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(en) Bolivia: Statement by the "Coordinadora de Defensa del Agua y el Gas" [ca]

Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 13:41:06 +0300

The "Coordinadora de Defensa del Agua y el Gas" wishes to make known its evaluation of the current situation:
* With the gigantic mobilisation of Bolivian people and of the indigenous
peoples from all over the national territory we have temporarily defeated the
greatest manoeuvre of the transnational corporations, the US government, the
Santa Cruz oligarchy (1) and the traditional Bolivian political parties.
* Yesterday, thanks to the efforts of thousands of men and women, and the life
of the cooperative miner Juán Coro, we managed to prevent the return to
government of the Mega-coalition of Vaca Díez that would have meant a bloodbath
of the Bolivian people and the continued theft of our natural resources.

* This, comrades, is no small thing: all the power of the world’s capital was
in coalition against us and we have been able to stop it. For this reason, we
have obtained a great deal but we have not yet reached the strategic goals
proposed by the whole poor, working population of Bolivia. These goals are
still the following:

1) The NATIONALISATION, or rather, the expropriation by society of Bolivia's
hydrocarbon resources which are currently in the hands of the transnationals.

2) The calling of a CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY, which must be sovereign and include
the majority of Bolivian people (and not of the political parties), which will
set out a new form of internal rule and social regulation for all of us, and
can build a new collective will from the grassroots.

* Over the coming days, we should begin a vast debate about how can we achieve
these goals.

* After 3 weeks of confrontation and mobilizations, we consider it useful to
have a pause in the mobilizations so that the population can stock up with food
and fuel, and also to listen to the position that the new president, Mr.
Rodríguez, will take towards the Bolivian population. To Mr. Rodríguez, we say
clearly that he must understand that the aims of the population are those
mentioned above and that he is president because previous presidents did not
listen to the Bolivian population, they did not take our opinions into account,
they did not govern according to the will of the people, and that we will not
accept new manoeuvres being prepared against us: you have already seen the
people’s strength.

* It is also important to make the following observation: During the May-June
mobilization we saw two things. On the one hand, the gigantic force of the
social movements; we are able to paralyse the entire territory and to impede
the actions of the bosses and bad governments. On the other hand, we were
unable to impose our decisions and goals on the governmental power, that is in
the worst crisis that it could possibly be in. Based upon those two facts it is
essential that we begin a vast process of reflection and debate in all the
neighbourhoods and communities of Cochabamba and throughout the whole country,
regarding the need to build, little by little, our own capacity for
SELF-GOVERNMENT, so that we can promote it during the next mobilization.

* Our great ability to paralyse the country must be matched with a great
creative capacity to enable our decisions to go beyond the official
institutions and the traditional parties, who are yet again leading us to the
precipice. This time around we occupied the oil wells, the gas plants, the
refineries. Next time, we will also have to be able to turn them to our own

* We will go on in this same, irreversible direction, in this collective
horizon laid out years ago by the people, to build a country for ourselves, for
our children and our children's children.


Coordinadora de Defensa del Agua y el Gas

Cochabamba, 10th June 2005

Translator note:
1. Santa Cruz is the economic capital of Bolivia

Translation by ainfos

(ca) Bolivia: Comunicado de la Coordinadora de Defensa del Agua y el Gas
Tue Jun 14 16:00:41 GMT 2005
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