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(en) Class War Issue 87 Winter 2004-5 - Letters Page part III. (3/3)

From Harry Roberts <classwaruk@hotmail.com>
Date Wed, 2 Mar 2005 08:45:55 +0100 (CET)

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Dear Comrades,
I'm not quite sure what's brought it on, but I've just been pointed to the
'Are You Subsidising Tony Blair?' gage of your website three times in the
last few days. And on each occasion I've had to point out how the page is
WRONG in some crucial points.
Firstly, in at least one of the occasions I was pointed to the site because
of Browns new attacks on the civil service. Now it's obviously not your
fault that the person who did so didn't realise that the main civil service
union, the PCS isn't affiliated to the Labour Party, but I do think it would
be worth putting the list of affiliates on there- it is’' that big, and is
getting thankfully shorter too.
My main problem though, is that the whole thrust of the page
misses an absolutely essential point - that only a small portion of many
unions Political Fund is actually used to subsidise Labour. In my union
(TGWU) we donate £750,000pa, but the fund itself is worth well
over£10million a year.
This money goes to supporting other political campaigns - some of which we
may not agree with, but that's not the point is it, as we have some control
over hose funds. And some of the money goes towards campaigns we do
wholeheartedly support (IWCA? Okay, wholeheartedly maybe going to far
there, but I hope you take my point). Also the fund is used for supporting
strikes in different unions, something I don't think any of us could have a
problem with, and in leading campaigns against government attacks, and for
better pensions etc..
There is a problem with our money going to Labour, of course, but I think
that is best tackled head on, with calls for disaffiliation.
If we destroy the political fund, the unions will simply be self-interested
bodies, unable to take up issues beyond the immediate material interests of
our members.
Unison, incidentally, is slightly different, in that there you do make a
donation directly to Labour (via the 'second political fund') and members
can opt out of that. Though even then there is a problem with such a
strategy, as it is solely in the hands of the contributors to the fund where
it goes, so opting out leaves it entirely tied to Labour.



CW Reply: The points in this letter are well made, and as we comment
elsewhere in this paper, breaking with the Labour party has not done unions
any harm. One concern we have, which possibly influenced the tone of our
leaflet is that the positive gains of a break from Labour party could be
undermined if it was followed by the 57 varieties of leftism all trying to
claim they are the heirs of Labour, and they should get the money. How
irritating that would be for members.
For the record the 20 unions still affiliated to the Labour party that we
are aware of are: Amicus, Aslef, Bectu, BFAWU, CATU, CWU, GMB, GPMU, GULO,
Readers in these unions need to be asking why they are subsidising one of
the most right-wing governments the country has ever seen.

A Level Arrogance

In an education system organised purely around exams, in which all schools
are, unsurprisingly, getting better at exam results, private schools are now
beginning to wish there was something to distinguish their students' grades
from everyone else's. April 26th's Evening Standard reports that private
sector schools and colleges are pushing for a greater distinction to be made
between A grades, as too many people are achieving them these days. They
would like to see the grade A* introduced for AS and A2 levels, as it was
for GCSEs. The introduction of A* would, by definition, make hard-earned A
grades worth less by comparison, and would push the merit of every other
grade down one notch, too.
What angers me is that those in private schools have the cheek to complain
and want 'ordinary' A grades demoted because those in state education are
doing almost as well as them. If you have the money you can buy your child a
better grade. I don't like it, but you can pay to take yourself out of the
system. Once you have done this, however, what right have you to complain
when the system you have turned your back on is doing well? As the gap
between rich and poor in education appears, slowly, to be closing, instead
of sending their children back to the apparently successful state schools,
those in the private sector want to maintain an elitism within the very top
grade- an example of snobbery and arrogance surely worthy of an A*.

Hinda Ozard, via e mail.

CW Reply: Thanks for your views Hinda. It also seems likely the government
will simply abolish the whole lot, and bring in some system based around the
Baccalaureate in France. Either way, you can bet it’s the head teachers at
the most expensive schools who the education Secretary will listen to.

Normal Service Will Soon Be Resumed

I thought I understood the meaning of the word "service." The act of doing
things for other people. Then I heard the terms:

Social Service
Health Service
Children’s Service
Inland Revenue Service
Postal Service
Civil Service
Cust.omer Ser.vice
City/County/ Town Council Service

I became confused about the word "service." This is not what I thought
"service" meant.
Then one day, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them mentioned
that he was having a bull service a few of his cows.
It all came into perspective! Now I understand what all those "service"
agencies are doing to us.

Mike Newman, via e mail.

CW Reply: Can we add the police service, and Her Majesties Prison Service to
your list?

CW Reply:

A View from Norwich
Recently I attended a benefit gig in Norwich to raise money for both Norwich
Anarchists and Norwich Anti Blood Sports. As always this gig was very well
attended by the local punk scene who had come along to watch TCR (Terminal
City Ricochet), The Flicks, Semtex and others.
Now I know that as anarchists we are supposed to be more accessible to the
working class in general rather than just the great unwashed, but here were
at least a hundred people, most of whom I never see on actions and from what
I can make out have no interest in politics save attending gigs by some of
Norwich s finest, and paying generously towards any benefits there favourite
bands take on.
I asked Widge, lead singer of Semtex who are in my opinion second only to
TCR in the top Norwich bands league, what he thought of politics. To start
with he said he was fed up with hearing about it and was pretty apolitical,
but within minutes of him chatting to me it became apparent that this
amiable working class lorry driver from a village in Norfolk had a hidden
side just bursting to get out.
His anger towards the Countryside Alliance was fearsome. His experience of
them was that they were calling themselves the ‘voice of the countryside’
when they were nothing of the kind and most country people hated them.
“A lot of the workers who are members of the Countryside Alliance are forced
to do what the rich landowners want them to or they are threatened with
eviction from their cottages. These idiots also believe they can hunt where
ever they want. Most of us in the villages are sick of them!”
In terms of TWAT (The war Against Terrorism) he was equally scathing and
believes that the majority of working class people can see through the lies.
“This war is purely about oil and Bush and Blair are war criminals. People
are starving all over the world and having to drink dirty water, it sucks.”
I asked Widge why he thought the people who attended the benefit were not
out with the Anarchists trying to build a better world and he replied that
he accepted there was a lot of apathy, but that bands like TCR were slowly
putting politics back into the music and he would love to do gigs anywhere
in the country for any cause from prison solidarity to hunt sabbing if it
would help build the movement.
I told him that in Australia there was Class War Records and did he think if
we replicated it over here that it would help. His reply was that it would
be a great step forward in re-politicising a section of the working class
who are hidden away without much of a voice and feeling alienated from the
politics around them.
One thing it would seem prudent to do here is that anarchists, in our great
surge forward to attract large sections of our class to anarcho politics,
don’t in our rush leave behind a group of people who in the main share our
views and desires but somehow we are no longer attracting. Yes, the majority
of the working class don’t listen to bands like Semtex or dress like punks,
but they do share the same anger at the stupid fucked up world around us
all, and that we need to all unite together if we want to make a difference.
At the end of the day, I don't care what someone looks like or their taste
in music when I'm cornered by the police in the middle of a riot or trying
to build anarchist politics in my local town. All I need to know is that we
share the same dreams and aspirations, that’s good enough for me.

Zonk (Norwich Class War)

CW Reply: Music matters when it has something to say to people. Its good to
hear that bands like TCR and Semtex are out there – good luck to them!

Mad Letter of the Month
An occasional column in which we reveal some of the more eccentric
contributions received at Class War HQ.

Dear Class War
Please can you send me some literature on your organisation as I’ve been
informed my problems are to do with Class War!
My - late - father was adopted as an experiment by two social reformers (Garden
City Movement and British Sociological Movement) whose works still seem to
cause an offence to the status quo. I would be interested to come to some
meetings and become active . Please let me know of any.

Sarah Sabita Blanford-McGuiness
Camden, London NW1.

PS. I need your help and support as I believe in the conspiracy about late
fathers life being taken by wealthy cousins.

CW Reply: We do not accept membership applications from people with double
barrelled names.


“GRANNY MADE ME AN ANARCHIST: General Franco, the Angry Brigade and Me
(£10.99, Simon & Schuster, 2004)
Few people today remember Stuart Christie’s infamy. In the 1960s and early
1970s Stuart Christie was probably the most notorious anarchist in Britain,
having served time in one of Franco’s prisons for his part in a plot to
assassinate the Spanish dictator and subsequently one of the accused in the
Angry Brigade trial. Granny Made Me An Anarchist is his autobiography,
covering his life from his birth in 1946 to the death of Franco twenty-nine
years later. It’s a fascinating and little-known tale.
But it’s been told before! Twenty-four years ago, The Christie File came
out, covering essentially the same ground as Granny Made Me An Anarchist,
and telling the tale in a slightly different way. The main body of The
Christie File recounted the story of Christie’s years in prison in Spain and
the Angry Brigade trial. It also told of the intense surveillance Christie
was under between returning to Britain and being arrested for the alleged
Angry Brigade conspiracy. And it does so in greater detail than Granny Made
Me An Anarchist. Sadly it’s very difficult to obtain these days and you will
be lucky if you come across a copy at the Bookfair.
This isn’t to say that Granny… is a bad book. Far from it! But it does have
some problems. The first one is that there’s no index. I found myself
flicking back and forth trying to remind myself who some of the people were.
It seems from reading Granny… that whilst not by any means leading a life of
luxury that Christie had a fairly painless time of things, a view
contradicted by The Christie File, but that may be due to the amount of time
which has passed since the events he depicts in this later book. The way the
story’s told in the earlier one is more raw and real, in Granny… it all
seems that time has removed some of the harshness of the experiences he
recalls. It’s like (and probably is) the second draft of his earlier book,
with a smoother and more mature style.
The British anarchist movement in the early 1970s was very different from
what we have today, and in both The Christie File and Granny… Christie
brings the anarchist scene of those days to life successfully. It’s
fascinating to find out about the almost forgotten history of the time and
to rediscover the optimism and struggles of that era, and Christie tells the
story well. Although the book’s a little pricey at £10.99, it’s well worth
it to find out the inside story of the Angry Brigade trial and to read about
Christie’s eventful life.
We hope that Stuart Christie will bring out a follow-up volume to tell the
end of the tale. In fine it is that he moved to the Orkneys and ran an
anarchist printing press there – but we’re sure there’s more to it than

Four skulls.

(£10, PENGUIN, 2004)
This is quite an interesting book: but sadly not for the reasons Galloway
intended. It is as self-serving a piece of political autobiography as it’s
ever been my misfortune to read. If you’ve ever read Socialist Worker, you
will recognise the style – typical socialist wankery. One quote will do to
demonstrate this: “I have often watched a shiver run along parliament’s
green benches, looking for a spine to run up.” It sounds good the first time
you read it, but I’m Not The Only One is filled with things like that, the
sort of thing you’d expect to find in a second-rate Trot article. Frankly,
Galloway’s style sucks.
There is also no index, which is annoying when you are trying to find out
what he thinks on things. The only way to discover that is to read the whole
thing through. And it is an easy read, though more revealing for what it
doesn’t say than what it does. For example, why has Galloway linked up with
the SWP to form RESPECT – the Unity Caolition (RUC)? You won’t find out in
this book. Again, what was Galloway’s relationship with Saddam Hussein? You
will find out a bit about that! But it doesn’t ring too true. Apparently
when Galloway got all indefatigable with Saddam, he was praising the Iraqi
people and not Saddam Hussein. Yeah. Yet it seems that Galloway liked
Saddam’s deputy, Tariq Aziz, so much that he spent a Christmas with him.
Was Aziz that separate from Saddam, that much less responsible for Saddam’s
repression, that keeping company with him at Yuletide indicates Galloway’s
distance from the Baathist regime? Make of it what you will.
One positive thing about the book are the anecdotes Galloway tells about New
Labour ministers. He doesn’t like them! That isn’t a surprise, given his
expulsion from the Labour Party, but it’s still fun to read. Those who
remember Galloway solely from the last couple of years when he’s been in
trouble with the Blair leadership of the Labour Party won’t recall that in
the mid-80s Galloway was quite a high-flier within the Labour Party, until
he got on the wrong side of Robert Maxwell – the owner of the Mirror – and
Neil Kinnock. And you won’t find that out from Galloway’s book, where he
presents himself in the role of the rebel. But he’s not, he’s just a bitter
old man with, reportedly, a taste for nubile young female researchers.
I’m Not The Only One is partly autobiography (the most interesting parts)
and partly a justification of the path he’s taken with the RUC. Although the
parts about the RUC aren’t as interesting, they are very revealing. Galloway
says sometimes he can’t tell if he’s addressing an anti-war meeting or an
RUC meeting. Apart from showing a certain confusion, this also indicates
what we’ve long known – the people involved in the Stop the War Coalition
and the RUC are largely the same, the SWP. The only people there who aren’t
paper sale regulars will be the Muslims whose votes he’s after.
But would we recommend you part with a tenner to read Galloway’s grumbling?
No. It has its moments, and it is informative about the RUC and New Labour.
However, for ten pounds you could get yourself something else you’d read
more profitably than this, the ramblings of a man on the way out.
One skull.

Diary Dates

Its Party Time – 6pm, Trafalgar Square!
On the first Saturday after Margaret Thatcher dies, Class War is calling a
mass party to start at 6pm, in Trafalgar Square, scene of the most famous
riot against her policies!
Whether or not you want to reminisce about the good old days of rioting
against the poll tax, to toast old friends who fought Thatcherism, or just
want to celebrate the death of the most reviled woman in Britain, we hope to
see you there.
Bring your champagne, fireworks, party clothes and yourselves!
Promotional posters and stickers for this event will be available from
London Class War.

London Class War meetings
Are usually held on the first Sunday of the month, in central London. If you
want to be involved, get in touch!

It Is Your Money I’m After Baby!
Unlike the political organisations running the working class into the
ground, Class War has no full time, or even part-time staff. We do not have
wealthy backers writing us cheques for tens of thousands of pounds.
Basically what you see with Class War is what you get – a group of men and
women working together to try to improve their laughs, and having a bit of a
laugh into the bargain.
The more of us work together, the more we can change. The more people stand
on the sidelines, the less we can all do. That is why we want you to get
involved in Class War. If you cannot at this stage, we would be delighted if
you could support us in some other way – taking out a subscription, or
making a donation. This can be done to our PO boxes, or even on-line via
Paypal. Donations of stamps are also particularly welcome


Hot Shot!
Congratulations to US shooter Matthew Emmons, who provided one of the
highlights of the Athens Olympics. With victory in his grasp, Emmons managed
to fire at a rivals target in the men’s 50m rifle finals.
Is the US rifle team trained by their wedding party shooting, amphetamine
guzzling airforce?

Greek Roulette
Congratulations to cadet policeman Christos Cloros, who was part of the huge
Greek security operation during the Athens Olympics. So bored with their
duties were he and his fellow uniforms that they decided a game of Russian
roulette was in order. However, it seems the Greek version requires you to
point your gun, not at your own head but at someone else’s – Cloros managed
to kill a Greek soldier. Whilst Class War would have nominated him for
duties in the Presidential guard, it seems Cloros has instead been arrested.
Some people just can’t recognise talent!

Cleveland Clowns
Middlesborough Adrian Carr is a pretty angry man, and he has every right to
be. Cleveland police have recently written to him offering to return his
season ticket for the Riverside Stadium – even though it expired in May
2004. Adrian was arrested after he fell asleep during Middlesborough’s 4-0
home defeat by Arsenal last season.
He was fined £150 for being drunk in a sporting arena. Even though he won
his appeal and had the conviction overturned, Middlesborough refused to
refund the price of his confiscated season ticket. Now Cleveland’s pigs are
returning him a ticket that he cannot use, for a ground he boycotts anyway.
Is it any wonder so many football fans hate the police?

Giving them the education they deserve
Class War is pleased to reproduce the following press release from the
Manchester Education Committee, on the possible take over of Manchester
United by the American businessman Malcolm Glazer. Manchester United fans
have seen Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch in the past – here’s to Malcolm
Glazer being their hat-trick!

The Manchester Education Committee was extremely disturbed to see the
platform MUTV offered to a Malcolm Glazer stooge on Tuesday night and it was
decided action was necessary to redress this propaganda imbalance. With that
in mind on Thursday 7th October a collection of Manchester United fans and
shareholders undertook an operation on behalf of the Manchester Education
Committee to disrupt a reserve match, screened by MUTV, at Altrincham.
This operation should also serve as a warning to any party interested in
taking over Manchester United: they will not be allowed to succeed unless
they take into account the wishes of Manchester United supporters.
For far too long the wishes of Manchester United fans, and football fans in
general, have been ignored as clubs sacrifice everything at the altar of
commercialism. The Manchester Education Committee would like to stress that
in the event of the wishes of Manchester United supporters being ignored in
any takeover situation, that we intend to initiate a civil war effectively
setting the football club – the supporters – against the company. In such a
situation it is our intention to render the club ungovernable and actively
disrupt all manner of commercial activity associated with Manchester United.
The club’s sponsors and commercial partners should note that the Manchester
Education Committee will view them as legitimate targets.
For now, the Manchester Education Committee would like to encourage United
fans to carry on with the targeting of Brunswick, Glazer’s appointed PR
company, which has been on-going in recent days.


Picture This
Class War’s sports desk received an excellent report from the MK Dons versus
Barnsley game earlier this season:

Some dude in front of us got well pissed off with the Old Bill taking photos
of everybody - including him and his son. He went down and started giving
'em some shit, told 'em his son was under sixteen and he considered it no
different to child porn etc etc. They threatened to nick him if he didn't go
and sit back down. Of course the story goes round all the Reds fans who
start giving the coppers some shit - the pig with the camera looked like Mr
Mackay, the screw from Porridge so he got some specific shit. Until one
genius whips out his phone and starts taking photos of the coppers and
starts encouraging everyone else to do it! All this to the chant of "We've
got a picture, we've got a picture!". The Plod looked a little
Milton Keynes is one of the strangest places I've ever been - it's all
fuckin' roundabouts and the stadium is a shithole with no facilities or

Don’t Bet on Johnson
Horse racing relies on the bets of millions of working class people for its
survival. Odd then that several jockeys have been very vocal in their
support for the Countryside Alliance, with Gold Cup winner Richard Johnson
saying he would be prepared to go to prison to defy a hunt ban.
Off you go Richard is our advice, but don’t think that an industry the size
of horse racing will be waiting for you to get back. It won’t.

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Notes from the Borderland Issue 5 £3.50
The winter 2003-4 issue, articles on the Head of MI5 and her royal
connections, the BBCs True Spies programme, plus an important article on the
BNP. Most significant is startling new evidence about the 1999 London nail
bombings. Essential reading for all anti-fascists.
Issue 6 – We have the next issue as soon as it is published. Planned
articles include a dissection of the latest BBC “investigation” into the
BNP, and a look beyond the hero-worship of the late Paul Foot.

Poll tax Riot – 10 hours that shook Trafalgar Square £1
Back in stock, the classic description of the riot that shook Mrs Thatcher’s
government to its core.


The Rich at Play published by RPM £4
As the government moves towards a ban on fox hunting, this book becomes more
important than ever. If you want to know who is behind the Countryside
Alliance, and want to know who owns this green and pleasant land – buy this

Unfinished Business – The Politics of Class War £4.50
Our most complete political statement to date.

All power to the Imagination by Dave Douglass £5
Class struggle, trades unions and the miners strike – all for a fiver!

Anarchist by Ian Bone £3
The hard hitting debut novel by the “most evil man in Britain”

Turning up the Heat – MI5 after the cold war by Larry O’Hara £5
Yet more superb work by the overweight researcher in a suit.


Insurrection – Incitement to Riot 3 £7
57 minutes of street protest and action from around the world! Taking in
Seattle, Prague, Genoa, Woodstock the second, plus the odd sighting of Homer
Simpson and Harold Bishop. Remember everybody’s got to keep fucking
everybody else until we are all the same colour!

Hardcore Riot Porno Volume 1 £7
Warning – this video may cause offence to Liberals! Featuring the ring of
free trade, footage from the protests against the EU summit in Thessaloniki,
“Carlo Guliani” by Conflict, plus a romantic duet by George W Bush and Tony

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2. "Bash The Rich"
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3. "Class War On The Streets"
More drum and bass, this time with a new commentary on the world we live in,
with a special emphasis on the rich and powerful.

More CDs
Movin Up! by Froglegs
This is ska/rocksteady all the way from St Petersburg. 14 tracks for a
This is an 8 track melodic hardcore CD all the way from Moscow. £5. More
information on the band can be found at www.soundresist.by.ru/hs
Anti-Royal Anthems (£4)
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Tribute To The Australian Bushrangers (£4)
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Also recommended

Autonomous Action
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Czarny Blok
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