police controls; name badges for the next
meeting; people shouldn't be afraid to talk in their native
languages and be translated if necessary; there should be positive
discrimination for those who haven't spoken in meetings:
i.e. they should jump to the front of the queue; should maybe
restrict the time that people speak, for example, to one minute;
there should be a greater consciousness of those with less
experience: for example, people shouldn't presume
everyone understands the hand signals that are used.

Announcements were also made about upcoming events:
4th March-G8 counter climate summit
26th March- International Mobilising meeting: London
27th March- International Mobilising meeting: Leeds
26th-27th-Working groups Dissent! Meeting

10-11th March- G8 Employment ministers meeting
15-15th March- G8 energy round table
17-18th March- Enivronment ministers meeting
6-10th April- Festival of Dissent!
20th April- German Speakers networking meeting (Mannheim)
5th-7th May- German Speakersmeeting- Hamburg
1st week of June- Training for convergence centres
28th June- Luxembourg EU summit ministers meeting
16th-17th June-G8 Justice ministers meeting Sheffield
10th-11th- June:G8 Finance ministers meeting.

April-May- Info tour through Austria, Germany, Switzerland
April/May-Trapese info tour in Ireland and Britain

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **


A) Minutes of the German-language meeting (in German)

B) International Networking Meeting Minutes

Brainstormed Discussion Topics
1. International Networking meeting location: London, Leeds or
2. Hosting another international meeting?
3. The future of Info Tours
4. How to feedback to Dissent UK and Groups in Germany
5. How to integrate groups into the network
6. How to respond to parallel requests for Dissent networks in other

1. International Networking meeting location: London, Leeds or
** The planning for a proposed International Networking meeting
in London on March 26th is already underway.
** There was concern that there may be some over lap with what
takes place in Leeds and what takes place in London
** Some understood the London meeting to be conditional
** Leeds will be hosting a feedback session on the meetings in
Germany the same weekend as the London meeting.
** It was recognised that these may be different types of meetings.

In order to limit confusion and overlap, it was suggested that the
London international networking meeting take place on March 26th
while International networking issues are dealt with on march 27th
in Leeds.

It was further proposed that there be clear coordination in advance
of both meetings between those in London and Leeds regarding the
agendas for both meetings and, in the case of London, informing
Leeds what transpired in London so this information may be
incorporated into the meeting.

Consensus was reached on this proposal

2. Hosting another International meeting?
** It seems that there have been requests for a future international
networking meeting in a similar fashion to the one held in
** Questions were raised as to who would host it and when.
** May was suggested as a potential time for the next meeting, in
Europe and most likely in southern Europe.
** It was noted that in addition to holding another international
meeting, a clear invitation to all internationals should be made to
come to all future Dissent gatherings as well as the Festival of

A proposal was made that the possibility of hosting another
International meeting should be posed back to the larger Tubingen
gathering. Further, the gathering should also be asked for input as
to whether the next meeting should be in Scotland or in Europe: potentially Italy.

Consensus was reached on this proposal

3. The future of Info Tours
** It was acknowledged that there are currently limited resources
both in people and in money for Info Tours. However, the
importance of the Road Show was stressed.
** A suggestion was made that Info Tours should focus on places
where Dissent UK does not yet have any connections.
** A suggestion was made to get as much international material
as possible on to the website as it was felt that an increase in
information may decrease the amount of requests for Info Tours.
The information could take the form of a Power Point presentation
and someone did volunteer to begin putting together a multimedia
presentation for use by international groups.
** Request for information have focused on networking tours,
building relationships and groups are asking how their actions may
fit into a wider network.
** There are currently Info Tour requests from: Ireland, Spain,
Sweden and the Netherlands.
** It was noted that there are the potential for
Information/Workshops in Finland.
** With respect to how to deal with Info Tour request and in light
of the strain on resources, it was decided to deal with Info Tour
requests on a case by case basis. Where possible it is hoped that the
host group will cover at least some of the expenses of the Info Tour.
However, if the requesting group could not cover expenses, this
would not necessarily mean that an Info Tour would not happen.
** Japanese translation is available and will be done for major
Dissent documents.
** The production and distribution of an Info CD, possibly using
Power Point presentations, and including maps and other resources
was discussed. It could serve as a kind of "electronic Dissent!

4. How to feedback to Dissent UK and Groups in Germany
** Minutes can be a one source of feedback
** Feedback will be given in Leeds and Edinburgh
** If people have any additional questions regarding feedback they
should contact the international networking group.

5. How to integrate groups into the network?
** There was a desire expressed not to replicate all Dissent groups
at both local and international levels.
** It was felt that various groups should be encouraged to make
their own international links where possible although it was
recognised that the Dissent International UK group is often the first
point of contact.
** Working groups should develop wish lists of supplies needed.
** Proposal for a working lists of documents before Leeds of
various publications/research documents in the pipeline that can be
placed on the Web.

6. How to respond to parallel requests for Dissent networks in other
** It was pointed out that there is already a German precedent for
the use of the Dissent name.
** It was agreed that if people wish to call themselves Dissent,
they should be empowered to do so and this is a decision they must
make on their own.
** If people are looking for assistance, they should be encouraged
to come to the Festival of Dissent.

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