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(en) Holland, De Fabel van de illegaal* 69, March/April 2005 Contents (translation)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 12 Mar 2005 12:12:33 +0100 (CET)

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The bimonthly newspaper of anti-racist organization "De Fabel van de
illegaal" is written in Dutch. Here you find English translations of the
introductions to the articles. Only if an article is hyperlinked it is
translated entirely. For more information please mail us. (For certain
purposes we can translate articles.)
Thriller "Angels and demons" reinforces conspiracy ideologies about illuminati
(by: Harry Westerink)
As in his thriller "The Da Vinci code", author Dan Brown
assumes in "Angels and demons" again that conspiracies
drive human history. He depicts the eighteenth century Enlightenment
thinkers of the Illuminati as a sect of world dominators. In this way he
feeds the extreme-Right myth that secret societies were behind the
French and Russian revolutions and have also infiltrated the elite of
banks, companies, governments and international organizations.

The Hague program for an EU migration policy
(by: Jelle van Buuren)

In November 2004 the European government leaders endorsed
"the Hague program", a five year plan for European police
and justice cooperation. This also includes the refugee and
immigration policy. Such a program sets a political course. It
doesn't contain any new policy, but points out on which issues
European laws and measures will be developed.

Deconstructing the myth of Equal Opportunities - Roma case
(by: Valeriu Nicolae)

20 Reasons why being a non-Roma is a privilege in today's

Married to the Dutch immigration and integration policy
(by: Marijke Ekelschot)

On November 1st, 2004, quite unnoticed, a whole series of conditions
were implemented which are to be met before being allowed an
international marriage. It seems as if the government has dug up the
old patriarchal marriages laws, especially for the so-called
"import marriages".

Racist psychologists with IQ fantasies
(by: Eric Krebbers)

At the end of 2004 political scientist Charles Murray's book
"Human accomplishment" was published in Dutch. He
\u2018proves' that the genius is almost always a white male.
According to this neoconservative blacks are stupid by nature. Racist
statements like that neatly fit in a long scientific tradition. Racism is
also taught on Dutch universities sometimes. That became clear after
Inge Versteegt, a student at the Utrecht University, protested against a
teacher arguing that scientific criticism of the racist theories of the
Canadian psychologist Philippe Rushton isn't worth mentioning.

Protesting against "Nieuw Rechts"
(by: Gerrit de Wit)

The extreme-Right party Nieuw Rechts (New Right) of Michiel Smit
from Rotterdam didn't get a seat at the European elections of
June 2004, but it did win almost 16.000 votes. At the Dutch
parliamentary elections of 2007, Nieuw Rechts wants to try again to
get a seat. Although the party is involved in a fierce competition with
Geert Wilders, it is not out of the question that it will succeed.
Therefore it is important that anti-fascists organize protests. For those
who want to produce a press release or pamphlet, De Fabel has put a
short and very informative basic text on the internet. It will be regularly
updated. There is already a lot of pressure on Nieuw Rechts. In the
media the party is usually portrait as extreme-Right and activists are
thwarting party activities were possible. Here a list of actions.

The "Oera Linda book" was a joke
(by: Eric Krebbers)

In 1872 the "Oera Linda book" was published. According
to the publisher it was a thousands of years old manuscript on the
glorious history of the Frisians, from Atlantis until Roman times. Time
and again the book draw much attention, but only some Frisian
nationalists, Nazi's and new agers believed it was authentic.
Recently historian Goffe Jensma showed that the book was a joke by
the famous Dutch author François Haverschmidt, also know as Piet

Demonstration of refugee women on March, 8
(by: PRIME)

On international women's day 2005 the women's group of
refugee organization PRIME organize a national solidarity action with
women refugees. De Fabel and other organizations call to join it.

Building a Left alternative, especially now
(by: Aksi)

Many Dutch immigrant youths are radicalizing in an Islamic direction.
That conclusion is widely shared. The political attention for the
question of radicalization has grown, especially after Theo van Gogh
was murdered. The secret service AIVD has recently published a
report on radical Islam. And minister Verdonk asked Forum - an
institute for "multicultural development" - to help fight
radicalization. What causes this radicalization? And what should the
Left do?

No to the Law on foreign integration!
(by: Aksi and De Fabel van de illegaal)

On February 22, 2005, Dutch parliament talks about the proposed Law
on foreign integration. Aksi and De Fabel together organize a protest in
The Hague against this law. Here's the pamphlet for the action.
It starts with: "Resist minister Verdonk! Stop the agitation
against immigrants!"

Resistance against compulsory identification
(by: Gerrit de Wit)

On January 1, 2005, the new law for compulsory identification was
implemented. Even mothers driving without safety-belts are ruthlessly
thrown in jail with their children if they cannot produce identification.
Understandably, resistance against the law is slowly growing. Many
activists simply refuse to carry passports all the time. The law will also
be fought in court.

More attention to trafficking in children
(by: Ellen de Waard)

Trafficking and exploiting people for sexual purposes: that is human
trafficking, the government used to say. However, from January 2005
onwards, all forms of "modern slavery" are forbidden.
Children's rights organizations now want special attention to
trafficking in children.

Racism on the labor market
(by: Jan Tas)

In 2004 the Dutch law Samen (Law for stimulation equal labor
participation minorities) was scrapped. Policy makers started to discuss
the "immigrant labor participation" and discrimination on
the labor market. The high numbers of unemployed should be kept
under control, they argued. For that would help integration.

AFA action against anti-Semitic meeting
(by: Gerrit de Wit)

At the end of January, 2005, in many countries the liberation of the
Auschwitz annihilation camp was commemorated. The small
extreme-Right party Nationale Alliantie (National Alliance, NA) from
Rotterdam, however, organized an anti-Semitic meeting on "the
struggle against Zionism" on January, 29th. On the list of
speakers were a couple of leaders from the Nazi organization Blood
and Honour Flanders. On that same day, Anti-Fascist Action (AFA)
Netherlands took to the neighborhood of three NA leaders to spread
informative pamphlets about them, door to door.

The columns

Tales of illegality: Traumatic experiences
(by: Harry Westerink)

Dwarsligger's poetry: Without papers in the paper shop
(by: Harry Westerink)

Book reviews

Voorbedachte daden
(by: Jan Tas)

De eerste generatie
(by: Ellen de Waard)

Stop deportaties!
(by: Harry Westerink)
* [Ed. note: De Fabel van de illegaal - the myth of illegality
is an autonomist/antiauthoritarian anticapitalist initiative.]

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