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(en) London Calling May 2005 THE BULLETIN OF THE LONDON CLASS WAR anarchists

Date Sun, 19 Jun 2005 18:33:39 +0300

AT LAST THE votes are counted and we can get on with normal life again,
without the fear of being confronted by politicians, their lackeys and
lickspittles, again ­ at least until next year (if you live in London). There
can rarely have been such a dire campaign as the one we've just endured.
There were some sparks of interest, though. Apart from the unfortunate
victory for the foul Respect ­ the Unity Coalition (RUC) in Bethnal Green
and Bow, some other seats merited attention. Keighley, where BNP leader
Nick Griffin was standing, is one such constituency, and another was
Barking, where the incumbent MP, Margaret Hodge, former leader
ofIslington Council and no friend to children, faced challenges from the
BNP and Demetrious Panton, who was abused in an Islington children's
home when Hodge ruled that borough. Elsewhere, Robert Kilroy-Silk,
failed tv personality, contested Erewash, where his new patry Veritas
proved a wash-out. In sum, the main parties came broadly where you'd
expect, but what surprised, and amused, us was the pitiful support
received by some of the minor parties who seemed to think that this
would be their year.
The RUC did gain Bethnal Green and Bow ­ but by a wafer-thin majority
which should see them rebuffed at the next election. The RUC claim to be
a socialist party ­ but they're clearly not! There is only one mention of
`socialist' in their manifesto ­ and that's when the Scottish Socialist
Party's referred to! And socialism doesn't even get a look-in. Reports
reach us that had Oona King said but once she had opposed the war, then
she'd have been returned as Bethnal Green's MP: hardly a resounding
vote of confidence in the carpetbagging dictators' lickspittle Galloway.
The BNP, who had had high hopes of success this year, failed to increase
their vote significantly. They got nearly 200,000, up just 0.55% on 2001.
Although Griffin got 4,240 votes in Keighley, he retained his deposit and
declared that he was very happy with his filthy party's progress. In
Barking, where the peculiar Margaret Hodge was re-elected, the BNP
received 16.9% of the vote; though not an apocalyptic level of support, it
is clear that in the future, and on an equally low turnout, the BNP could
snatch that seat. Some work clearly needs to be done there in the future.
Veritas and UKIP both did appalingly. UKIP lost their deposits in at least
451 seats, costing it around £225,000 ­ money they can ill afford to lose,
as potential donors won't want to back a bunch of losers! In the week
before the election, the UKIP leader, Roger Knapman, claimed that he
scented success in Thanet or Totnes ­ in neither seat did they get
anywhere near victory. Veritas did even worse, Kilroy-Silk only just
managing to save his deposit in Erewash with nearly 3,000 votes. We'll
spare the blushes of the other 20-odd Veritas candidates!
All told, some interesting election results. The tone of the new
government's been set by the return of the abhorrent Blunkett to take
charge of work and pensions, which is almost certainly bad news for
dolees up and down the land. The re-introduction of the ID cards bill
seems certain to follow swiftly on from the Queen's Speech, and unless
something strange happens, we seem to be in for some severe and bitter
attacks on the working class. Blair knows his time's nearly up, and like
Thatcher he's got some devilish schemes up his sleeve.


SADLY BOTH LABOUR candidates in
Hackney were elected. The disgraceful Diane
Abbott was returned to Parliament for the
fourth time, whilst newcomer Meg Hillier beat
off an ineffectual challenge from the RUC to
take Hackney South & Shoreditch.
It is disappointing that time after time Labour
can rely on the votes of people in Hackney,
who have suffered long enough under a local
Labour Party hellbent on keeping Hackney's
long-suffering residents down. There was,
though, no real alternative to vote for. The
Workers Revolutionary Party put in an
unwelcome appearance in Hackney South,
but were rebuffed by the electorate, receiving
a pitiful 92 votes. Monty Goldman (the aged
Communist candidate) took 200 votes in the
same constituency, whilst the RUC got 1,437.
Hillier got substantially more. The only `left-
wing' candidate opposing Abbott got a pitiful
296 votes, half what they received in 2001.
Both seats, however, saw a turnout below
50% for the second general election in a row
­ among the highest rates of abstention in
the country.
At the same time as the general election was
taking place, there was a council by-election
in Hoxton. Hackney Independent stood a
candidate, Tony Butler. Sadly, despite a
vibrant campaign, he came fourth, with 310
votes, against the winning Labour Party
candidate's 1,443. However, this was the first
time that HI had stood in Hoxton and next
year, when the entire council's elected we
hope to see Hackney Independent gain at
least one seat.


THE NEW CACIA deli in swanky
Church Street, Stoke Newington,
charges £3 a pie and £2.30 for a slice
of French cheese. The deli, which has
been open since the start of the year,
has a dark secret their managers
would prefer you not to know. Behind
the posh façade and shelves stocked
full of organic food and fair-trade
products at unfair prices they are not
so fair to their staff. These are mainly
Polish students trying to make ends
meet. London Calling, who recently
met a Polish ex-employee in a local
pub were told that the deli was
hellbent on paying their staff £2.00 /hr
and no more, and that when he asked
for more money when he worked until
7.30pm he was sacked. He now works
n a pub that pays the minimum wage,
at least. So all you fair-trade
conscious people out there you know
now what the Cacia are up to.


(Drugs and Fair Trade), which live up to
their name, and based in Camden Town
has called on the Camden's street-based
drug dealers to make sure they only sell
fair trade drugs.
DAFT! At DAFT, staff fear that hard-
pressed workers in countries such as
Colombia, Peru and Bolivia are not being
paid a fair wage for producing the drugs
that are transported for snorting up one's
nose here in the UK. As coke is a fairly
middle class habit it's no surprise that the
DAFT idea by DAFT will attract the Fair
Trade selfconscious switched on Daft
Camden bohemians. May we point out to
DAFT, who also claim that the workers
don't even get a pension scheme, that
many working class people in this country
- especially in Camden - do not get a fair
wage nor a pension... What a DAFT idea.


THE LAST MONTH has been a good
one for Galloway watchers. Never in the
history of British politics can so many
have gained so much amusement from
the mishaps of one man!
On 19 April, Galloway was threatened
with hanging by a group of Muslims who
don't subscribe to the notion that the
RUC (Respect ­ the Unity Coalition) are
a Muslim party. Leaflets distributed in
the Whitechapel area during the election
campaign described Galloway, and Blair,
Howard and Kennedy, as a candidate of
Satan! Seems Galloway's not receiving
the respect he so desired!
Speaking of respect, recent reports
reveal that Galloway's wife's divorcing
him, for showing her NO respect! It
appears that when the RUC was
established, his wife, Dr Amineh Abu-
Zayyad, couldn't believe the `Respect'
label ­ ""I should tell you that when he
told me his new party was going to be
called Respect, I went upstairs and
cried. How can he call it this when he
doesn't even treat his own wife with
respect?" she said. Hell hath no fury like
a woman scorned! However, in a very
bizarre development, Galloway claimed
that all the stories of him having affairs
with other women were some sort of
strange concoction of an unnamed
intelligence agency! Frankly, Galloway's
famous for his roving eye, and it comes
as no surprise to us that his wife's found
out about it.
Since winning Bthnal Green and Bow,
Galloway's promised to hound Blair out
of office! Whether he'll achieve this
ambitious aim is anyone's guess, but we
suspect it's unlikely that Galloway will
succeed where so many others have
failed. However, as Blair's said he'll
stand down soon anyway, it's even
money that Galloway will claim the
credit for it when he finally does go.
Galloway in combative mood recently.
He has much to be modest about.


recently for two hours had to put up with
a group in the opposite pod dressed in
50s outfits singing stupid songs and
behaving like loonies. One tourist who
complained that "Being stuck on the
Eye wasn't the problem, we had to
suffer mad people singing and waving
at us, only later did we realise that it
was the mayors and pearly queens of
London". The Eye's management
invited, free of charge 10 London
borough mayors and the Pearly Queen
of the Old Kent Road, Doreen Golding,
who decided to make the best of the
situation. She said: "We had hampers of
wine so we made sure we drank all that,
and when that kicked in we had a nice
sing-song to pass the time."
With the tourists looking shocked, Mrs
Golding led the mayors in a rendition of
Don't Dilly Dally, Daisy Daisy, and
Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner. The
managers of the London Eye have
written to all the mayors apologising for
the problems and offering them free
tickets for another ride, However the
tourists received nothing.


HSG are a collective of local people who
want to get rid of the current oppressive
and unfair system which places profit and
power before people's real needs. The only
effective way to do this is for ordinary
people to get organised, fight back and
take over all the decision-making power in
our communities and workplaces. We
encourage people to spread awareness
and solidarity, co-operation and mutual aid
amongst each other, and to build up the
skills and confidence to be able to run
things for ourselves. To that end we
support and participate in local campaigns,
spread ideas and help create effective
opposition to the powers that be.
If you want to get in contact with us, or
find out more about us:
P.O. Box 2474, London, N8
: 020 8374 5027
email: hsg@globalinternet.co.uk
web: www.haringey.org.uk


AFTER BEING FORCE-FED about that recent
royal wedding farce, we bring you some sickening
news that a Hackney rap band are getting
together to release a song about Charles and
Camilla. But not, as you may think, against the
wedding but for it! URGH! The song called
Elizabethan Reggae, which has been ripped off
from another song with the lyrics changed about a
bit was released on the wedding day, April 8. .Ray
Carless (we didn't make that name up) who is
producing the record said Charles and Camilla are
getting a real raw deal (get the sick bag out), that
everyone is attacking them and trying to be
politically correct. The fact that Charles and the
rest of the royals have been swindling millions off
the backs of ordinary people hasn't crossed his
mind and he has no idea what the royal parasites
are about. Here's a verse from the new song
which will no doubt attract the youth of today in
their thousands,
" Its time your Majesty (the queen who still wears
1950s clothes) to understand dat Charles need a
woman and Camilla want a man (I thought she
wanted half of England) a beg ya miss queen
don't mash up dem plan. Why ya don't want
Charles fa king"...
Half the population doesn't want Charles for king
and we will be shocked if the song sells one
record. We at London calling recommend "Better
Dead than Wed", by Conflict, which you download
from their site: www.conflict.org.uk We also
recommend he following web site:


OFTEN IT IS only In books, pamphlets,
posters, alternative newspapers or radio
from abroad that we manage to know
what goes on elsewhere, or when we meet
someone who has been involved directly in
some actions, because so often "our" so
called free press reports nothing but trivia.
For example for the last three years or
more they have been showing the wrong
pictures from Palestine. The Israelis'
brutal regime has gone unannounced with
their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian
people. The media are not reporting the
cold-blooded murders of children, women
and men in the great Israel land grab.
Why have so few people in the media
taken up this story? Journalists are a
sorry lot, the more satellite dishes you
have, the less news you get.


planning to close two of its city centr
branches during this summer's G8 protests
Restaurant bosses fear the company'
outlets on Princes Street and South S
Andrew Street will be prime targets fo
hundreds of anti-capitalist protester
expected to descend on the city.
A two-day closure would cost McDonald'
more than £50,000 in takings, but it is s
concerned about the welfare of employee
and customers that it is set to take th
unprecedented step.
The Foreign Office has confirmed it wi
not pay for any damage caused by G
demonstrators during the weekend of July
and 3, when the world's leaders stay
Gleneagles in Perthshire.
We hear from Dundee Sheriff Court wher
a number of callow youths were being dea
with after a football affray. Milling abo
afterwards, one was heard to say to hi
mate: "Are you going to G8 then?",
reference of course to the economic summ
of world leaders in Jul
"What's that?" asked his bullet-headed pa
obviously not a subscriber to th
"It's a riot at Auchterarder this summer," hi
pal explained.


ON APRIL 3, we held a packed meeting at a central
London venue to kickstart our activities for the rest of
the year. Several speakers gave fascinating speeches
about anti-fascism past, present and future, but none
was so well received as that by Morris Beckman. His
talk was filled with enthralling anecdotes about his
time with the 43 Group. Other speakers addressed the
issues of where we go from here. The opposition have
been building up their strength and militant anti-
fascism is definitely as relevant now as it was in the
A large BNP (British National Party) meeting was
held in a village just outside Halifax on Easter
Sunday (27/03/05). The BNP leader, Nick Griffin
was present at the meeting, and on the agenda
was party strategy for the May elections, and
also the demonstration coinciding with Nick
Griffin answering his bail at Halifax police
station on April 6th.
At short notice, a mobilisation was organised to
counter the meeting. Due to police presence on
the day, the response to the meeting would have
to be short and sweet. So thirty anti-fascists
pulled up outside the meeting and within
seconds were hurling half bricks and rocks at
the BNP security, who ran inside the meeting
hall. BNP activists cars were smashed (most car
insurance doesn't cover vandalism). Job done,
and a quick getaway was made. No injuries, or
arrests made.


There will be quite a few ticket inspectors at
East Ham station and the surrounding area
and people looking for ticket touts over the
next 2-3 weeks.
Also, the gates for prams are
"locked" by a magnet ­ a strong
enough push/pull should open it.
Some gates are easier to open but
they all have to be that way in case of
a fire.


Saturday 4 June ­ Class War
confererence ­ details from your local
Saturday 11 June 10am ­ 7pm ­
Norwich Anarchist Bookfair, Waterloo
Park Pavilion. Lets be having you! A
full day of stalls, music, food, drink
and fun! More details from
Saturday 18 June Noon ­ 5.30pm
Community Action gathering
Oxford House, Bethnal Green Road,
London E2. Jointly organised by
Hackney Independent and Haringey
Solidarity Group. More details from
Saturday 2 July ­ Make Poverty
History march, Edinburgh
Wednesday 6 ­ Friday 8 July ­ G8
conference, Gleneagles, anti-G8
actions across Scotland.



THIS YEAR'S MAYDAY was an action against
supermarkets and their role in keeping us
down. The precarious nature of employment
now means that more and more people live
and work in a situation of precarity ­ where,
increasingly, one's livelihood and very
existence is dependent on short-termist
activities. (For more information about
precarity, visit www.precarity .info.)
On Sunday 2 May, people from across
London and beyond congregated at several
points across north London. A couple of
the points soon attracted police attention,
but it took a while for others to be
discovered. In total, about 250 revellers
turned out, not knowing their target. It
turned out to be the Tescos on Hackney's
Morning Lane. Countering the evil
machinations of the cops, most of those
who'd turned out managed to get to
Hackney, and those who got into the
Tescos had a fine time till the cops turned
up, turned nasty, throwing people about,
penning people in and nicking five.
Later the demonstrators marched to
London Fields where a party atmosphere
was soured by the cops' use of snatch
squads to nick another five people. Several
other people were also assaulted.
This year's Mayday action, though not too
well attended, was well-though-out and
planned ­ and some innovative bits of
organisation were tried, which should yield
good results next time they're tried.
A very interesting day, and one which
shows a direction protests might like to
consider in future.


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