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(en) Britain, Dissent!* Update - Important information about anti-g8 protests

Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 07:09:45 +0300

This email contains important information about anti-G8 Summit
activities in Scotland, including arrival and accommodation.
Always check www.dissent.org.uk for the latest information.
The following sections are included,
(1) General, (2) Transport to the Summit (3) Arrival in Edinburgh (4)
Accommodation in Edinburgh (5) Arrival in Glasgow (6) Accommodation in
Glasgow (7) Rural Convergence Space (8) Timetable of actions.
Protests and Resistance to the 2005 G8 Summit looks likely to be
enormous. Many people are arriving now, and asking about accommodation and
getting further involved. Others are asking about convergence spaces and
accommodation for the days leading up to and during the Summit. This
document should give the basic information you require, or point to
sources of more information.

Note, it appears that as the authorities cannot publicly disagree with
the sentiment to ‘Make Poverty History’, and hence the protests, they
are attempting to limit numbers coming here by highlighting a supposed
lack of accommodation. The police and media regularly intimidate anyone
offering space to those against the G8, of any political stripe. Do not
be intimidated by this. There is legal accommodation for those who
require it, but perhaps not enough for everybody. Families and those with
other legal concerns will be prioritised with legal places to stay.
There are plenty of other accommodation options. There are already sorted
convergence spaces.

Finally, we need more people to get involved now, resources and money.
Help out with all of the below, donate things we need
(http://www.dissent.org.uk/content/view/195/125/), or donation against
the G8! (http://www.tenpounds.org/)


If you coming to protest and resist the G8 be as self sufficient as
possible. Bring a tent, sleeping bag, waterproofs, warm clothes, shoes to
walk/run in, plate, cup and cutlery and an imagination! In general head
for ‘convergence spaces’ – places where people can find information,
meet, socialise, organise actions and get cheap food. Some convergence
spaces offer accommodation.

Enquiries can be sent to dissent-enquiries@riseup.net or telephone
07913 263 515. But always check the website and ‘google’ your enquiry
first. You can also call the following numbers Edinburgh numbers: 0131 477
2954 (London Road InfoPoint), and 0131 554 2440 (Leith Walk InforPoint).

There will be a free newspaper for the protests, with all the practical
information you need. Look out for this.


Anti-G8 Transport Hubs, offering lifts, and explanations of how to get
to Scotland, from the rest of the UK and from Europe as cheap as
possible are here: [http://www.cambridgeaction.net/taxonomy/page/or/2934].
You can add your transport offers here too.

Special Dissent! trains from London to Edinburgh can be booked now at
[www.resistg8.org.uk]. Book now to guarantee a place.

Transport is also being organised by other mobilisations. See:
[http://www.resist.org.uk/reports/archive/g82005/g82005-05.php] or


Goto one of the two central Edinburgh Dissent! InfoPoints now open, 24
hours per day at:
25 London Road, Edinburgh EH7 5D3.
10 Albert Place, Leith Walk, Edinburgh. EH7 5HN.

Forest Café, 3 Bristo Place, is a volunteer-run café and arts space,
and is also a useful point of information. It has a big Anti-G8
noticeboard with info about meetings. This is also the Indymedia space, from
29th July.

University Convergence Space. Edinburgh student union is booked for
Dissent! to hold convergence meetings, and workshops etc., from 29th July
to 7th July. The address is Teviot buildings, Edinburgh Students Union
Building, Bristo Square, Edinburgh.


Before the Summit:
Goto the Dissent! infoshop, 25 London Road, see above section, and we
will find you somewhere from there. Exact accommodation will depend on
numbers, and specific needs. Prepare to be flexible! It may be necessary
to send people to Glasgow for accommodation before the 1st July. We are
still actively looking for large warehouse space, and all other
avenues. However, options in Edinburgh are almost exhausted.

During the Summit:
Our ideal scenario is to have a legal self-managed space for the week.
However, the attitude of the local council, the volume of people
expected and the focus on the rural convergence site (see below) mean this is
not yet finalised, and my not be.

The following options exist.
The council is providing camping space on the outskirts of Edinburgh,
near Craigmillar, a bus ride from town. The cost is likely to be £10 for
the week. The council has currently put in
place restrictions including potential searches and no meetings, but
people involved in Dissent! are in dialogue with the council to remove
these restrictions. The space is for 15,000 people, but the council also
have a long list of back-up accommodation sites.

The local media have repeatedly run stories that people will camp in
the parks of Edinburgh, and action will not be taken by the police to
stop or evict city-centre camping over the week of the main protests.


Goto the Dissent! InfoPoint, open 24 hours a day:

G42 Collective, Suite 3, 674 Pollockshaws Road, Glasgow. This is on
South Glasgow, get either the 44, 22, 23, 57 in Central Glasgow and ask
for Eglington Toll. It is approx 30 mins walk from the city centre. If
you have problems call 07981 954 132.


Before the Summit: goto the G42 Collective space, and you will be
directed to the Dissent! warehouse sleeping space which is open from now
until well after the Summit.

During the Summit: the same warehouse space will be available.
Additional space will be obtained if necessary.

The warehouse space is self-managed and is also used as a convergence
space for meetings.


The rural convergence space will be a large self-managed outdoor space
near Gleneagles: a space for all who aspire to radical decentralized
alternatives to capital, power and ecological collapse. A place to meet,
chat, eat, sleep, organise, and more.

Over the past 6 months, people from the Dissent! network have been
trying to secure a large piece of land near Gleneagles. Lots of sites have
fallen through which appears to have happened because of police
pressure. The police appear happier to see people in the cities, as they know
that the area close to Gleneagles is where we can really shut the G8

We have now been offered a site, but are still negotiating for yet more
rural space as the land isn’t as big as some of the others. It is not
on the site of an old landfill, but nearby one filled in over 20 yrs
ago. It is large enough for thousands to sleep, eat, plan and act from.
Families and those with other legal concerns will be prioritised space to
stay on the legal sites. Other people may want to form autonomous
camping sites in the beautiful Scottish countryside around Gleneagles.

The rural convergence space will operate around a "neighborhood"
system, similar to the "barrio" system used at some previous resistance
camps. Neighborhoods will host camping, eating and meeting together and will
be the focal point of decision making on the site. The neighborhoods
will be information and discussion areas to aid communication across the
site and beyond. Inter-neighborhood meetings will manage the whole
Many groups are already hosting neighbourhoods but more are needed. You
don't need to be a huge group or have loads of equipment to host a
neighbourhood. The neighborhoods should be self running, once people start
arriving. The aim is for each neighborhood to be as autonomous as
possible, with its own kitchen or food serving facilities,
alternative-technology power sources and meeting space. A neighborhood could also
include anything else you would like to bring, like a library, cinema, crèche
or spaceship.
A site plan has been created by the 40+ participants at the recent
‘Earth Activist training course’. People are needed to be on site setting
up the space on the 25th June until the site opens.

Lots of stuff is needed for the site, see
http://www.dissent.org.uk/content/view/195/125/ for the full list.
Please provide what you can. Transport is available to get larger objects
to the site, although if you can find a way of getting it here yourself,
then all the better.

The site will be open to all from the 1st June. Bring a tent and your
dreams of another world!


Late June
Rural Convergence Centre, with accommodation, opens near Gleneagles.
Open to everyone. Camping equipment required. Location details at

Saturday 11 June
Cre8 Summat. Cre8 a community garden and social space along the
proposed and widely opposed M74 motorway, Glasgow, until 18 June. Link from

Friday 17 June
Anti-G8 Bike Ride, leaves Brighton for Scotland.g8bikeride.org.uk
Sunday 29 June
Cre8 Summat. Community festival, Glasgow, until 3 July.Link from

Saturday 2 July
Make Poverty History demonstration, Edinburgh

Sunday 3 July
Make Borders History. Tour in Glasgowwww.makebordershistory.org

Monday 4 July
Day of Action against the armed wing of global capitalism. Blockade of
Faslane nuclear submarine base.www.faslaneg8.com
Carnival for Full Enjoyment, No wage slavery, No Benefits Slavery, No
Debt Slavery, No Army Slavery. Raucous party visiting the institutions
responsible for the increasingly insecure way we experience our lives.
Meet 12.00 @ West End of Princes St, Edinburgh. www.nodeal.org.uk

Tuesday 5 July
Open Borders, Close Dungavel Asylum Seeker Detention Centre! “Close
Dungavel, No-one is Illegal!” mass protest near Glasgow. Glasgow Campaign
to Welcome Refugees. glascamref@hotmail.com
Beacons of Dissent! Lighting beacons on the hills surrounding the G8
Summit. www.dissent.org.uk

Wednesday 6 July
Isolate the G8: mass blockades of the G8 Summit. A diversity of tactics
will be used to blockade the various routes to Gleneagles. Come along
to the Convergence Spaces, meet with others and start plotting how to
disrupt the Superpower Summit! www.g8blockades.org.uk
Global Day of Action. An anti-capitalist day of action against the G8
in cities, towns and villages worldwide.Peoples’ Global Action (PGA):
Hill-walking actions in the Ochil Hills, southeast of Gleneagles.
Continuing throughout the Summit.
Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army’s ‘Operation H.A.H.A.A.’ (House
Arresting Half-witted Authoritarian Androids) begins. www.clownarmy.org

Thursday 7 July
Peoples’ Golfing Action (PGA) Golf Tournament at Gleneagles! Dress for
golf, rain or shine. www.dissent.org.uk/pga.html
Friday 8 July
International day of action against the root causes of climate change.
Stop climate chaos - flood the G8!www.dissent.org.uk/g8climateaction

Other actions are also being prepared by G8 Feminist Action
(g8feministaction.frockon.org), a queer anti-G8
group(www.queeruption.org.uk/queerg8), an autonomous kids group
and many, many others.

Always check www.dissent.org.uk for the latest information.
For more information about the Dissent! Network: www.dissent.org.uk
* [Ed. Note: Dissent! is antiauthoritarian anticapitalist
direct action social struggle initiative against the G8.]

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