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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 649 27th June - 3rd July 2005

Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 12:31:39 +0300

TOLD YOU SO === The recent A.S.I.O. raids in Melbourne and Sydney highlight how Australia´s
security laws make it relatively easy for A.S.I.O., the Federal Police and
the Federal government to manufacture a climate of fear in the community.
The government is able to sell the message it wants heard without having to
worry about the fourth estate asking embarrassing questions about A.S.I.O.´s activities.
What is essentially a fishing expedition is heralded as a blow against
terrorism. The public can be fed the story of imminent terrorist attacks on
symbolic targets without the government having to worry about its story
being contradicted. Anybody who comes under A.S.I.O.´s scrutiny can be
jailed for up to 2 years, if they make any public or for that matter private
comment about A.S.I.O.´s interest in them. The fourth estate cannot
identify any individual who has come to A.S.I.O.´s attention and if they do,
they can be fined and jailed.

For all practical purposes, anybody who finds themselves in A.S.I.O.´s
sights is a virtual non person. They cannot be identified, their case
cannot be discussed, they can´t talk about their case and if anybody who is
the subject of an A.S.I.O. investigation opens their mouth, they can be
jailed. If anybody tries to bring their case to the public´s attention,
they can also be jailed.

The power that A.S.I.O. is able to exercise weren´t in force even when
Australia faced an imminent Japanese invasion during World War Two. The
powers that the Howard government and Her Majesty´s loyal opposition have
given to this country´s security and police forces, gives them carte blanch
to target anybody they deem is a threat to Commonwealth interests. Laws
that have been enacted to deal with the threat of terrorism can also be used
to stifle and oppress anybody who opposes government policy.

These laws allow this country´s security and policing agencies to go about
their business without having to worry about scrutiny from the fourth estate
and the public. Stripping away those few common law rights Australians
enjoy, to protect them against the threat of terror, is a recipe for a much
more dangerous form of tyranny - State terrorism.

When I first saw pictures of Vivian Alvarez the Australian who was deported
to the Philippines soon after she was involved in a road traffic accident in
2001, I was confident she had sustained a spinal cord injury as a result of
her accident. Six months later, I was not surprised to learn that the
´Lateline´ program on the ABC reported that a doctor at Liverpool Hospital
had made a diagnosis of incomplete quadriplegia before her deportation.

I´ve been involved in the treatment of patients with spinal cord injuries
for nearly 30 years and I find it inconceivable that a person, any person
Australian citizen or not, can be deported a few days after such a
catastrophic injury. Ms. Alvarez would´ve been in such severe pain she
would find it difficult to make any rational decisions. She would´ve had
unremitting pain radiating down her arms and legs, the pain would´ve been so
excruciating she would´ve found it difficult to tolerate people touching
her. Her arms and legs would´ve been so weak she would´ve had trouble
standing up and feeding herself.

The fact it was stated that she was deported in a wheelchair and she was not
able to sign her name, support the diagnosis of incomplete quadriplegia.
Ms. Alvarez would also have had major problems passing urine and evacuating
her bowels. It´s highly likely that the lack of treatment for her initial
spinal cord injury has permanently aggravated the level of spinal cord
paralysis she has been left with.

The lack of rehabilitation and appropriate treatment for her condition means
she will be left with problem associated with her incomplete quadriplegia
that very few quadriplegics treated in Australia ever have to deal with.
The confirmation that Ms. Alvarez, an Australian citizen, was deported a few
days after she sustained a spinal cord injury is shocking, inhuman, cruel
and difficult to comprehend. Considering the number of people involved in
her case who were concerned about her condition before she was deported,
raises the most serious questions about this country´s draconian immigration

The Federal government´s refusal to compensate her for her injuries and
provide less than 6 months care when she returns to Australia, will mean she
will eventually be forced to live the rest of her life in a nursing home, if
she decides to return to this country.

HO!! HO!! HO!!
Jason Koutsoukis´ article in the Sunday Age (26/6) that the Prime Minister
backed calls for big business to cough up more cash for the Liberal Party,
highlights how out of touch with reality John Howard is. Whatever we may
personally think of corporate Australia, they are not fools. Why should
they bother donating to the Liberal Party when they know that the ALP
(Alternative Liberal Party) promotes the same corporate friendly policies as
the Liberal Party?

If it wasn´t for the policies that were initiated and promoted by the
corporate friendly Alternative Liberal Party (ALP) during Hawke´s and
Keating´s term in office, the final privatisation of Telstra, Howard´s
proposed industrial relations laws that will strip workers of what little
job security they have and force them to sign up to individual contracts (I
refuse to call them Australian Workplace Agreements, they seem very
´unAustralian´ to me), would not be on Howard´s political agenda.

Corporate Australia knows that whoever gets elected, whether it´s the
Liberal Party or the Alternative Liberal Party (ALP), they will be the
winners. No wonder corporate Australia sees no need to cough up more cash
for the Liberal Party.

In an attempt to brighten up Melbourne´s image before the Commonwealth Games
(yawn), the Victorian State government is toying with the idea of banning
cabbies from discussing religion and politics with their passengers. It´s
true, I didn´t make it up. It seems that the government´s Reform Committee
in league with the Victorian Taxi Directorate are more interested in making
cabbies scapegoats for an industry based on exploitation than tackling
questions about why and how drivers are exploited.

Trying to ban cabbies from discussing religion and politics with their
passengers is just another example of State governments and the Federal
government´s attempts to micromanage people´s lives. This latest attempt by
government to ban discussion between consenting adults is just the tip of a
wider problem.

A cursory examination of the new laws passed in Australia since the
beginning of the 21st century is as salutary reminder that the greatest
threat people face is from governments that are willing to use the State
apparatus to impose their ideological fantasies on the people they rule, not
the so called terrorist threats.

The inquiry into the activities of Dr. Patel (Dr. Death to the fourth
estate) is not a problem that´s limited to Queensland. Over the pat 20
years, Australia has faced a doctor shortage of its own making. The
Undergraduate intake into University based medical schools around the
country have been kept at very low levels because State governments in their
wisdom have made one very bad miscalculation regarding the need for new

´Experts´ have failed to take into account that many female undergraduates
do not want to practise medicine in the same manner as their male
colleagues. What at first sight seem to be reasonable numbers to service
the health care needs of the Australian population, have turned out to be
gross underestimates. The gross underestimates have occurred for one very
simple reason, many females doctors, unlike their male counterparts, are not
willing to put the needs of their families before the needs of their medical
practise. They tend to work fewer hours than their male counterparts.

Faced with a doctor shortage of their own making, they have scoured the
world looking for medical graduates. Standards that have been used in the
past to decide whether a particular individual had the skills they claim to
have are no longer policed. The assertion that the 87 deaths that have been
attributed to Dr. Patel at Bundaberg Hospital, are solely Dr. Patel´s fault,
are blatantly absurd. Somebody employed him in the first place, although
his record was patchy. Faced with the problem of not having a surgeon at
Bundaberg Hospital, the Queensland Health Department didn´t carry out the
necessary checks that are required. Dr. Patel was put in a position of
authority that he should not have been put into.

When you compare this oversight with the Queensland Health Department´s
attack on those hospital workers who first raised the issue, you begin to
realise that the fault for this sad period in Australian health care is as
much the fault of the Queensland State government and the Health Department
as it is of Dr. Patel.

The election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the President of Iran highlights the
revolutionary nature of the Islamic revolution. Muslim fundamentalists have
skilfully used the deep divisions that exist between the rich and poor in
Iranian society and the rest of the Middle East to create a revolutionary
movement that uses the rhetoric of religion to preach equality.

Twenty six years after the revolution that overthrew America´s puppet in the
region, the Shah of Iran, the poor in Iran continue to support the religious
clerics. Iran, like the rest of the world, has experienced a growing gap
between the rich and the poor. Iranians are being subjected to increasing
corporate pressures to privatise State run enterprises and join the
corporate world.

Faced with the choice of voting for two candidates who wanted to maintain
the clerics sway in Iran, only about 54% of eligible voters cast a ballot in
the 2nd round of the Presidential election. Those that cast a ballot were
mainly poor Iranians, who faced with the prospect of voting for a candidate
that wanted to integrate the Iranian economy into the capitalist fold and
another candidate who promised to eliminate the growing gap between the rich
and the poor, chose to support the former Mayor of Tehran Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad, the first non cleric President elected in Iran since the Shah
was toppled in 1979.

Ahmadinejad´s electoral victory was to a large degree influenced by what is
happening in Shia dominated Southern Iraq. Faced with the economic
consequences of the US privatisation agenda in Iraq, many Shias now believe
that privatisation of the economy will drive them further into poverty.
Faced with the choice of voting for a candidate who was promoting
privatisation and further liberalisation of society and another candidate
who promised to halt the liberalisation process and decrease the growing gap
between rich and poor, the poor opted to vote for economic security over
illusory personal freedoms they know they would not be able to enjoy in a
free market economy.

A. I´m afraid not, anarchism doesn´t hold the answer to your personal
problems, let alone the world´s problem. Anarchism isn´t a religion, a
philosophy or a way of life, anarchism gives the individual the power to
tackle both personal and non personal problems collectively. Sounds fine in
theory, but what does this gobblegook mean practically.
In an anarchist society - a society without rulers, everybody has the right
to become involved in the discussion and decisions about how problems are
tackled. Instead of relying on one person or a select few to make major
decisions, the collective wisdom of those people participating in a
particular decision is used to arrive at that decision. The individual in
an anarchist society is supported by that community not because of who they
are or what they do, but because they are a member of that community. Many
problems people face in both communist and capitalist societies are related
to their inability to satisfy their most basic human needs. Most of us
spend most of our working lives wondering what will happen to us and will
the bills continue to be paid if something happens to us.
In an anarchist society, as long as that society continues to prosper, the
individual is protected from the anxiety of wondering where their next meal
will be coming from. Although an anarchist society won´t directly solve
your personal problems or eliminate the world´s problems, it gives the
maximum number of people the opportunity to be involved in a search for a
solution to the problems that we face as individuals and as members of a
community. Anarchism provides the necessary infrastructure that gives both
the individual and the community as a whole, the best opportunity to tackle
the problems they face.
Although anarchism provides no ready answer, it allows people to use the
personal freedom they enjoy and the collective wisdom they can tap into, to
tackle problems that they would find difficult to address, let alone tackle
if they lived in a capitalist or communist world.

The greatest impediment to radical egalitarian change in Australia and other
societies that hold parliamentary elections is the idea that parliamentary
rule has something to do with democracy. Parliamentary elections have a
cathartic effect on the national psyche, giving the process a legitimacy
they don´t deserve.
Anybody who is serious about radical egalitarian change needs to tackle this
central dilemma. In France in 1968, the revolutionary events that shook
France, ground to a halt when De Gaulle convinced a population that was on
the verge of creating a society based on egalitarian principles that all
they needed to do to resolve the crisis they found themselves in, was to
hold fresh parliamentary elections. ´Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary
Rule´ was formed to act as a catalyst for the idea of direct democracy
during the electoral process; while people continue to believe that
parliamentary rule has something to do with democracy, nothing will change.
Our aim is not to win power but to raise direct democracy as a logical
legitimate alternative to the parliamentary farce. In order to put this
strategy into place, we need to have ´Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary
Rule´ registered as a political party. In Australia like many other
countries that use the parliamentary process, laws have been passed that
restrict campaigning to registered political parties. In order to have the
ability to have the words ´Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule´ placed
next to candidates names on the ballot paper and in order to have the power
to put in bulk nominations without the problem of finding 50 people in each
electorate in a 10 day period to nominate a particular candidate, we require
a minimum of 500 members to register the party.
27 weeks after the party was launched at Ballarat at Eureka Park, the site
the Eureka uprising took place on, the 150th anniversary of the Eureka
rebellion, we have 82 members. Many people, who claim to want radical
egalitarian change, seem to be reluctant to join. The current membership
mainly consists of ordinary people who are disillusioned with the
parliamentary farce.
In order to overcome the current inertia, we encourage you to join ´Direct
Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule´ and once you´ve joined, form an autonomous
local branch of the group. The more local branches that are formed, the
sooner we´ll reach the required membership to register the party and act as
a burr under the parliamentary saddle.
If you want to learn more, download an application form from
rulebythepeople.org or write to P.O. Box 5035, Alphington 3078 for an
application form. It´s over to you; the ball is in your court.

JAMES ASHBURNER (1827 - 1922)
If you can call anybody a hero, the pikemen were the heroes of Eureka.
About 30 of the 120 miners, who were left in the stockade when an
overwhelming force of soldiers and police overrun the site at dawn on Sunday
3rd December 1854, were armed with crude rudimentary pikes that had been
made at the stockade site by the blacksmith the previous day. After the
first volley of shots had been fired, the pikemen moved forwards to meet the
mounted soldiers head on. The few minutes that they gained allowed many of
the miners in the stockade to make a run for it. Many of the pikemen were
cut down by gunfire and the soldier´s sabres.
James Ashburner was one of the few pikemen who survived the charge. When
Ashburner saw Peter Lalor fall, he helped to drag him outside the stockade
and hid him in a hole. The time it took him to hide Lalor, cut off any
chance he had of escaping. He was arrested soon after and spent the night
in the overcrowded prison at the government fort chained to Timothy Hayes,
one of the leaders of the Eureka rebellion. He was kept in prison in
Ballarat for 6 days and was released without charge. When he was discharged
from prison, he walked out in only his shirt as the police had stolen the
prisoner´s clothes and boots and anything else they owned.
James Ashburner was born in Liverpool in 1827; he arrived in Melbourne in
September 1852 and moved to Ballarat when the first gold was found. James
married Jessie Kewley in 1860; they had 3 daughters Elizabeth, Ann and Mary
Ellen. Not able to find any gold, he started a newsagent business with his
brothers at Buninyony. His wife died on the 3rd July 1874 aged 44. He
married Emily Davies in 1877 and had 2 sons James Davies and Joseph Baines.
His son Joseph Baines was killed in action in the Boer War in South Africa
in 1901, a few days short of is 21st birthday.
In 1904, James attended the 50th anniversary celebrations at Ballarat. He
was one of the few surviving pikemen who attended the celebrations. He
continued to live in Armadale, Melbourne until he died at the grand old age
of 95 at home at 11 Auburn Grove Armadale on the 22nd November 1922. He is
buried in St. Kilda cemetery in Melbourne surrounded by police, soldiers,
bureaucrats and politicians who were in one way or another involved in the
Eureka uprising. Ironically, he is the only stockader buried in the St.
Kilda cemetery.
The Eureka Encyclopaedia - J Corfield, D Wickham &
C Gervasani, Ballarat Heritage Services 2004, ISBN 1876478616
P.O. Box 2209, Ballarat 3354, Victoria AUSTRALIA

info@ballaratheritage.com.au Fax:03 5331 6150

´MINDFULNESS - In Plain English´
By Venerable Henepola GUNARATANA, Wisdom Publications Boston 1992, ISBN
0861710649 (pbk)
When people know you review books, they´re keen to have their favourite
tracts reviewed. I´ve never understood why the opinion of a reviewer is
held in such high regard. You either like a book or you don´t, you don´t
need somebody else to tell you wether you should like it.
´Mindfulness´ is another of those ´how to books´, not how to build a model
steam engine or make a fortune on the stockmarket or learn how to get on
with your neighbour, it´s in the author´s words ´a meditation manual, a
nuts-and-bolts, step-by-step guide to Insight meditation´. If meditation
isn´t your poison, I suggest you stop reading. To be brutally honest, it´s
not my cup of tea, but as somebody put a copy in my hand and said ´I´d be
interested in what you think of this´, I better get on with it.
I don´t know much about Buddhism, let alone Vipassana meditation practice.
I understand that Vipassana can be translated as ´insight´ - ´a clear
awareness of exactly what is happening as it happens´. Most meditation
emphasises the Samatha component - you concentrate on a particular object or
thought and hey presto, you reach nirvana. A little bit like rapture
without drugs. Vipassana meditation is about developing insight. Not the
type of insight you or I talk about, but a metaphysical insight. ´It takes
years but one day the meditator chisels through the wall and tumbles into
the presence of light´. I assume it´s a little bit like the biblical
conversion on the road to Damascus. It seems that Gunaratana is a step
ahead of me.
The 1st Chapter in this manual is titled ´Meditation: Why Bother?´ It gets
better, the author skips over to attitude with a capital ´A´ and runs
through 15 chapters that helps you and me stumble into the light. If you´re
interested, the manual is a simple workman like approach to the task at
hand, nothing more nothing less. Does it work? Well I´m afraid like most
´how to books´, you´re going to have to do the work. Is it worth it?
Looking at Chapter 16 ´What´s In It For You?´ - ´You vividly experience the
impermanence of life, the suffering nature of human existence and the truth
of no self´. It gets better, ´The entity of self evaporates. All that is
left is an infinity of interrelated non-personal phenomena´. Pardon my
breathing; I´m afraid ´Mindfulness´ is not for me. Life is for living!!
Life is an emotional cavalcade, it needs to be grabbled, experienced,
prodded, not neutralised by meditation, drugs, consumerism or TV. Why
negate ourselves and our essence, death our constant companion will do it
for us sooner or later.
Interested? This is a manual that does what it sets out to do; you have to
decide whether you want to go down this path. This book is better than most
if you want to follow the path ret out for you in ´Mindfulness´. Try your
local Buddhist temple they may have a copy. Otherwise contact the
publishers at Wisdom Publications, 199 Elm Street, Somerville, Massachusetts
02144, US.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 elderly people sitting and standing before a 19th century
brick church mid Sunday morning. A sight repeated across the length and
breadth of this continent. One man must have been nearly 90, skin dried by
the rays of the sun, he sat on as mobile walker, his eyes his only human
feature. 3 elderly women immaculately dressed, fussed around the urn,
washing dishes and cups in makeshift sinks. Another woman as old and frail
as her man soaked up the sun. One man still over 6 feet tall, hunched his
shoulders and turned his back to the street.
It must have been cold in the church that morning; the Stations of the Cross
replete with Christ´s odyssey would have been cold comfort for the
parishioners who had risen at an ungodly hour. Ever wondered why morning is
described as an ungodly hour? If it is an ungodly hour, you´d think that
God wouldn´t be concerned if people went to afternoon mass. Unfortunately,
Mammon takes precedence, when you work for 6 days and share your only day
off, the Sabbath, with God, you´d like to get God´s time over and done with
so you can get on with the pleasures of the flesh. Not that this is a
problem today, most people worship Mammon 24 hours a day in their dreams as
well as their waking moments, finding time to pay homage to God doesn´t
enter their minds.
I felt I was looking at one of those 19th century paintings of middle
America, devout folk devoid of any life, staring straight ahead, their
thoughts their own, straight jacketed into rigid pattens that are set out in
the Lord´s book. Seeing everything, knowing nothing, they go through life
waiting for the inevitable. Maybe I´m doing them an injustice, I´m sure our
friends who were standing and sitting in God´s waiting room have done more
than their fair share of living, who knows what they´re done. I don´t, you
don´t. I always wondered why the devout are so frightened of dying; you´d
think the non believer, not the devout, would go kicking and screaming. It
seems they´re concerned about Judgement Day, the Day when God says yea or
nay, eternal salvation or eternal damnation; at least if you fail VCE, you
have the opportunity to repeat it next year. With God, there is no second
chance, no wonder those who serve God are petrified of death.

I´m sure everybody had a good time at the Live8 concert. I´m sure that the
crumbs that have been swept off the G8 table will feed a few people for a
few months. While the idea behind Live8, the abolition of poverty, is an
idea that many people support and more importantly want to do something
about, appealing to the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and
their political masters at the G8 Conference to stop creating the condition
that enrich them and plunge hundreds of millions into poverty, isn´t the
best way of achieving the desired result.
Capitalism thrives on poverty, if it didn´t, why hasn´t poverty been
eliminated in the world´s richest countries. In Australia, one of the
world´s richest societies, millions continue to live below the poverty line
in the midst of unimagined wealth. Capitalism creates poverty, getting the
G8 to cancel debt to the world´s poorest countries if they enter into
structural adjustment programs that integrate their economies into the
corporate sector, is a recipe for more poverty and inequality. This problem
is highlighted in Bolivia, one of the poorest countries in the world.
Over the past decade, the people of Bolivia have been involved in an ongoing
struggle to nationalise their extensive gas supplies. Although a referendum
has been held that supported the idea of nationalisation, government after
elected government has refused to nationalise the assets of some of the
world´s largest corporations. Instead, the government of Bolivia has been
offered debt relief if they don´t nationalise their gas supplies. The Third
World, the so called developing world, is saddled with corrupt governments
and poverty because the G8 needs their resources to keep the corporate dream
alive. In the early 80´s, the Australian PM Bob Hawke, claimed that ´no
child would be living in poverty by 1988´, 17 years later in the world, more
children live in poverty in Australia than they did in 1988.
The solution to world poverty isn´t more concerts or debt relief programs,
but campaigns that encourage people to seize back their assets and use them
for the common good, not the good of their economic, political or cultural
masters. Those societies that have access to more resources than their
neighbours, can help neighbouring communities through ´free´ trade
arrangements - sharing their surpluses with neighbouring communities, not
plundering their meagre resources and using them to enrich themselves

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

FREEDOM, Vol.66 No.10 28TH MAY 2005, Anarchist News View 84b Whitechapel
High St, LONDON E1 7Q, ENGLAND, TEL/FAX 020 7247 9249,
LE LIBERTAIRE No.257 JUNE 05, Revue de Synthese Anarchiste, BP 745, 76060 Le
Havre Cedex, FRANCE.
www.le-libertaire.org Email;libertaire@normandnet.fr
UMANITA NOVA Vol.85, No.20, 5TH JUNE ´05, Settimenale Anarchico,
C/-Federazione Anarchico Torinese, C.50 Palermo 46, Torino, ITALY,
tel/fx:011 857850, Mobile:3386594361, email:fat@increte.it
Sante Fe, NM 87504-1911, UNITED STATES

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undertaking. In order to keep the debt at a reasonable level & to publish
weekly, we require readers especially internet readers to subscribe to the
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readers. If you´ve got a little bit of extra cash, think about joining the
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Discuss All the News That Fits online - www.apolitical.info/phpBB2
A plan for larger health warnings on cigarette packets was dumped by the Fed
govt after opposition from the tobacco industry despite the govt's own
research showing they´d be effective, according to recently unearthed
documents. Trish Worth, jnr health minister at the time, initially supported
the Health Dept's plan but downgraded it after correspondence with the
country's 3 tobacco companies in late ´03. More than 100 different
documents dating back to ´00, obtained under Freedom of Info, show the dept
made "painstaking & thorough" plans for new, larger & more graphic warning
stickers on 50% of the front & back of cig packets. Treasury predicted the
larger warnings would result in fewer people smoking, with the Govt
eventually losing $500 million a year in cig taxes but saving $2 billion in
health costs. However tobacco companies were concerned about a lack of room
on the packets to clearly show their trademarks. Ms Worth supported a
downgraded plan, telephoning the managing director of Philip Morris (Aust)
Ltd, outlining proposed smaller warnings. "I´ve had discussions with
industry in relation to this issue, & a revised option, setting the health
warning area at 30% of the front & 90% of the back of the pack, has been
developed," she said in a memo to Health Min. Tony Abbott in Jan last year.
Cabinet later approved these smaller warnings & delayed their introduction
until early next year, prompting accusations from the anti-smoking lobby of
capitulating to the tobacco industry. Smoking is the largest preventable
cause of premature death & disease in Aust. (news.com.au)
Acc to members of his own party, the new leader of the NSW Young Liberals is
'dangerous' & similar to the Hitler Youth. Last week conservative Christian
members gained a majority on the NSW Liberal Party's executive, amid
allegations of branch stacking. An anonymous member of the NSW Young
Liberals described the new Fed Pres, Alexander Hawke, as "a dangerous young
man who´s in a powerful position". Another Liberal source described him as
"the modern form of the Nazi Hitler Youth". Recent Young Liberal policy
documents have referred to the "health risks of homosexual intercourse" &
"Child Protection issues" relating to homosexual but not heterosexual sex.
The document also described "inhaled nitate burns" as a risk associated with
homosexual intercourse. (MCV newspaper)
"Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam,
thru military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism & WMD. But
the intelligence & facts were being fixed around the policy... "It seemed
clear Bush had made up his mind to take military action, even if the timing
wasn´t yet decided. But the case was thin. Saddam wasn´t threatening his
neighbours & his WMD capability was less than that of Libya, Nth Korea or
Iran. We should work up a plan for an ultimatum to Saddam to allow back in
the UN weapons inspectors. This would also help with the legal justification
for the use of force... A memo of a meeting b/w UK PM Tony Blair & other snr
UK govt officials, some 8 months b4 the invasion of Iraq, which seems to
show the US had decided to invade & wasn´t seriously pursuing diplomatic
options as they claimed. An anonymous snr US official has described the memo
as "an absolutely accurate description of what transpired" & neither the US
nor UK govts have denied its authenticity. (for the full text, see www.downingstreetmemo.com)
"We got around to the subject of war again & I said that, contrary to his
attitude, I didn´t think the common people are very thankful for leaders who
bring them war & destruction. "'Why, of course, the people don't want
Goering shrugged. 'Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life
in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm
in 1 piece. Naturally, the common people don't want war; neither in Russia
nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is
understood. But, after all, it´s the leaders of the country who determine
the policy & it´s always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether
it´s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, a Parl´t or a Communist
dictatorship. "'There´s 1 difference,' I pointed out. 'In a democracy the
people have some say in the matter thru their elected reps, & in the US only
Congress can declare wars.'" "'Oh, that´s all well & good, but, voice
or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.
That´s easy. All you have to do is tell them they´re being attacked &
denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism & exposing the country to
danger. It works the same way in any country.'" Gustav Gilbert, in
conversation with Hermann Goering.
ATNTF weekly anarchist news report www.apolitical.info

Awarded to the ALP - Alternative Liberal Party, formerly known as the
Australian Labor Party, for their pathetic parliamentary shadow boxing.


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11.30 am - WEDNESDAY 6TH JULY 2005
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contact us for further information. anarchistmedia.org
P.O. Box 5035, Alphington 3078 Victoria. Tel: 03 8508 9856

´NO WAR$ / NO Forbes / NO CEO´s´
Forbes Conference CEO´s - Assemble at Sydney´s Opera House on the evening
of 29th August 2005.
The Forbes CEO Conference will have high profile neo-con war profiteers and
their political courtiers attending the conference in Sydney on 30th August
Log in to find out what on the day. A colour flyer regarding the
mobilisation is downloadable from
www.30a.org/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=68&Itemid=40 -

Join us
4am Saturday 3rd December 2005 at
The site the battle took place
Eureka park (Stawell and Eureka Street Ballarat)
4am Dawn ceremony
7-10am Communal breakfast (bring your own food and drinks)
10am March to Bakery Hill to retake the Eureka oath.
10.30am Presentation of Eureka Australia Day Medal at Bakery Hill
11.30am March to Ballarat cemetery to pay our respects to the workers at
either end of a bayonet who died during the eureka rebellion
12.30pm March back to Eureka Park through the centre of Ballarat. Late lunch
& conversational for those participating who are still able to stand up (BYO
food & drinks).

Week TWENTY SEVEN - 82 members - 468 TO GO!!
Fill in that Application Form we recently sent to you and send it ASAP to
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distribute to your friends, workmates or set up a stall in the places you
live and work in. Whether Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule becomes a
reality ultimately rests in your hands.
www.rulebythepeople.org Email:supporters@rulebythepeople.org
BUILD an alternative to the fossilised parliamentary system. Stop giving a
signed blank cheque to politicians to make decisions on you behalf.
Written & Authorised by Dr. Joseph TOSCANO
Suite 4 / 2187 Princess Highway, Clayton 3168, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
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Know someone who was born or lives in Australia who you believe should be
honoured for their efforts to create a better and fairer world. Then
nominate them for the
(The site where the Eureka Oath was taken 151 years ago)
Or Email your nomination to: anarchistage@yahoo.com
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designs can be accessed from our website <<anarchistmedia.org>>
These flags and banners will form an important part of the march from the
Eureka stockade site to Bakery Hill to the cemetery and back to the Eureka
stockade site. We have launched an appeal to raise the $1500 needed to make
these flags and banners. Send cheques and money orders made out to:
saying you want the money to go towards the Eureka flags and banners The
flags & banners will give the ´long march´ the visual component it currently
lacks. Want to have a look at what you´re sending in your money to make to
be used at the 151st anniversary of the Eureka rebellion then log onto

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