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(en) US, Minneapolis, DAYBREAK #6 - Music Reviews

Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 11:24:12 +0300

The Cankickers - Mountain Dudes CD
Yay! This is the best album I’ve heard in a long time. It’s
an amazing stew of zydeco, old-timey, and who the hell knows
what else but every song is amazing with driving upbeat rythyms
and reckless wild musicianship. I can’t say enough good things
about it. Most ‘folk punk’ pales in comparison! (Peligro)
Eufio - Humoresque CD
Eufio is a great local band that doesn’t get enough support
from the predominately indy rock and bar venues they play in.
Made up of three wonderful women who play a cross between
Bikini Kill and Sleater Kinney with the vengeance of a rockin’
DIY ethic. The only bad thing I can say about them is that I’ve
had my fill of irony, or more likely, maybe I just don’t
understand it. Eufio, please never get a boy drummer! (Peligro)

Evil Robot I - In Song And In Dance 7”

This record has energetic acoustic and bucket punk with both
female and male vocals. This has become a favorite around the
house with roommates who are usually very discriminating about
the music they listen to. Let’s just say that Evil Robot I has
saved me from having to hear Eastern European domra music
blasted after bar close. (Peligro)

Garmonbozia - s/t CD/LP

Every time I throw this record on I get chills down my spine…
it’s just that good. With female vocals and cello, Garmonbozia
offers up a refreshing diverse sound to the crust scene. Packed with
intricate melodic intros and breakdowns that build and explode into
powerful mid tempo crust with so much emotion. Alot of people
compare this band to Remains of the Day but let me be the first to
say it, Remains of the Day ain't got shit on this band. (b)

Mutiny' - Rum Rebellion

This is the reissue of Mutiny’s first album, and frankly, I prefer
it to their new one. It’s Australian squatter/celtic anthems of
piracy, squats, and anarchist survival channeled through a fucking
amazing fiddle and raspy hopeful and outraged vocals. Fucking
good. (Peligro)

The Orphans - s/t CD

This is Eric Peterson from Mischief Brew’s old band. It’s
rebellious teen-punk with a chorus heavy righteousness (in a good
way) that questions consumerism, authorities, and other stuff that
impress me with the maturity of these kids, or at least they were
kids 10 years ago when most of this was recorded. It sounds a little
fucked obviously but anyone who liked bands, or music, before
they had money or patience to record right can still see the spirit
shining through and at the very least you’ll find some of the
songs rampaging through your heads at the most inopportune
times. (Peligro)

Red Menace - or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the
Class War 7”

After seeing this band well over ten times and not remembering
any of it, really, its great to finally know what they sound like. This
Minneapolis anarcho/communist punk band totally tears shit up
with dueling vocals battling over your average fast, distorted
hardcore riffs and spastic militant drums that turn into military
drum corps during the break downs. This band is heavily
influenced by Sin Dios and is sure to get you pumped to throw a
brick at something. (b)

Saint Bushmill’s Choir - s/t LP

Hey! This is fresh sounding Irish punk that’s being distributed
by everyone’s favorite anarcho-punks at Profane Existence.
There’s a lot of people in this band and most of them have
been in famous bands but why would that make you by this
record? Let’s just say it does both the spirit of punk right and
the energy of celtic traditional songs (or vice versa). You probably
already know if you like this. (Peligro)

Sandman - The Long Walk Home CD

This is a new release from Crimethinc. It’s not at all like the
other music they’ve put out. It’s just a guy and his guitar
in most songs and not overtly political. There’s some irritating
talking blues type Bob Dylan moments but for the most part
it’s a good album. I’m especially attached to the cover of
‘A Cowboy’s Life’ even though the only times I’ve
been close to a horse in real life I felt like screaming and running.
It’s countryish folk music and if that’s not enough to
convince you to check it out you can listen to his MP3’s on the
Crimethinc website. (Peligro)

Submission Hold - What Holds the Elephant Back CD/LP

I remember the first time I heard Submission Hold, I had just
bought the record "Waiting for Another Monkey to Throw the First
Brick.” I threw it on my friends turn table and after two songs
of sitting staring at each other having no idea what we were
witnessing, my friends mom burst in shouting "Woo... that woman
can sing!" and that was exactly it. I must have been sixteen and
ever since, Submission Hold has been one of my favorite bands.
This record, however, held nothing to that experience. I spent the
whole length of the album waiting for something that never
happened. It was the same abrasive style, but without the
instrument selection. It was the same beautiful voice singing as
strong as ever, but it seemed to stumble across lines I swear
I’ve heard in other albums. If you've never heard Submission
Hold you might like this album, but if you want to capture the
power, honesty, and sheer heart of Submission Hold, I would
recommend checking out "Sack Cloth and Ashes, the Ostrich Dies
Tomorrow" or the above mentioned record. Available from
www.g7welcomingcomittee.com or www.submissionhold.org. (b)

Switchboard - The Anxiety EP

This is alterna-rock that still manages to rock and maintain a
melody. The production and sound is pretty decent. The songs are
catchy but it’s not really my genre. If you liked the old Rev 105
you’ll probably like this. (Peligro)

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - Three Way Tie for a Fifth CD

This is the new TBIAPB album containing pretty much what
we've come to expect from them. Catchy country punk with a
social message. I really like this album. My roomate commented on
how I was listening to it every time I saw her (right before it
mysteriously disappeared) but it's almost too much of what we
expect from them. It took me awhile to get past their typical
TBIAPB style and get into the meat of the songs but once I did I
couldn't turn it off. It's bookended by two story/songs about boxers,
Jack Johnson and Sonny Liston. It's also got a handful ripped
straight from Rymodee’s heartwrenching solo record as well as
a couple new ones like “Better Off Dead” that Terry, the
bassist, sings. As usual with TBIAPB, this an inspiring set of
songs that I couldn't recommend enough for anyone into country,
punk, or dancing to country punk.

Vaaregera - Mundo Perdido tape

Minneapolis' own Vaaregera releases their first recording with
seven songs of blistering D-beat crust madness. The title track
"Mundo Perdido" (lost world) sets the mood for this tape with
lyrics dealing with the insanity, a world that refuses to change, can
impose on a person. The feeling carries on through out the rest of
the recording with songs that range from the plight of South
America to the inaction we're all guilty of. Sticking true to the
bands’ roots, all songs are in Portuguese and unfortunately it
doesn't include the translations. This recording is straight up raw
and brutal the way it was meant to be, with vocals that sound
somewhere in between cookie monster and a lion. A definite must
for fans of the genre. E-mail for vaaregera@hotmail.com for info.

V/A - Peace Not War Volume 2 CD

If you like music like Jurassic 5, Paris, Anti-Flag, Sonic Youth,
Jane’s Addiction, Ani DeFranco, Le Tigre, Spearhead or
Propagandhi, then you’ll probably enjoy this CD. All benefits
go to peace groups which if you check out their website
(www.peace-not-war.org) pretty much amount to a handful in the
U.S. and at least they’re not infiltrated by socialists. In the
words of that true peacemaker, Ice Cube, who’s got an album
called War and Peace: “I'd rather break bread than break your
head, break your legs, have ‘em broken, I ain't no joke, don't
provoke, the gun smoke from the highest slope, eternal peace, for
my peoples and my folks.” (Peligro)

V/A - Root Beer and Molotovs CD

This is a compilation from the Ten Fingers Collective in Maine and
it was all recorded in their DIY space. Before I talk about the music
let me just say that this is just the type of ‘cute-core’ and
yes, I made that term up, that turns my stomach. The CD itself is
actually covered in all these stick figure smiley punk boys and girls
a la Tight Pants. Now that we’ve talked about the danger of
cute-core, I want to say that I love this album (and ask anyone who
knows me whether I’m cute or not). It’s got a lot of my
current favorites like Rosa, Bread and Roses, Soophie Nun Squad,
as well as the transcendently wonderful Milkcrate Rustlers. If you
like real folk punk than pick this up www.tenfingerscollective.tk.
Daybreak is an anarchist tabloid put out from Minneapolis.

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