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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review #632 28th February-6th March 2005

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 4 Mar 2005 15:48:10 +0100 (CET)

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Redfern, Palm Island, Macquarie Flats, the script is the same, locals
die as a result of questionable police actions. Local people seething at
past injustices, shocked by the senseless deaths of valued members of
their community, strike back at the police. The fourth estate,
government ministers and the police create a climate that allows them
to temporarily put a lid on this bubbling cauldron. The participants in
the riots are identified, arrested, prosecuted and eventually imprisoned.
Instant experts trot out instant theories about dysfunctional families,
single mothers, television violence; the blame is conveniently shifted
back onto the disadvantaged and the oppressed. Nobody is listening to
the cry of desperation the increasing number of people, who know they
have no future in the 21st century Australia, are making.

The Howard government is reaping the rewards of policies they have
promoted that have divided Australians into winners and losers. No
amount of talk about mutual obligation, no amount of police violence,
no amount of dribble that passes as informed comment in much of
Australia´s conservative fourth estate, can hide the fact that a rapidly
increasing minority of people in this country know they have no future
in Howard´s comfortable and relaxed Australia.

Latham´s mythical ladder of opportunity has been smashed to
smithereens by the Liberal / National Party and the A.L.P. (Alternative
Liberal Party). No pathway exists for an increasing number of
Australians that allows them to climb Jack´s bean stalk so they can
look for the golden goose. Faced with a life devoid of any future, faced
with governments that have long ceased to listen, faced with a fourth
estate that has conveniently forgotten its questioning role in society,
the lid on this boiling cauldron is blowing off over and over again.

Normally Australians internalise their disappointments and bitterness,
increasing rates of depression, substance abuse and personal and
domestic violence are the legacy of their feelings of powerlessness.
Occasionally the lid blows off the cauldron, people riot, target their
immediate tormentors in a futile effort to draw the community´s
attention to their plight. Governments, the fourth estate and the
corporate sector ignore these warnings at their peril.

If the current situation continues to be ignored and glossed over, the
sporadic community violence that is becoming a feature of life in
Australia will coalesce into a formidable political movement that will
demand its concerns are taken seriously by both government and the
fourth estate.

(Without asking permission to do so)

Last year we thought we had won the right to demonstrate in
Melbourne´s Federation Square without asking permission to do so.
After numerous confrontations with Square management and two
confrontations with Victoria Police, we believed we had won the right
to demonstrate in Melbourne´s Federation Square without asking
permission to do so.

This year, after putting up the ´Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the
Eureka Rebellion´ banner and handing out a few leaflets advertising
the celebrations outside the Supreme Court in Melbourne to mark the
150th anniversary of the acquittal of John Joseph for his participation
in the Eureka rebellion, all hell broke loose. Confronted with annoyed
Federation Square officials who asked us to leave, the police were
brought in to break the stalemate as we refused to move on. The five of
us at the Square decided after being there for an hour, we would pack
up our banner and return to reclaim the Square on another day.

Federation Square is run by a quango-a quasi autonomous
non-government(al) organisation that administers the Square on behalf
of the Victorian State government. The question facing the community
is whether Federation Square is an open public space or is it private
space. Federation Square management claim the Square is not open
public space and that anybody who wants to demonstrate in the Square
needs to obtain permission from them. You do not need a permit or
permission to demonstrate in open public space in Victoria. The idea
that you have to ask permission to demonstrate in open public space is
anathema to the idea that people have the freedom to protest. There
are a raft of laws that govern the conduct of protests and
demonstrations that can be enforced by police if demonstrators are
acting illegally. To give police or a quango the power to decide who
can or cannot demonstrate in open public space, is a serious attack on
those few rights and liberties people still enjoy in Victoria.

The government quango that runs Federation Square will tell you that
people have the right to demonstrate in the Square as long as they first
obtain permission. Their problem revolves around the legal
responsibility they have to the private businesses in the Square and to
those organisations that pay for the exclusive use of the Square.
Having a Chinese government display or a Grand Prix display in the
Square and having protestors in the Square at the same time could
weaken their financial arrangements. They believe they have the power
to determine who uses Federation Square, when they use it and what
part of the Square can be used for demonstrations. They don´t seem to
understand that you cannot choreograph democracy to fit into their
private commercial arrangements.

Federation Square is either open public space or privatised corporate
space. If it´s open public space, the same rules apply to it that apply to
the rest of Victoria. If it´s privatised corporate space, the Square needs
to be fenced off, security guards need to be put on the gates and signs
should be put up that state Federation Square is private property and
trespassers will be prosecuted.

At midday on Wednesday 16th March, members of ´Freedom to
Protest in Federation Square´ will be holding a peaceful vigil in
Federation Square without asking permission. A number of us are
willing to test this matter in the courts and if asked to move on, will
refuse to move on.

We encourage the people of Melbourne and Victoria to join our
peaceful vigil to protect rights that have been won for us by struggles
carried out by our parents and grandparents over the past century. It´s
important that in times when more and more of the freedoms and
liberties that we had enjoyed in the past have been legislated away, we
draw a line in the sandstone in Federation Square and say enough is

The Federal Treasurer Peter Costello must think that Australians can´t
think straight. His reaction to the 39th consecutive current account
deficit, the highest in Australia´s history, was more of the same pseudo
economic jargon he is famous for.

It´s sobering to think that the $420 billion Australian deficit (7% of
G.D.P.) is higher than the massive United States deficit which in
comparison is only 6% of G.D.P. Costello warbled on about ships
waiting at ports refusing to tackle the main issue. His solution to the
current problem is further deregulation of the labour market, further
removal of tariffs, people working harder to increase Australian exports
and the removal of export bottlenecks.

It all sounds very reasonable until you take a closer look at the figures.
The Australian people are reaping the benefits of 10 years of the
Howard government´s deregulation and ´free trade´ mantra. The
current penchant for free trade agreements signals the death knell of
both the manufacturing and agricultural sector in this country. Every
available indicator highlights that the Howard government´s economic
program is a recipe for disaster.

Anyone with one functioning neurone knows that deregulation and
free trade marks the beginning of the end of the Australian
manufacturing sector. All you have to do is examine the current
figures to know what is going on. As far as agriculture is concerned,
Australian exporters are finding that the Howard government´s much
vaunted free trade agreements, especially the one with the US, are not
increasing Australia´s share of foreign markets. Just look at Iraq and
see who has scored all those lucrative wheat contracts ­ the US of A.
The mining sector is in the middle of a boom that will last as long as
the Chinese need for raw materials lasts, once the bubble bursts, even
the mining sector will find it hard going.

The ballooning current account deficit is the first of a number of
economic indicators that should be ringing alarm bells. The idea that
has been successfully sold to the Australian people that the Howard
government is a successful economic manager, is about to be turned
on its head. A few more record current account deficits, a few interest
rate hikes, increasing numbers of bankruptcies and a falling property
market, are a few of the indicators that will blow out of the water the
idea that the Howard government was ever a good economic manager.

I´m a little puzzled about the reaction by the fourth estate to the stock
exchange´s announcement that around 8 million Australians (55% of
the adult population) own shares directly or indirectly through their
superannuation funds. We are breathlessly told this makes Australians
the highest share owning people in the world.

This statement is almost as relevant and earth shattering as the
statement that claims pants kill because more people who die wear
pants than those who don´t. As many more people in the world wear
pants than wear skirts, more people wearing pants will die than people
wearing dresses. Although the statement is factual and correct, it´s
wrong to claim that people died because they were wearing pants.

Examining the figures that are publicly available a little closer, it´s
sobering to think that the richest 1% of Australians own 50% of the
shares available. It´s astonishing to think that the richest 10% own
80% of the country´s shares. Many of the 7.2 million Australians, who
own the remaining 20% of shares, are not even aware they are
shareholders, as they inadvertently have become shareholders through
investment strategies that have been pursued by superannuation funds
they have little interest in.

Many others have received shares as a result of the demutualisation
mania that has gripped the country. A process that has transformed
members of mutual societies from people who were able to determine
the direction that mutual society took, to disenfranchised shareholders
who have little if any influence in the new corporations that have been
created through demutualisation.

The advantages that are gained by those 80% of Australians who own
20% of shares, is both minimal and illusory. Minimal because
decisions about a company´s investment strategies are determined by
the minority of people who own the most shares, not the 80% who
own 20% of the shares. Illusory because as workers, corporate policies
are designed to maximise shareholders profits at the expense of the
workers who create these profits; any gains they make as shareholders
are soon cancelled by the losses they make as workers.

It´s time the dream run the corporate sector has had in the fourth
estate over the past few decades, was tempered with a dose of reality.

Remember those children who were thrown out of humidicribs and left
to die by Saddam Hussein´s soldiers in Kuwait? We all shed a tear for
those poor children. It was one of the major publicity scoops that
surrounded the 1st invasion of Iraq. That story captured the hearts and
minds of people and created the climate that Iraqis were capable of
anything. The only problem with the story was that a few years later, it
turned out to be a story manufactured by intelligence agencies that was
used to justify the invasion.

Well, I´ve got the same feelings now. Don´t get me wrong, I´ve little
time for the Syrian government, a nasty little dictatorship, what I don´t
like is how news is being manufactured to justify the impeding
invasion of Syria. Remember those elusive weapons of mass
destruction in Iraq? Why would Syria bother to assassinate former
Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, a former Muslim Prime
Minister who had extensive business interests with Syria? His well
planned assassination has all the hallmarks of an Israeli / Lebanese
Christian operation. The Israeli government´s accusation that Syria
was involved in the recent Tel Aviv suicide bombing, is just another of
those too convenient little jig saw pieces that point the figure at Syria.

Since the invasion of Iraq, Syria has been the next domino, all the
´coalition of the willing´ needs is a few manufactured virtual terrorists
plots and hey presto before you know it, a case has been made for the
invasion of Syria. The Syrian Baath Party knows that they are in the
US gun sights; it makes no sense for them to launch overt and covert
attacks. Why would they want the eyes of the world on them?

Implicating Syria in the current round of atrocities in the Middle East
makes no sense whatsoever. The secular dictatorship that currently
runs Syria is more interested in self preservation than all out war with
the most powerful nation on earth, that is why the current scenario
that has been pushed in the forth estate should be treated with caution.

A. I´m afraid not, Anarchism isn´t a philosophy that claims it has all
the answers. It isn´t a religion or a political philosophy that both asks
the questions and gives you the answers. There is no anarchist
commandments, follow the 10 commandments and you´ll achieve
eternal life. Anarchism doesn´t provide the certainties that people find
in the Bible and the Koran. Anarchism has no gurus or holy places you
can worship at and gain enlightenment. Anarchism is a great
disappointment to people who are looking for ready made answers,
instant solutions and a way to make sense about the vagaries of being.

Anarchism is a mechanism by which people can regain practical
control of their lives. It is a philosophy that places the individual at the
centre of existence. It is a philosophy that recognises an individual´s
freedom is intertwined with the freedom of those around them. It is a
philosophy that recognises that both individual and collective freedom
is dependent on people having access to common resources to make
dreams a reality.

Anarchism is rooted in the here and now. An anarchist´s common
bond lies in their recognition that in order to be free, we need to
develop ourselves as autonomous independent human beings. We
recognise that what stands between us and this brave new world, are
the institutions and structures that ruling elites have created to justify
and maintain the power they are able to exercise over millions of

Anarchists challenge the right of those elements in society that
exercise power by creating structures and institutions that allow people
to individually and collectively make decisions about their lives and
which allows them to use the common wealth to make their decisions
a reality.
´PLACARDS´ ´PLACARD-Large notice for public display´

The group of people behind the organisation of the protests to reclaim
Melbourne´s Federation Square for public demonstrations were in a bit
of a quandary last week. The dispute is a relatively complex one and
they found it impossible to put all the necessary information on one
banner. They eventually settled on the banner-´FREEDOM TO
PROTEST IN FEDERATION SQUARE´. Although this banner tells
some of the story, it doesn´t tell the entire story.

Demonstrations are more than a show of feelings; they´re about
alerting other people to what is going on. They are essentially a visual
display. Far too often people mass together to display their feelings, but
spectators have little idea about what is happening. The demonstration
at midday on Wednesday 16th of March is essentially a static matter.
Banner, people, leaflets. Federation Square is a public space, it´s the
heart of Melbourne; visitors are normally milling around taking
advantage of this open space. Spectators need to be able to understand
what is happening.

If police become involved, people tend to move away. In such
situations, those involved in the protest need to be able to generate
sympathy for what they are fighting for, among the people there. A
good way to do this is for participants in the demonstrations to bring
along their own large hand written placards: ´PUBLIC SPACE NOT
and on.

The message needs to be transmitted into the homes of people around
the State - a placard is an effective way it can be done. Television
cameras need visual content, placards are one very good way that
people involved in a vigil or protest or demonstration can inform people
about their struggle and maintain control over the direction the
movement takes. If you´re coming on Wednesday the 16th of March,
bring a placard to this peaceful vigil.


Vida Goldstein, radical, feminists, socialist, anti-war activist, the first
female to stand for parliament (Victorian Senate 1903) in the British
Empire, founded the Womens Political Association (WPA) - an
organisation that had a major impact on the anti-war struggle that took
place in Australia during WWI. In late 1916, the WPA took out the
lease on Melbourne´s Guild Hall. Guild Hall (RMIT University´s
Storey Hall) acted as a meeting point for the growing anti-war
movement in Melbourne.

Three days after the declaration of WWI, Vida Goldstein founded the
Womens Peace Army-an anti-war auxiliary of the WPA that fought
under the slogan ´WE WAR AGAINST WAR´. Despite enormous
hostility in the community, the Womens Peace Army attracted a
number of talented and militant female activists. Bella Lavender - the
first woman to gain a degree from Melbourne University, Adela
Pankhurst - a foundation member of the Communist Party of
Australia, Elizabeth Wallace-a leading member of the Prahran Free
Speech fight and Jennie Baines-the first Australian political prisoner to
become involved in a hunger strike and the well known operatic singer
Cecilia John, were a few of the more talented and energetic women
who joined the Womens Peace Army.

The WPA was at the forefront of the struggle against the war. Guild
Hall flew the WPA´s own flag-purple for the royalty of international
justice, white-for the purity of international life and green-for the
springing of hope of international peace. Members of the WPA
addressed anti-conscription meetings, organised some of the largest
anti-conscription demonstrations held in Australia and formed links
with the trade union movement. When the Victorian wharfies went out
on strike in 1917, they set up a commune in Guild Hall which provided
practical support to the wharfies and their families. They also provided
speakers for strike meetings that were held around Melbourne.

The end of the war saw the decline of the WPA, Vida Goldstein lost
interest in political activity and dropped out of politics preferring
Christian Science to active politics. The WPA commune continued
operating till February 1919. In March that same year, the wharfies
involved in the 8-hour day celebrations marched to Guild Hall to show
their respect and gratitude to the WPA. The WPA was not able to
survive in the new political climate, it disbanded soon after. Many of its
members joined the Victorian Socialist Party and the newly formed
Communist Party of Australia.
´BEHIND THE LINES - Richmond Secondary College
: A School That Dared To Fight´ by Stephen JOLLY-Campaign
Coordinator, Richmond Secondary College Occupation Committee,
Published by Global Books Melbourne 1996, ISBN 0646 282 17 4

Walk down the Boulevard in Richmond, Melbourne and you´ll soon
come across Melbourne Girls College, one of the tangible results of the
struggles surrounding the shutdown of Richmond Secondary College
(RSC) by the Kennett government. The long battle surrounding the
closure of RSC helped to mobilise resistance around Victoria against
the election of the Kennett government in 1992. It culminated in the
trial and acquittal of the Richmond Eight in the Magistrates Court
almost 2 years after the occupation had started.

Stephen Jolly´s account of the momentous events surrounding the
closure of RSC, a microcosm of what was happening to the education
system around Victoria, makes interesting, entertaining and
informative reading. All too often, the history of significant community
struggles is not recorded. Irrespective of the disagreements some
participants may have with Jolly´s interpretation, what is important is
that what happened has been brought together between the covers of
one book. The publication of ´Behind The Lines´ would not have
happened without the generous support of the Australian Council for
the Defence of Government Schools (DOGS). They underwrote the
cost of the book using a sizeable contribution from the estate of Claude
Cyril Fuller, a former member of the DOGS NSW branch.

´Behind The Lines´ is a story of a 365 day 24-hour round the clock
occupation of the school site. It´s a story of a group that ran an
alternative school, launched an effective political campaign that
demonstrated that resistance to the Kennett government was possible.
It´s a story about picketers, who resisted baton charges, pressure point
tactics and who went on to win their cases in the courts. ´Behind The
Lines´ is essentially a story of the human spirit. The matrix of an
important community struggle are aired and discussed in this
important book. The tragedy about the resistance surrounding the
closure of RSC is not that they only won 70% of their demands, the
tragedy is that the rest of Victoria stood on the sidelines, watching the
spectacle unfold, not understanding that they too could have saved
their schools and institutions from the Kennett government onslaught
if they had used the same tactics that were used in the fight to save

The strength of this book does not just lie in the story that unfolds
before the reader, its strength lies in the example that is outlined, an
example that other communities should consider following when faced
with the spectre of governments that refuse to listen and who are
willing to use the disciplinary arm of the State to impose their

The Australian Council for the Defence of Government Schools
(DOGS) has given the Anarchist Media Institute 5 copies of ´Behind
The Lines´. Send us $10.00 worth of 50c stamps to cover packaging
and postage costs of the book and we will send out a copy to the first 5
readers who send in their $10.00 worth of stamps.

- ´A wonderful son´,
- ´What will I do without you´,
- ´I´ll miss you´.
Opening scenes to a new soap opera or something closer to the bone?
Could be either one. Context, context, context!! A busy intersection,
40,000 cars a day, traffic lights, red light cameras, icons to urban
living. Gazebo heaven, car wash, petrol station cum petite shopping
complex, pharmacy and a row of shops bear silent witness, 24-hours a
day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year.

Nothing changes; stop, start, stop, start, green, amber, red, one
millisecond later ´wonderful son´, past tense. Dried flowers, cheap
wrapping paper, cello tape, hand written messages and tears running
the lines together. Haphazardly wrapped with brown 1-inch packaging
tape around the base of the traffic lights, a monument to a young life
suddenly dashed on the bitumen. The cause? Irrelevant, the outcome
personally devastating. A life thrown in a common pool, the ripples
eventually reach us, each of us touched in different ways as his death
gently intersects our universe. In a week or 2 or 3, the flowers will
disappear, council workers prodded by the need to keep death off the
streets, will tear down the monument, the hand written letters will
disappear from public view. The shared pain, like the flowers, will wilt.
Two or 3 weeks later, turning right, I´ll have forgotten the wilting
flowers and tear stained letters, my life crowding out his life and death.
Some will carry the memory and pain within them 10, 20, 50 maybe 60
years. Their intimacy, the young man´s road to temporary immortality,
they´ll never forget him. When they die, he dies. In the interim, he
lives in their hearts and temporarily touches our hearts. ´Dear James,.
COMPASSION? ´JUSTICE-Authority exercised in the maintenance
of right.´

The Sunday Age´s editorial (27/2) about the lack of compassion in
community and government circles in relation to the Cornelia Rua, Cul
Yu Hu and Nak Assavatheptavee, misses the point. The problem is not
one of sympathy and compassion for those less fortunate than us, it´s a
question about justice ­ ´Authority exercised in the maintenance of

The positive community attitude in relation to the plight of the
Vietnamese boat people 30 years ago, in comparison to the fear,
loathing and hatred that greeted the Tampa refugees, is first and
foremost a political question. Thirty years ago, the government
welcomed the refugees because it was politically expedient to do so.
Through their words and actions, they created a positive climate in the
Australian community for refugees fleeing communist tyranny. Thirty
years later, it was politically expedient to demonise refugees, the
Howard government successfully tapped into a rich vein of community
prejudice and fear to maintain its hold on political power.

The Whitlam and Fraser governments took a leadership role in relation
to refugees. They moulded public opinion through policies that
attempted to integrate refugees into the Australian community. The
Howard government has manipulated deeply held prejudices in the
community that reinforce community stereotypes about refugees. It´s
no accident that the Howard government has successfully mobilised
the same prejudices to marginalise the unemployed. It´s no accident
they are beginning to use the same tactics against sole parents and
disability support pensioners.

Ultimately, how the exploited in our society are treated by the
community, is directly related to the political process and attitudes
taken by governments to those that are disenfranchised in our
community. They can be integrated into the community or they can be
treated as outsiders. Whether the exploited achieve justice or not, says
more about the shortcomings of government policy, our institutions
and the communities we live in, than it says about the shortcomings of
those who, through no fault of their own, are marginalised in our
society for political gain.
Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers For A Self-Managed Society.


ROJO Y NEGRO No.175, FEB ´05, Publicacion Mensual Anarcho
Syndicalist, C/- Copania 9, Pamplona / Iruna, SPAIN, tel:948224766,
fax:948212399, email.rojoynegro@ctv.es

UMANITA NOVA Vol.85, No.4, 6THFEB ´05, Settimenale
Anarchico, C/-Federazione Anarchico Torinese, C.50 Palermo 46,
Torino, ITALY, tel/fx:011 857850, Mobile:3386594361,

OPERAI CONTRO Vol 24 No114 Jan 05, Giornale per la Critica, La
Lotta, Via Folck, 44-20099, Seato S. Giovanni (MI), ITALY
www.asloperaicontro.org THE THOUGHT No143 NOV/DEC 05,
Philosophers Guild, P.O. Box 10760, Glendale AZ 85318-0760 US.
guildmaster@worldnet.att.net http://hom.att.net/~guildmaster/web

WORKERS NEWS Vol.37, DEC 04, GEFONT, PO Box 10,652,
Manmahan Labour Builing, Putali adak, Gefont Plaza, Kathmandu,
NEPAL Tel:97714248072, fax:97714248073 dfa@gefont.org

DEBT ELIMINATION APPEAL - Our debt stands at $715.24

OUR DEBT STANDS AT $715.24. Producing a weekly publication is
an expensive undertaking. In order to keep the debt at a reasonable
level & to publish weekly, we require readers especially internet
readers to subscribe to the AAWR. Currently snail mail subscribers are
cross subsidising internet readers. If you´ve got a little bit of extra cash,
think about joining the ´Dollar A Day´ club. When you write to us pop
in some 50cent stamps (every little bit helps). Subscription rates for the
AAWR are $1 per issue, $10 = 10 issues, $50 = 50 issues. We rely on
our subscribers to keep a record of when their subscription runs out &
resubscribe. Make out money orders and cheques to LIBERTARIAN
sending $20 or less, save on cheques & money orders & send us
50cent stamps.


The govt intends to deport a 104-yo woman who´s lived with her
adopted daughter & grandchildren in Melbourne for 10 years & who´s
outlived her relatives overseas. Cui Yu Hu has been a widow since
1973, no longer has a home in China & has outlived friends & family
there. She´s been refused an aged-parent visa by the Immigration Dept
& will be deported unless she successfully appeals. (Source: The Age)

The govt has announced it will send another 450 soldiers to Iraq. The
announcement broke an election promise not to substantially increase
troop numbers. PM John Howard conceded the $300 million decision
to send the troops to protect Japanese engineers & train local security
forces for as long as a year would be unpopular & could put Aust lives
in danger. Mr Howard said "...I´ve previously said I didn´t contemplate
a major increase & that was a fair statement of the govt's state of mind
at the time I made that...but in these situations a govt must have a
capacity, if circumstances alter & it´s judged to be not only in our own
interest but also in the broader interests of democracy & the Middle
East that we make those changes." (Source: The Age)

Funding cuts to disabled Victorian school kids could be life
threatening, experts have claimed. More than 2300 disabled students
now receive about $6000 less on average for vital school help &
therapy, with some of the most severely disabled kids losing more than
$12,000. The total shortfall is estimated at $14 million. Principals Ass
of Specialist Schools Pres David Giddings said a drop in funding could
potentially put kids in life-threatening situations. In some cases the
students have life-threatening disabilities & need round-the-clock care
to ensure they survive in the classroom. Some kids have been sent
home from school b/c funding shortages mean there´s no one to look
after them. (Source: Herald Sun)

A senior psychiatrist who examined ex Aust Guantanamo Bay
detainee Mamdouh Habib, says his physical & mental state both
suggest that he was tortured. Sydney Uni Prof of Psychiatry
Christopher Tennant said Mr Habib "has evidence of having been
exposed to very significant & unpleasant events, probably torture."
Prof Tennant also asked a doctor to examine Mr Habib. The doctor
found traces of cig burns & bruising. The Aust govt has rejected Mr
Habib's claims he was tortured by the US military. (Source: The Age)
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "A market economy...requires that a certain
number of people who want to work be unable to find jobs so that their
example will discipline the wage demands of those who are already
employed." Paul Krugman
ATNTF weekly anarchist news report www.apolitical.info

The Melbourne media for virtually ignoring the 150th anniversary of
the acquittal of John Joseph, the 1st of the 13 miners tried for High
Treason for their participation in the Eureka rebellion. The 22nd
February is the pivotal moment in Eureka story. On that day the
Victorian govt acquiesced to the miners demands, realising they´d lost
the support of the Vic people. I assume Kylie Minogue´s bum was a
more important story on the day.

Interested in the Anarchist Age Weekly Review? Want to get hold of
your own copy, then download it from
http://anarchistmedia.org/weekly.html. Email it your friends, it´s the
cheapest and best birthday present you´ll ever buy them. Go on, be a
devil, spoil the day of all those people you know who wield power in
society and email them the Anarchist Age Weekly Review.


We need your help to stop the privatisation of public space. If we allow
them to get away with this, who knows what other rights they will
attempt to take away from us.


Week TEN-48 members 502 TO GO!!

(The flood of completed application forms has grounded to a HALT)

Fill in that Application Form we recently sent to you and send it ASAP
to P.O. BOX 5035, ALPHINGTON 3078 If you haven´t an
Application Form, download it from Web: www.rulebythepeople.org or
write to us at P.O. BOX 5035, ALPHINGTON 3078 for a Application

Photocopy the spare copy you´ve received with your membership card
and distribute to your friends, workmates or set up a stall in the places
you live and work in. Whether Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary
Rule becomes a reality ultimately rests in your hands. Web:
www.rulebythepeople.org Email: supporters@rulebythepeople.org Tel:
0439 395 489 BUILD an alternative to the fossilised parliamentary
system. Stop giving a signed blank cheque to politicians to make
decisions on you behalf.

Written & Authorised by Dr. Joseph TOSCANO Suite 4 / 2187
Princess Highway, Clayton 3168, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

From the Anarchist Media Institute P.O. BOX 20, PARKVILLE,

Two pamphlets written by Dr. Joe Toscano to mark the 150th
anniversary of the Eureka rebellion.



Know someone who was born or lives in Australia who you believe
should be honoured for their efforts to create a better and fairer world.
Then nominate them for the EUREKA AUSTRALIA DAY MEDAL
site where the Eureka Oath was taken 151 years ago)


Or Email your nomination to: anarchistage@yahoo.com

Tell us why you´ve nominated that person and send us your contact
details so we can contact you in case we need further information
about your chioices.
($1,500 NEEDED)

Graeme Dunstan, the lantern maker for the Eureka Dawn Walk, has
designed a number of Eureka flags and banners we can use to
celebrate forthcoming anniversaries of the Eureka rebellion at Ballarat
on 3rd December. The designs can be accessed from our website <>
These flags and banners will form an important part of the march from
the Eureka stockade site to Bakery Hill to the cemetery and back to the
Eureka stockade site.

We have launched an appeal to raise the $1500 needed to make these
flags and banners. Send cheques and money orders made out to:

AUSTRALIA with a note saying you want the money to go towards
the Eureka flags and banners The flags & banners will give the ´long
march´ the visual component it currently lacks.

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Stations, Bus Stops, Libraries and Restaurants Etc.

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